Bufo rana.


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Anger before convulsion32
Anger when misunderstood31
Anxiety on waking31
Childish behavior21
Aversion to company21
Desires solitude to practice masturbation31
Aversion to company,yet dreads being alone31
Aversion to presence of strangers31
Desire of company31
Confusion of mind22
Confusion of mind,morning31
Confusion of mind after eating31
Confusion of mind as if intoxicated31
Illusions of fancy31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Dullness,evening amelioration31
Exaltation of fancies31
Fear of being alone31
Fear of animals31
Fear in a crowd31
Fear of death31
Fear of impending disease31
Fear of evil31
Fear something will happen31
Fear of infection31
Fear of mirrors in room31
Fear of misfortune31
Fear on waking31
Frightened easily31
Frightened at trifles31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Insanity and onanism31
Irresolution in his projects31
Irritability,morning on waking31
Irritability,night after retiring31
Irritability after menses31
Irritability on waking31
Lamenting alternating with delirium31
Weakness of memory23
Weakness of memory for what has just done31
Mistakes in speaking31
Misplacing words31
Using wrong words31
Moaning during sleep31
Changeable,variable mood31
Rage,fury,while alone31
Restlessness before convulsions31
Runs about21
Sadness,mental depression22
Sadness on waking31
Vanishing of senses31
Sensitive to music31
Sensitive to noise31
Shining objects aggravation21
Shrieking before convulsions32
Starting easily32
Starting from fright31
Starting from noise31
Presence of stranger aggravation31
Desires to strike31
Stupefaction between convulsions32
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn31
Talking in sleep31
Unconsciousness after convulsions33
Unconsciousness after epilepsy33
Transient unconsciousness31
Wepping,tearful mood21
Weeping,night in sleep31
Weeping in sleep31
Weeping at trifles31
Weeping on waking31
Vertigo,morning after breakfast31
Vertigo after breakfast31
Vertigo after dinner31
Vertigo after eating31
Epileptic vertigo31
Vertigo,objects seem inverted31
Ball rolling in brain31
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head constriction21
Hread drawn sideways before epilepsy31
Occiput eruption31
Hair falling31
Head heat with coldness of body32
Head heat with cold extremities31
Head heat,epistaxis amelioration31
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness,afternoon31
Head heaviness,evening31
Forehead heaviness31
Motions of head (shaking,nodding,waving,etc)21
Sensation of brain numbness31
Headache in general21
Headache on waking31
Headache at 5 p.m.31
Headache,night amelioration31
Headache,night on waking31
Headache after midnight31
Headache,cold air amelioration31
Headache after breakfast31
Headache,cold applications amelioration31
Headache after eating31
Headache,epistaxis amelioration31
Headache increasing and decreasing gradually31
Headache from light31
Headache from artificial light31
Headache,while lying amelioration31
Headache before menses31
Headache during menses31
Headache from motion31
Headache from noise31
Headache with pain in neck31
Headache,paroxysmal pains31
Pulsating headache31
Headache while sitting31
Headache from spirituous liquors31
Headache,from spirituous liquors amelioration31
Headache after stool31
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Headache from work31
Forehead pain21
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead pain,afternoon31
Forehead pain after stool31
One side headache22
Right side headache31
Temples pain from walking31
Headache,vertex pain22
Vertex pain,morning on waking31
Vertex pain,afternoon31
Headache,vertex and forehead pain21
Boring headache while walking31
Temples boring pain21
Occiput cutting pain32
Occiput lancinating pain32
Temples pressing pain21
Vertex pressing pain21
Sore headache,afternoon31
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Vertex sore bruised pain21
Occiput stitching pain22
Stunning,stupefying headache22
Ulcerative haid pain21
Scalp perspiration21
Scalp cold perspiration31
Forehead cold perspiration31
Head shaking sensation21
Swollen temples feeling31
Swollen right temple feeling31
Head trembling sensation21
Sensation as of water in the head31
Coldness in eyes31
Objects seem crooked21
Eyes dullness21
Crusts on lids31
Hair falling from eyelashes31
Lids heaviness31
Lids heaviness,evening31
Canthi inflammation31
Canthi inflammation with ulceration31
Injected eye21
Eye itching21
Lids itching31
Eyeballs convulsive movement31
Eyeballs rolling movement32
Eyeballs upward movement32
Hard to keep eyes open31
Unable to open eyes31
Eye pain21
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Margins of lids burning pain31
Eye cutting pain21
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Paralysis of upper lids31
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis31
Pulsation in eyes21
Pupils dilated (mydriase)31
Pupils dilated before epilepsy32
Pupils dilated during heat31
Pupils dilated during perspiration31
Pupils insensible to light31
Eye redness21
Edges of lids redness32
Eye sensitive to brilliant objects31
Sunken eye22
Swollen eye21
Eye turned left31
Eye turned upward32
Eye turned upward to left31
Cornea ulceration31
Margins of lids ulceration31
Acute vision22
Dim vision21
Dim vision while eating31
Foggy vision21
Foggy vision,3 to 4 p.m.31
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Ear discharges21
Ear blood discharges31
Ear purulent discharges31
Eruption behind ears31
Herpes behind ear31
Itching eruption behind ear31
Ear pain,cold applications aggravation31
Ear pain,pulsating31
Stitching pain in ear21
Sensation of stopped ear21
Ear ulceration21
Wart-like growth on the ears31
Hearing acute to music31
Hearing acute to noises31
Impaired hearing21
Impaired hearing the human voice31
Nose sensitive to inhale air21
Boring in nose with fingers21
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Coryza with discharge,evening31
Nose blood discharge31
Nose greenish discharge31
Nose offensive discharge31
Nose putrid discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Nose yellow discharge31
Nose yellowish-green discharge31
Nose inside dryness21
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Nose inside itching31
Nose obstruction21
Pain in nose21
Pain in nose on inhaling air31
Pain in nose extending to forehead31
Nose burning,smarting pain21
Nose burning pain,cold air31
Nose bones gnawing pain31
Nose inside stitching pain31
Nose inside stitching pain extending to forehead31
Wanting smell,lost smell21
Sneezing,evening on going to bed31
Nose inside ulcers31
Nostrils ulcers31
Bloated face22
Black lips31
Bluish face21
Grayish face22
Pale face22
Red face during convulsion31
Red face during headache32
Face distortion22
Face herpes21
Face itching eruption21
Lips pimples31
Upper lip pimples31
Nose pustules31
Face scurfy eruption22
Face erisipelas21
Face phlegmonous erysipelas31
Besotted expression32
Changed expression31
Confused expression32
Foolish expression33
Intoxicated expression32
Greasy face21
Face heat flashes31
Face lancinating pain21
Bones of face sore pain31
Face perspiration22
Face perspiration during convulsions32
Face pulsation21
Face swelling22
Parotid glands swelling31
Submaxillary glands swelling31
Right submaxillary glands swelling31
Submaxillary glands painful swelling31
Face twitching21
Gums abcess22
Biting tongue33
Biting tongue in spasms32
Gums bleeding31
Clammy mouth21
Mouth spasmodic constriction21
Cracked mouth21
Cracked fissured tongue31
Cracked,fissured tongue in center31
Gums detached from teeth21
Black tongue31
Blue tongue31
Bluish-black tongue31
Palate dryness31
Tongue dryness31
Froth,foam,during convulsions32
Mouth inflammation21
Gums inflammation31
Tongue difficult motion21
Tongue hanging out,lapping32
Mouth thick mucus31
Mouth mucus membrane excoriation31
Breath offensive odor31
Breath putrid odor31
Wide open mouth before an attack of epilepsy32
Pain in palate31
Aching pain in palate31
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Mouth burning pain,cold water aggravation32
Gums burning,raw and smarting pain31
Tongue paralysis31
Pasty tongue31
Bloody saliva33
Frothy saliva32
Difficult speech31
Difficult speech from chorea32
Stammering speech32
Unintelligible speech31
Bitter taste31
Bloody taste31
Insipid taste31
Metallic taste31
Saltish taste31
Sour taste31
Sweetish taste,morning31
Gums ulcers31
Constant inclination to clinch teeth together21
Sensation of teeth elongation21
Looseness of teeth22
Looseness of teeth,falling out31
Toothache,cold air21
Boring toothache21
Digging toothache21
As if teeth were being pulled out21
Stitching,stinging toothache21
Stitching toothache,evening31
Stitching toothache,night31
Tearing toothache21
Tearing toothache,cold air31
Choking,throat constricting22
Throat dryness22
Throat dryness,morning31
Oesophagus dryness31
Sensation of foreign body in throat21
As if a stone in throat31
Diposition to hawk21
Throat inflammation22
Oesophagus inflammation31
Tonsils inflammation31
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Lump in throat,stone31
Throat mucus21
Throat tenacious mucus31
Throat pain on swallowing31
Throat cutting pain21
Throat lancinating pain21
Throat rawness pain21
Throat rawness pain,cold air,drawing32
Sore throat22
Sore throat from cold air31
Throat pulsating21
Spots in the pharynx22
Difficult swallowing31
Impeded swallowing31
Throat swelling21
Tonsils swelling31
Larynx constriction31
Fissures in larynx21
Larynx inflammation22
Larynx and trachea membrane21
Mucus in larynx31
Larynx burning pain31
Larynx burning pain during cough31
Larynx rawness pain31
Larynx rawness pain from coughing31
Larynx stinging pain21
Larynx stitching pain21
Larynx stitching pain during cough31
Larynx phthisis21
Tickling in the air passages, 3 a.m.32
Tickling in larynx31
Larynx ulceration21
Anxious respiration21
Difficult respiration21
Difficult respiration during night31
Difficult respiration at 3 a.m.31
Difficult respiration on ascending31
Difficult respiration while lying31
Difficult respiration,lying impossible31
Difficult respiration,sitting bent forward amelioration31
Impeded respiration,morning31
Panting respiration21
Stertorous respiration21
Stertorous respiration with puffing expiration31
Whistling respiration21
Daytime cough21
Cough, 1 to 4 a.m.31
Cough, 3 a.m.31
Cough, 3 to 4 a.m.32
Cough,burning in larynx31
Cough,feet becoming cold32
Deep cough21
Cough,diarrhoea amelioration21
Dry cough22
Cough from eating21
Hacking cough21
Hoarsed cough21
Hollow cough21
Cough,motion aggravation21
Cough from sticking in larynx31
Cough from piercing in larynx from 1 to 4 a.m.31
Cough from stinging or burning tickling in larynx21
Cough from stitching in larynx31
Cough from stitching in larynx,evening31
Cough,frequent stools amelioration21
Cough from tickling in larynx31
Cough from tickling in larynx,3 to 4 a.m.32
Violent cough21
Expectoration, evening31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood21
Frothy expectoration21
Grayish expectoration21
Greenish expectoration21
Mucous expectoration21
Purulent expectorarion21
Viscid expectoration21
Yellow expectoration21
Axilla abscess21
Mammae abscess31
Mammae cancer33
Mammae cancer,epithelioma33
Chest coldness21
Chest constriction,tension,tightness21
Heart constriction31
Heart fullness31
Chest haemorrhage21
Axillary glands induration21
Mammae induration31
Mammae inflammation31
Bad milk31
Milk with blood31
Bloody milk31
Nodules in mammae32
Chest oppression21
Oppression on ascending31
Oppression while walking31
Heart oppression31
Heart oppression,evening31
Heart oppression after eating31
Heart oppression on motion31
Chest pain while walking31
Mammae pain22
Chest side pain,deep respiration31
Chest aching pain,walking31
Mammae boring pain31
Chest burning pain21
Chest burning pain during coughing32
Mammae burning pain32
Mammae cutting pain31
Chest stitching pain21
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest side stitching pain,deep respiration31
Heart stitching pain31
Chest tearing pain during cough31
Mammae tearing pain31
Heart palpitation21
Heart palpitation,evening31
Heart palpitation on ascending steps31
Heart palpitation after eating31
Heart palpitation during headache31
Heart palpitation during menses31
Heart palpitaion during pains31
Heart palpitation on waking32
Heart palpitation,walking rapidly31
Heart paralysis32
Phthisis pulmonalis22
Region of the heart shocks32
Mammae swelling31
As if the heart were swimming in water22
Heart trembling31
Hunger,but knows not for what,or refuses things when offered21
Aversion to drinks21
Aversion to food22
Desires alcoholic drinks21
Desires brandy31
Desires delicacies21
Desires pastry21
Desires sweets21
Stomach distention21
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling22
Stomach emptiness,morning31
Epileptic aura,stomach21
Eructations after eating31
Acrid eructations21
Eructations like spoiled eggs21
Eructations,food regurgitation21
Foul eructations21
Sour eructations21
Nausea after eating31
Nausea before menses31
Nausea on motion31
Nausea after stool31
Stomach pain before breakfast31
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach burning pain after eating31
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain21
Stomach cramping pain after breakfast31
Stomach cramping pain on motion31
Stomach drawing pain21
Retching with cough31
Stomach sinking21
Burning,vehement thirst31
Thirst while eating31
Extreme thirst31
Vomiting on coughing31
Vomiting after drinking31
Vomiting after drinking cold water31
Vomiting after eating31
Vomiting on motion31
Vomiting from smoking31
Acrid vomiting21
Bile vomiting21
Bitter vomiting21
Bitter vomiting after drinking31
Blood vomiting21
Food vomiting21
Green vomiting21
Sour vomiting after eating31
Abdomen bubo23
Abdomen suppurating bubo31
Abdomen bubo after suppressed gonorrhoea31
Hypochondria contraction during menses31
Abdomen distension21
Enlarged liver31
Epilepsy begins in abdomen21
Abdomen flatulence21
Flatulence after eating31
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)21
Inguinal glands inflammation21
Spleen inflammation21
Liver and region of liver23
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching after eating31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching after milk31
Abdomen aching during stool31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Right hypochondrium aching32
Liver aching,dull pain21
Liver aching,night31
Liver aching during menses31
Liver aching on motion31
Hypochondria burning pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain21
Hypochondria cramping,griping pain21
Abdomen cutting pain21
Liver cutting pain21
Hypochondria gnawing pain31
Liver gnawing pain31
Abdomen lancinating pain21
Hypochondria lancinating pain21
Right hypochondrium lancinating pain31
Hypochondria lancinating pain,motion aggravation31
Spleen lancinating pain21
Abdomen pressing pain21
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness21
Hypochondria sore pain21
Liver stitching pain21
Spleen stitching pain during menses31
Abdomen tearing pain21
Rumblings in the bowels21
Abdomen rumbling,morning31
Inguinal glands suppuration21
Swelling of the inguinal glands32
Liver swelling21
Haemorrhage from anus21
Haemorrhage from anus during stool31
Involuntary stool21
Anus itching21
Anus burning itching31
Rectum pain22
Rectum prolapsus21
Swelling of anus21
Urging to stool21
Bloody stool22
Curdled stool21
Hard stool21
Soft stool21
Thin liquid yellow stool31
Watery stool22
White stool21
Milk-like or chyle-like white stool31
Yellow stool21
Bladder stitching pain after urination31
Retention of urine21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination, night31
Involuntary urination22
Involuntary urination during convulsions33
Kidneys pain,pulsating31
Kidneys burning pain21
Kidneys burning pain with oppressed breathing and faintness31
Kidneys cutting pain21
Kidney stitching pain,pulsating31
Kidneys stitching pain after urinating31
Kidneys pulsation21
Suppression of urine21
Urethra profuse discharge21
Urethra burning pain after urination31
Urethra cutting pain21
Brown urine21
Pale urine21
Red urine22
Light yellow urine21
Copious urine (increased)21
Urine offensive odor21
Urine ammoniacal odor21
Urine fish-brine odor21
Urine strong odor21
Scanty urine21
Sediment like flour chalk in urine21
Yellow sediment in urine21
Thick urine21
Testes atrophy21
Aversion to coition21
Coition,absent enjoyment31
Erections without sexual desire21
Wanting erections,impotency22
Scrotum tubercles31
Handles genitalia21
Disposition to masturbation23
Masturbation,seeks solitude32
Prepuce burning pain31
Testes constricting pain21
Too quick seminal discharge31
Nightly seminal emissions22
Increased sexual passion32
Violent sexual passion32
Penis swelling21
Tendency to abortion31
Aura extending from uterus to stomach21
Uterus cancer22
Desire increased during menses31
Female genitalia eruptions21
Female genitalia herpetic eruption31
Ovaries heat21
Uterus heat21
Uterus inflammation21
Female genitalia itching21
Genitalia itching before menses31
Female genitalia voluptuous itching32
Bloody leucorrhoea21
Copious leucorrhoea21
Cream-like leucorrhoea21
Flesh-colored leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea before menses22
Leucorrhoea after menses31
Offensive leucorrhoea21
Purulent leucorrhoea21
Thick leucorrhoea21
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
White leucorrhoea21
Yellow leucorrhoea22
Disposition to masturbation21
Clotted menses21
Copious menses21
Menses,fluid blood containing clots21
Frequent menses,too early,too soon22
Membranous menses21
Scanty menses22
Suppressed menses21
Ovaries pain22
Ovaries pain extending to groin32
Uterus pain21
Uterus pain,morning31
Uterus pain before menses31
Uterus pain,sitting long32
Uterus pain,walking aggravation31
Uterus pain extending down the thighs31
Female genitalia burning pain21
Ovaries burning pain22
Ovaries burning pain during menses31
Uterus burning pain21
Uterus burning pain before menses31
Vagina burning pain21
Vagina burning pain before menses31
Ovaries cramping pain22
Uterus cramping pain21
Uterus cutting pain21
Uterus digging pain21
Uterus lancinating pain21
Ovaries sore pain,tenderness22
Uterus sore pain,tenderness22
Ovaries stitching pain22
Uterus stitching pain21
Uterus polypus22
Uterus prolapsus21
Swollen ovaries22
Female genitalia voluptuous tingling21
Ovary cysts32
Uterus fibroid31
Curvature of dorsal spine31
Back pain,lying on back ameloration31
Back pain on motion31
Back pain when stooping31
Back pain on straightening up the back31
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar reg.pain,morning31
Sacral reg.pain while sitting31
Lumbar region aching pain21
Lumbar reg.aching, morning31
Lumbar lancinating pain as from hot iron,morning31
Lumbar soreness on motion31
Cervical stiffness,morning31
Cervical region twitching31
Knee arthritis nodositie32
Foot arthritic nodosities31
Feet chilblains31
Thumbs clenching32
Thumbs clenching in epilepsy32
Extremities coldness21
Lower limbs coldness during menses31
Leg coldness during nmenses31
Calf coldness31
Foot coldness31
Feet coldness during fever31
Foot coldness during headache31
Extremities convulsion22
Extremities convulsion during coition31
Extremities cramps21
Extremities cramps,cold air aggravation31
Extremities cramps,discharge of semen31
Upper limbs cramps31
Right upper limb cramps31
Right lower limb cramps31
Leg cramps31
Leg cramps, 4 to 5 a.m.31
Calf cramps31
Calf cramps on motion31
Calf cramps when stretching leg31
Legs drawn backwards21
Thumbs drawn inwards22
Extremities pimples31
Extremities vesicles31
Upper limbs vesicles eruption31
Wrist vesicles31
Wrist burning vesicles31
Wrist itching vesicles31
Hand burning eruption31
Hand urticaria31
Palm blisters31
Palm vesicles31
Palm yellow vesicles31
Lower limbs vesicles32
Lower limbs vesicles,yellow fluid31
Sole of foot eruption31
Sole of foot vesicles32
Sole of foot vesicles with yellow fluid32
Excoriation between nates31
Excoriation between thighs31
Legs extension before paroxysm31
Legs spasmodic extension31
Lymphatic inflamed felon32
Run-around felon31
Thumb felon32
Leg flexed upon thigh31
Extremities heat21
Hand heat31
Foot heat31
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Limbs heaviness after coition31
Upper limbs heaviness31
Upper limb heaviness with numbness32
Leg heaviness,tired leg31
Lymphatics of arm inflammation33
Upper limbs erysipelatous inflammation31
Forearm erysipelatous inflammation31
Hand inflammation31
Leg erysipelatous inflammation32
Lower limbs itching31
Lower limbs corrosive itching31
Patella itching31
Leg itching31
Leg corrosive itching31
Inner side of foot itching31
Extremities numbness21
Extremities numbness,morning on waking31
Extremities numbness while lying on them31
Extremities numbness on waking31
Upper limb numbness32
Left upper limb numbness31
Upper limbs numbness,lying on it31
Hand numbness31
Fingers numbness31
Lower limbs numbness31
Lower limb numbness,lain on31
Leg numbness31
Middle of long bones pain31
Joints gouty pain32
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain,motion31
Upper extensor muscles pain31
Upper arm pain on motion31
Upper arm pain,raising arm31
Deltoid region pain31
Sciatica with burning31
Knee pain, motion31
Ankle pain,motion31
Foot pain on motion31
Tibia aching31
Elbow boring pain31
Knee boring pain31
Knee boring pain,motion aggravation31
Ankle boring pain31
Ankle boring pain,motion aggravation31
Foot boring pain31
Foot boring pain,motion aggravation31
Upper limbs burning pain31
Wrist burning pain31
Finger joints burning pain31
Lower limbs burning pain31
Sciatic nerve burning pain31
Upper arm drawing pain31
Forearm drawing pain31
Forearm drawing,evening31
Extremities shooting21
Knee shooting31
Knee shooting,moving aggravation31
Ankle shooting31
Ankle shooting,motion aggravation31
Sore,bruised extremities21
Sore bruised joints31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised knee31
Sore bruised leg on motion32
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Upper limb bones stitching pain31
Forearm stitching pain31
Fourth finger middle joint stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain on motion31
Knee stitching pain while walking31
Ankle stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain on motion31
Foot stitching pain,burning31
Foot stitching pain on motion31
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Extremities paralysis23
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis31
Popliteus perspiration31
Foot offensive perspiration31
Forearm pulsation31
Finger joints pulsation31
Extremities restlessness,night31
Extremities restlessness before convulsions31
Upper limbs restlessness31
Upper limbs shaking31
Extremities stiffness before epilepsy31
Upper limbs stiffness before epilepsy32
Lower limbs stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness before epilepsy32
Knee stiffness31
Stretched leg before epilepsy32
Joints swelling31
Upper limbs swelling32
Upper limbs bluish swelling31
Upper limbs hot swelling31
Upper limbs red swelling32
Forearm swelling31
Wrist swelling32
Hand swelling32
Fingers swelling31
Finger joints swelling31
Finger joints swelling,burning and pulsating31
Knee swelling31
Leg swelling31
Leg swelling,evening31
Upper arm tension31
Upper limbs tingling,side lain on31
Extremities trembling21
Hand trembling,night31
Leg trembling31
Leg trembling,morning31
Leg trembling,night31
Hand warts31
Upper limbs weakness31
Forearm weakness31
Hand weakness31
Lower limbs weakness32
Thigh weakness while walking31
Leg weakness31
Comatose sleep22
Comatose sleep between convulsions32
Deep sleep after convulsions32
Deep sleep between convulsions32
Heavy sleep21
Sleepiness,forenoon after smoking31
Sleepiness, noon31
Sleepiness in open air31
Sleepiness after eating31
Sleepiness while smoking31
Sleeplessness after 4 a.m.31
Waking at 3 to 4 a.m.31
Frequent waking31
Late waking31
Dreams of business21
Frightful dreams21
Dreams about journey21
Coldness in general21
Coldness in the open air21
Chilliness during menses31
Chilliness after stool31
Creeping in cold air31
Chill during menses31
Quartan chill21
Coldness after stool31
Heat alternating with chill21
Burning heat21
Fever with chill21
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration,daytime in bed31
Perspiration,morning during sleep31
Perspiration in bed21
Cold perspiration22
Perspiration during convulsions23
Oily perspiration21
Profuse perspiration21
Perspiration during sleep31
Skin burning22
Bluish skin31
Skin dirty discoloration31
Skin green spots32
Yellow skin,jaundice31
Dry skin21
Bluish boils31
Large boils31
Burning eruption31
Discharging,moist eruption31
Dry eruption31
Herpetic eruption31
Zona,herpetic zoster eruption31
Itching eruption31
Mealy eruption31
Fetid pustules31
Malignant pustules32
Scaly eruption31
Vesicular eruption32
Vesicular gangrenous eruption32
Grape shaped vesicular eruption31
Yellow vesicular eruption31
Yellow eruption31
Skin formication21
Indurations, nodules, aso...21
Skin sensitiveness21
Skin sticking21
Stings of insects21
Skin burning ulcer32
Skin cancerous ulcer33
Unhealthy looking skin22
Desire for open air31
Open air aggravation31
Cancerous affections22
Chorea,must run or jump,cannot walk31
Convulsions, night31
Convulsions after anger31
Convulsions begin in the abdomen32
Convulsions begin in the face32
Clonic convulsions33
Convulsions during coition32
Convulsions without consciousness33
Epileptic convulsions33
Epileptic aura:jerk in nape31
Epileptic aura:numbness of brain31
Epileptic aura from solar plexus31
Epileptic aura in uterus31
Epileptiform convulsions32
Convulsions from fright32
Convulsions before menses32
Convulsions from suppressed menses32
Convulsions after onanism32
Convulsions from sexual excitement32
Convulsions during sleep31
Convulsions during suppuration32
Tonic convulsions33
Convulsive movements22
After eating31
Faintness after breakfast31
Faintness before eating31
Faintness after eating31
Flushes of heat21
Lack of vital heat22
Inflammations of the glands31
Lying on back aggravation31
Lying on right side aggravation31
During menses32
Motion aggravation21
Numbness externally before epilepsy31
Premature old age21
From onanism22
Pains appear and disappear gradually31
Burning pain,externally32
Burning pain,internally32
Paralysis agitans21
Painless paralysis32
Sexual excitement aggravation32
Electric-like shocks31
Sensation of strength22
Glands swelling32
Trembling externally21
Cancerous ulcers33
On waking21
Warm room aggravation31
Warm stove aggravation31
Weakness while eating31
Weakness from headache31
Weakness during menses31
Weakness during painful menses31
Weakness during sleep31