Ferrum metallicum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Ailments after anger,vexation31
Anger from contradiction32
Violent anger31
Anxiety in bed32
Anxiety of conscience,as if guilty of a crime32
Anxiety with fear31
Anxiety during fever32
Anxiety with fits31
Anxiety during sleep31
Anxiety about trifles32
Aversion to friends31
Cheerfulness alternating with sadness31
Aversion to company22
Amelioration when alone31
Avoids the sight of people31
Aversion to the company of intimate friends32
Difficult concentration21
Confusion of mind22
Confusion of mind,morning on waking31
Confusion of mind,afternoon31
Confusion of mind,evening31
Confusion of mind after eating31
Confusion of mind,motion amelioration31
Confusion of mind while walking31
Confusion of mind,washing the face amelioration31
Conscientious about trifles21
Disposition to contradict21
Is intolerant of contradiction32
Conversation aggravation21
Thoughts of death31
Delusions about criminals32
Surroundings seemed too large31
Delusion,someone is behind him when walking in the dark31
Delusion,surroundings are capacious31
Excitment in the night32
Excitment during heat32
Excitement during menses31
Excitment after menses31
Mental exertion amelioration32
Fear of apoplexy32
Fear in a crowd31
Fear of death31
Fear of evil31
Fear of misfortune31
Fear of misfortune in the evening31
Fear of people31
Forgetful after eating31
Irritability during heat32
Irritability during menses31
Irritability after menses31
Irritability from noise32
Crackling of newspapers drives him to despair32
Laughing immoderately31
Weakness of memory21
Mirth, evening31
Alternating mood33
Changeable,variable mood32
Morose after menses31
Occupation amelioration22
Religious affections21
Restlessness, evening31
Restlessness, night32
Restlessness before midnight32
Restlessness, 2 a.m.31
Anxious restlessness32
Restlessness driving out of bed33
Wants to go from one bed to another32
Tossing about in bed33
Restlessness during the heat32
Restlessness while sitting32
Restlessness,warm bed aggravation32
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness, evening31
Sadness when alone31
Sadness,exertion amelioration31
Sadness before menses31
Sadness during menses31
Sadness after menses32
Ailments from scorn21
Sensitive to noise32
Sensitive to the slightest noise32
Sensitive to voices32
Inclination to sit22
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn32
Talk of others aggravation31
Talking,all complaints aggravation31
Aversion to thinking21
Wandering thoughts31
Trifles seem important21
Unconsciousness during vertigo31
Wepping,tearful mood22
Aversion to mental work22
Mental work impossible32
Vertigo,balancing sensation21
Vertigo during chill32
Vertigo on closing eyes21
Vertigo,on closing eyes amelioration31
Vertigo on descending23
Vertigo after dinner31
Tendency to fall22
Tendancy to fall after sleep31
Tendency to fall forwards32
Tendency to fall to right31
Vertigo during headache21
Vertigo as if intoxicated22
Vertigo on looking downward31
Vertigo on lying down (in the act of)21
Vertigo during menses31
Vertigo from sudden motion31
Vertigo with nausea23
Objects seem to turn in a circle on looking at running water31
Vertigo as from riding in a carriage31
Swaying toward right21
Vertigo on rising23
Vertigo on rising from bed33
Vertigo on rising on a seat33
Vertigo on rising from stooping33
Vertigo on rising quickly from stooping32
Vertigo,sleep amelioration31
Vertigo with staggering22
Vertigo like swinging21
Vertigo as if turning in a circle21
Vertigo with obscuration of vision23
Vertigo while walking22
Vertigo while walking over a narrow bridge31
Vertigo while walking rapidly32
Vertigo while walking over water32
Vertigo while walking near running water32
Vertigo,crossing running water22
Anaemia of the brain23
Cerebral hemorrhage22
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Head congestion,hyperaemia23
Head congestion on coughing31
Head congestion with heat of face31
Head congestion from suppressed menses33
Head congestion with pale face32
Head periodical congestion31
Head constriction21
Head constriction on coughing31
Distension of bloodvessels of the head22
Head drawn sideways to right32
Empty or hollow head sensation21
Falling sideways of head31
Falling of head to right side31
Falling of head sideways while walking31
Head formication22
Head fullness22
Head fullness,afternoon31
Head fullness,evening31
Hair falling32
Hair painful when touched32
Head heat22
Head heat with cold extremities32
Head heat with cold feet32
Head flashes of heat32
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness,morning on waking31
Head heaviness,afternoon31
Head heaviness,evening31
Head heaviness on waking31
Forehead heaviness31
Occiput heaviness32
Occiput heaviness,afternoon31
Occiput heaviness extending from ear to ear31
Temples heaviness31
Scalp itching21
Headache in general22
Headache,morning in bed31
Headache,night on waking31
Headache after midnight31
Headache from cold air31
Headache in open air31
Headache,in open air amelioration32
Headache on ascending steps31
Headache from beer31
Headache,blowing nose aggravation31
Headache from riding in a boat31
Catarrhal headache32
Headache during the chill31
Headache on closing eyes31
Headache,cold applications amelioration31
Constant,continued headache33
Constant headache,lasts 2 or 3 days33
Headache with coryza32
Headache on coughing31
Headache on descending32
Headache after eating31
Hammering headache33
Headache,intermittent pains31
Headache,must lie down33
Headache,while lying amelioration31
Headache before menses31
Headache during menses31
Headache after menses32
Headache,motion amelioration31
Headache on moving head33
Headache,paroxysmal pains31
Periodic headache32
Headache every fourteen days,lasting 2 or 3 days33
Perspiration preceded by headache31
Headache,external pressure amelioration33
Pulsating headache33
Headache while riding in a carriage31
Headache amel.on rising from lying31
Headache on rising from sitting31
Headache on shaking head32
Headache while sitting31
Headache during sleep31
Headache,after sleep amelioration31
Headache from stooping32
Headache,sudden pains31
Headache from smoking tobacco31
Headache with unconsciousness31
Headache after vomiting31
Headache while walking31
Headache while walking in open air31
Headache after walking in open air31
Headache,while walking slowly amelioration31
Headache,warm room amelioration31
Headache,waves of pain31
Headache from sour wine31
Pain,wrapping up the head31
Headache from writing32
Headache extending to forehead31
Forehead pain22
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead pain,morning31
Forehead pain,morning on rising31
Forehead pain,morning on waking31
Forehead pain,cold air21
Forehead pain,open air amelioration32
Forehead pain on coughing31
Forehead pain on descending32
Headache,hammering in forehead33
Forehead pain after menses31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration32
Forehead pulsating pain33
Frontal eminence pain32
Frontal eminence pain at 4 p.m.31
Fontal eminence pain,open air amelioration32
Frontal eminence pain,descending steps32
Frontal eminence pain,pressure amelioration32
Frontal eminence pain extending to vertex32
Above eyes headache31
Above right eye headache31
Above left eye pain31
Above eyes pain,evening31
Above eyes pain on going to bed31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Above root of nose pain,evening31
Occiput pain21
Occiput pain,cold application amelioration31
Occiput pain on coughing32
Occiput pain,motion32
Occiput pulsatiing pain32
Occiput pain,stooping31
Occiput pain extending to forehead31
Headache,occiput and forehead pain21
One side headache22
Left side headache32
Sides headache,daytime31
Sides headache,afternoon31
Sides headache after menses32
Temples pain22
Temples pain,night31
Temples hammering pain32
Temples pain,lying amelioration31
Temples pulsating pain31
Temples pain extending over forehead31
Headache,temples and forehead pain21
Headache,vertex pain22
Vertex pain,night31
Vertex pain in open air31
Vertex pain,in open air amelioration31
Vertex pain,ascending steps31
Vertex pain on motion32
Vertex pain,pressure amelioration31
Vertex pulsating pain32
Temples boring pain22
Temples boring pain,pulsating32
Bursting headache22
Bursting headache,lying down amelioration32
Bursting headache from motion32
Forehead bursting pain32
Occiput bursting pain31
Occiput bursting pain,excitement32
Vertex bursting pain32
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache21
Forehead cutting pain31
Temples cutting pain as with a knife31
Drawing headache21
Forehead drawing pain21
Occiput drawing pain22
Occiput drawing pain extending upward from nape31
Headache,dull pain21
Forehead lancinating pain31
Headache,pressing pain21
Pressing headache,morning on waking31
Pressing headache,evening31
Pressing headache in open air31
Pressing headache,cold air aggravation31
Pressing headache,dull31
Pressing headache,motion amelioration32
Pressing outward headache31
Pressing headache while walking in open air31
Pressing headache,after washing amelioration31
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain on descending steps32
Forehead pressing inward pain31
Forehead pressing pain after menses32
Forehead pressing outward pain32
Frontal eminence pressing pain32
Frontal eminence pressing pain,morning32
Frontal eminence pressing pain,morning after rising32
Frontal eminence pressing pain,open air amelioration32
Frontal eminence pressing pain,descending steps aggravation32
Frontal eminence pressing pain,pressure amelioration32
Frontal eminence pressing pain extending to vertex32
Occiput pressing pain extending to teeth31
Temples pressing pain21
Temples pressing pain,morning on waking31
Temples pressing pain,motion amelioration31
Temples pressing pain on waking31
Vertex pressing pain22
Vertex pressing pain from cold air32
Vertex pressing inward pain31
Vertex pressing outward pain32
Vertex pressing upward pain32
Sensation as if hair were pulled21
Vertex sensation as if hair were pulled31
Headache,shooting pain22
Head shooting pain,afternoon32
Head shooting pain before menses31
Shooting headache,pulsating31
Forehead shooting pain21
Over eyes shooting outward pain31
Head sides shooting pain22
Head left side shooting pain32
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure22
Occiput sore bruised pain21
Vertex sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache21
Stitching headache,3 a.m.31
Stitching headache before menses32
Stitching headache,pulsating31
Forehead stitching pain21
Over eyes stitching pain32
Head sides stitching pain21
Temples stitching pain22
Temples stitching pain,night31
Temples stitching pain,3 a.m.32
Temples stitching pain extending across forehead32
Vertex stitching pain21
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Tearing headache,intermittent31
Pain as if torn head21
Occiput perspiration21
Forehead prickling31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing22
Head pulsating in the night31
Head pulsating,aggr.after 12 p.m.31
Head pulsating from coughing31
Head pulsating after menses31
Head pulsating,motion aggravation31
Head pulsating from sudden motion31
Head periodic pulsating31
Head pulsationg,pressure amelioration31
Head pulsating on stooping31
Head pulsating while walking quickly31
Forehead pulsating22
Occiput pulsating22
Occiput pulsating during cough32
Occiput pulsating on moving32
Occiput pulsating on stooping32
Occiput pulsating extending to sides and forehead31
Temples pulsating21
Vertex pulsating22
Vertex pulsating,ascending steps aggravation31
Vertex pulsating after menses31
Vertex pulsating on motion31
Vertex pulsating while walking rapidly31
Head shocks,blows,jerks,etc...21
Sensation of head stiffness21
Sensation of stiffness in occiput31
Tickling in head21
Forehead tickling31
Warm coverings on head aggravation22
Head sensation as of water21
Head waving sensation21
Waving sensation as from water in head31
Agglutinated eye,night31
Eye discharges of mucus or pus22
Eyes dullness21
Eyes dullness after exertion31
Lids heaviness32
Lids heaviness,morning31
Eye inflammation21
Eye scrofulous inflammation31
Injected eye21
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels32
Eye itching21
Eye itching,evening31
Eyebrows itching31
Lachrymation with other parts of body pain31
Lachrymation with pain in the eye31
Lachrymation after writing31
Difficult opening the lids22
Half open eyes31
Open eyes during sleep31
Eye pain21
Eye pain,morning on waking31
Eye pain,evening31
Eyebrows pain31
Eye aching pain21
Eye aching pain,evening31
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye burning pain,morning32
Right eye pressing pain32
Eye pain as from sand22
Eye pain as from sand,evening31
Eye stitching pain21
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis32
Eye protrusion22
Eye redness22
Lids redness32
Eye scrofulous affections21
Upper lid stye31
Sunken eye21
Swollen eye21
Swollen lids32
Weak eye22
Eyes yelowness22
Acute vision at night in hysterical persons32
Dark colors before the eyes21
Dim vision during vertigo33
Aggravation by exertion of vision21
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Loss of vision,afternoon on rising after sleep31
Loss of vision,evening31
Loss of vision as from fainting31
Run letters together22
Run letters together while writing32
Ear discharges21
Left ear discharges32
Sensation of ear fullness21
Noises in ear21
Noises in right ear31
Noises in ear before menses31
Noises in ear during menses32
Noises in ear after menses31
Noises in ear while walking31
Chirping in ear21
Humming in ear22
Humming,leaning head on table amelioration31
Ringing in ear22
Ringing in right ear32
Ringing before menses32
Ringing during menses33
Roaring in ear21
Roaring while walking31
Singing in ear21
Singing before menses31
Singing after menses32
Singing,resting head on table amelioration31
Tinkling in ear21
Whistling in ear21
Ear pain21
Ear pain,morning31
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Ear aching pain,morning on rising31
Inside ear spasmodic pain31
Stitching pain in ear22
Stitching pain in right ear31
Stitching pain in ear,morning32
Ear twinging pain21
Ear twinging pain,morning in bed31
Ear ulcerative pain21
Hearing acute to noises32
Hearing acute to rumpling of paper31
Impaired hearing22
Impaired hearing before menses31
Nose catarrh22
Nose catarrh extends to frontal sinuses31
Post nasal catarrh32
Dilated nostrils during expiration32
Nose blood discharge32
Crusts,scabs inside nose32
Nose excoriating discharge32
Nose flocculent discharge31
Nose greenish discharge31
Nose purulent discharge32
Nose watery discharge31
Nose whey-like discharge31
Discharge from posterior nares32
Epistaxis,morning after rising31
Epistaxis,morning on stooping32
Epistaxix alternating with spitting of blood33
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood32
Epistaxis,nose continually full of clotted blood31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood31
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Epistaxis with cough31
Epistaxis when stooping32
Nose numbness21
Pain in nose with headache31
Pain in nose root32
Pain in nose root with headcahe31
Scurfy nostrils21
Sneezing,tingling in nose31
Bloated face21
Bloated face about the eyes32
Chlorotic face23
Ashy face22
Face bluish spots31
Face bluish spots following eruption31
Bluish circles around eyes32
Face brown spots31
Face changing color22
Earthy face23
Greenish face22
Pale face23
Pale face before chill31
Pale face,flushes easily33
Pale face during menses32
Pale face after pain32
Pale face,red in spots32
Pale lips33
Pale lips during menses32
Pale lips,suppressed menses32
Red face23
Red face alternating with paleness33
Red face during chill33
Red face,circumscribed33
Cold and red face32
Red face during cough31
Red face,excitement33
Red face after exertion33
Red face during fever31
Red face without fever33
Glowing red face32
Red face during headache31
Mottled red face31
Red face when in pain33
Red face while riding31
Red spots on face32
The pale face becomes red after wine32
Sallow face22
Face sickly color23
Yellow face23
Yellow face during heat32
Yellow face in intermittent31
Lips dryness32
Face spots21
Pinched expression31
Sickly expression32
Stupid expression32
Vacant expression32
Face fullness21
Face heat22
Face heat,morning31
Face heat during chill33
Face heat during chilliness31
Face heat flashes31
Face heat during labor32
Hippocratic face21
Face right side pain32
Face pain,cold applications aggravation32
Face pain after over-heating32
Face pain while lying32
Face pain,motion amelioration31
Face pain,sitting up in bed amelioration32
Face pain,after walking slowly amelioration32
Face perspiration21
Face cold perspiration31
Sunken face22
Face swelling23
Face oedematous swelling32
Sensation of face swelling32
Swelling around eyes32
Face distended veins22
Mouth aphthae22
Mouth bleeding22
Gums bleeding31
Mouth paleness31
Pale gums33
White gums32
White palate32
Pale tongue32
Tongue red tip31
White tongue32
Mouth dryness22
Mouth dryness,morning32
Mouth pale mucus membrane32
Tongue numbness31
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain31
Tongue pain as if burnt31
Tongue as if burnt while not eating or drinking31
Gums swelling31
Water tastes bad32
Bitter taste31
Bread tastes bitter31
Bitter taste during eating31
Food tastes bitter in intermittents32
Bloody taste32
Food tastes dry31
Bread tastes dry31
Earthy taste32
Taste like rotten eggs32
Insipid taste32
Food tastes insipid31
Putrid taste32
Putrid taste,afternoon31
Sour taste31
Sour taste,morning31
Sweetish taste31
Tongue trembling when protruding it31
Teeth convulsive grinding31
Toothache,cold water amelioration32
Toothache,tea drinking31
Toothache,external warmth32
Sensitive,tender teeth21
Blood oozing in throat22
Choking,throat constricting22
Enlargement of tonsils22
Throat heat22
Throat heat on swallowing31
Sensation of lump or plug in throat22
Lump in throat on swallowing empty32
Lump in throat when not swallowing31
Throat pain21
Throat pain while eating31
Throat pain on swallowing31
Throat pain on empty swallowing32
Throat burning pain21
Throat pressing pain21
Throat rawness pain21
Sore throat21
Sore throat while eating31
Constant disposition to swallow21
Difficult swallowing31
External throat swelling21
Cervical glands swelling31
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh21
Larynx constriction31
Larynx constriction,evening in bed31
Larynx and trachea dryness21
Larynx irritation31
Trachea irritation31
Mucus in the air passages22
Mucus in larynx32
Trachea mucus31
Larynx pain21
Larynx burning pain31
Larynx burning pain after talking32
Trachea burning pain with cough32
Larynx and trachea roughness22
Larynx roughness32
Scraping,clearing larynx21
Tickling in the air passages22
Tickling in larynx31
Tickling in trachea32
Hoarseness from talking32
Lost voice32
Nasal voice31
Weak voice32
Whispering voice32
Abdominal respiration22
Anxious respiration21
Arrested respiration on coughing31
Asthmatic respiration22
Asthma,forenoon, 10 to 11 a.m.32
Asthma after midnight32
Asthma after suppressed eruptions32
Spasmodic asthma32
Asthma,talking amelioration31
Deep respiration is impossible31
Difficult respiration23
Difficult respiration,forenoon,walking in open air31
Difficult respiration, 11 a.m.32
Difficult respiration,evening32
Difficult respiration,evening in bed32
Difficult respiration during night32
Difficult respiration after midnight31
Difficult respiration with cough32
Difficult respiration,excitement aggravation31
Difficult respiration,wants to be fanned32
Difficult inspiration32
Difficult respiration from heaviness in left lung31
Difficult respiration while lying32
Difficult respiration after menses31
Difficult respiration,mental exertion31
Difficult respiration,motion31
Difficult respiration,motion amelioration33
Difficult respiration,reading amelioration31
Difficult respiration,sitting32
Difficult respiration,talking amelioration32
Difficult respiration,walking amelioration32
Difficult respiration,walking about slowly amelioration33
Difficult respiration,writing amelioration32
Hot breath22
Impeded respiration during cough31
Loud respiration21
Loud respiration while sitting quiet32
Panting respiration21
Slow respiration21
Slow respiration,evening,while lying quiet aggravation31
Slow respiration,walking amelioration32
Wheezing respiration21
Daytime cough21
Cough,daytime only32
Cough,morning in bed31
Cough,morning after rising33
Coug,morning on waking31
Cough, evening in bed31
Cough,evening until midnight31
Cough, night21
Cough before midnight31
Cough, cold air32
Cough, open air31
Cough while walking in open air31
Asthmatic cough21
Cough,deep breathing32
Cough,breathing being deficient31
Cough during chill32
Cough,arm or hand becoming cold31
Constant cough22
Cough,crying aggravation21
Cough after dinner31
Cough after drinking21
Dry cough22
Dry cough,evening32
Dry cough in evening,loose in morning32
Dry cough,evening on lying down31
Dry cough,loss of breath during chill32
Dry cough,expectoration only in morning32
Cough from eating22
Cough,eating amelioration31
Cough,violent exertion32
Exhausting cough21
Cough during fever22
Cough from loss of animal fluids21
Gastric cough21
Hacking cough,morning after rising32
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough from irritation in trachea32
Cough during lactation21
Loose cough21
Loose cough during fever31
Cough,while lying amelioration32
Cough,motion aggravation23
Cough,motion of arms aggravation32
Cough from pain in larynx21
Paroxysmal cough21
Paroxysaml cough,morning31
Paroxysmal cough,morning in bed31
Paroxysmal cough,morning,eating amelioration31
Paroxysmal cough,evening till midnight31
Paroxysmal cough,night31
Cough from pressure on larynx31
Cough,raising the arms aggravation32
Rattling cough21
Rattling cough,daytime31
Cough on rising22
Cough,must sit up22
Cough while sitting31
Cough,smoking aggravation31
Spasmodic cough22
Spasmodic cough,morning31
Spasmodic cough,morning in bed31
Spasmodic cough,morning,eating amelioration31
Spasmodic cough,evening32
Spasmodic cough,evening until midnight31
Spasmodic cough,night32
Spasmodic cough after drinking32
Spasmodic cough after eating33
Spasmodic cough with vomiting31
Cough on drinking spirits21
Cough on talking21
Cough,tea aggravation21
Tickling cough21
Cough from tickling in trachea32
Cough on waking21
Cough while walking23
Whooping cough22
Cough, wine21
Expectoration,daytime only21
Expectoration,morning on rising31
Acrid expectoration21
Expectoration in bed21
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood23
Bloody expectoration,morning32
Bloody expectoration,morning on rising32
Bloody expectoration,night32
Spitting of bright-red blood31
Spitting of dark blood31
Spitting of blood on hawking31
Bloody expectoration during lactation32
Spitting of pale blood31
Spitting of streaked blood33
Spitting of thin blood31
Copious expectoration22
Copious expectoration while moving32
Difficult expectoration21
Frothy expectoration22
Gelatinous expectoration22
Greenish expectoration22
Greenish expectoration,morning32
Greenish expectoration,morning on waking31
Hawking up bloody mucus31
Milky expectoration21
Mucous expectoration21
Mucous expectoration,morning in bed31
Bloody mucous expectoration33
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Purulent expectorarion22
Expectoration,scabs coughed up every few weeks21
Scanty expectoration22
Must sit up at night to raise expectoration21
Stringy expectoration22
Expectoration earthy taste31
Expectoration metallic taste32
Expectoration nauseous taste31
Putrid expectoration31
Sour expectoration31
Sweetish expectoration31
Thick expectoration21
Thin expectoration22
Transparent expectoration22
Viscid expectoration21
Expectoration after walking31
Watery expectoration21
White expectoration21
Albuminous white expectoration32
Yellow expectoration21
Heart affections31
Anxiety in chest21
Anxiety in chest from exertion31
Region of heart anxiety32
Chest catarrh21
Congestion (heperaemia of chest)21
Chest congestion,night32
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest constriction, night32
Chest constriction,night in bed32
Chest constriction,covering of bed aggravation32
Chest constriction from exertion31
Chest constriction,lying head high amelioration32
Chest constriction,motion aggravation32
Chest constriction during deep respiration32
Chest constriction while walking31
Chest constriction,walking amelioration31
Heart constriction31
Chest cramp22
Chest cramp,motion aggravation31
Chest cramp,walking32
Chest dryness22
Chest rash eruption31
Fatty degeneration of heart22
Chest fullness22
Chest fullness,walking31
Chest haemorrhage23
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood32
Chest haemorrhage after exertion31
Chest frothy,foaming haemorrhage31
Chest haemorrhage after suppression of menses31
Chest haemorrhage,walking slowly amelioration32
Chest heat22
Chest heat flushes32
Hepatization of lungs21
Hypertrophy of heart22
Endocardium inflammation31
Lungs inflammation32
Lung inflammation,aged people32
Pleura neglected inflammation31
Chest murmurs23
Clavicles numbness31
Chest oppression23
Oppression on inspiration31
Oppression on respiration31
Chest orgasm of blood22
Chest pain22
Chest pain during cough31
Chest pain,exertion31
Chest pain during inspiration31
Chest wandering pain32
Chest sides pain21
Chest right side pain31
Chest left side pain31
Chest sides pain,exertion31
Chest side pain,deep respiration31
Heart pain21
Chest sides aching pain31
Chest boring pain22
Chest burning pain during coughing31
Sternum burning pain after coughing32
Chest drawing pain22
Drawing pain in the heart32
Chest left side pressing pain31
Sternum pressing pain32
Chest sore,bruised pain22
Chest sore pain from coughing32
Chest sore pain,deep inspiration31
Below clavicle sore pain32
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,coughing32
Chest stitching pain,exertion31
Chest wandering stitching pain32
Chest stitching pain extending to back31
Chest stitching pain extending to scapula32
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest side stitcing pain,morning31
Chest side stitching pain,exertion31
Sternum stitching pain31
Sternum stitching pain,night in bed31
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,night31
Heart palpitation,night in bed31
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart palpitation after excitement31
Heart palpitation while lying32
Heart palpitation,motion32
Palpitation,motion of arms aggravation31
Heart palpitation,compelled to move31
Heart palpitation,slow motion amelioration31
Heart palpitation after onanism32
Heart palpitation while sitting32
Heart palpitation while standing32
Heart palpitation,walking rapidly31
Heart palpitation,walking slowly amelioration32
Acute phtisis pulmonalis31
Phthisis florida32
Incipient phthisis pulmonalis32
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis32
Spasms of chest22
Spasms of chest,exercise aggravation31
Spasms of chest,walking aggravation31
Stomach anxiety22
Stomach anxiety on waking31
Diminished appetite22
Appetite,easy satiety22
Increased appetite,hunger in general22
Increased appetite alternating with loss of appetite33
Insatiable appetite22
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite23
Appetite without relish22
Wanting appetite23
Aversion to acids22
Aversion to ale21
Aversion to beer22
Aversion to drinks23
Aversion to drinks during headache33
Aversion to hot drinks31
Aversion to eggs22
Aversion to food23
Aversion to hot food31
Aversion to meat22
Aversion to solid food22
Stomach constriction22
Stomach contraction,morning31
Desires bread22
Desires bread and butter32
Desires lime,slate pencils,earth,chalk,clay,etc21
Desires liquid food22
Desires meat21
Desires raw tomatoes31
Desires sour,acid things22
Desires warm food32
Desires warm soups31
Disordered stomach after acids31
Disordered stomach after beer31
Stomach distention21
Stomach distention after eating31
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling21
Eructations,midnight on waking31
Eructations after beer21
Eructations after eating33
Eructations after fats22
Ineffectual and incomplete eructations21
Eructations after rich food21
Eructations after supper21
Eructations on waking21
Bitter eructations21
Bitter eructations,after dinner amelioration31
Bitter eructations,after eating amelioration31
Bitter eructations after fat food32
Bitter eructations after rich food31
Burning eructations21
Eructations smelling like spoiled eggs31
Empty eructations22
Eructations,food regurgitation23
Regurgitation after eating33
Regurgitation immediately after eating31
Regurgitation two hours after eating31
Regurgitation by the mouthful32
Eructations tasting like food23
Foul eructations22
Sour eructations22
Sour eructations after eating32
Waterbrash after eating31
Sensation of stomach fullness22
Stomach fullness after eating33
Stomach fullness after eating ever so little33
Stomach fullness,eating amelioration31
Stomach fullness after walking31
Gagging from coughing31
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heat flushes after eating32
Stomach heat flushes,after eating amelioration31
Stomach heat flushes extending upwards32
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Indigestion from eggs31
Indigestion from meat32
Loathing of food22
Nausea before eating31
Nausea while eating32
Nausea after eating32
Nausea during headache31
Nausea during perspiration32
Nausea during pregnancy31
Nausea on rising31
Nausea during stool31
Nausea,stool amelioration31
Sudden nausea while eating32
Nausea in throat31
Nausea while walking31
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain,afternoon31
Stomach pain after cold drinks31
Stomach pain after drinking31
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach pain after meat31
Stomach pain after milk32
Stomach pain after stool31
Stomach pain extending to back32
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach burning pain,eructation amelioration31
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain22
Stomach cramping pain after cold drinks31
Stomach cramping pain after eating32
Stomach cramping pain after stool31
Stomach drawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain22
Stomach pressing pain,2 p.m.31
Stomach pressing pain after eating32
Stomach pressing pain after eating little32
Stomach pressing pain after milk32
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain22
Stomach pulsation23
Stomach pulsation with cough31
Stomach pulsation after menses31
Stomach tension21
Thirst at 2 p.m.31
Burning,vehement thirst31
Thirst during chill32
Thirst after chill31
Thirst after dinner31
Extreme thirst32
Thirst during heat31
Unquenchable thirst32
Thirst on waking31
Thirstless during heat32
Stomach trembling21
Stomach trtembling during menses31
Vomiting, night33
Vomiting after midnight33
Vomiting after acids31
Vomiting after beer31
Vomiting after breakfast32
Vomiting before chill32
Vomiting during chill31
Vomiting on coughing32
Vomiting after drinking31
Vomiting after drinking cold water31
Easy vomiting32
Sudden vomiting while eating33
Vomiting after eating32
Vomiting only after eating32
Vomiting,after eating amelioration31
Vomiting after egg33
Vomiting after excitement31
Vomiting on exertion31
Vomiting during headache31
Vomiting during heat31
Vomiting in intermittent32
Vomiting,lying on side aggravation31
Vomiting,mental exertion31
Vomiting on motion32
Vomiting during pregnancy32
Vomiting while riding in a carriage32
Sudden vomiting31
Violent vomiting32
Acrid vomiting21
Blood vomiting23
Clear vomiting21
Food vomiting23
Food vomiting at midnight33
Food vomiting after breakfast32
Food vomiting before chill33
Food vomiting from cough32
Food vomiting immediately after eating32
Food vomiting during heat31
Food vomiting in intermittents32
Undigested food vomiting32
Frothy vomiting21
Mucus vomiting after eating31
Sour vomiting22
Water vomiting on eating31
Water vomiting after eating31
Worms vomiting22
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen muscles contraction31
Sensation as if diarrhea would come on21
Abdomen distension21
Enlarged liver32
Enlarged spleen32
Sensation of abdomen falling out31
Abomen sensation of falling out while walking31
Abdomen flatulence21
Flatulence while riding in a carriage31
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Abdomen fullness on waking31
Sensation of hypochondria fullness31
Hypochondria fullness,stool amelioration31
Liver sensation of fullness32
Abdomen gurgling21
Abdomen gurgling,forenoon31
Hard abdomen22
Abdomen heat21
Abdomen heat during fever31
Hypogastrium heat31
Abdomen heaviness as from a load,etc21
Abdomen heaviness while walking31
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)22
Liver and region of liver21
Movements in abdomen before menses31
Abdomen aching,dull pain22
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching,morning after rising31
Abdomen aching,evening31
Abdomen aching, night32
Abdomen aching during cough32
Abdomen aching as if diarrhoea would come on31
Abdomen aching after drinking31
Abdomen aching after eating32
Abdomen aching,passing flatus amelioration31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear31
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear,morning31
Abdomen paroxysmal aching31
Abdomen aching while sitting31
Abdomen aching,sitting amelioration31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching during stool31
Abdomen aching,after stool amelioration31
Abdomen aching after supper31
Abdomen aching on waking31
Abdomen aching while walking31
Abdomen aching,walking amelioration31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Hypogastrium aching dull pain21
Hypogastrium aching on motion33
Hypogastrium paroxysmal aching31
Liver aching,dull pain21
Liver aching on urging to urinate32
Abdomen sides aching dull pain21
Abdomen left side aching31
Spleen aching dull pain21
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain,lying amelioration31
Abdomen cramping pain while sitting31
Abdomen cramping pain before stool31
Abdomen cramping pain during stool31
Abdomen cramping pain,after stool amelioration31
Abdomen cramping pain on waking31
Abdomen cramping pain,walking amelioration31
Abdomen cutting pain during menses31
Abdomen cutting pain during stool31
Abdomen cutting pain during diarrhoeic stool31
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain22
Abdomen dragging pain during menses32
Inguinal region dragging pain21
Abdomen pressing pain21
Abdomen pressing pain,evening31
Abdomen pressing pain after drinking31
Abdomen pressing pain after eating32
Hypochondria pressing pain21
Right hypochondrium pressing pain31
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness22
Abdomen sore pain,evening31
Abdomen sore pain from coughing32
Abdomen sore pain on jarring31
Abdomen sore pain while walking32
Sore,bruised pain in liver22
Abdomen sides sore pain21
Spleen sore,bruised pain,tenderness,etc22
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Left hypochondrium stitching pain31
Rumblings in the bowels22
Abdomen rumbling,evening31
Abdomen rumbling, 1 a.m.31
Abdomen rumbling, 4 a.m.31
Rumbling as if diarrhoea would come on31
Abdoemn rumbling before menses31
Abdomen rumbling on rising31
Abdomen rumbling on waking31
Complaints of spleen22
Swelling of the inguinal glands32
Liver swelling22
Spleen swelling21
Abdomen tension21
Abdomen tension on waking31
Abdomen tension,walking amelioration31
Right hypochondrium tension32
Cholera infantum32
Cholera morbus32
Constipation,difficult stool32
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining32
Rectum constriction,contraction,closure21
Rectum constriction during stool31
Rectum constriction after stool32
Diarrhoea, 8 a.m.32
Diarrhoea,afternoon regularly32
Diarrhoea, night32
Diarrhoea in children32
Diarrhoea after cold drink32
Diarrhoea during dentition33
Diarrhoea from drinking water33
Diarrhoea while eating33
Diarrhoea after eating32
Diarrhoea after bodily exertion31
Diarrhoea after fruit32
Diarrhoea,hot weather32
Diarrhoea from meat31
Diarrhoea,motion aggravation33
Painless diarrhoea33
Diarrhoea during pregnancy31
Diarrhoea after abuse of quinine31
Rectum excoriation21
Offensive flatus before stool31
Offensive flatus during stool33
Rectum fullness21
Haemorrhage from anus22
Haemorrhoids,night aggravation31
Haemorrhoids,beer aggravation31
Blind haemorrhoids31
External haemorrhoids32
Large haemorrhoids32
Involuntary stool21
Involuntary stool while eating31
Anus itching21
Anus itching,night32
Rectum itching from ascarides31
Rectum moisture21
Rectum pain21
Rectum pain,standing aggravation31
Rectum pain during stool31
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum burning pain during stool31
Rectum burning pain after stool31
Clawing squeezing pain as from a claw in anus22
Rectum gnawing pain21
Rectum pressing pain while standing32
Rectum tearing pain21
Rectum tearing pain during stool31
Rectum tenesmus21
Rectum tenesmus,evening31
Rectum tenesmus during stool31
Retum tenesmus during urination31
Rectum paralysis21
Rectum prolapsus22
Rectum prolapsus,child32
Rectum prolapsus during stool31
Spasms in rectum22
Urging to stool21
Urging to stool during stool31
Urging to stool after stool31
Sudden urging to stool32
Rectum complaints from worms22
Ascarides in rectum32
Acrid,corrosive,excoriating stool22
Black stool22
Fecal black stool32
Bloody stool21
Brown stool32
Fecal brown stool32
Copious stool22
Dark stool22
Fecal dark stool32
Flaky stool21
Forcible,sudden gushing stool22
Frequent stool22
Frothy stool21
Hard stool22
Lienteric stool23
Lienteric stool,night33
Membranous stool22
Slimy mucous stool21
Odorless stool21
Scanty stool21
Stool like scrapings of intestines22
Thin liquid stool21
Watery stool22
Watery stool,afternoon31
Watery brown stool31
Like rice water stool32
Bladder muco-pus catarrh22
Bleeding haemorrhoids of bladder31
Bladder pain22
Bladder paralysis after parturition,no desire31
Bladder tenesmus21
Bladder tenesmus after urination31
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Urging to urinate, 8 to 9 a.m.31
Urging to urinate,afternoon31
Absent urging to urinate21
Constant urging to urinate22
Constant urging to urinate with pain in liver,chest and kidneys32
Sudden urging to urinate22
Urging to urinate while walking21
Dysuria with tenesmus of rectum,evening31
Frequent urination22
Involuntary urination21
Involuntary urination,daytime32
Involuntary urination,daytime while walking31
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)33
Involuntary urination during cough31
Involuntary urination while standing31
Involuntary urination while walking33
Addison's disease22
Kidneys pain22
Kidneys pain during urging to urinate32
Urethra gleety discharge22
Urethra painless gleety discharge32
Chronic gonorrhoeal discharge32
Urethra milky discharge22
Urethra mucous discharge22
Urethra mucous discharge,evening after a chill31
Urethra profuse discharge22
Urethra slimy discharge22
Urethra thich discharge21
Urethra white discharge22
Urethra chronic white discharge31
Urethra itching22
Urethra itching,afternoon31
Urethra itching before urination31
Fossa navicularis itching21
Urethra burning pain during urination32
Urethra soreness21
Urethra soreness during urination32
Albuminous urine22
Albuminous urine after abuse of alcohol31
Albuminous urine during pregnancy31
Alkaline urine22
Bloody urine21
Burning or hot urine22
Cloudy urine21
Cloudy urine on standing31
Dark urine21
Pale urine21
Red urine21
Blood-red urine31
Dark red urine32
White urine21
Colorless urine22
Copious urine (increased)22
Copious urine during apyrexia31
Copious urine with attended exhaustion31
Milky urine22
Urine ammoniacal odor22
Urine strong odor22
Scanty urine22
Sediment in urine21
Adherent sediment in urine22
Mucous sediment in urine22
White sediment in urine21
Adhesive yellow sediment in urine32
Urine specific gravity increased22
Coition,absent enjoyment31
Troublesome erections21
Troublesome erections,night31
Too easy erections21
Wanting erections,impotency22
Penis heat21
Scrotum itching21
Glans pulsation during urination31
Relaxed scrotum22
Nightly seminal emissions22
Frequent seminal emissions31
Diminished sexual passion22
Increased sexual passion32
Wanting sexual passion31
Penis tingling21
Abortion,inertia of uterus31
Tendency to abortion31
Female genitalia ascarides21
Atony of uterus22
Coition with enjoyment absent (female)22
Uterus congestion21
Female desire diminished22
Displacement of uterus21
Uterus dropsy22
Vagina dryness22
Female genitalia eruptions21
Vagina induration22
Female genitalia inflammation21
Uterus inflammation21
Vagina insenbility22
Female genitalia itching22
Genitalia itching after menses32
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea23
Bland leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea before menses21
Leucorrhoea instead of menses32
Milky leucorrhoea22
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
White leucorrhoea22
Acrid,excoriating menses21
As if menses would appear21
Menses before the proper age21
Black menses22
Bright-red menses22
Clotted menses22
Clotted dark menses32
Copious menses23
Copious menses from motion32
Dark menses22
First menses delayed in girls22
Menses,fluid blood containing clots22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon23
Intermittent menses22
Irregular menses21
Late menses22
Late profuse menses31
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Pale menses23
Protracted menses23
Scanty menses22
Suppressed menses22
Thin menses23
Thin menses with clots32
Vicarious menses21
Active metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia between the menstrual periods31
Black metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,climateric period32
Coagulated metrorrhagia32
Coagulated metrorrhagia expelled in paroxysms32
Metrorrhagia,dark blood32
Metrorrhagia,blood mixed with dark clots32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor32
Pale metrorrhagia32
Passive metrorrhagia32
Profuse metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia,thin,fluid blood31
Metrorrhagia,fluid blood mixed with clots32
Metrorrhagia,weakly women31
Uterus pain22
Uterus pain on lying down32
Vagina pain21
Vagina pain during coition32
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses32
Female genitalia burning pain22
Uterus cutting pain during menses31
Labor-like pain22
Labor-like pain during menses31
Spasmodic labor pains31
Vagina sore pain during coition32
Uterus stitching pain22
Uterus prolapsus22
Vagina prolapsus22
Vagina prolapsus during pregnancy32
Relaxation of sphincter vaginae22
Sensitive vagina22
Swollen vagina21
Back coldness (including chill)21
Back coldness,morning31
Back coldness, 7 a.m.31
Back coldness extending to lower limbs31
Sacral region heaviness32
Sacral region heaviness,weight32
Back pain22
Back pain,night32
Back pain while lying32
Back pain during menses31
Back pain on motion31
Back pain,amel.by gentle motion31
Back pain on beginning to move33
Back rheumatic pain32
Back pain on rising from sitting31
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain during stool31
Back pain after stool32
Back pain while walking31
Back pain,walking amelioration31
Back pain,walking slowly amelioration33
Cervical region pain21
Cervical reg.pain,lying on right side31
Cervical reg.pain extending to brain31
Cervical reg.pain extending to head32
Cervical pain extending to occiput32
Cervical pain extending to vertex31
Between scapulae pain32
Between scapulae pain,walking amelioration31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar region pain,night32
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Lumbar region pain,motion amelioration31
Lumbar region rheumatic pain32
Lumbar pain,rising from a seat amelioration31
Lumbar reg.pain before a snowstorm31
Lumbar region pain while walking31
Lumbar pain,walking slowly amelioration33
Sacral region pain21
Sacral reg.pain during menses31
Sacral reg.pain,rising from sitting31
Sacro-iliac junction pain21
Back aching pain21
Back aching pain during menses31
Back aching pain on motion31
Lumbar reg.aching,evening31
Lumbar reg.aching,rising up amelioration31
Between scapulae burning pain,evening in bed31
Sacral region burning pain32
Sacral reg.burning pain during menses31
Cervical region constricting pain22
Lumbar region dragging pain32
Cervical region drawing pain32
Cervical drawing pain extending to head32
Back jerking pain22
Back labor-like pain21
Sacral region pressing pain32
Sacral pressing pain during menses31
Cervical region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Lumbar region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Lumbar soreness,rising aggravation31
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Back stitching,shooting pain21
Scapulae stitching,shooting pain31
Scapulae stitching pain,manual labor31
Between scapulae stitching pain31
Lumbar stitching pain,walking31
Back tearing pain21
Back tearing pain while lying31
Back tearing pain,sitting31
Between scapulae tearing pain31
Between scapulae tearing pain on walking31
Cervical region perspiration31
Back pulsating21
Cervical region pulsating31
Cervical pulsating,motion aggravation32
Cervical region stiffness32
Cervical stiffness,morning31
Between scapulae tension31
Foot as if bandaged as with iron31
Irresistible desire to bend arm23
Extremities coldness22
Upper limbs coldness during cough31
Hands coldness33
Right hand coldness31
Right hand coldness.numbness of left31
Hands coldness, 7:30 a.m.31
Hands coldness, 8 a.m.31
Hands coldness during menses31
One hand coldness31
Leg coldness32
Foot coldness33
Foot coldness, 7:30 a.m.31
Foot coldness, 8 a.m.31
Foot coldness,evening in bed32
Foot coldness, night32
Foot coldness, night in bed32
Foot coldness in bed32
Foot coldness during headache32
Foot coldness,headache after menses32
Foot coldness with hot head32
Foot icy coldness during chill32
Toes coldness32
Toes icy coldness32
Joints constriction31
Contraction of muscles and tendons21
Upper limbs contraction31
Fingers contraction32
Hollow of knee contraction31
Leg contraction31
Leg contraction,evening while walking31
Calf cramp-like contraction31
Toes contraction32
Fingers convulsion31
Cracking in joints22
Cracking in shoulder31
Extremities cramps21
Fingers cramps31
Lower limbs cramps32
Thigh cramps32
Leg cramps32
Calf cramps32
Calf cramps,morning on rising31
Calf cramps, night32
Calf cramps in bed32
Calf cramps,motion amelioration31
Calf cramps,rising from bed31
Calf cramps on standing31
Foot cramps31
Foot cramps,evening on drawing up limbs31
Sole cramps32
Sole cramps, morning 3 a.m.31
Toes cramps32
Back of hand redness31
Fingers freckles31
Fingers blueness32
Nails yellow discoloration31
Drawing up limbs aggravation21
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Extremities desquamating eruption31
Upper limbs desquamating eruption31
Shoulder eruption,desquamation32
Hand eruption,desquamation31
Run-around felon31
Letting limbs hang down amelioration31
Letting arms hang down amelioration32
Hand heat31
Hand heat, evening31
Palm heat32
Sole heat32
Sole heat during fever32
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Upper limbs heaviness32
Shoulder heaviness32
Leg heaviness,tired leg32
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Hand inflammation31
Upper limbs lameness32
Right upper limb lameness33
Hand numbness32
Left hand numbness31
Left hand numbness,right hand cold32
Hand numbness,morning on waking32
Hands numbness during chill31
Hand numbness,motion amelioration32
Fingers numbness32
Fingers numbness, morning32
Fingers numbness during chill31
Thigh numbness32
Leg numbness31
Foot numbness31
Foot numbness,night32
Foot numbness with chill31
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain, night32
Limbs pain,drives out of bed, night32
Limbs pain during chill32
Limbs pain during fever32
Limbs pain,motion amelioration32
Limbs pain on beginning to move33
Extremities rheumatic pain32
Limbs rheumatic pain,drive him out of bed32
Limbs pain,walking amelioration32
Limb bones pain32
Joints pain32
Joints pain during chill32
Joints gouty pain32
Joints pain,motion amelioration32
Joints rheumatic pain32
Joints pain after walking32
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain, 2 a.m.32
Upper limbs pain in bed32
Upper limbs pain in bed,weight of clothing31
Upper limbs pain,bending arm amelioration31
Upper limbs pain,motion31
Upper limbs pain,slow motion amelioration32
Upper limbs neuralgic pain32
Upper limbs pain on raising arm33
Upper limbs rheumatic pain33
Upper limbs pain,walking slow amelioration32
Shoulder pain33
Left shoulder pain during cough32
Shoulder pain during cough32
Shoulder pain,lifting32
Shoulder pain on motion32
Shoulder pain,motion amelioration33
Shoulder pain,motion of arm32
Shoulder paralytic pain32
Shoulder pain,putting the arm behind him aggravation33
Shoulder pain,raising the arm aggravation32
Shoulder rheumatic pain33
Shoulder pain,walking slow amelioration32
Shoulder pain,external warmth amelioration32
Shoulder pain extending to elbow31
Shoulder pain extending to fingers31
Upper arm pain32
Upper arm pain, night32
Upper arm pain on motion32
Upper arm pain,slow motion amelioration32
Upper arm paralytic pain31
Upper arm pain,raising arm32
Upper arm rheumatic pain33
Upper arm pain,warmth amelioration31
Upper arm bone pain31
Upper arm bone rheumatic pain32
Deltoid region pain33
Elbow pain31
Elbow rheumatic pain32
Forearm paroxysmal pain31
Forearm pain,warm application amelioration31
Wrist pain31
Left wrist pain31
Hand pain31
Back of hand pain31
Fingers joints rheumatic pain31
Joints of first finger rheumatic pain31
Thumb pain31
Thumb pain on motion31
Lower limbs pain22
Lower limbs pain, night32
Lower limbs pain before midnight33
Lower limbs pain during chill32
Lower limbs pain,motion amelioration33
Lower limbs pain,beginning to move32
Lower limbs neuralgic pain31
Sciatica, evening31
Sciatica, night31
Sciatica, midnight31
Sciatica before midnight31
Sciatica while lying31
Sciatica,motion amelioration33
Sciatica,slow motion amelioration32
Sciatica,rising from seat31
Sciatica,sitting aggravation31
Sciatica,standing aggravation31
Sciatica,touch aggravation31
Sciatica,walking amelioration33
Lower limbs pain,walking amelioration33
Lower limbs pain,warmth of bed32
Lower limbs pain extending downward31
Hip pain32
Hip pain, evening32
Hip pain, night31
Hip pain before midnight32
Hip pain,motion amelioration31
Hip pain on beginning to move32
Left hip and right shoulder rheumatic pain32
Hip pain,walking amelioration32
Thigh pain31
Thigh pain, evening31
Thigh pain, night31
Thigh pain,motion amelioration33
Thigh paralytic pain32
Thigh pain on rising32
Thigh pain on rising from a seat32
Thigh pain while sitting32
Thigh pain,stretching limb amelioration32
Thigh pain,walking amelioration32
Knee pain31
Knee pain,extending limb31
Knee pain,extending limb amelioration31
Knee pain,flexing limb amelioration31
Leg pain while walking31
Ankle pain31
Ankle pain extending upward31
Foot pain31
Foot pain while walking31
Back of foot pain31
Back of foot pain, evening31
Back of foot rheuamtic pain31
Heel pain32
Toes pain31
Extremities aching21
Bones aching during chill32
Heel aching31
Heel aching extending to thigh31
Shoulder boring pain32
Shoulder boring pain,heat amelioration31
Shoulder boring pain,motion aggravation32
Shoulder boring pain,weigh of bed clothes32
Shoulder boring pain extending to finger ends31
Shoulder boring pain extendding to elbows31
Extremities drawing pain21
Extremities drawing during chill31
Extremities drawing,motion amelioration31
Upper limbs drawing pain31
Forearm drawingn,warmth applied amelioration31
Lower limbs drawing pain32
Lower limbs drawing,motion amelioration31
Thigh drawing pain32
Thigh drawing during chill31
Thigh drawing,motion amelioration32
Leg drawing pain32
Foot drawing pain31
Back of foot drawing31
Upper arm gnawing pain31
Left upper arm gnawing pain32
Upper arm gnawing,motion aggravation32
Right deltoid pinching pain32
Upper limbs shooting32
Upper limbs shooting extending downward32
Shoulder shooting32
Shoulder shooting downward32
Shoulder joint shooting31
Shoulder joint shooting extending to arm31
Upper arm shooting32
Wrist shooting31
Back of hand shooting31
Hip shooting32
Hip shooting,evening32
Hip shooting,walking amelioration32
Hip joint shooting32
Hip joint shooting,evening in bed32
Leg shooting32
Leg shooting,evening in bed32
Foot shooting31
Sore,bruised extremities21
Sore bruised joints32
Sore bruised upper limbs32
Sore bruised upper limbs,heat amelioration32
Sore bruised upper limbs on motion31
Sore bruised shoulder32
Sore bruised shoulder,placing arm behing back impossible32
Sore bruised hand31
Sore bruised hip32
Sore bruised leg31
Sore bruised leg,morning in bed31
Sore bruised leg,after rising amelioration31
Sore bruised leg while walking31
Sore bruised mollet32
Sore bruised foot31
Sprained joint31
Sprained wrist31
Extremities stitching pain22
Extremities stitching,night32
Extremities stitching,motion amelioration32
Extremities stitching pain,wandering31
Upper limbs stitching pain32
Upper limbs stitching extending dowward32
Upper limb joints stitching pain31
Shoulder stitching pain33
Shoulder stitching extending downward32
Upper arm stitching pain32
Wrist stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain31
Back of hand stitching pain31
Lower limbs stitching pain32
Lower limbs stitching during chill31
Hip stitching pain32
Hip stitching,walking amelioration32
Hip stitching extending to tibia31
Thigh stitching pain32
Thigh stitching,night in bed32
Thigh stitching pain,walking amelioration32
Thigh stitching,on beginning to walk aggravation31
Thigh stitching pain above the knee31
Leg stitching pain32
Leg stitching pain,evening32
Leg stitching pain,evening in bed32
Leg stitching during chill31
Extremities tearing pain22
Extremities tearing pain,evening32
Extremities tearing,evening in bed32
Extremities tearing pain,night32
Extremities tearing driving him out of bed32
Extremities tearing during chill32
Extremities tearing during fever32
Extremities tearing,motion amelioration32
Extremities tearing,slow motion amelioration32
Extremities wandering tearing pain32
Upper limbs tearing pain22
Upper limb tearing pain,night32
Shoulder tearing pain33
Left shoulder tearing pain31
Shoulder tearing,motion amelioration32
Shoulder tearing,slow motion amelioration32
Shoulder tearing pain,paralytic32
Shoulder tearing,cannot raise arm33
Shoulder rheumatic tearing pain32
Shoulder tearing,walking slowly amelioration32
Shoulder tearing,warmth of bed32
Shoulder tearing extending to arms31
Upper arm tearing pain31
Upper arm tearing,motion aggravation31
Upper arm tearing when raising arm32
Upper arm tearing extending down arm31
Lower limbs tearing pain22
Lower limbs tearing,evening in bed32
Lower limbs tearing,walking amelioration32
Hip tearing pain32
Hip tearing,evening,after going to bed32
Hip tearing pain while lying31
Hip tearing pain,motion amelioration32
Hip tearing,walking amelioration32
Thigh tearing pain31
Leg tearing pain32
Leg tearing pain,night32
Leg tearing pain during chill32
Leg tearing pain,motion amelioration31
Leg tearing pain,walking amelioration32
Tibia tearing pain32
Extremities paralysis21
Sensation of extremities paralysis31
Upper limbs paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis32
Hand paralysis31
Between toes perspiration31
Extremities pulsation22
Extremities pulsation,night32
Extremities pulsation during rest32
Extremities pulsation,walking slowly,amelioration31
Impossible to raise upper limbs31
Raised shoulder31
Raised upper arm31
Extremities relaxation21
Extremities restlessness23
Upper limbs restlessness31
Leg restlessness33
Sensitive shoulder31
Upper limbs stiffness32
Hand stiffness32
Hand stiffness,morning on waking32
Hand rheumatic stiffness32
Fingers stiffness32
Fingers stiffness,morning32
Hand stiffness during chill31
Thumb stiffness31
Thumb painful stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness32
Foot stiffness32
Toes stiffness31
Extremities dropsical swelling32
Upper limbs swelling31
Upper limbs oedematous swelling32
Hand swelling32
Lower limbs dropsical swelling32
Lower limbs dropsical swelling in albuminuria32
Knee swelling31
Knee scrofulous swelling32
Leg swelling32
Ankle swelling32
Foot swelling32
Foot swelling in chlorosis32
Foot oedematous swelling32
Sole tingling31
Extremities trembling during chill31
Hand trembling32
Hand trembling,evening31
Hand trembling while writing31
Leg trembling31
Lower limbs varices32
Lower limbs varices during pregnancy32
Thigh varices31
Leg varices31
Leg varices during pregnancy33
Foot varices32
Hand warts32
Extremities weakness23
Extremities weakness,walking in open air31
Joints weakness32
Knee weakness32
Knee weakness,extending and flexing amelioration31
Hollow of knee weakness31
Hollow of knee weakness,rising from a seat31
Hollow of knee weakness,walking after standing31
Leg weakness32
Calf weakness31
Ankle weakness32
Feet weakness31
Foot weakness after eating31
Sleep disturbed by dreams32
Falling asleep from the least mental exertion31
Falling asleep while sewing31
Falling asleep while sitting31
Heavy sleep, morning31
Interrupted sleep21
Sleep during perspiration21
Sleep position: on back32
Sleep position: on side31
Impossible sleep while lying on side31
Restless sleep22
Sleepiness, afternoon32
Sleepiness, evening31
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleepiness,mental exertion31
Overpowering sleepiness31
Sleepiness while sewing31
Sleepiness while sitting31
Sleeplessness before midnight32
Sleeplessness from coldness31
Sleeplessness during heat32
Sleeplessness after mental exertion31
Sleeplessness from perspiration31
Sleeplessness with sleepiness32
Sleeplessness from activity of mind,thoughts32
Sleeplessness after waking32
Waking at 2 a.m.31
Early waking31
Yawning, morning31
Anxious dreams22
Dreams about battles21
Confused dreams22
Dreams of the deads21
Dreams about friends long deceased31
Dreams about dead relatives31
Deams about events of the previous day31
Dreams about long past events31
Dreams of falling21
Dreams of falling into water32
Dreams about fights22
Dreams of old friends21
Many dreams21
Unpleasant dreams21
Vivid dreams22
Dreams about water22
Dreams of falling into water32
Coldness in general22
Coldness, morning22
Coldness at 3 a.m.33
Coldness, 3 a.m. on waking33
Coldness at 4 a.m.31
Coldness at 6 a.m.32
Coldness at 7 a.m.31
Coldness, 7:30 a.m.31
Coldness at noon31
Coldness, 1 to 2 p.m.31
Coldness, afternoon23
Afternoon,violent chill with thirst and red face33
Coldness at 14 p.m.32
Coldness at 3 p. m.31
Coldness, 3 to 5 p.m.31
Coldness, 3 to 6 p.m.31
Coldness at 5 p.m.31
Coldness, evening22
Coldness,evening in bed31
Coldness at 7 p. m.32
Coldness, 7:30 p.m.32
Coldness, night23
Coldness in bed23
Coldness,rising from bed amelioration31
Coldness beginning in hands and feet32
Chilliness, morning31
Chilliness,morning lasting all day31
Chilliness, evening32
Frequent short attacks of chilliness31
Chill,after eating amelioration31
After exposure to a draft32
Chill,malarial influences32
Chill during rains32
Chill periodicity regular and distinct22
Chill with perspiration21
Quotidian chill22
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors23
Coldness shaking, afternoon33
Coldness shaking,evening32
One-sided coldness21
Left side coldness31
Coldness,after sleep amelioration31
Tertian chill22
Trembling and shivering21
Coldness on uncovering or undressing22
Violent chill with red face and thirst33
Desire for warmth which does not relieve31
Coldness,external warmth amelioration31
Heat in general22
Heat, afternoon21
Heat,afternoon,after sleep31
Heat, 3 p.m.31
Heat, evening21
Heat, 8 p.m.31
Heat, night21
Night,heat with perspiration31
Heat after midnight31
Burning heat with distended blood vessels31
Paroxysms changing after abuse of quinine31
Chill absent,fever without chill22
Chill absent, afternoon31
Chill absent, 3 p.m.31
Chill absent, evening31
Chill absent, 8 p.m.31
Chill absent, night31
Chill absent after midnight31
Fever with chill22
Fever from drinking beer32
Dry heat22
Dry heat, afternoon31
Dry heat,night32
Heat,after eating amelioration31
Heat from exertion21
Chronic intermittent fever23
Intemittent fever with gout31
Intermittent fever with long-lasting heat32
Spoiled intermittent fever32
Internal heat22
Internal heat while the body feels cold to the touch32
Internal heat with external chill32
Long lasting heat22
Heat,mental exertion amelioration31
Fever,motion amelioration31
Heat with perspiration32
Puerperal fever22
Relapsing of fever23
Remittent fever21
Heat comes on after sleep32
Chill followed by heat with sweat32
Heat,uncovering amelioration21
Heat,desire for uncovering33
Warm covering aggravation21
Perspiration in general23
Perspiration, daytime23
Perspiration, morning23
Perspiration,daytime in bed33
Perspiration every alternate morning32
Perspiration,morning lasting until noon32
Perspiration,morning during sleep33
Perspiration,morning after waking31
Perspiration, forenoon23
Perspiration,afternoon during heat31
Perspiration, 3 p.m.31
Perspiration,evening in bed31
Perspiration, 8 p.m.31
Perspiration, 8 p.m. with nausea and heat31
Perspiration, night22
Perspiration at midnight32
Perspiration after midnight33
Perspiration, 4 a.m.32
Perspiration during anxiety23
Perspiration in bed23
Clammy perspiration23
Cold perspiration23
Cold perspiration during convulsions32
Perspiration from coughing22
Covered parts perspiration22
Perspiration after eating31
Perspiration,after eating amelioration32
Perspiration, warm food32
Perspiration during slight exertion23
Perspiration,mental exertion amelioration31
Perspiration after the fever22
Intermittent perspiration21
Long-lasting perspiration23
Perspiration while lying23
Perspiration during motion23
Perspiration,motion amelioration31
Fetid perspiration31
Perspiration,offensive odor32
Perspiration rank odor31
Sour perspiration31
Profuse perspiration23
Profuse perspiration,morning33
Profuse perspiration,morning in bed33
Profuse perspiration,morning lasting all day31
Profuse perspiration,morning after waking32
Profuse perspiration on covered parts32
Profuse perspiration on waking32
Sensation as if about to perspire but no moisture appears22
Perspiration while sitting22
Perspiration during sleep32
Perspiration after waking32
Perspiration yellow staining32
Sticky perspiration21
Perspiration during stool31
Symptoms aggravated while sweating22
Perspiration while walking21
Skin burning22
Skin burning in spots31
Skin burning on touch32
Skin coldness22
Skin coldness with internal heat32
Skin contraction21
Skin blackish spots31
Skin bluish spots32
Skin liver-brown spots31
Skin dirty discoloration32
Pale skin33
Skin red spots31
Skin,violet red spots31
Skin smarting spots32
Yellow skin,jaundice32
Yellow skin during heat32
Yellow skin after intermittent fever31
Skin yellow spots33
Dry skin22
Dry skin,burning31
Desquamating eruption31
Smarting eruption31
Filthy skin21
Skin flabbiness22
Skin formication22
Skin sensitiveness22
Feeling of sore skin31
Skin swelling21
Skin swelling of affected parts31
Skin dropsical swelling32
Skin pale swelling31
Skin stinging swelling31
Skin ulcerative pain21
Skin ulcer21
Skin ulcers,gelatinous discharges31
Small warts31
Withered warts32
Waxy skin23
Before midnight31
After midnight31
2 a.m.31
Aversion to open air22
Draft aggravation32
Open air aggravation32
Anaemia after haemorrhage33
General physical anxiety22
Arsenical poisoning22
After breakfast amelioration31
Caries of bone21
Change of position aggravation23
Aggr.by change from cold to warm32
Chlorosis in winter32
During coition21
Cold aggravation22
Cold air aggravation32
Becoming cold31
After becoming cold aggravation32
Aggr.on entering a cold place32
Tendency to take cold32
Cold wet weather aggravation32
Congestion of blood23
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constriction, internally31
Constriction of orifices31
Convulsions without consciousness31
Epileptiform convulsions31
Convulsions with falling forward31
Internal convulsions32
Tonic convulsions32
Aggravated by descending22
Distention of the blood vessels23
External dropsy22
Internal dropsy32
Before eating22
While eating31
While eating amelioration31
After eating32
After eating amelioration32
Physical exertion aggravation22
Faintness while walking31
While fasting21
Flabby feeling22
Beer aggravation32
Butter aggravation32
Cold drinks aggravation33
Eggs aggravation32
Fat food aggravation33
Fruit aggravation32
Hot food aggravation31
Meat aggravation32
Rich food aggravation31
Sour food aggravation32
Tea aggravation32
Tea amelioration31
Vinegar aggravation32
Warm food aggravation31
Formication,external parts21
Full feeling, internally32
Sensation of a hard bed22
Flushes of heat22
Flushes of heat, 8 p.m.,with nausea31
Flushes of heat upwards32
Sensation of heat,eating warm food32
Lack of vital heat23
Becoming heated22
Heaviness, externally22
Heaviness, internally31
From hunger21
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally32
Serous membrane inflammation31
Injuries with extravasations31
Excessive physical irritability22
Lack of physical irritability31
Jar,stepping aggravation22
Muscles jerking32
Straining of the muscles and the tendons from lifting22
Loss of fluids22
Inclination to lie down23
After lying aggravation32
Lying on back amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation33
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on side aggravation32
Before menses22
During menses31
After menses32
Motion aggravation22
Motion amelioration33
At beginning of motion aggravation33
Motion of affected parts amelioration33
Aversion to motion31
Continued motion amelioration33
Mucous secretions increased22
Narcotics aggravation22
Numbness in single parts32
Numbness of suffering parts31
Nursing children21
From onanism21
Orgasm of blood23
Orgasm of blood from nervousness31
Pains appear suddenly31
Bones pain31
Burning pain,externally32
Pain as from burning31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Gnawing pain,externally31
Paralytic pain32
Pressing pain,externally33
Pressing pain,internally32
Pain as from load31
Pain pressing together31
Pressing pain from within outward32
Sore,bruised pain,externally32
Sore,bruised pain,internally31
Stitching pain,externally32
Stitching pain,internally32
Stitching pain downward33
Muscles stitching pain31
Tearing pain,externally32
Tearing pain,internally31
Tearing asunder pain31
Tearing downward pain32
Bones tearing pain32
Glands tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain31
Twinging pain32
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Painless paralysis31
Perspiration gives no relief22
Suppression of perspiration32
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pulsation externally23
Pulsation,excitement aggravation31
Pulsation while walking31
Abnormal pulse21
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable32
Frequent pulse, evening32
Full pulse31
Hard pulse32
Imperceptible pulse31
Almost imperceptible pulse31
Intermittent pulse31
Slow pulse31
Small pulse31
Soft pulse31
Tense pulse31
Abuse of quinine23
Lack of reaction22
Relaxation of muscles22
Riding in a wagon or on the cars31
Rising aggravation22
Rising amelioration31
Running aggravates22
Sensitiveness externally22
Sensitiveness, internally31
Sensitiveness to pain32
After sexual excesses21
Symptoms on one side21
Crosswise symptoms,left lower and right upper32
Symptoms on the left side32
Aggravated while sitting22
Ameliorated while sitting31
On first sitting down amelioration32
During sleep aggravation31
After sleep aggravation32
After sleep amelioration31
Long sleep aggravation31
Slow repair of broken bones21
Bones softening21
Standing aggravation22
Stretching, morning31
Swelling of the affected parts32
Puffy swelling33
Bones swelling31
Glands swelling32
Tension, externally22
Tension, internally31
Tobacco aggravation21
Touch aggravation21
Trembling externally22
Trembling after emotions31
Trembling on slight exertion31
Varicose veins22
Varicose veins during pregnancy33
Vomiting aggravation21
On waking21
Walking aggravation22
While walking amelioration33
Beginning of walking aggravation33
Walking in open air aggravation31
While walking fast aggravation32
While walking slowly amelioration33
Warm wraps aggravation32
Sensation of water dashing against the inner parts21
Weakness,morning on rising32
Weakness,afternoon after sleep31
Weakness in open air31
Weakness alternating with trembling31
Weakness from diarrhoea32
Weakness from slight exertion32
Weakness,exertion amelioration31
Weakness during fever31
Weakness before menses31
Weakness during menses31
Paralytic weakness32
Weakness from perspiration33
Weakness from perpiration in the night31
Weakness after sleep31
Weakness from talking32
Weakness on waking31
Weakness from walking33
Weakness from walking in open air31
Weakness,walking slowly amelioration32
Wet weather32
Sour wine aggravation31
In winter22
Wounds bleeding freely31