Ferrum iodatum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Aversion to company21
Difficult concentration21
Confusion of mind,evening31
Confusion of mind,putting on hat aggravation31
Confusion of mind while reading31
Confusion of mind after smoking31
Confusion of mind while writing31
Conscientious about trifles21
Dullness while reading31
Alternating mood31
Restlessness, night31
Sadness,mental depression23
Starting from sleep31
Wepping,tearful mood21
Vertigo from motion21
Vertigo while walking22
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Head congestion,hyperaemia21
Head heat21
Head heat after menses31
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness,in open air amelioration31
Head heaviness from mental exertion31
Head heaviness,smoking aggravation31
Head heaviness,warm room31
Head heaviness while writing31
Forehead heaviness31
Scalp itching21
Headache in general22
Headache,in open air amelioration31
Headache with coryza31
Headache on coughing31
Headache from pressure of hat31
Headache,must lie down31
Headache,while lying amelioration31
Headache before menses31
Headache on moving head31
Headache,external pressure amelioration32
Pulsating headache32
Headache,while reading aggravation31
Headache from stooping31
Headache from smoking tobacco31
Headache while walking31
Headache while walking rapidly31
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Pain,wrapping up the head32
Headache from writing31
Forehead pain21
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead pain,open air amelioration32
Forehead pain on coughing31
Forehead pain during heat31
Forehead pain on motion31
Forehead pain while reading31
Forehead pain in a warm room31
Forehead pain from smoking31
Forehead pain while writing31
Above eyes headache31
Above left eye pain extending to vertex31
Occiput pain21
One side headache21
Left side headache32
Temples pain21
Headache,vertex pain21
Headache,pressing pain21
Pressing headache while writing31
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain,open air amelioration31
Forehead pressing pain in a warm room31
Forehead right side pressing pain31
Temples pressing pain21
Vertex pressing pain21
Stitching headache21
Temples stitching pain21
Vertex stitching pain21
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Over eyes tearing pain31
Forehead perspiration,afternoon31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Eye purulent discharges31
Conjunctiva inflammation31
Eye itching21
Eye pain21
Eye pain from light31
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye cutting pain22
Eye pain as from sand21
Eye stitching pain21
Eye protrusion23
Eye redness21
Lids redness31
Swollen lids32
Weak eye21
Eyes yelowness21
Sparks,morning after breakfast31
Noises in ear21
Humming in ear21
Ringing in ear21
Roaring in ear22
Ear pain21
Cutting pain in ear22
Ear lancinating pain21
Impaired hearing22
Nose catarrh22
Nose catarrh,morning32
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Nose blood discharge31
Nose copious discharge31
Crusts,scabs inside nose32
Nose excoriating discharge33
Nose greenish discharge32
Nose purulent discharge32
Nose thick discharge31
Nose watery discharge32
Nose yellow discharge32
Nose inside dryness21
Nose inside dryness,morning31
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Epistaxis with cough31
Nose obstruction21
Nose obstruction,morning31
Nose obstruction,night32
Sensation of nose obstruction31
Nose root to occiput cutting pain31
Nose swelling22
Thick nose22
Nose inside ulcers31
Chlorotic face22
Earthy face23
Pale face23
Red face23
Red face,circumscribed32
Sallow face22
Face sickly color22
Yellow face23
Face eczema21
Face vesicles21
Sickly expression31
Hippocratic face21
Face swelling21
Submaxillary glands swelling32
Gums bleeding31
Gums bleeding, 3 p.m.31
Mouth redness31
Yellow tongue31
Mouth dryness21
Mouth pain21
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain31
Tongue root stitching pain31
Root of tongue swelling31
Bad taste31
Bad taste,morning31
Bitter taste31
Insipid taste31
Metallic taste31
Offensive taste31
Taste like peppermint31
Putrid taste31
Sour taste31
Sweetish taste31
Sensation of food in the throat31
Diposition to hawk21
Throat mucus21
Throat tenacious mucus31
Throat pain21
Throat burning pain21
Throat pressing pain21
Difficult swallowing,noon31
Cervical glands swelling31
Larynx irritation31
Larynx irritation,afternoon31
Trachea irritation31
Mucus in larynx31
Trachea mucus31
Larynx pain21
Larynx burning pain31
Tickling in the air passages21
Tickling in larynx31
Tickling in trachea31
Lost voice31
Asthmatic respiration21
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration during night32
Difficult respiration,motion31
Difficult respiration,pulmonary oedema32
Wheezing respiration21
Cough, afternoon21
Asthmatic cough21
Dry cough22
Cough during fever21
Hacking cough21
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough from irritation in larynx,afternoon31
Cough from irritation in trachea31
Loose cough21
Cough short22
Spasmodic cough21
Cough on talking21
Cough from tickling in trachea31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Copious expectoration22
Difficult expectoration21
Greenish expectoration21
Hawking up mucus21
Mucous expectoration21
Bloody mucous expectoration31
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Purulent expectorarion21
Putrid expectoration31
Thick expectoration22
Viscid expectoration22
White expectoration21
Yellow expectoration21
Anxiety in chest21
Region of heart anxiety32
Mammae cancer31
Chest catarrh21
Congestion (heperaemia of chest)21
Chest constriction,tension,tightness21
Heart constriction31
Chest haemorrhage22
Chest heat21
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Lungs inflammation32
Chest murmurs21
Chest oppression21
Chest pain during cough31
Nipples pain31
Nipples pain,evening31
Chest sides pain21
Chest right side pain31
Heart pain21
Heart pain extending to axilla31
Chest sore pain,deep inspiration31
Chest stitching pain21
Chest stitching pain,coughing31
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,night33
Heart palpitation on ascending steps31
Heart palpitation,exertion31
Heart palpitation,motion31
Heart palpitation on rising31
Heart palpitation on rising from a seat31
Heart palpitation during sleep31
Palpitation on turning in bed32
Phthisis pulmonalis22
Diminished appetite21
Appetite,easy satiety22
Increased appetite,hunger in general22
Insatiable appetite22
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite22
Appetite without relish21
Wanting appetite22
Aversion to food21
Aversion to meat21
Stomach distention21
Eructations after eating31
Bitter eructations21
Empty eructations21
Eructations,food regurgitation21
Greasy eructations21
Loud eructations21
Rancid eructations21
Sour eructations22
Sensation of stomach fullness21
Stomach fullness after eating32
Stomach fullness after eating ever so little32
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heat flushes,evening31
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Loathing of food21
Nausea after eating32
Nausea after supper31
Stomach pain21
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach burning pain,evening31
Stomach cramping pain after eating31
Stomach pressing pain after eating31
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain22
Stomach pulsation22
Stomach tension21
Extreme thirst31
Vomiting on coughing31
Vomiting after drinking31
Vomiting after eating31
Blood vomiting21
Food vomiting22
Sensation of cord connecting anus and navel.........................22
Abdomen distension21
Enlarged liver31
Enlarged spleen31
Abdomen flatulence21
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Abdomen heat21
Abdomen numbness21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching, 10 p.m.31
Abdomen aching after eating31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching extending downward31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Hypogastrium aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching while walking31
Inguinal region aching extending across hypogastrium32
Spleen aching dull pain21
Umbilicus aching dull pain21
Umbilicus aching extending downward31
Abdomen cramping pain before stool31
Hypochondria sore pain21
Inguinal region sore,bruised pain,tenderness21
Inguinal sore pain while walking31
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Inguinal right side stitching pain31
Abdomen sides stitching pain21
Abdomen sides stitching pain,raising arms31
Abdomen sides stitching pain while walking31
Abdomen pulsation,evening31
Rumblings in the bowels21
Abdomen rumbling,evening31
Abdomen rumbling, 5 a.m.31
Abdomen rumbling before stool31
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea32
Constipation,difficult stool31
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Rectum constriction,contraction,closure21
Diarrhoea after eating32
Formication in anus21
External haemorrhoids31
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum burning pain after stool31
Rectum pressing pain21
Rectum sticking pain21
Rectum sticking pain during stool31
Rectum stitching pain21
Rectum stitching pain during stool31
Rectum tenesmus21
Rectum prolapsus22
Rectum prolapsus,standing32
Urging to stool21
Urging to stool,night on waking31
Urging to stool before stool31
Urging to stool after stool31
Bloody stool21
Brown stool31
Hard stool22
Slimy mucous stool21
Scanty stool21
Soft stool21
Watery stool21
Bladder tenesmus21
Ineffectual urging to urinate21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination,evening31
Involuntary urination21
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)31
Addison's disease22
Kidneys pain21
Kidneys sore bruised pain21
Urethra crawling21
Gonorrhoeal discharge22
Urethra itching21
Urethra anterior part itching21
Urethra pain22
Urethra pain during urination31
Urethra burning pain21
Urethra burning pain during erections31
Urethra burning pain during urination31
Urethra soreness during urination31
As if urine in fossa navicularis after urination31
Urine stops at fossa navicularis31
Albuminous urine22
Dark urine21
Pale urine21
Copious urine (increased)21
Milky urine22
Urine sweetish odor21
Scanty urine21
Scanty urine,evening31
Milky sediment in urine21
Thick sediment in urine21
White sediment in urine21
Troublesome erections21
Troublesome erections,night31
Painful erections21
Wanting erections,impotency21
Penis pain during urination31
Relaxed scrotum21
Nightly seminal emissions21
Increased sexual passion31
Left ovary sensation of coldness21
Displacement of uterus22
Ovaries dropsy22
Female genitalia itching22
Vagina itching22
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea22
Burning leucorrhoea21
Copious leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea before menses21
Leucorrhoea after menses31
Leucorrhoea like boiled starch21
Thin watery leucorrhoea21
Copious menses22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon21
Late menses21
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Suppressed menses23
Ovaries pain extending down limbs31
Ovaries bearing down pain21
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
While sitting she feels as if pushing something up32
Female genitals sore pain,tenderness21
Vagina sore pain,tenderness21
Uterus prolapsus22
Uterus pushes up when she sits down21
Swollen female genitalia22
Swollen vagina22
Back pain,evening31
Back pain,night31
Back pain during menses31
Dorsal region pain21
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar region pain,night31
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Sacral region pain21
Back aching pain21
Back aching pain,evening31
Lumbar reg.pain as if broken31
Lumbar reg.as if broken,night31
Back stitching,shooting pain21
Back stiffness,morning on rising31
Cervical region stiffness31
Hands coldness33
Foot coldness33
Foot coldness, night31
Foot cramps31
Hand heat31
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Upper limb heaviness while writing31
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs31
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Fingers numbness32
Leg numbness31
Foot numbness31
Joints pain31
Joints gouty pain31
Joints rheumatic pain31
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs rheumatic pain32
Shoulder rheumatic pain32
Upper arm pain31
Upper arm rheumatic pain32
Elbow pain31
Hip pain32
Thigh pain31
Tibia pain31
Foot pain31
Foot rheumatic pain31
Foot pain extending upwards31
Back of foot pain31
Back of foot rheuamtic pain31
Back of foot pain extending to pelvis31
Shoulder aching31
Joints of lower limbs aching31
Back of hand drawing32
Hand extensor tendons drawing31
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Thigh drawing pain31
Foot drawing pain31
Sore,bruised extremities21
Sore bruised extremities,evening31
Sore,bruised upper arm31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised thigh31
Sore bruised leg31
Sore bruised mollet31
Sore bruised calf,evening31
Extremities stitching pain21
Shoulder stitching pain32
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Hip tearing pain31
Upper limbs paralysis31
Right upper limb paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis,evening31
Sensation of shoulder paralysis32
Sensation of upper arm paralysis31
Sensation of forearm paralysis whiel writing31
Sensation of thigh paralysis extending to knees31
Feet restlessness31
Feet restlessness on waking31
Lower limbs dropsical swelling31
Leg swelling31
Foot oedematous swelling32
Extremities trembling21
Extremities trembling,using hands31
Extremities trembling while walking31
Extremities weakness22
Upper limbs weakness,evening31
Lower limbs weakness32
Bad sleep21
Sleep disturbed by dreams31
Restless sleep21
Sleepiness, morning31
Sleepiness, noon31
Sleepiness, noon during chilliness31
Sleepiness, evening31
Frequent waking31
Anxious dreams21
Confused dreams21
Dreams of death21
Dreams about previous events21
Dreams about long past events31
Fantastic dreams21
Dreams about fights21
Dreams about robbers21
Dreams of fighting with robbers31
Dreams of being very tall21
Unpleasant dreams21
Vivid dreams22
Coldness,morning by a warm stove32
Coldness,forenoon by a warm stove31
Coldness, 9 to 10 a.m.31
Coldness at 10 a.m.31
Coldness at noon31
Coldness, night23
Coldness, night in bed32
Coldness,rising from bed aggravation31
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors23
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove32
Heat, noon31
Heat, afternoon21
Heat, evening21
Heat,evening with chilliness31
Dry heat21
Chronic intermittent fever22
Intermittent fever with enlarged liver31
Intermittent fever with enlarged spleen31
Internal heat21
Internal heat with external chill32
Heat,desire for uncovering31
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration, afternoon21
Perspiration, night22
Perspiration in bed21
Clammy perspiration22
Cold perspiration22
Perspiration during slight exertion23
Perspiration during motion21
Profuse perspiration22
Skin burning21
Skin coldness22
Skin liver-brown spots31
Skin dirty discoloration32
Skin red spots31
Yellow skin,jaundice32
Skin swelling21
After midnight31
General physical anxiety22
Tendency to take cold31
Congestion of blood22
Congestion of blood,internally31
External dropsy22
After eating32
Physical exertion aggravation23
Flushes of heat21
Glands indurations32
Lying in bed aggravation33
Before menses21
During menses31
After menses31
Motion aggravation21
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased21
Orgasm of blood22
Sore bruised pain,night31
Pulsation externally23
Pulsation on waking31
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable31
Lack of reaction21
Glands swelling31
Glands bluish swelling31
Touch aggravation21
Walking aggravation21
Warm aggravation21
Warm wraps aggravation31
Weakness from slight exertion31
Weakness during menses31
Weakness from perspiration32
Weakness from walking31