Kalium iodatum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Violent anger31
Anxiety with fear31
Anxiety during menses31
Anxiety during sleep after menses32
Anxiety after stool31
Anxiety,while walking in open air amelioration32
Aversion to business21
Difficult concentration21
Confusion of mind22
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Excitment as from wine31
Fear of the return of dawn31
Fear of death32
Fear of evil31
Fear of misfortune31
Fear in the twilight31
Frightened easily31
Frightened at trifles31
Indifference to her children31
Paroxysmal insanity31
Irritability after eating31
Anxious restlessness31
Restlessness during headache31
Sadness,mental depression22
Sensitive to noise31
Shrieking,brain cry32
Starting in sleep,evening31
Starting easily31
Starting from noise32
Starting during sleep31
Starting from sleep31
Persistent thoughts31
Aversion to being touched22
Wepping,tearful mood21
Weeping, evening31
Weeping, night31
Weeping,night in sleep31
Weeping alternating with ill humor31
Weeping in sleep31
Weeping on waking31
Vertigo after eating31
Vertigo,after sleep aggravation31
Head coldness,covered amelioration31
Head coldness,painful parts32
Vertex coldness31
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head constriction21
Head constriction,open air amelioration31
Occiput constriction31
Vertex constriction31
Enlarged head sensation21
Head boils33
Head nodes32
Forehead erysipelas31
Forehead erysipelas spots31
Head exostoses22
Head painful exostoses32
Head feels inflated31
Falling sideways of head31
Head fullness21
Hair color changes31
Hair falling31
Hair becomes gray32
Hair painful when touched32
Head heat21
Head heat,in open air amelioration31
Head heat with heat of face31
Head heat during menses32
Head heat with redness of face31
Vertex heat,warm applications amelioration32
Head heaviness22
Head heaviness,morning31
Head heaviness,morning on rising31
Head heaviness,morning,after rising amelioration31
Head heaviness,afternoon31
Head heaviness,evening31
Head heaviness,night31
Head heaviness after eating31
Head heaviness on stooping31
Forehead heaviness32
Forehead heaviness,afternoon31
Occiput heaviness31
Occiput heaviness,evening31
Head sides heaviness31
Temples heaviness31
Head periosteum inflammation32
Scalp itching21
Difficult motions of head31
Moves head to relieve pains32
Rolling head31
Rocks head from side to side to relieve pain31
Headache in general23
Headache,morning in bed31
Headache,morning,on rising amelioration33
Headache at 5 a.m.33
Headache at 5 a.m.33
Headache,in open air amelioration32
Catarrhal headache33
Headache with coryza32
Hammering headache31
Headache,heat amelioration31
Headache,hot application amelioration31
Headache from mercury32
Headache,motion amelioration31
Headache with pain in neck31
Pulsating headache31
Headache,on rising amelioration31
Headache,rolling head from side to side amelioration31
Syphilitic headache32
Headache,violent pains32
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Headache from cold weather32
Headache from riding in cold wind32
Headache,wrapping up head amelioration31
Forehead pain22
Headache,hammering in forehead31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration31
Forehead pulsating pain31
Forehead pain from stooping31
Forehead pain extending to root of nose31
Forehead middle pain33
Forehead pain above root of nose33
Occiput pain22
One side headache23
Both sides headache33
Temples pain,evening31
Temples pain,pressure amelioration31
Temples pain extending to neck31
Vertex pain,evening31
Biting headache21
Headache,boring pain21
Head sides boring pain21
Temples boring pain22
Forehead burning pain23
Vertex bursting pain as if forced asunder31
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache22
Cutting headache,evening31
Cutting headache,cold air aggravation31
Cutting headache,heat aggravation31
Cutting headache,motion amelioration31
Temples cutting pain33
Left temple cutting pain32
Drawing headache22
Vertex jerking pain31
Vertex jerking pain here and there31
Lancinating headache21
Lancinating headache,evening31
Lancinating headache,cold air aggravation31
Lancinating headache,heat aggravation31
Lancinating headache,motion amelioration31
Temples lancinating pain33
Temples pain as from a nail31
Headache,pressing pain22
Pressing headache asunder31
Forehead pressing pain21
Head side pressing pain22
Head sides pressing pain,open air amelioration32
Head sides pain as if screwed in,amel.in open air32
Head sides pressing pain,walking in open air amelioration32
Temples pressing pain22
Temples pressing inward pain32
Vertex pressing pain22
Head sides sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache22
Stitching headache,evening31
Over eyes stitching pain33
Over left eye stitching pain33
Occiput stitching pain21
Temples stitching pain23
Temples stitching pain,6 p.m.31
Vertex stitching pain21
Tearing headache,afternoon31
Over eyes tearing pain31
Forehead sides tearing pain31
Temples tearing pain22
Temples tearing pain,6 p.m.31
Temples tearing pain extending to neck31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Head pulsating,evening31
Head pulsating,in open air amelioration31
Forehead pulsating,open air amelioration31
Head sides pulsating21
Temples pulsating21
Temples pulsating,evening31
Head sudden shocks32
Swollen,distended head feeling21
Eye discharges of mucus or pus22
Eye purulent discharges32
Pus discharges in canthi31
Discoloration of iris21
Iris dullness31
Eye inflammation22
Eye inflammation,heat aggravation32
Eye scrofulous inflammation32
Eye syphilitic inflammation33
Choroid inflammation32
Conjunctiva and cornea pustular inflammation32
Iris inflammation32
Iris inflammation,night aggravation33
Iris rheumatic inflammation31
Iris syphilitic inflammation33
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels32
Lachrymation during headache31
Eyeballs rolling movement31
Punctuated opacity of cornea31
Eye pain21
Eye pain,night32
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain22
Outer canthus cutting pain31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye stitching pain21
Paralysis of muscles of eyeball21
Eyeball external recti paralysis32
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis33
Eye protrusion21
Contracted pupils (myosis)21
Pupils dilated (mydriase)32
Pupils insensible to light32
Eye redness22
Lids redness33
Eye veins redness32
Sunken eye22
Swollen eye21
Swollen lachrymal gland31
Swollen lids33
Lids oedematous swelling32
Swollen upper lids31
Lower lid twitching31
Lids ulceration31
Weak eye while reading31
Wild look21
Dim vision22
Foggy vision22
Loss of vision (blindness)22
Weak vision21
Eustacian tube catarrh22
Ear green gluey,sticky discharges32
Sensation of distension in ear21
Eruption behind ears31
Scabby herpes behind ears31
Sensation of ear fullness21
Ear inflammation21
Inside ear inflammation32
Media ear inflammation32
Noises in ear23
Noises in ear when swallowing31
Buzzing in ear21
Crackling in ear21
Crackling when swallowing31
Fluttering sounds in ear21
Sound of rain21
Ringing in ear23
Roaring in ear21
Singing in ear21
Ear pain21
Ear pain,evening31
Ear pain while lying in bed31
Ear pain extending inward31
Ear pain extending outward31
Pain behind ear21
Pain in front of ear21
Boring pain in ear22
Cutting pain in ear21
Ear digging pain21
Ear digging pain as if an insect had got into them31
Ear gnawing pain21
Gnawing pain behind the ear31
Ear lancinating pain21
Ear piercing pain21
Stitching pain in ear23
Stitching pain in ear,forenoon31
Stitching pain in ear,evening31
Stitching pain in ear,evening in bed31
Tearing pain in ear21
Tearing pain in right ear31
Tearing pain in ear,forenoon31
Tearing pain in ear,evening31
Tearing pain in front of ear31
Tearing pain in front of ear extending to temples31
Increased sensibility of ear21
Impaired hearing21
Like leaf or membrane before the ear31
Nose caries21
Nose catarrh22
Nose catarrh extends to frontal sinuses32
Nose catarrh extends to antrum31
Post nasal catarrh32
Annual coryza (hay fever)32
Hay fever,asthmatic breathing31
Coryza on becoming cold31
Coryza with cough32
Coryza with discharge (fluent)33
Coryza extending to frontal sinuses31
Nose blood discharge33
Nose burning discharge31
Nose copious discharge33
Nose copious discharge with stuffing of head33
Nose excoriating discharge32
Nose greenish discharge33
Nose greenish-black discharge33
Nose offensive discharge32
Nose purulent discharge32
Nose suppressed discharge32
Nose thick discharge32
Nose viscid,though discharge33
Nose watery discharge32
Nose yellow discharge33
Nose yellowish-green discharge32
Nose redness31
Nose inside redness32
Epistaxis,suppressed menses31
Sense of nose fullness23
Nose inside inflammation32
Nose obstruction22
Nose obstruction,morning31
Nose obstruction,morning on waking32
Nose obstruction as from a leaflet31
Sensation of nose obstruction with watery discharge31
Nose obstruction,warm room33
Posterior nares obstruction31
Nose obstruction at root32
Syphilitic ozaena32
Pain in nose23
Pain in nose on blowing the nose31
Pain in nose,pulsating32
Pain in nose extending to forehead31
Pain in nose extending to head31
Pain in nose bones32
Pain in nose bones,pulsating33
Nose boring pain22
Nose bones boring pain extending to forehead32
Nose burning,smarting pain23
Nose bones burning pain33
Nose cutting pain21
Nose bones cutting pain32
Nose bones gnawing pain33
Nose sore bruised pain on touch31
Nose inside sore bruised pain33
Nose bones stitching pain31
Nose inside stitching pain extending to forehead32
Nose tearing pain21
Nose pulsation23
Wanting smell,lost smell22
Frequent sneezing31
Sneezing ineffectual efforts32
Painful sneezing31
Paroxysmal sneezing32
Violent sneezing32
Nose swelling22
Nose bones swelling33
Nose root tension32
Nose inside ulcers32
Nose septum round ulcers32
Face abscess22
Antrum abscess31
Submaxillary glands abscess32
Face cancer21
Lower jaw caries32
Chapped lips31
Face contraction21
Cracked lips21
Maxillary articulation cramp21
Bluish face22
Bluish circles around eyes32
Bluish lips31
Face brown spots31
Dark face21
Lead-colored face22
Pale face22
Red face22
Red face during headache31
Face distortion21
Dropping of jaw22
Lips dryness31
Face emaciation21
Enlarged submaxillary33
Face eruption22
Cheeks eruption31
Chin eruption31
Eruption around mouth31
Face blotches22
Lips blotches31
Face boils23
Face dry eruption21
Face herpes22
Cheeks herpes31
Face itching eruption22
Face papular eruption22
Face copper colored pimples31
Nose pimples31
Face pustules22
Chin pustules31
Face syphilitic eruption23
Face tubercles22
Face urticaria22
Face urticaria in winter32
Face vesicles22
Forehead vesicles31
Face erisipelas21
Intoxicated expression31
Face heat21
Face heavy feeling21
Submaxillary gland inflammation32
Face itching21
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)22
Face right side pain32
Face pain,open air amelioration32
Face pain after mercury33
Cheek pain32
Face burning pain22
Face burning pain,open air amelioration31
Lower jaw gnawing pain31
Face pressing out face31
Cheek bones pressing pain32
Submaxillary glands stinging pain31
Face stitching pain22
Face right side stitching pain32
Face left side stitching pain31
Face stitching pain after abuse of mercury31
Cheek bones stitching pain32
Lower jaw stitching pain31
Lower jaw tearing pain31
Face perspiration21
Face sensitive to air31
Slimy lips21
Lower jaw stiffness32
Face swelling22
Face swelling after mercury32
Cheeks swelling32
Swelling under eyes32
Face glands swelling31
Parotid glands swelling32
Submaxillary glands swelling32
Face twitching21
Face ulcers22
Submaxillary gland ulcer32
Mouth aphthae21
Gums boils22
Tongue cancer32
Gums detached from teeth22
Red palate32
White tongue32
Milky white tongue31
Mouth dryness22
Tongue dryness32
Enlarged tongue31
Sensation as if enlarged tongue31
Mouth heat22
Indented tongue31
Tongue induration31
Mouth milky mucus membrane31
Tongue nodosities31
Mouth numbness21
Mouth numbness,morning31
Breath offensive odor32
Breath odor like onions31
Gums pain31
Tongue root pain33
Tongue root pain,night before going to sleep33
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Tongue edges burning pain31
Tongue tip burning,raw and smarting pain32
Gums sore pain31
Mouth syphilitic patches22
Bloody saliva32
Saliva odor of onions31
Saltish saliva32
Sweet saliva32
Viscid saliva31
Salivation during pregnancy32
Scorbutic gums22
Sensitive tongue31
Gums swelling32
Gums painful swelling31
Gums swelling,warmth amelioration32
Tongue swelling31
Tongue swelling after mercury32
Astringent taste31
Bitter taste31
Bitter taste,morning31
Bitter taste,morning on waking32
Bitter taste,after breakfast amelioration32
Bitter-sweet taste31
Fatty,greasy taste32
Metallic taste31
Rancid taste32
Rancid taste after bood or drink32
Taste like straw31
Sweetish taste32
Sweetish-sour taste31
Wanting tastelessness of food31
Mouth ulcers23
Mouth ulcers,milky base33
Mouth burning ulcers31
Mouth ulcers,irregular edges33
Mouth ulcers,mercurial31
Mouth syphilitic ulcers33
Mouth ulcers as if coated with milk32
Gums ulcers32
Palate syphilitic ulcers32
Ulcers on velum32
Tongue ulcers33
Tongue syphilitic ulcers32
Mouth burning vesicles33
Tongue vesicles31
Tongue tip vesicles32
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth22
Teeth crawling21
Sensation of teeth elongation22
Toothache from anything cold31
Toothache,warm things amelioration31
Dull toothache21
Gnawing toothache22
Grumbling toothache21
Jerking toothache21
Tearing toothache21
Ulcerative toothache21
Throat catarrh21
Throat cramp21
Throat redness31
Dark red throat32
Throat dryness22
Throat dryness,morning on waking31
Elongated uvula23
Enlargement of tonsils22
Throat inflammation22
Throat chronic inflammation32
Throat follicular inflammation32
Pharynx (chronic) inflammation31
Throat irritation22
Throat itching21
Tonsils membrane32
Throat mucus21
Throat thick mucus31
Throat pain22
Throat pain,evening31
Throat pain on speaking33
Throat pain on swallowing33
Throat pain on talking33
Throat burning pain21
Oesophagus burning pain31
Throat pressing pain21
Throat pressing pain while speaking33
Throat pressing pain on swallowing33
Throat rawness pain21
Sore throat21
Throat stinging pain on swallowing33
Throat stinging pain while talking33
Throat stitching pain21
Throat spasms,spasmodic constriction,convulsions,etc22
Tonsils swelling32
Uvula swelling33
Uvula oedematous swelling32
Throat syphilitic affection23
Throat ulcers22
Throat deep ulcers32
Throat ulcers after mercury32
Fauces ulcers33
External throat abscess22
Side of neck boils31
External throat urticaria31
Sensitive goitre31
Induration of external throat glands22
External throat itching21
External throat sides pain31
Thyroid gland soreness32
External throat swelling21
Cervical glands swelling32
Thyroid gland swelling32
Larynx constriction31
Larynx constriction during sleep32
Larynx inflammation21
Irritation in air passages21
Larynx irritation31
Trachea irritation32
Mucus in larynx31
Oedema glottidis23
Trachea pain on coughing32
Larynx burning pain32
Larynx rawness pain33
Larynx soreness32
Larynx sore pain on coughing31
Trachea soreness on coughing31
Larynx phthisis22
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx22
Swollen larynx21
Tickling in larynx32
Lost voice32
Nasal voice32
Nasal voice,catarrhal31
Tremulous voice31
Weak voice31
Accelerated respiration22
Arrested respiration21
Asthmatic respiration22
Asthma, 5 a.m.31
Hay asthma32
Difficult respiration23
Difficult respiration,morning31
Difficult respiration,morning on waking31
Difficult respiration during night31
Difficult respiration, 5 a.m.31
Difficult respiration,open air amelioration32
Difficult respiration after taking cold32
Difficult respiration after exertion32
Difficult respiration,lying on the back amelioration31
Difficult respiration,motion32
Difficult respiration with waking32
Difficult respiration,walking32
Difficult respiration in a warm room32
Toux, 5 to 6 a.m.31
Cough, cold air31
Constant cough21
Deep cough22
Dry cough22
Dry cough,hawking later copious green sputum31
Dry cough,irritation in larynx31
Hacking cough22
Hacking cough,morning31
Hacking cough from rawness in larynx31
Hoarsed cough22
Hollow cough22
Cough from irritation in air passages21
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough from irritation in trachea32
Cough,motion amelioration32
Rawness in larynx excites cough21
Roughness in larynx causes cough21
Cough short21
Suffocative cough21
Cough from swollen larynx22
Whistling cough21
Whooping cough21
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood21
Spitting of dark blood31
Copious expectoration21
Frothy expectoration22
Greenish expectoration23
Mucous expectoration22
Mucous expectoration,morning32
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Purulent expectorarion21
Expectoration like soap-suds31
White expectoration21
Mammae atrophy23
Chest constriction,tension,tightness21
Chest cramp21
Dilatation of heart22
Chest dropsy22
Chest emaciation21
Chest eruptions22
Chest boils33
Chest roseola after abuse of mercury32
Chest vesicles31
Chest fluttering22
Chest fluttering on waking32
Chest haemorrhage22
Hepatization of lungs22
Hepatization of right lung33
Heart inflammation31
Endocardium inflammation32
Pericardium inflammation32
Lungs inflammation32
Right lung inflammation31
Pleura inflammation32
Left pleura inflammation32
Milk flowing32
Pulmonary oedema22
Chest oppression22
Oppression on waking33
Heart oppression31
Chest pain22
Chest pain, evening31
Chest pain during cough31
Chest rheumatic pain32
Chest pain while sitting31
Chest pain while walking31
Sternum pain21
Sternum pain,afternoon31
Sternum pain when couhing32
Heart pain21
Heart pain,moving aggravation31
Heart burning pain31
Chest cutting (sudden sharp pain)22
Chest cutting pain, evening31
Heart cutting pain31
Sternum pressing pain,afternoon31
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest sore bruised pain,evening32
Chest sides sore,bruised pain31
Chest sides sore pain,touch31
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,evening32
Chest stitching pain while walking32
Mammae stitching pain31
Reg.of nipple stitching pain extending to back32
Chest middle stitching pain32
Chest middle stitching pain,walking31
Chest middle stitching pain,walking amelioration31
Lower ribs stitching pain31
Chest sides stitching pain32
Chest right side stitching pain32
Chest left upper side stitching pain when sitting bent31
Sternum stitching pain32
Sternum stitching pain while sitting31
Sternum stitching pain extending to back32
Sternum stitching pain extending to shoulders32
Heart stitching pain32
Heart stitching pain,walking32
Chest tearing pain21
Sternum tearing pain with cough32
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,exertion31
Heart tumultuous,violent,vehement palpitation32
Heart palpitation on waking31
Heart palpitation while walking32
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis33
Chest purpura21
Mammae tumors31
Chest weakness21
Appetite,easy satiety21
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Wanting appetite22
Aversion to food21
Aversion to soup21
Stomach coldness21
Stomach contraction21
Desires wine31
Desires milk21
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling21
Stomach emptiness not relieved by eating31
Eructations ameliorate22
Eructations during menses31
Bitter eructations21
Empty eructations23
Eructations tasting like food21
Stomach gurgling21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach inflammation21
Loathing of food21
Nausea after cold drinks31
Nausea after eating31
Stomach pain21
Stomach pain,lying amelioration31
Stomach pain during menses31
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach burning pain during digestion31
Stomach burning pain after eating31
Stomach drawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain21
Stomach pulsation21
Retching with cough31
Sense of stomach retraction22
Stomach sinking21
Thirst during chill31
Extreme thirst32
Stomach uneasiness21
Vomiting during menses31
Painful vomiting31
Bile vomiting21
Black vomiting21
Blood vomiting21
Water vomiting21
Yellow vomiting21
Sensation of something alive in abdomen21
Abdomen bubo22
Abdomen suppurating bubo32
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,passing flatus amelioration32
Abdomen painful distension31
Abdomen sudden distension31
Hypogastrium distension31
Umbilical region distension32
Abdomen flatulence21
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Spleen sensation of fullness31
Abdomen gurgling21
Hard liver32
Abdomen heat21
Hypogastrium heat31
Hypogastrium heat during menses,must have it uncovered31
Spleen heaviness31
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)21
Movements in abdomen21
Movements in abdomen before stool31
Inguinal region movements31
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching,morning on waking31
Abdomen aching,evening,lying amelioration31
Abdomen aching,open air amelioration31
Abdomen aching,in room aggravation31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching extending downward31
Abdomen aching extending to inguinal region31
Abdomen aching extending to loins31
Abdomen aching extending to lower limbs31
Abdomen aching extending to thigh31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching during menses31
Liver aching extending to epigastrium31
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Abdomen burning pain21
Hypochondria burning pain31
Left hypochondrium burning pain31
Inguinal region burning pain31
Umbilicus burning pain31
Region of umbilicus burning pain31
Inguinal region clawing pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain21
Abdomen cramping pain after stool31
Hypochondria cramping,griping pain21
Inguinal region cramping pain21
Region of umbilicus cramping pain21
Abdomen cutting pain21
Abdomen cutting pain,open air amelioration31
Umbilical region cutting pain32
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain21
Abdomen dragging pain during menses31
Abdomen dragging pain,walking aggravation31
Inguinal region dragging pain21
Inguinal region drawing pain21
Abdomen lancinating pain21
Abdomen pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pressing pain during menses31
Hypogastrium pressing pain while walking31
Inguinal region pressing pain22
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness21
Right hypochondrium sore pain32
Right hypochondrium sore pain after exertion32
Inguinal reg.sore pain during menses31
Sore,bruised pain in liver23
Spleen sore,bruised pain,tenderness,etc21
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Inguinal region stitching pain21
Inguinal right side stitching pain31
Umbilic sides stitching pain31
Umbilicus left side stitching pain31
Abdomen tearing pain21
Abdomen tearing pain extending downward31
Abdomen tearing pain extending to loins31
Hypochondria pulsation21
Right hypochondrium pulsation31
Abdomen restlessness,night31
Rumblings in the bowels21
Inguinal glands suppuration22
Swelling of the inguinal glands32
Inguinal region tension21
Inguinal region ulcers22
Diarrhoea,morning,waking with urging31
Diarrhoea during menses31
Diarrhoea after abuse of mercury32
Pimples about anus31
Haemorrhage from anus21
Rectum inflammation21
Rectum tenesmus22
Rectum tenesmus during stool31
Swelling of anus21
Rectum ulceration22
Bilious stool21
Bloody stool21
Hard stool22
Slimy mucous stool21
Mucous slimy bloody stool31
Soft stool21
Thin liquid red stool31
Watery stool22
Watery green stool31
Like rice water stool31
Watery yellow stool31
Yellow stool22
Bladder neck constriction21
Bladder neck constriction during urination31
Sensation of bladder contraction21
Sensation of bladder fullness22
Bladder heaviness21
Bladder neck constricting pain on beginning to urinate31
Retention of urine21
Retention of urine from enlarged prostate31
Swollen bladder22
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)21
Urging to urinate,day and night31
Frequent urging to urinate22
Frequent urging to urinate before menses33
Urging to urinate before menses23
Urging to urinate during menses31
Painful urging to urinate21
Painful urging to urinate disappears when menstrual flow starts32
Violent urging to urinate during menses31
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination before menses31
Frequent urination during menses32
Kidneys heat21
Kidneys inflammation22
Kidneys pain21
Kidneys pain extending to bladder31
Kidneys burning pain22
Kidneys cramping21
Kidneys cutting pain22
Kidneys digging pain21
Kidneys sore bruised pain21
Kidneys stitching,stinging,sticking pain21
Kidneys pulsation21
Kidneys pulsation extending into abdomen31
Kidneys swelling21
Prostate gland enlargement22
Urethra bloody discharge21
Urethra gleety discharge23
Urethra painless gleety discharge33
Gonorrhoeal discharge22
Urethra greenish discharge22
Urethra chronic greenish discharge31
Urethra thick greenish discharge31
Urethra greenish yellow discharge31
Urethra mucous discharge21
Urethra purulent discharge22
Urethra thich discharge22
Urethra haemorrhage22
Urethra haemorrhage with burning31
Urethra inflammation22
Meatus inflammation31
Urethra burning pain22
Urethra tearing pain21
Urethra stricture22
Albuminous urine22
Albuminous urine in syphilitics31
Urine containing bile21
Bloody urine21
Burning or hot urine22
Cloudy urine21
Brown urine21
Dark urine22
Pale urine21
Red urine21
Blood-red urine32
Copious urine (increased)22
Copious urine,more than is drunk31
Limpid urine21
Urine offensive odor22
Scanty urine21
Sediment in urine21
Floculent sediment in urine21
Gray sediment in urine21
Gravel in urine (small calculi)31
Yellow sediment in urine22
Watery urine,clear as water21
Testes atrophy23
Glans condylomata32
Enlarged spermatic cord21
Troublesome erections22
Incomplete erections21
Painful erections21
Prepuce herpetic eruption31
Penis excoriation21
Male genitalia gangrene21
Penis gangrene22
Testes induration22
Penis inflammation22
Testes inflammation22
Male genitalia itching21
Scrotum running with serum31
Testes pain21
Penis burning pain21
Testes cutting pain during coition31
Penis tearing pain21
Paraphimosis,extensive swelling of glans32
Scrotum pulsation after coition31
Painful seminal discharge31
Nightly seminal emissions21
Diminished sexual passion22
Increased sexual passion32
Penis swelling22
Glans swelling32
Spermatic cords swelling22
Testes swelling22
Penis tension21
Penis chancres31
Penis deep ulcers32
Penis ulcer,hard edges32
Glans ulcers31
Scrotum ulcers22
Ovaries congestion22
Uterus constriction21
Female desire diminished21
Enlarged uterus22
Female genitalia eruptions22
Female genitalia scabby eruption31
Female genitalia itching21
Female genitalia burning itching32
Vulva itching32
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea22
Bloody leucorrhoea21
Flesh-colored leucorrhoea21
Greenish leucorrhoea22
Milky leucorrhoea21
Offensive leucorrhoea21
Offensive putrid leucorrhoea32
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
White leucorrhoea22
Yellow leucorrhoea22
Copious menses22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon21
Late menses22
Late profuse menses32
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea22
Suppressed menses21
Uterus pain extending downward31
Uterus pain extending down the thighs31
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses31
Female genitalia biting pain22
Female genitalia burning pain22
Ovaries burning pain22
Uterus cramping pain during menses31
Uterus cramping extending down thighs32
Ovaries tearing pain21
Right ovary tearing pain31
Swollen ovaries22
Uterus fibroid32
Female genitalia ulcers21
Back coldness (including chill)21
Coldness extending up the back31
Back boils33
Cervical region boils33
Back erysipelas21
Cervical region erysipelas31
Cord inflammation21
Spinal meningitis31
Spinal meningitis after abuse of mercury32
Back pain22
Back pain,night31
Back pain while lying31
Back pain on motion31
Back rheumatic pain32
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain while sitting bent31
Back pain during stool31
Cervical reg.pain while lying31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar region pain while lying31
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Lumbar region pain during motion31
Lumbar region pain while sitting31
Lumbar reg.pain,sitting bent aggravation31
Lumbar region pain while walking32
Lumbar spine pain31
Sacral region pain21
Coccyx pain21
Coccyx pain as from a fall31
Back burning pain21
Lumbar spine digging pain31
Sacrum labor-like pain31
Back lancinating pain21
Lumbar region pressing pain32
Lumbar pressing pain as if in a vise32
Lumbar region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Lumbar soreness during menses31
Lumbar soreness while sitting bent32
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Coccyx soreness,bruised,beaten32
Spine soreness,spinal irritation31
Back stitching,shooting pain21
Back stitching pain,motion amelioration31
Back stitching pain while sitting31
Cervical stitching pain while lying31
Lumbar region stitching,shooting pain32
Lumbar stitching pain,sitting31
Lumbar stitching pain extending down legs32
Sacral region stitching,shooting pain31
Between scapulae pulsating31
Cervical region stiffness32
Lumbar region weakness31
Arthritic nodosities22
Shoulder arthritic nodosities32
Foot arthritic nodosities32
Caries of tibia31
Thumbs clenching in rheumatism31
Hands coldness31
Hands coldness during menses31
Leg coldness31
Foot coldness31
Contraction of muscles and tendons22
Fingers contraction31
Extremities convulsion21
Upper limbs convulsion31
Hand convulsion31
Leg convulsion31
Upper limbs cramps31
Forearm cramps31
Forearm cramps,motion aggravation31
Calf cramps31
Upper limbs orange colored31
Upper limbs redness spots31
Hand redness spots31
Lower limbs redness in spots31
Leg purpura discoloration31
Hip spontaneous dislocation from pain31
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Extremities roseola after abuse of mercury32
Extremities urticaria31
Extremities vesicles31
Upper limbs itching eruption31
Upper limbs urticaria31
Upper limbs vesicles eruption32
Forearm rupia31
Wrist vesicles31
Wrist itching vesicles31
Hands vesicles31
Lower limbs petechiae31
Lower limbs urticaria31
Thumb felon31
Foot heat31
Upper limbs heaviness31
Hip-joint disease22
Joints inflammation32
Joints inflammation,synovitis31
Upper limbs inflammation31
Tibia inflammation31
Extremeities itching21
Upper limbs itching31
Upper arm itching31
Upper arm inner side itching31
Wrist itching31
Lower limbs itching31
Nates itching,scratching amelioration31
Thigh itching32
Extremities jerking22
Extremities jerking, night32
Lower limbs jerking31
Thigh jerking32
Leg jerking32
Shoulder lameness31
Lower limbs lameness while walking31
Hands automatic motion32
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain, night32
Extremities rheumatic pain33
Limbs rheumatic pain,abuse of mercury32
Limbs syphilitic rheumatic pain33
Limbs pain,walking amelioration31
Limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Limb bones pain32
Joints pain as if dislocation31
Joints gouty pain32
Joints rheumatic pain32
Shoulder pain32
Shoulder pain on motion31
Shoulder paralytic pain31
Shoulder rheumatic pain32
Elbow pain,gout31
Thumb joints pain31
Lower limbs paroxysmal pain32
Sciatica, evening32
Sciatica, night32
Sciatica,open air amelioration33
Sciatica in bed32
Sciatica,flexing leg amelioration32
Sciatica while lying32
Sciatica,lying on back31
Sciatica,lying on painful side33
Sciatica,motion amelioration32
Sciatica,pressure aggravation32
Sciatica,sitting aggravation31
Sciatica,sitting amelioration31
Sciatica,standing aggravation31
Sciatica,walking amelioration32
Lower limbs pain,walking amelioration32
Lower limbs pain extending downward32
Hip pain32
Hip pain, night32
Hip pain while lying31
Hip pain extending to heel32
Thigh pain32
Thigh pain during menses32
Thigh paralytic pain31
Thigh paroxysmal pain32
Thigh pain while sitting31
Thigh pain extending downward during menses31
Middle of thigh pain31
Middle of thigh pain,evening32
Middle of thigh pain while sitting31
Knee pain31
Knee pain, evening32
Knee pain, night32
Knee pain while lying32
Leg pain32
Leg pain, night32
Leg pain on lying32
Leg bones pain32
Tibia pain32
Tibia pain, night32
Heel pain32
Heel gouty pain31
Heel ulcerative pain32
Toes pain31
Toes ulcerative pain32
Thigh aching31
Leg aching32
Hip boring pain31
Hip boring pain,night32
Thigh burning pain31
Foot burning pain31
Left hip cutting pain31
Calf drawing31
Calf drawing while sitting31
Hip gnawing pain32
Hip gnawing pain,night32
Thigh gnawing pain31
Middle of thigh gnawing pain,evening while sitting31
Knee gnawing pain31
Knee gnawing pain,night32
Leg gnawing pain32
Tibia gnawing pain32
Thumb pinching pain31
Thigh pressing pain32
Thigh pressing during menses31
Sore bruised joints31
Sore bruised shoulder31
Sore bruised left shoulder32
Sore bruised pain under left shoulder31
Sore bruised back of foot31
Sore bruised back of left foot31
Extremities stitching pain22
Joints stitching pain32
Joints stitching pain,night32
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Forearm stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain32
Hip stitching pain while sitting32
Hip stitching pain whiel standing32
Hip stitching,walking amelioration32
Hip stitching extending to heel32
Hip stitching extending to knee32
Thigh stitching pain32
Thigh stitching pain while sitting32
Thigh stitching pain,tearing31
Thigh stitching pain while walking32
Thigh stitching extending downward32
Thigh posterior face stitching pain32
Thigh upper part stitching pain31
Leg stitching pain32
Tibia stitching pain31
Extremities tearing pain22
Shoulder tearing pain31
Elbow tearing pain31
Wrist tearing pain31
First joint of finger tearing pain31
First joint of finger tearing,evening31
First finger tearing pain31
Second finger tearing pain31
Second finger tearing,evening31
Third finger tearing pain31
Third finger tearing,evening31
Thumb tearing pain31
Thumb tearing as if would be torn out31
Thumb inner margin tearing pain31
Thigh tearing pain32
Left thigh tearing pain31
Thigh tearing extending downward31
Thigh tearing above the knee31
Thigh posterior part tearing pain31
Knee tearing pain31
Left knee tearing pain32
Knee tearing pain,night32
Knee tearing pain,twitching31
Knee outer side tearing pain31
Knee outer side tearing while sitting31
Leg tearing pain32
Leg tearing pain,evening31
Tibia tearing pain32
Tibia tearing pain,evening31
Calf tearing pain31
Calf tearing pain while standing31
Calf tearing pain,walking amelioration31
Heel tearing pain31
Heel tearing pain while sitting31
Heel tearing pain while standing31
First toe tearing pain31
First toe tearing,night31
Second toe tearing pain31
Extremities paralysis22
Sensation of extremities paralysis32
Foot pulsation31
Hand shuddering31
Joints stiffness32
Upper limbs stiffness31
Upper limbs stiffness,paralytic31
Lower limbs stiffness31
Joints swelling31
Upper limbs swelling31
Shoulder swelling31
Finger joints gouty swelling32
Knee gouty swelling32
Knee spongy swelling32
Knee white swelling (fungus articulosum)32
Sensation of knee swelling32
Sensation of knee swelling,night32
Leg swelling31
Foot swelling31
Foot oedematous swelling31
Heel swelling31
Shoulders tension31
Calf tension31
Calf tension while standing31
Calf tension,walking amelioration31
Extremities trembling21
Hand trembling31
Extremities twitching21
Upper limbs ulcers31
Lower limbs ulcers32
Leg ulcers32
Upper limbs weakness31
Thigh weakness31
Thigh weakness while walking32
Chill during sleep22
Deep sleep21
Disturbed sleep21
Heavy sleep, morning31
Restless sleep21
Sleepiness, afternoon31
Sleepiness during chill32
Sleeplessness, morning31
Sleeplessness from anxiety31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Frequent yawning31
Yawning without sleepiness31
Anxious dreams21
Dreams about danger21
Dreams of falling21
Frightful dreams21
Dreams about murders21
Dreams of being murdered31
Pleasant dreams21
Unremembered dreams21
Coldness in general22
Coldness, afternoon21
Coldness,afternoon,lasting until morning31
Coldness at 4 p. m.31
Coldness, 4 to 7 p.m.31
Coldness, 4 to 8 p.m.31
Coldness at 5 p.m.31
Coldness at 6 p.m.31
Coldness, 6 to 8 p.m.31
Coldness, 6 to 10 p.m.31
Coldness at 7 p. m.31
Coldness at 8 p.m.31
Coldness at 10 p.m.32
Coldness, night21
Ascending coldness21
Coldness,in bed amelioration32
Coldness beginning in back31
Chilliness, evening31
Chilliness,evening,lying in bed amelioration31
Chilliness, night31
Chilliness after labor pain32
Chilliness during menses31
Creeping, evening31
Chill,after lying amelioration31
Chill during menses31
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Coldness shaking,afternoon lasting until next morning31
Coldness shaking,evening31
Coldness shaking,night31
Long-lasting coldness shaking31
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove31
Desire for warmth which does not relieve31
Coldness,external warmth amelioration31
Bed warmth amel.,but not by heat of stove31
Heat in general23
Heat, morning22
Heat,morning,with chilliness31
Heat, evening21
Heat,evening with chilliness31
Heat alternating with chill21
Heat alternating with perspiration31
Catarrhal fever22
Fever with chilliness21
External heat21
Intense heat21
Heat with perspiration32
Shuddering with the heat22
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration,daytime in bed31
Skin anaesthesia22
Depressed cicatrices31
Skin red spots31
Small boils33
Burning eruption31
Coppery eruption32
Crusty eruptions32
Crusty eruption after abuse of mercury33
Dry eruption31
Eruption on hairy parts31
Herpetic eruption32
Dry herpetic eruption31
Zona,herpetic zoster eruption31
Itching eruption32
Papular eruption33
Copper-colored pimples31
Painful pimples31
Small pustules31
Pustules containing water31
Syphilitic roseola33
Bran-like scaly eruption31
Syphilitic eruption33
Burning tubercles31
Red tubercles31
Stinging tubercles31
Syphilitic tubercles32
Nodular urticaria31
Rosy nodular urticaria (erythema)31
Urticaria,warmth and exercise32
Vesicular eruption32
Syphilitic condylomata31
Purpura haemorrhagica22
Rough skin21
Skin ulcerative pain22
Skin bluish ulcer32
Skin cancerous ulcer32
Skin deep ulcer32
Skin ulcer,corrosive discharges32
Skin ulcer,green discharges32
Skin ulcer,ichorous discharges32
Skin ulcer,thin discharges32
Skin ulcer,mercurial33
Skin syphilitic ulcer33
6 p.m.31
5 a.m.31
Glands abscesses31
Desire for open air33
Open air amelioration33
Seashore air31
Ascending aggravation22
Glands atrophy23
Caries of bone23
Rheumatic chorea31
Cold wet weather aggravation31
External dropsy22
Cold drinks aggravation31
Cold food aggravation31
Milk aggravation32
Sensation of heat22
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally32
Periosteum inflammation32
Inflammations of the glands32
Nerves inflammation31
Jar,stepping aggravation22
Muscles jerking31
Lying aggravation31
Lying amelioration32
Lying in bed aggravation31
Lying on right side aggravation31
Lying on painful side aggravation32
Abuse of mercury23
Motion amelioration32
Mucous secretions increased22
Bones pain in the night33
Burning pain,internally32
Bones gnawing pain31
Pressing pain,internally32
Pressing pain from within outward32
Stitching pain,internally32
Tearing pain,externally32
One-sided paralysis32
Right sided paralysis31
Pressure aggravation22
Pressure amelioration31
Full pulse31
Hard pulse31
Intermittent pulse32
Irregular pulse32
Small pulse31
Tense pulse31
Sensitiveness, internally32
Swelling of the affected parts32
Inflammatory swelling32
Bones swelling32
Periosteum swelling32
Glands swelling32
Glands hard swelling32
Glands inflammatory swelling32
Glands painful swelling32
Touch aggravation22
Twitching,subsultus tendinum32
Uncovering aggravation21
On waking21
While walking amelioration33
Walking in open air amelioration33
Warm bed amelioration32
Warm room aggravation33
Warm stove aggravation32
Weakness during stool31
Weakness,walking in open air amelioration32
Wet weather32