Natrum arsenicicum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Anger from contradiction31
Anxiety,evening in bed31
Anxiety in bed31
Anxiety with fear31
Anxiety during fever31
Anxiety about future31
Anxiety on waking31
Difficult concentration23
Confusion of mind21
Confusion of mind,evening31
Conscientious about trifles21
Delusion that he has neglected his duty31
Fancies he has done wrong31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending23
Dullness,while walking in open air amelioration31
Mental exertion aggravation22
Fear,evening in bed31
Fear in a crowd31
Fear of impending disease31
Fear something will happen31
Fear of people32
Frightened easily33
Abundant ideas and clearness of mind21
Indifference to business affairs31
Indifference to pleasure31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Loathing for life31
Weakness of memory22
Weakness of memory for proper names31
Prostation of mind21
Averse to reading21
Reproaches himself31
Reproaches others31
Restlessness, night32
Restlessness, 1 a.m.31
Restlessness, 3 a.m.31
Anxious restlessness33
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness, evening31
Sadness during the heat31
Sensitive to noise31
Starting from fright31
Starting from noise32
Starting on falling asleep32
Starting from sleep31
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn31
Taciturn in the afternoon31
Taciturn during headache31
Talk of others aggravation31
Aversion to thinking21
Wepping,tearful mood21
Aversion to mental work21
Vertigo from motion21
Vertigo while walking21
Forehead coldness,afternoon31
Head congestion,hyperaemia21
Empty or hollow head sensation21
Head eruption,bleeding after scratching32
Head fullness21
Forehaed fullness32
Head heat21
Head heat,morning31
Head heat,afternoon31
Forehead heat31
Head heaviness22
Forehead heaviness31
Motions in head when turning head quickly31
Sensation of forehead numbness31
Forehead numbness,evening31
Headache in general22
Headache at 3 p.m.31
Headache,3 to 9 p.m.31
Headache,evening amelioration31
Headache,night on waking31
Headache,in open air amelioration31
Headache on ascending steps31
Catarrhal headache31
Headache with mental confusion31
Headache with coryza31
Headache after eating32
Headache from becoming heated31
Headache from any jar31
Headache from light31
Headache before menses31
Headache during menses31
Headache from mental exertion32
Headache from motion31
Headache on moving head31
Headache from noise33
Headache,paroxysmal pains31
Periodic headache32
Headache,external pressure aggravation31
Pulsating headache31
Headache while sitting31
Headache after sleep31
Headache,heavily stepping aggravation31
Headache from stooping31
Headache from exposure to sun31
Headache from smoking tobacco33
Headache while walking31
Headache,warm room aggravation32
Headache from wine31
Forehead pain23
Forehead pain,morning31
Forehead pain,morning on waking31
Forehead pain,forenoon31
Forehead pain,afternoon31
Forehead pain after sleep31
Above eyes headache31
Above eyes pain,morning31
Above eyes pain on waking31
Above eyes pain extending to temples31
Occiput pain22
One side headache21
Temples pain21
Right temple pain32
Temples pain,morning31
Temples pain,morning on rising31
Temples pain,morning on waking31
Temples pain,forenoon31
Temples pain,afternoon31
Temples pain at 5 p.m.31
Temples pain,pressure aggravation31
Temples pain from stooping31
Temples pain from exposure to sun31
Temple to temple pain31
Headache,temples and forehead pain21
Headache,vertex pain21
Vertex pain,forenoon31
Vertex pain,afternoon31
Temples boring pain21
Boring pain,right temple to left31
Bursting headache21
Forehead bursting pain31
Above right eye cutting pain31
Drawing headache21
Forehead drawing pain22
Over eye dull pain31
Headache,pressing pain21
Forehead pressing pain22
Occiput pressing pain22
Temples pressing pain22
Vertex pressing pain21
Over eyes shooting pain31
Over right eye shooting pain31
Over left eye shooting pain31
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure21
Sore headache on motion31
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache21
Stunning,stupefying headache22
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Forehead tearing pain21
Head sides tearing pain21
Forehead perspiration22
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Temples pulsating21
Vertex pulsating21
Brain sensitiveness to the least jar31
Agglutinated eye21
Eyes dryness21
Sensation of eyes enlargement21
Sensation of eyes enlargement,morning31
Eye gum in canthi31
Eye gum in outer canthus31
Granular lids22
Heat in eye21
Lids heaviness31
Conjunctiva inflammation32
Lids inflammation31
Lids margins inflammation31
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels32
Eye irritation21
Lids margin itching31
Lachrymation,morning on waking31
Lachrymation,looking steadily31
Lacrymation in open air31
Lachrymation while reading31
Eyeballs rolling movement31
Hard to keep eyes open31
Unable to open eyes31
Eye pain21
Eye pain,morning32
Eye pain,5 p.m.31
Eye pain,evening on reading and writing31
Eye pain,cold water amelioration31
Eye pain from light31
Eye pain from artificial light31
Eye pain from strong light31
Eye pain when looking steadily31
Eye pain,lying on left side amelioration31
Eye pain on motion of eyes31
Eye pain while reading32
Eye pain,sunlight aggravation32
Eye pain,warmth amelioration32
Eye pain while writing32
Eye pain extending to occiput32
Eye aching pain21
Eye aching pain,morning on waking31
Eye aching pain when looking sharply31
Eye aching pain,moving eyes aggravation31
Eye aching pain while reading31
Eye aching pain,sunlight aggravation32
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye burning pain,morning31
Eye burning pain,evening31
Eye burning pain in open air31
Eye burning pain while reading32
Eye burning pain as from smoke31
Eye burning pain while writing31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye21
Eye sore pain,morning31
Eye sore pain from moving the lids31
Eye sore pain on moving the eyes31
Eye sore pain while reading31
Eye stitching pain21
Paralysis of lids21
Paralysis of upper lids31
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis31
Pupils dilated (mydriase)31
Left pupil more dilated than right31
Eye redness22
Eye redness,morning31
Inner canthus redness31
Eye veins redness33
Stiffness of eyeballs22
Stiffness of lids31
Swollen eye22
Swollen eye,morning on waking31
Sensation of eye swelling31
Swollen conjunctiva31
Swollen lids33
Lids oedematous swelling32
Tired eye sensation21
Cornea ulceration31
Weak eye21
Wrinkled conjunctiva21
Blurred vision21
Blurred vision,looking a short time31
Black animals31
Dark colors before the eyes21
Dim vision22
Dim vision,noon31
Dim vision,noon on rising from a seat31
Dim vision,distant objects31
Dim vision on looking long31
Dim vision,wiping eyes amelioration32
Aggravation by exertion of vision21
Flickering when closing eyes31
Foggy vision21
Weak vision21
Weak vision for long distances31
Ear heat21
Itching in ear21
Noises in ear21
Noises in ear,morning31
Noises in ear,evening31
Noises in ear,10 p.m.31
Noises in ear with vertigo31
Humming in ear21
Ringing in ear21
Roaring in ear21
Rushing noise in ear21
Rushing noise in right ear31
Singing in ear21
Ear pain21
Ear pain,morning32
Ear pain,afternoon31
Pain behind ear21
Stitching pain in ear22
Stitching pain in ear,forenoon31
Stitching pain in ear,afternoon31
Tearing pain in ear21
Sensation of stopped ear21
Acute hearing22
Hearing acute to noises32
Impaired hearing21
Nose sensitive to inhale air21
Nose catarrh23
Post nasal catarrh31
Coryza in open air31
Chronic,long continued coryza31
Coryza with cough31
Coryza with discharge (fluent)32
Coryza with discharge,evening31
Coryza without discharge (dry)32
Dry coryza alternating with fluent32
Coryza with larynx inflammation31
Nose blue discharge32
Nose copious discharge32
Crusts,scabs inside nose32
Bloody crusts in nose31
Crusts in nose,when detached cause bleeding32
Nose dry,hard discharge32
Nose offensive discharge31
Nose purulent discharge32
Nose suppressed discharge32
Nose thick discharge32
Nose viscid,though discharge32
Viscid,tough discharge from posterior nares32
Nose watery discharge33
Nose yellow discharge32
Discharge from posterior nares32
Nose redness32
Nose inside dryness21
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Nose obstruction22
Nose right side obstruction31
Nose obstruction,morning32
Nose obstruction,night32
Sensation of nose obstruction31
Posterior nares obstruction31
Pain in nose21
Pain in nose root32
Nose root aching pain31
Nose burning,smarting pain21
Nose burning pain after blowing out thick mucus31
Nose root pressing pain32
Nose rawness after blowing31
Nose inside sore bruised pain31
Acute smell21
Diminished smell21
Wanting smell,lost smell22
Frequent sneezing31
Violent sneezing32
Cracked lips21
Cracked corners of the mouth32
Bluish face21
Bluish circles around eyes33
Face brown spots31
Earthy face21
Pale face23
Red face21
Yellow face21
Face eruption22
Forehead eruption31
Lips eruption31
Eruption around mouth33
Nose eruption32
Face comedones22
Face herpes22
Herpes about lips31
Face moist eruption21
Face pimples21
Lips scurfy eruption32
Face vesicles21
Face heat21
Mouth corners indurations31
Face itching21
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)21
Face pain,motion of lower jaw aggravation31
Lower jaw stiffness31
Face swelling22
Face swelling,morning on waking31
Face oedematous swelling32
Swelling above eyes31
Parotid glands swelling31
Face twitching21
Lips ulcers31
Mouth aphthae22
Gums bleeding31
Corrugated tongue21
Cracked fissured tongue32
Mouth redness31
Red tongue31
White tongue32
Tongue white centre31
Yellow tongue32
Mouth dryness23
Tongue dryness32
Enlarged tongue31
Sensation as if enlarged tongue31
Flabby tongue21
Mouth inflammation21
Tongue numbness31
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain22
Mouth sore pain21
Gums sore pain32
Tongue back part erect papillae31
Viscid saliva31
Stammering speech31
Bitter taste31
Bitter taste,morning31
Metallic taste32
Saltish taste31
Sour taste33
Sweetish taste31
Mouth ulcers21
Mouth sore,smarting ulcers31
Mouth vesicles21
Mouth burning vesicles31
Tongue vesicles32
Wrinkled tongue31
Looseness of teeth21
Pulsating toothache31
Toothache,external warmth amelioration31
Tearing toothache21
Choking,throat constricting21
Oesophagus shoking32
Purple throat32
Throat redness32
Pharynx redness31
Throat dryness22
Throat dryness,morning31
Throat dryness on inspiration31
Throat dryness on waking31
Elongated uvula21
Throat emptiness21
Enlargement of tonsils21
Throat glazed appearance22
Diposition to hawk22
Disposition to hawk in open air31
Throat inflammation21
Throat irritation21
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Throat gray membrane31
Throat white membrane31
Throat mucus23
Mucus drawn from the posterior nares32
Throat gelatinous mucus32
Throat grayish mucus32
Throat tenacious mucus31
Throat thick mucus32
Throat white mucus31
Throat yellow mucus32
Throat pain21
Throat pain on swallowing32
Throat pain on empty swallowing31
Throat burning pain21
Throat rawness pain21
Sore throat22
Throat stitching pain21
Throat roughness21
Throat scraping21
Difficult swallowing31
Throat swelling21
Throat oedematous swelling32
Tonsils swelling31
Uvula swelling31
Coldness in region of thyroid gland31
Stiffness of neck sides21
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh22
Larynx constriction31
Larynx dryness31
As from dust (larynx and trachea)21
Irritation in air passages21
Trachea irritation31
Mucus in larynx31
Blue mucus in larynx31
Mucus in larynx ejected with difficulty31
Larynx burning pain32
Larynx soreness31
Larynx roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx21
Scraping,clearing larynx,evening31
Tickling in trachea31
Hoarseness during coryza31
Lost voice31
Weak voice31
Accelerated respiration21
Asthmatic respiration21
Miner's asthma from coal dust31
Deep respiration21
Difficult respiration21
Difficult respiration, 9 a.m.31
Difficult respiration on ascending31
Difficult respiration as from smoke31
Daytime cough21
Cough, forenoon21
Cough, afternoon21
Cough, night22
Cough,close air aggravation21
Cough,deep breathing31
Deep cough21
Dry cough23
Dry cough,morning33
Dry cough,evening31
Dry cough,night31
Dry cough,night,inspiration aggravation31
Dry cough on inspiration31
Dry cough on deep inspiration31
Dry cough,heat of room aggravation31
Cough as from dust21
Exhausting cough21
Hacking cough23
Hacking cough,deep inspiration31
Cough from irritation in air passages21
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough from irritation in trachea31
Loose cough21
Paroxysaml cough,morning31
Paroxysmal cough,evening31
Racking cough21
Cough short21
Short cough,inspiration aggravation31
Cough from sensation of smoke in trachea31
Spasmodic cough21
Spasmodic cough,morning31
Spasmodic cough,evening31
Cough after supper31
Cough from tickling in larynx31
Cough from tickling in trachea31
Tight cough21
Tight cough,daytime31
Tormenting cough22
Cough on waking21
Cough while walking21
Cough in a warm room31
Expectoration, evening31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Bluish expectoration21
Difficult expectoration21
Grayish expectoration21
Lumpy expectoration21
Lumpy expectoration,morning31
Mucous expectoration21
Expectoration,offensive odor33
Purulent expectorarion23
Slate colored expectoration21
Expectoration like starch21
Bitter expectoration31
Expectoration flat taste31
Putrid expectoration32
Viscid expectoration22
Yellow expectoration22
Anxiety in chest22
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest cramp,night 1:30 a.m.31
Chest eruptions21
Chest pimples31
Chest fullness22
Chest fullness during exertion31
Chest fullness,deep inspiration31
Chest haemorrhage22
Chest murmurs21
Chest oppression21
Oppression on inspiration31
Heart oppression32
Heart oppression on least exertion32
Heart oppression,deep respiration31
Chest pain21
Chest pain during cough31
Reg.of axilla pain extending doawn arms32
Reg.of axilla pain extending to little finger31
Chest right side pain31
Chest sides pain,inspiration31
Heart pain21
Chest burning pain22
Chest cutting (sudden sharp pain)21
Chest sides cutting pain31
Chest pressing pain21
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest sore,bruised pain21
Chest sore bruised pain,morning31
Chest sore pain from coughing31
Chest sore pain,inspiring31
Chest sore pain,deep inspiration31
Chest right side sore bruised pain31
Chest sides sore bruised pain on inspiration31
Short ribs sore bruised pain31
Chest stitching pain22
Heart palpitation23
Heart palpitation,night31
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart palpitation on ascending steps32
Heart palpitation,exertion32
Heart tumultuous,violent,vehement palpitation31
Phthisis pulmonalis21
As if smoke in lungs22
Increased appetite,hunger in general22
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite22
Wanting appetite21
Aversion to fats and rich food21
Aversion to meat21
Aversion to smoking his accustomed cigar31
Stomach constriction21
Stomach contraction21
Desires beer31
Desires bread21
Desires cold drinks21
Desires juicy things21
Desires pickles21
Desires refreshing things21
Desires sweets21
Desordered stomach21
Disordered stomach after milk31
Stomach distention21
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling21
Eructations after eating31
Empty eructations22
Eructations tasting like food21
Sour eructations23
Sour eructations after eating32
Stomach fullness after eating31
Stomach fullness after eating ever so little31
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach heaviness after dinner31
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Hiccough after eating31
Loathing of food21
Nausea after cold drinks32
Constant nausea31
Nausea during cough31
Nausea after drinking31
Nausea after eating31
Nausea during headache31
Nausea during menses31
Stomach pain23
Stomach pain after eating33
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach burning pain after warm things31
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain22
Stomach cutting pain22
Stomach gnawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain22
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain22
Stomach stitching pain22
Stomach pulsation21
Retching,hawking mucus from fauces31
Ineffectual retching31
Stomach sinking21
Sensation of stone in stomach21
Stomach tension21
Thirst, 10 a.m.31
Burning,vehement thirst31
Extreme thirst31
Thirst,often for small quantities32
Unquenchable thirst31
Vomiting on coughing31
Vomiting after eating31
Bile vomiting22
Bitter vomiting22
Blood vomiting22
Mucus vomiting21
Sour vomiting22
Water vomiting21
Water vomiting on eating31
Abdomen distension21
Abdomen distension after eating31
Abdomen flatulence22
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Abdomen fullness after eating31
Abdomen gurgling21
Hard abdomen21
Abdomen heaviness as from a load,etc21
Liver inflammation21
Spleen inflammation21
Liver and region of liver21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching, night31
Abdomen aching after eating31
Abdomen aching,passing flatus aggravation31
Abdomen aching,passing flatus amelioration33
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching after stool31
Abdomen aching,after stool amelioration31
Abdomen aching on waking31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Hypogastrium aching dull pain21
Iliac region aching dull pain21
Iliac region left side aching31
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Abdomen burning pain22
Abdomen burning pain after stool31
Region of umbilicus burning pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain,passing flatus amelioration31
Abdomen cramping pain before stool31
Abdomen cramping pain,after stool amelioration31
Abdomen cutting pain22
Abdomen cutting pain before stool31
Abdomen drawing pain21
Hypochondria drawing pain21
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness21
Hypochondria sore pain21
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Inguinal region stitching pain21
Spleen stitching,sticking pain21
Abdomen restlessness,uneasiness21
Rumblings in the bowels21
Rumbling as if diarrhoea would come on31
Complaints of spleen22
Swelling of the inguinal glands31
Abdomen tension21
Hypochondria tension21
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea31
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Diarrhoea daytime only31
Diarrhoea,morning,driving out of bed31
Diarrhoea, night33
Diarrhoea after midnight31
Diarrhoea,breakfast amelioration31
Diarrhoea after becoming cold31
Diarrhoea after cold drink31
Diarrhoea after taking cold32
Diarrhoea after eating33
Diarrhoea during menses31
Diarrhoea after milk33
Diarrhoea after vegetables31
Perineum dragging31
Rectum excoriation21
Anus itching22
Rectum burning pain23
Rectum burning pain during stool31
Rectum burning pain after stool32
Rectum cutting pain21
Rectum cutting pain during stool31
Rectum griping pain,stool amelioration32
Rectum soreness21
Rectum sticking pain21
Rectum tearing pain during stool31
Rectum tenesmus22
Rectum tenesmus during stool32
Urging to stool22
Constant urging31
Urging to stool,passing flatus amelioration31
Urging to stool after stool31
Bloody stool22
Copious stool21
Dark stool22
Frequent stool21
Hard stool21
Lumpy and liquid stool21
Pasty stool21
Scanty stool22
Soft stool21
Thin liquid stool21
Watery stool21
Watery yellow stool31
Yellow stool22
Bladder pain21
Sore tender bladder21
Sore tender bladder,during urination aggravation31
Sore tender bladder,after urination amelioration31
Urging to urinate,night31
Constant urging to urinate21
Frequent urging to urinate21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination,daytime and night31
Frequent urination, night31
Involuntary urination22
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)32
Unsatisfactory urination21
Kidneys pain21
Kidneys aching pain22
Region of kidneys aching pain21
Region of kidneys sore bruised pain31
Prostate gland dragging pain21
Urethra burning pain when beginning to urinate31
Urethra burning pain during urination32
Meatus cutting pain during urination31
Albuminous urine23
Burning or hot urine23
Urine containing casts21
Cloudy urine when passed31
Reddish-brown urine31
Dark urine22
Pale urine21
Colorless urine21
Copious urine (increased)22
Copious urine, 6 a.m.31
Copious urine,night31
Urine offensive odor22
Scanty urine22
Sediment in urine21
Mucous sediment in urine21
Phosphates in urine21
White sand in urine31
White sant precipated by heat in urine31
Urine specific gravity increased21
Urine specific gravity decreased31
Troublesome erections,morning31
Incomplete erections21
Glans inflammation31
Prepuce inflammation31
Testes inflammation21
Male genitalia itching21
Prepuce itching31
Scrotum itching21
Right testis pain31
Testes sickening as from a blow31
Testes sore,bruised pain21
Left testis sore bruised pain31
Nightly seminal emissions22
Penis swelling21
Testes swelling21
Female desire increased22
Copious leucorrhoea22
Offensive leucorrhoea22
Thick leucorrhoea22
Yellow leucorrhoea22
Copious menses22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon21
Protracted menses22
Scanty menses22
Uterus pain21
Back coldness (including chill)21
Back coldness,afternoon31
Back coldness,night31
Cervical region eruption31
Back miliary eruption31
Cervical region pimples31
Cervical region pustules31
Cervical region rash31
Cervical region miliary rash31
Cervical region red rash31
Back formication21
Back itching,night in warmth of bed31
Back itching in cold air31
Cervical region itching31
Back pain21
Back pain,evening31
Back pain,night32
Back pain,bending forward amelioration31
Back pain when breathing31
Back pain,motion amelioration31
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain while walking31
Back pain,walking amelioration31
Scapulae pain31
Between scapulae pain32
Between scapulae pain,evening31
Between scapulae pain,bending forward amelioration31
Between scapulae pain during inspiration31
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar region pain,motion amelioration31
Lumbar region pain while sitting31
Lumbar region pain, stooping31
Lumbar region pain while walking31
Lumbar reg.pain,walking amelioration31
Lumbar pain extending up the back31
Lumbar pain extending down the legs31
Sacral region pain21
Sacral reg.pain while sitting31
Sacral reg.pain,walking amelioration31
Back aching pain21
Lumbar region aching pain21
Back drawing pain21
Back soreness,bruised,beaten21
Soreness under scapulae31
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Sacral soreness,stooping31
Sacral soreness,walking31
Spine soreness,spinal irritation32
Spinal irritation,cervical region31
Spinal irritation,sacral region31
Sacral spine irritation,stooping or walking aggravation31
Between scapulae stitching pain31
Between scapulae stitching pain,deep brathing31
Between scapulae stitching pain,inspiration31
Back stiffness21
Cervical region stiffness31
Back weakness (tired feeling in spine)21
Sacrum weakness31
Cracking in shoulder31
Cracking in shoulder,elevation of arm31
Cracking in knee31
Cracking in knee,extending limb31
Cracking in knee when flexing31
Calf cramps31
Sole cramps31
Sole cramps, 7 p.m.31
Crippled toe nails32
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs31
Hip heaviness31
Leg heaviness,tired leg31
Extremeities itching21
Upper limbs itching31
Lower limbs itching31
Extremities jerking on falling asleep32
Lower limbs jerking32
Foot numbness31
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain, forenoon31
Limbs pain during chill32
Limbs neuralgic pain31
Extremities rheumatic pain33
Limbs pain,walking amelioration31
Limbs wandering,shifting pain31
Joints pain32
Joints gouty pain32
Joints wandering pain31
Upper limbs pain22
Upper limbs pain, evening31
Upper limbs rheumatic pain32
Upper limb pain extending downward31
Upper limbs pain extending to little finger31
Pain extending to little finger from axilla31
Shoulder pain32
Shoulder pain,motion of arm31
Shoulder rheumatic pain32
Upper arm pain31
Elbow pain31
Elbow rheumatic pain31
Forearm pain, morning31
Forearm wandering pain31
Wrist rheumatic pain31
Palm pain32
Fingers pain32
Fingers wandering pain31
First finger pain31
Second finger joints pain31
Third finger tip pain31
Fourth finger pain, morning31
Fourth finger tip pain31
Lower limbs neuralgic pain31
Sciatica,walking aggravation31
Hip pain31
Hip pain,motion amelioration31
Hip pain extending to toes31
Thigh pain32
Thigh pain while walking31
Thigh pain extending to ankles31
Thigh inner side pain31
Knee pain31
Knee pain, morning31
Knee pain, motion31
Knee neuralgic pain31
Hollow of knee pain31
Hollow of knee pain on walking31
Leg pain31
Leg pain, 7 p.m.31
Leg neuralgic pain31
Foot pain31
Extremities aching21
Extremities aching, forenoon31
Extremities aching,walking amelioration31
Upper limbs aching31
Upper limbs aching,motion aggravation31
Shoulder aching on moving arm31
Shoulder rheumatic aching31
Forearm aching, morning31
Wrist rheumatic aching31
Lower limbs aching31
Thigh aching31
Thigh aching extending downward31
Thigh anterior part aching31
Thigh anterior part aching extending to ankle31
Thigh outer part aching31
Ankle boring pain31
Foot burning pain31
Sole burning pain31
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Thigh drawing pain31
Knee drawing pain31
Calf drawing31
Sore,bruised extremities21
Sore bruised extremities,continued motion amelioration31
Sore bruised thigh31
Sore bruised knee on beginning to move31
Sore bruised leg31
Hip stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain on motion31
Hip stitching extending to knee31
Thigh stitching pain on motion31
Knee stitching pain31
Leg stitching pain31
Extremities tearing pain21
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Lower limbs tearing pain21
Thigh tearing pain31
Leg tearing pain31
Ankle tearing pain31
Foot tearing pain31
Hand perspiration31
Foot perspiration31
Extremities pulsation21
Extremities restlessness21
Lower limbs restlessness31
Leg restlessness31
Joints stiffness32
Wrist stiffness31
Extremities swelling21
Extremities dropsical swelling32
Leg swelling31
Foot swelling32
Foot oedematous swelling32
Hand trembling31
Lower limbs trembling31
Extremities twitching21
Upper limbs twitching31
First finger twitching31
Second finger twitching31
Thigh twitching31
Extremities weakness21
Extremities weakness,morning on rising31
Upper limbs weakness31
Hand weakness31
Lower limbs weakness32
Thigh weakness31
Leg weakness32
Ankle weakness33
Feet weakness31
Bad sleep21
Deep sleep21
Disturbed sleep21
Restless sleep22
Short sleep21
Sleepiness, afternoon31
Sleeplessness before midnight33
Sleeplessness after midnight32
Sleeplessness from shocks31
Sleeplessness with sleepiness31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Early waking33
Frequent waking31
Waking as from fright31
Yawning, afternoon31
Frequent yawning31
Amorous dreams21
Dreams about anger21
Anxious dreams22
Confused dreams21
Dreams about fights21
Frightful dreams22
Dreams about murders21
Pleasant dreams21
Vexatious dreams21
Vivid dreams21
Coldness in general22
Coldness, morning21
Coldness at 2 a.m.31
Coldness, forenoon22
Coldness at 1 p.m.31
Coldness at 14 p.m.31
Coldness, evening21
Coldness,evening in bed31
Coldness on going into the cold air31
Coldness in bed21
Internal coldness21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Coldness shaking, morning31
Coldness,warm room amelioration31
Heat, night22
Dry heat21
External heat, 8 p.m.31
Heat,perspiration absent21
Perspiration in general22
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration, afternoon21
Perspiration, night22
Perspiration during anxiety22
Perspiration in bed21
Cold perspiration22
Perspiration from coughing21
Perspiration during slight exertion22
Perspiration after the fever21
Perspiration during motion21
Profuse perspiration22
Profuse perspiration,night31
Symptoms aggravated while sweating21
Perspiration,aversion to uncovering31
Skin burning21
Skin coldness21
Skin liver-brown spots31
Skin red spots31
Yellow skin,jaundice31
Dry skin22
Burning eruption31
Desquamating eruption32
Discharging,moist eruption31
Herpetic eruption32
Itching eruption31
Eruption,itching,warmth aggravation31
Painful eruption31
Scaly eruption32
Bran-like scaly eruption32
Stinging eruption31
Suppurating eruption32
Nodular urticaria31
Vesicular eruption31
Erysipelas after scratching31
Erysipelas with swelling31
Skin formication21
Itching,scratching aggravation31
Itching on becoming warm32
Skin swelling21
Skin burning swelling31
Skin ulcer22
Skin burning ulcer32
Skin deep ulcer31
Skin ulcer,yellow discharges31
Skin phagedenic ulcer31
Skin stinging,stitching ulcer31
After midnight33
Open air aggravation31
Ascending aggravation21
Cold aggravation23
Cold air aggravation32
Becoming cold32
Tendency to take cold33
Cold wet weather aggravation32
Constriction, internally31
External dropsy21
After eating31
Physical exertion aggravation23
Butter aggravation31
Cold drinks aggravation31
Cold food aggravation31
Fat food aggravation32
Fruit aggravation32
Milk aggravation32
Pork aggravation32
Sour food aggravation31
Vinegar aggravation31
Formication,external parts21
Formication, internally31
Full feeling, internally32
Flushes of heat21
Lack of vital heat22
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally31
Excessive physical irritability21
Jar,stepping aggravation21
Inclination to lie down21
After lying aggravation31
Motion aggravation22
Aversion to motion32
Mucous secretions increased21
Burning pain,externally32
Burning pain,internally32
Pressing pain,externally31
Pressing pain,internally31
Sore,bruised pain32
Sore bruised pain,morning on rising31
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Tearing downward pain31
Tearing upward pain32
Perspiration gives no relief21
Pressure aggravation21
Pulsation externally21
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable31
Frequent pulse, daytime31
Frequent and intermittent pulse31
Intermittent pulse31
Irregular pulse31
Slow pulse, evening31
Soft pulse31
Sensitiveness externally21
Sensitiveness, internally31
Electric-like shocks31
Electric-like shock on going to sleep31
Symptoms on the right side31
Ameliorated while sitting31
Before sleep aggravation21
During sleep aggravation31
After sleep aggravation31
Inflammatory swelling31
Trembling externally23
Trembling, internally31
Walking in open air aggravation31
Walking in open air amelioration31
While walking fast aggravation31
Warm room aggravation31
Weakness from slight exertion32
Weakness during menses31
Weakness on rising31
Weakness on waking31
Weakness from walking32
Weakness,warm weather aggravation32
Wet weather32
In winter21