Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Abstraction of mind21
Admonition aggravation22
Ailments after anger,vexation33
Ailments after anger with anxiety32
Ailments after anger with fright32
Ailments after anger with indignation31
Anguish during menses32
Anguish while walking in open air31
Anxiety on waking in the morning31
Anxiety in open air31
Anxiety during chill31
Anxiety when in company31
Anxiety from conversation31
Anxiety in a crowd31
Anxiety with fear32
Anxiety during fever31
Anxiety during flushes of heat31
Anxiety in house31
Anxiety during menses32
Pediodical anxiety31
Anxiety about salvation31
Anxiety with shuddering31
Anxiety when speaking31
Anxiety when speaking in company31
Anxiety during stool31
Sudden anxiety31
Suicidal anxiety31
Anxiety on waking31
Anxiety while walking31
Anxiety while walking in open air31
Cheerfulness alternating with pain31
Cheerfulness with physical sufferings31
Cheerfulness alternating with sadness31
Cheerfulness followed by melancoly31
Aversion to children21
Dislikes her own children31
Aversion to company22
Aversion to company during menses31
Difficult concentration22
Confusion of mind21
Confounding objects and ideas31
Confusion of mind,night on waking31
Confusion of mind on waking32
Consolation aggravation22
Contemptuous in open air or when sun shines into room31
Contemptuous,paroxysms against her will32
Contemptuous of everything33
Conversation aggravation21
Darkness aggravation21
Desires death21
Presentiment of death32
Sensation of death32
Delirium with fear of men32
Loquatious delirium32
Delusion that she is alone in the world32
Delusion that she is not appreciated31
Delusions,does not belong to her own familly32
Erroneous ideas as to the greatness of his body32
Delusions,thinks everything changed32
Delusion as if he were cut in two31
Delusions, sees dead persons32
Delusions, sees devils32
Delusion that devils are present33
Delusion that all persons are devils33
Everything in room is diminished while she is tall and elevetad31
Delusion that she is disgraced31
Delusion,divided ou cut in two parts31
Delusion,every one is an enemy31
Delusion,scrotum is very tall31
Illusions of fancy32
Illusions of fancy,open air amelioration32
Visions of fire31
Delusion that he is great person32
Delusion,calling for help31
Everything seems horrible32
Humility and lowness of others while he is great31
Delusion,sees images,phantoms31
Sees black phantoms,images31
People seem mentally and physically inferior after a walk31
Self seems too large on entering the house after walking31
Everything seems too narrow31
Proud delusions31
Thought he was pursued by ghosts31
Things appear small32
Sees spectres ghosts spirits31
Everything is strange32
Familiar things seem strange32
Strange things are horrible31
As if in a strange land31
Delusions of superiority32
Religious despair (of salvation,etc)31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Dullness,morning on waking31
Dullness,night on waking31
Dullness in open air31
Dullness in company32
Dullness on waking31
Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences22
Dwells on past disagreable occurences,night32
Refuses to eat21
Ailments after being embarrassed21
Embraces his companions21
Embraces anything,in morning worse in open air31
Estranged from her family21
Estranged from his wife31
Mental exertion aggravation21
Fear,in open air amelioration31
Fear of death33
Fear of death during labor31
Fear of death before menses31
Fear of death during menses31
Fear of ghosts32
Fear that something would happen to her husband,that he would never32
Fear of insanity31
Fear during labor31
Fear of men32
Fear before menses31
Fear during menses31
Fear of people32
Fear on entering room31
Fear of serious thoughts31
Forsaken feeling22
Sensation of isolation31
Complaints from fright22
Frightened easily31
Makes gestures21
Gestures of grasping or reaching at something31
Wringing the hands31
Ailments from grief32
Lascivious hysteria32
Hysteria before menses32
Abundant ideas and clearness of mind21
Indifference in open air31
Indifference while in company32
Indifference to loved ones31
Indifference to relations31
Indifference when in society31
Bad effects following indignation31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Insanity alternating with mental and physical symptoms32
Erotic insanity33
Insanity caused by fright or anger31
Periodic insanity32
Puerperal insanity32
Irritability,morning on waking31
Irritability in open air31
Irritability alternating with cheerfulness31
Irritability alternating with tenderness31
Irritability during chill33
Irritability,consolation aggravation32
Irritability after eating31
Irritability during menses31
Irritability on waking31
Jesting after gravity31
Desire to kill22
Desires to kill,sight of a knife31
Something urges her to kill her husband of whom she is very fou32
Laughing, morning31
Laughing in open air32
Laughing alternating with seriousness31
Laughing followed by sadness31
Laughing over serious matters32
Laughing over serious matters in open air32
Spasmodic laughing31
Lewd talk31
Loathing for life32
Love-sick with one of her own sex31
Active memory21
Weakness of memory23
Weakness of memory for what has heard31
Weakness of memory from mental fatigue31
Dread of men21
Mental symptoms alternating with physical symptoms22
Mirth alternating with sadness31
Mirth alternating with seriousness31
Moaning during menses31
Agreeable mood21
Alternating mood33
Changeable,variable mood32
Ailments after mortification21
Nymphomania during menses32
Nymphomania after suppressed menses32
Nymphomania during metrorrhagia31
Puerperal nymphomania32
Easily offended22
Prostation of mind21
Quiet disposition21
Rage,fury, evening31
Religious affections22
Religious affections alternating with sexual excitment32
Restlessness at midnight on waking31
Anxious restlessness31
Restlessness during chill31
Restlessness during menses31
Tremulous restlessness32
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness, morning32
Sadness, afternoon31
Sadness, evening32
Sadness, night31
Sadness, midnight31
Sadness,open air amelioration33
Sadness after anger31
Sadness during chill31
Sadness from masturbation32
Sadness during menses31
Sadness,in sunshine amelioration31
Sadness on waking31
Sadness,walking in open air amelioration31
Sadness in a warm room32
Ailments from scorn22
Sensitive to noise32
Shrieking for aid31
Shrieking with the pain32
Sighing during menses31
Inclination to sit21
Sits still32
Things appear smaller33
Wandering speech32
Averse to being spoken to21
Everything seems strange31
Striking about him at imaginary objects31
Suicidal disposition21
Suicidal disposition but lacks courage31
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn33
Taciturn in the evening32
Taciturn in open air31
Sexual thoughts intrude and crowd around each other32
Persistent thoughts31
Persistent thoughts on waking31
Unfriendly humor21
Rage leading to violent deeds31
Weary of life21
Wepping,tearful mood23
Weeping, morning31
Weeping, evening32
Admonitions cause weeping31
Weeping,open air amelioration32
Weeping aloud31
Weeping alternating with cheerfulness31
Weeping alternating with laughter32
Weeping ameliorates symptoms32
Weeping after anger32
Wepping during the chill31
Weeping,consolation aggravation32
Weeping with headache31
Wepping during the heat31
Involuntary weeping33
Weeping from joy32
Weeping during menses32
Weeping with the pains32
Weeping in room32
Weeping at sad thoughts31
Weeping when spoken to32
Aversion to mental work21
Vertigo,sensation of ascending32
Vertigo on descending stairs32
Vertigo on entering house31
Vertigo on entering house after walking31
Vertigo on looking upwards31
Vertigo during menses31
Vertigo,suppressed menses31
Vertigo from motion of eyes31
Paroxysmal vertigo21
Vertigo on rising21
Vertigo while sitting22
Vertigo while standing21
Vertigo on entering a warm room31
Sensation of a ball rising up,head21
Ball beating against skull on beginning to walk31
Sensation as of board or bar before head21
Head coldness after stool31
Occiput coldness31
Temples coldness31
Vertex coldness31
Head congestion,hyperaemia21
Head constriction22
Head constriction,band or hoop31
Head constriction during menses31
Head constriction as if by string31
Head constriction,warm room31
Forehead constriction32
Forehead intermittent constriction31
Temples constriction32
Sensation of contraction of scalp21
Enlarged head sensation22
Falling of head forward31
As if everything would fall out of forehead31
Head heat21
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness from motion31
Head heaviness on stooping31
Knocking like a ball striking skull31
Motions,movements,etc.,in head21
Motions in head,evening31
Motions in head while walking in open air31
Sensation of head numbness22
Sensation of brain numbness32
Head numbness during menses31
Head numbness,walking in open air amelioration32
Sensation of forehead numbness33
Forehead numbness as if from a blow31
Forehead numbness,warm room31
Forehead numbness extending to nasal bone32
Sensation of occiput numbness31
Occiput numbness as if too tightly bound32
Sensation of temples numbness33
Sensation of vertex numbness32
Vertex numbness preceded by feeling as if scalp and brain were contr31
Headache in general21
Headache,morning,ceases toward evening31
Headache on waking31
Headache,1 to 10 p.m.31
Headache,5 to 9 p.m.31
Headache about midnight31
Headache from cold air31
Headache,in open air amelioration31
Headache from anger32
Headache as if ball were beating against skull on beginning to walk31
Headache,on closing eyes amelioration31
Headache while in company or crowd31
Headache after eating31
Headache after fright32
Gastric headache31
Hysterical headache32
Headache increasing and decreasing gradually32
Headache,intermittent pains31
Headache from looking upward31
Headache while lying32
Headache before menses32
Pain at commencement of menses31
Headache during menses32
Headache after menses31
Headache from mental exertion31
Headache from motion31
Headache on moving head31
Headache on moving eyes31
Nervous headache32
Headache,paroxysmal pains31
Periodic headache31
Headache with perspiration31
Headache during pregnancy31
Pulsating headache31
Headache,while reading aggravation32
Rheumatic headache31
Headache after riding in a carriage31
Headache in a crowded room33
Headache while sitting31
Headache from stooping31
Headache while walking31
Headache while walking in open air31
Headache,amel.while walking in open air32
Headache,warm room aggravation33
Headache,waves of pain31
Headache,worm complaints31
Pain,wrapping up the head31
Forehead pain22
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain while eating31
Forehead pain during menses31
Forehead pain in a room31
Forehead pain in a warm room31
Forehead pain from stooping31
Forehead pain,using eyes32
Forehead pain while walking in open air31
Forehead pain amel.while walking in open air32
Headache forehead extending to occiput31
Above eyes headache31
Above eyes pulsating pain31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Occiput pain21
One side headache23
Both sides headache31
Right side headache31
Left side headache32
Sides headache,evening in bed31
Temples pain23
Headache,right temple to left31
Temples pain,afternoon31
Temples pain,rubbing amelioration31
Temples pain from stooping31
Headache as from blows21
Headache,boring pain22
Forehead boring pain22
Burning headache21
Temples burning pain31
Left temple burning pain31
Forehead burrowing pain31
Over eyes burrowing pain31
Over eyes burrowing pain while walking31
Cramping headache22
Forehead cramping pain32
Temples cramping pain31
Temples cramping pain,afternoon32
Drawing headache22
Forehead drawing pain22
Occiput drawing pain21
Head sides drawing pain21
Head sides drawing pain,twitching31
Temples drawing pain21
Left temple drawing pain31
Headache,dull pain21
Forehead dull pain32
Headache as from a plug,peg or wedge21
Head sides pain as from a plug,peg or wedge32
Headache,pressing pain22
Pressing headache,cramplike32
Pressing downward headache31
Pressing inward headache32
Pressing headache during menses31
Pressing headache as if in a vice33
Pressing headache as from weight31
Brain as if bound up,pressing pain21
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain,compelled to close the eyes31
Forehead cramp-like pressing pain33
Forehead pressing pain,crowded room32
Forehead pressing pain after dinner31
Forehead pressing pain,intermittent31
Forehead pressing inward pain32
Forehead pressing pain,motion of head31
Forehead pressing outward pain31
Forehead pain as though brain would come out31
Forehead pressing pain,paroxysmal31
Forehead pressing pain from stooping31
Forehead pressing pain while walking in open air31
Forehead pressing pain in a warm room32
Forehead right side pressing pain32
Forehead left side pressing pain31
Occiput pressing pain,as weight or stone31
Head sides pressing inward pain31
Temples pressing pain23
Temples pressing inward pain32
Temples pressing pain as if in vice31
Vertex pressing pain21
Vertex pressing inward pain31
Shooting pain extending from temple to temple31
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure21
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Head sides sore bruised pain21
Head right side sore pain31
Head sides sore pain in spots31
Stitching headache21
Stitching headache,evening31
Stitching headache while in bed31
Stitching headache after menses31
Stitching headache,scratching amelioration31
Forehead stitching pain22
Forehead stitching pain after menses31
Head sides stitching pain21
Head left side stitching pain32
Head sides stitching pain,evening31
Temples stitching pain21
Left temple stitching pain31
Forehead stunning pain31
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Pain as if torn head21
Head shaking sensation21
Forehead shocks31
Head sides shocks31
Temples shocks32
As though brain were striking against the skull21
Head tingling21
Temples tingling31
Temples tingling with coldness of spot31
Head trembling sensation21
Warm coverings on head aggravation21
Agglutinated eye21
Coldness in eyes32
Cracks in canthi21
Canthi crawling31
Distorted eyes22
Eyes glassy appearance22
Heat in eye21
Cornea inflammation31
Lachrymation during headache32
Eyeballs upward movement31
Eye pain21
Eye pain,forenoon31
Eye pain,evening31
Eye pain,evening on looking at light31
Eye pain,closing amelioration31
Eye pain from exertion of vision31
Eye pain from artificial light31
Eye pain when looking steadily31
Eye paroxysmal pain31
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye drawing pain21
Eye gnawing pain22
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc22
Eye pressing pain,forenoon31
Eye pain as from sand21
Eye protrusion22
Pupils insensible to light32
Lids quivering32
Spasms of lids21
Sunken eye22
Eye tension21
Lids tension31
Lids twitching32
Weak eye21
Slow accomodation32
Blurred vision22
Bright colors before the eyes21
Confused vision22
Flickering before headache32
Foggy vision22
Vision mistakes22
Objects seem small22
Sparks before headache32
Trembling objects22
Cold air in ear31
Ear coldness22
Coldness in ear meatus32
Ear redness31
Ear formication21
Ear meatus formication31
Ear heat21
External ear itching31
Noises in ear22
Noises in ear,morning31
Noises in ear,evening31
Noises in ear while lying31
Noises in ear,noise aggravation31
Buzzing in ear23
Distant cannonnading in ear31
Noises like a spitting cat in ear21
Fluttering sounds in ear23
Reports in ear21
Reports as of distant shots31
Reverberating sound (includes echoes and re-echoes)21
Ringing in ear23
Roaring in ear22
Roaring while lying31
Rolling sound in ear22
Rolling sound,morning32
Rumbling in ear22
Rushing noise in ear21
Thundering in ear22
Whizzing in ear22
Whizzing,evening after lying down31
Whizzing,night,while in bed amelioration31
Sound of wind in ear21
Sound of wind,noise aggravation31
Ear numbness22
Numbness in mastoid33
Ear pain22
Pain inside the ear (meatus)22
Ear pain as from blow21
Boring pain in ear21
Ear burning pain21
Ear bursting sensation23
Cramp in ear22
Ear digging pain21
Drawing pain in ear22
Drawing pain in left ear31
Ear jerking pain23
Ear pressing pain22
Pressing pain behind ear32
Inside ear spasmodic pain32
Stitching pain in ear22
Tearing pain in ear22
Sensation of stopped ear21
Strokes,blows in ears21
Ear tingling21
Ear twitching21
Sensation of wind in ear31
Sensation of wind passing into or blowing upon ear31
Impaired hearing21
Impaired hearing,confusion of sonds31
Lost hearing22
Nose catarrh21
Coryza in open air31
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Coryza with discharge in open air31
Coryza without discharge (dry)32
Dry coryza followed by fluent31
Dry coryza,warm room31
One-sided coryza31
Nose copious discharge31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood33
Epistaxis,dark,black blood31
Nose numbness21
Nose right side numbness of bones31
Nose obstruction21
Nose one-sided alternately obstruction31
Nose obstruction,warm room31
Paroxysmal pain in nose31
Pain in nose,pulsating31
Pain in nose root31
Nose biting pain21
Nose burning,smarting pain21
Nose cramping pain21
Nose bone right side cramping pain31
Nose root cramping pain32
Nose wings cramping pain31
Nose left wing cramping pain31
Nose outer part gnawing pain as of something acrid31
Acute smell22
Sneezing ineffectual efforts32
Sneezing,tingling in nose31
Sneezing while walking in open air31
Nose inside tingling31
Sense of nose torpor21
Nose twitching22
Nose left wing twitching31
Bleeding lips21
Chlorotic face23
Face coldness23
Face right side coldness33
Face coldness with chill32
Sense of face coldness32
Sensation of face coldness on one side32
Sense of chin coldness33
Lips coldness31
Lower jaw coldness33
Cracked lips22
Maxillary articulation cramp21
Bluish circles around eyes31
Bluish chin31
Face changing color23
Pale face22
Red face22
Red face,5 to 9 p.m.31
Red face alternating with paleness31
Glowing red face32
Red face during headache31
Red face during maniacal rage31
Face distortion21
Mouth distortion31
Drawn face22
Lips dryness31
Lips eruption31
Nose eruption31
Face biting eruption21
Lips burning eruption31
Face painful eruption21
Face scurfy eruption21
Face stinging,painful eruption21
Lips vesicles31
Suffering expression31
Face formication23
Face right side formication32
Lower jaw formication33
Face heat22
Face heat,evening31
Face burning heat31
Sensation of face heat31
Face numbness23
Face right side numbness33
Face right side numbness during chill33
Face affected side numbness32
Cheek numbness32
Chin numbness32
Lips numbness31
Numbness about mouth31
Zygoma numbness33
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)23
Face right side pain32
Face pain,forenoon31
Face pain,evening32
Face pain,night31
Face pain,open air aggravation21
Face pain when chewing31
Face pain,gradually increasing and decreasing32
Face inflammatory pain31
Face pain while lying31
Face pain,motion amelioration32
Face pain with numbness32
Face paroxysmal pain31
Face pain,pulsating32
Face pain,rubbing amelioration31
Face stunning pain32
Face pain,warm bed aggravation31
Cheek pain32
Below eye pain (infra-orbital)31
Lower jaw pain32
Lower jaw pain,evening32
Face boring pain23
Face right side boring pain32
Face boring pain,night aggravation32
Face burning pain22
Face cramp-like pain21
Lips cramp-like pain31
Left malar bone cramp-like pain32
Face digging pain22
Lower jaw digging pain32
Face drawing pain22
Cheek bones drawing pain32
Cheek bones pressing pain32
Chin pressing pain31
Zygoma pressing pain32
Face stitching pain22
Face tearing pain22
Face right side tearing pain32
Chin tearing pain31
Face cold perspiration31
Lower jaw pulsation31
Sunken face22
Face swelling22
Tension of skin on chin31
Face tingling21
Twitching around mouth31
Chin distended veins32
Mouth sensation of coldness21
Cracked gums31
Cracked fissured tongue31
Tongue crawling32
Blue tongue32
Mouth dryness21
Mouth mucus after eating31
Mouth viscid mucus31
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue edges burning pain31
Mouth pain as if burnt21
Tongue pain as if burnt32
Tongue centre pain as if burnt31
Tongue prickling31
Stammering speech32
Thick speech32
Slimy taste31
Sweetish taste32
Sensation of thick tongue22
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth21
Teeth numbness21
Teeth numbness,morning after rising31
Incisors pain31
Molars pain31
Upper teeth pain31
Lower teeth pain31
Toothache,morning after rising31
Toothache,cold air21
Paroxysmal toothache32
Pulsating toothache31
Toothache after standing up31
Digging toothache21
Drawing toothache22
Jerking toothache21
Choking,throat constricting22
Throat dryness22
Diposition to hawk21
Throat jerking21
Sensation of lump rising in throat32
Throat mucus22
Throat mucus,morning31
Throat frothy mucus31
Throat pain21
Throat right side pain31
Throat pain on empty swallowing31
Throat pain when not swallowing31
Throat drawing pain21
Throat pressing pain21
Throat rawness pain22
Throat stitching pain on hawking31
Throat roughness22
Throat scraping21
Throat scratching22
Sensation of a skin hanging in the throat21
Oesophagus spasms32
Disposition to swallow from contraction in larynx31
Tonsils swelling31
Right tonsil swelling31
Painful goitre32
External throat right side drawing pain31
External throat side drawing pain,twitching31
Larynx constriction31
Trachea irritation31
Laryngismus stridulus21
Scraping,clearing larynx21
Scraping,clearing larynx after eating31
Tickling in trachea31
Lost voice31
Lost voice,hysterical31
Anxious respiration22
Arrested respiration21
Arrested respiration,walking against the wind31
Asthmatic respiration21
Deep respiration22
Deep respiration is impossible31
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration in open air31
Difficult respiration during menses31
Difficult respiration,walking31
Difficult respiration,walking against the wind31
Difficult respiration,weakness of respiratory organs31
Slow respiration21
Dry cough22
Dry cough during fever31
Dry cough before menses31
Cough during fever21
Hysterical attack of cough,women31
Cough before menses21
Hysterical cough before menses31
Hysterical cough during menses31
Cough from larynx scrapping31
Cough short22
Cough from tickling in trachea31
Cough during variola21
Violent cough21
Spitting of dark blood31
Hawking up mucus22
Anxiety in chest21
Region of heart anxiety32
Heart anxiety before headache31
Apprehension,region of heart31
Chilliness in chest after stool31
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest sides constriction31
Chest sides constriction,lying down aggravation31
Chest cramp22
Cramp gradually increasing and decreasing in mammae31
Sensation of chest emptiness21
Endocardium inflammation31
Endocardium rheumatic inflammation31
Pericardium inflammation31
Chest oppression22
Chest pain during inspiration31
Chest pain,deep respiration31
Region of clavicle pain31
Chest side pain,deep respiration31
Chest burning pain22
Chest burning pain,external32
Burning pain between the ribs31
Region of heart burning pain31
Chest drawing pain21
Chest drawing pain extending to groins31
Chest griping pain21
Chest pressing pain22
Chest squeezing sensation22
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,inspiring31
Chest stitching pain,can lie only on the back31
Costal cartilages of short ribs near sternum stitching pain31
Mammae stitching pain31
Chest sides stitching pain31
Chest left side stitching pain32
Chest side stitching pain,deep respiration31
Chest side stitching pain,scratching amelioration31
Heart stitching pain31
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart palpitation on ascending steps31
Heart palpitation in company31
Heart palpitation after excitement32
Heart palpitation,mental exertion32
Palpitation,lying on right side aggravation31
Heart palpitation,talking31
Heart tumultuous,violent,vehement palpitation32
Heart palpitation on waking31
Palpitation,walking in open air31
Costal cartilages pulsation31
Chest shocks22
Heart trembling32
Chest weakness22
Chest weakness,deep respiration32
Appetite,easy satiety23
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Hunger after eating31
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite22
Appetite without relish21
Wanting appetite21
Wanting appetite from sadness31
Aversion to everything21
Aversion to food22
Aversion to meat22
Aversion to meat during menses31
Sensation of blows in pit of stomach21
Stomach cancer21
Stomach constriction21
Desires cold drinks21
Desires tobacco21
Eructations ameliorate22
Eructation after breakfast32
Eructations after eating31
Eructations while fasting21
Ineffectual and incomplete eructations21
Empty eructations,morning32
Empty eructations,morning after fasting32
Empty eructations after eating32
Empty eructations while fasting31
Fluid eructations22
Eructations,food regurgitation21
Eructations like hiccough21
Eructations like hiccough after dinner31
Loud eructations23
Loud eructations while fasting33
Sweetish eructations21
Eructations of water21
Stomach fermentation22
Stomach formication21
Sensation of stomach fullness21
Stomach fullness,morning when fasting31
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression22
Stomach jerking21
Loathing of food22
Constant nausea31
Nausea during headache31
Nausea during pregnancy31
Nausea on rising31
Nausea on rising up in bed31
Nausea while walking31
Stomach pain,morning31
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain21
Stomach gnawing pain,morning31
Stomach pressing pain22
Stomach pressing pain after eating31
Stomach scraping pain21
Stomach stitching pain22
Stomach tearing pain21
Stomach pulsation21
Stomach shock21
Stomach tension21
Thirst, midnight31
Extreme thirst31
Thirst after supper31
Stomach twisting21
Stomach twisting,morning31
Stomach twitching21
Vomiting during headache31
Vomiting during pregnancy31
Anxiety in abdomen21
Anxiety in abdomen after stool31
Abdomen constriction22
Region of umbilicus constriction32
Umbilicus contraction32
Umbilicus contraction during sleep32
Sensation as if diarrhea would come on22
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,evening31
Abdomen flatulence22
Flatulence,obstructed abdomen32
Abdomen formication23
Abdomen voluptuous formication33
Abdomen fullness,morning31
Abdomen gurgling21
Liver and region of liver21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,morning32
Abdomen aching,morning in bed31
Abdomen aching,evening31
Abdomen aching comes gradually and goes gradually31
Abdomen aching as if diarrhoea would come on32
Abdomen aching from fright31
Abdomen aching from lead32
Abdomen aching before menses32
Abdomen aching during menses32
Abdomen aching after menses31
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear32
Abdomen paroxysmal aching31
Abdomen aching extending downward31
Hypogastrium aching dull pain23
Hypogastrium aching before menses31
Hypogastrium aching during menses32
Hypogastrium aching after menses32
Iliac region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain22
Inguinal region aching,inspiration31
Inguinal region aching during menses32
Inguinal region aching after menses32
Inguinal region aching as if menses would come on31
Inguinal region aching extending to genitals32
Inguinal region aching extending to thigh31
Umbilicus aching dull pain22
Umbilicus aching extending to back31
Umbilicus aching extending downward31
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain22
Reg.of umbilicus aching,evening31
Reg.of umbilicus aching before diarrhoea31
Reg.of umbilicus aching,eating31
Reg.of umbilicus aching after rising31
Reg.of umbilicus aching extending downward31
Abdomen burning pain21
Hypochondria burning pain31
Left hypochondrium burning pain31
Hypogastrium left side burning pain31
Abdomen sides burning pain in spots31
Abdomen side burning pain,in flank31
Region of umbilicus burning pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain before menses32
Abdomen cramping pain during menses32
Region of umbilicus cramping pain22
Umbilical reg.cramping pain,evening31
Umbilical reg.cramping pain before diarrhoea31
Umbilical reg.cramping pain after eating31
Umbilical reg.cramping pain extending downward31
Abdomen cutting pain21
Abdomen cutting pain on appearance of menses33
Hypogastrium cutting pain after menses31
Hypogastrium cutting pain as though menses would reappear31
Umbilical region cutting pain31
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain22
Abdomen dragging pain before menses32
Abdomen dragging pain during menses33
Abdomen dragging pain with urging to stool31
Right hypochondrium dragging pain,pressure amelioration31
Inguinal region dragging pain22
Inguinal reg.dragging pain before menses31
Abdomen drawing pain22
Abdomen drawing pain during menses32
Left hypochondrium drawing pain31
Inguinal region drawing pain22
Inguinal reg.drawing pain as if menses would come on32
Drawing pain in flank31
Abdomen gnawing pain21
Abdomen lancinating pain21
Abdomen pressing pain22
Abdomen pressing pain during menses31
Left hypochondrium pressing pain32
Hypogastrium pressing pain23
Hypogastrium pressing pain,morning32
Hypogastrium pressing pain toward genitals32
Hypogastrium pain pressing toward groin32
Hypogastrium pressing pain before menses32
Hypogastrium pressing pain during menses32
Hypogastrium pain as if menses would come on33
Hypogastrium pressing outwards pain32
Inguinal region pressing pain22
Inguinal reg.pressing downward pain32
Inguinal reg.pressing pain during menses32
Inguinal reg.pressing pain after menses31
Inguinal reg.pressing pain extending to genitals32
Abdomen stitching pain,morning31
Abdomen sides stitching pain21
Abdomen sides stitching pain extending downward31
Umbilicus stitching pain22
Inguinal region tearing pain22
Inguinal reg.tearing pain,inspiration aggravation31
Inguinal tearing pain extending to thighs31
Abdomen twisting pain22
Umbilical region twisting pain21
Pendulous abdomen21
Abdomen retractation21
Rumblings in the bowels21
Complaints of spleen22
Abdomen tension22
Abdomen tension after dinner31
Hypochondria tension after stool31
Abdomen twitching and jerking21
Sense of abdomen weakness22
Abdomen weakness after stool31
Abdomen weakness,hard stool32
Constipation,difficult stool33
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining33
Constipation during menses33
Constipation during pregnancy33
Constipation from sedentary habits33
Constipation while travelling32
Rectum constriction after stool31
Diarrhoea during menses31
Painless diarrhoea31
Rectum fissure21
Flatus amelioration31
Flatus during diarrhea31
Difficult flatus31
Flatus after eating31
Odorless flatus32
Formication in anus22
Formication in anus,evening31
Formication in anus,evening in bed31
Haemorrhage from anus21
External haemorrhoids32
Haemorrhoids protrude during stool31
Inactivity of rectum22
Anus itching22
Anus itching,evening32
Anus itching,evening in bed31
Anus itching after stool31
Anus voluptuous itching31
Rectum pain during stool31
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum burning pain during stool32
Rectum cutting pain21
Rectum cutting pain during stool32
Rectum pressing pain21
Rectum pressing pain before stool33
Rectum pressing pain after stool31
Rectum stitching pain21
Rectum stitching pain before stool32
Rectum stitching pain after stool32
Rectum stitching pain after difficult stool32
Rectum tenesmus22
Rectum tenesmus,evening31
Rectum tenesmus before stool31
Rectum tenesmus after stool31
Rectum prolapsus after stool31
Anus tingling21
Anus tingling,evening31
Urging to stool22
Frequent urging to stool33
Urging to stool with every labor pain31
Urging to stool during stool31
Sudden urging to stool31
Ascarides in rectum31
Stool like black balls32
Black stool22
Crumbling stool22
Dry stool22
Forcible,sudden gushing stool21
Hard stool22
Hard stool as if burnt32
Knotty,nodular,lumpy stool22
Lienteric stool21
Pasty stool22
Scanty stool22
Stool like sheep dung21
Soft stool22
Tenacious stool23
Involuntary dribbling urination31
Urination feeble stream (slow)21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination during menses31
Bloody urine,clots32
Cloudy urine21
Cloudy urine on standing32
White clouds in urine31
Pale urine21
Red urine22
Adherent sediment in urine21
Cloudy sediment in urine21
Cloudy white sediment in urine31
Watery urine,clear as water21
Coition,absent enjoyment32
Troublesome erections23
Troublesome erections,morning on waking31
Troublesome erections,night33
Continued erections22
Continued erections,night31
Violent erections23
Male genitalia formication23
Scrotum formication21
Testes fretting sensation (corrosion)21
Penis heat21
Male genitalia itching23
Male genitalia voluptuous itching33
Penis itching23
Scrotum itching21
Disposition to masturbation23
Masturbation during sleep32
Penis numbness21
Male genitalia biting pain21
Scrotum biting pain21
Scrotum burning pain21
Testes burning pain21
Testes gnawing pain21
Male genitalia pressing pain22
Male genitalia pressing downwards pain32
Male genitalia sore,bruised pain23
Penis stitching pain21
Too quick seminal discharge32
Nightly seminal emissions22
Male genitals sensitiveness23
Scrotum sensitiveness21
Increased sexual passion33
Excessive sexual passion32
Easy excitement of sexual passion31
Complaints from suppressing the sexual passion31
Violent sexual passion33
Violent sedual passion with trembling33
Scrotum tingling21
Ovaries abscess21
Uterus cancer21
Aversion to coition21
Coition with enjoyment absent (female)21
Female genitalia coldness21
Female genitalia coldness during menses31
Female genitalia congestion21
Ovaries congestion21
Uterus constriction21
Vagina constriction21
Uterus hour-glass contractions32
Female desire increased23
Insatiable female desire32
Desire increased,lying-in-women32
Desire increased during menses32
Desire increased during metrorrhagia31
Desire increased during pregnancy31
Violent female desire22
Violent female desire with involuntary orgasms33
Violent desire driving her to masturbation32
Desire in virgins23
Displacement of uterus22
Ovaries dropsy21
Enlarged uterus21
Female genitalia eruptions21
Female genitalia formication22
Female genitalia heaviness22
Genitalia heaviness during menses32
Ovaries heaviness22
Ovaries induration21
Uterus induration32
Uterus cervix induration32
Uterus os induration31
Ovaries inflammation22
Ovaries inflammation after haemorrhage32
Ovaries inflammation from sexual excesses32
Female genitalia irritation21
Ovaries irritation21
Female genitalia itching23
Genitalia itching during menses31
Female genitalia voluptuous itching33
Leucorrhoea,daytime only31
Albuminous leucorrhoea22
Bland leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea from masturbation22
Leucorrhoea before menses21
Leucorrhoea after menses32
Leucorrhoea from sexual excitement21
Transparent leucorrhoea22
White leucorrhoea22
Acrid lochia21
Copious lochia32
Dark lochia32
Lochia gushing32
Intermittent lochia32
Protracted lochia32
Suppressed lochia31
Disposition to masturbation22
As if menses would appear22
Black menses22
Pitch-like black menses32
Bright-red menses21
Clotted menses23
Clotted dark menses32
Copious menses23
Copious menses,aged women32
Copious menses with nymphomania31
Copious menses,and short duration32
Dark menses23
Menses,fluid blood containing clots21
Frequent menses,too early,too soon23
Late menses22
Offensive menses22
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea22
Pitch-like menses22
Menses during pregnancy21
Protracted menses23
The periods return in an old woman32
Short duration menses22
Stringy menses21
Suppressed menses21
Menses suppressed in emigrants32
Menses suppressed in plethoric women31
Tenacious menses22
Thick menses22
Active metrorrhagia31
Black metrorrhagia33
Coagulated metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,dark blood32
Dark fluid metrorrhagia31
Dark fluid and thick metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor32
Painless metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia,thick blood31
Metrorrhagia,thin,fluid blood31
Female genitalia numbness22
Female genitalia pain21
Ovaries pain22
Left ovary pain32
Left ovary pain extending to small of back31
Ovaries pain with chronic gonorrhoea32
Ovaries pain after coition32
Ovaries pain during menses32
Ovaries pain extending to back31
Ovaries pain extending through groin toward left leg31
Uterus pain22
Uterus pain after coition32
Uterus pain comes and goes gradually32
Uterus maddening pain32
Uterus pain during menses32
Uterus paroxysmal pain33
Uterus pain during pregnancy31
Vagina pain during coition32
Female genitalia bearing-down pain21
Ovaries bearing down pain21
Bearing-down,uterus and its region23
Uterus bearing-down pain on ascending steps32
Uterus bearing-down pain as if everything would come out32
Uterus bearing-down pain before menses32
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses32
Uterus bearing-down with urging to stool31
Uterus bearing-down pain,walking aggravation32
Female genitalia burning pain while urinating31
Ovaries burning pain22
Ovaries paroxysmal burning pain32
Vagina constricting pain22
Ovaries cramping pain21
Uterus cramping pain22
Uterus cramping pain during menses32
Uterus cramping pain after menses31
Ovaries drawing pain22
Ovaries drawing pain after coition31
Uterus drawing pain21
Uterus drawing pain after coition32
Ovaries gnawing pain21
Labor-like pain23
Labor-like pain before menses31
Labor-like pain during menses32
Labor-like pain after menses31
Ceasing labor pains31
Distressing labor pains31
Ineffectual labor pains31
Interrupted labor pains32
Left-sided labor pains31
Spasmodic labor pains31
Labor pains causing urging to stool31
Weak labor pains31
Female genitalia pinching pain21
Ovaries pinching pain22
Female genitalia pressing pain during menses32
Ovaries pressing pain21
Ovaries pressing pain as though menses would reappear32
Ovaries pressing pain with urging to stool after menses32
Uterus pressing pain22
Uterus pressing pain as if menses would appear31
Vagina pressing pain during menses31
Female genitals sore pain,tenderness23
Ovaries sore pain,tenderness22
Right ovary sore pain,tenderness31
Left ovary sore pain,tenderness31
Ovaries sore pain during menses31
Vagina sore pain,tenderness22
Vagina sore pain during coition32
Vagina sore pain preventing coition32
Ovaries stitching pain22
Right ovary stitching pain32
Uterus stitching pain21
Ovaries tearing pain22
Left ovary tearing pain31
Genitalia tearing pain during menses31
Uterus polypus22
Uterus prolapsus23
Sensitive female genitalia23
Sensitive vagina23
Sterility from excessive sexual desires32
Female genitalia voluptuous tingling23
Female genitalia erectile tumors31
Ovaries tumors22
Ovary cysts32
Ovaries fibroid31
Uterus fibroid31
Vaginismus during coition32
Vaginismus preventing coition31
Back coldness (including chill)21
Coccyx heat31
Hyperaesthesia skin,back21
Cervical region numbness32
Sacrum numbness31
Sacrum numbness while sitting31
Coccyx numbness33
Coccyx numbness during menses31
Coccyx numbness while sitting33
Back pain21
Back pain,bending backward aggravation31
Back pain before menses31
Back pain during menses31
Back pain,pressure31
Back pain while walking31
Back pain, yawning31
Cervical reg.pain on turning head31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar reg.pain,bending backward31
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Lumbar region pain,pressure31
Lumbar region pain while walking31
Lumbar pain extending to groins and down legs31
Lumbar pain extending down the legs31
Sacral region pain21
Sacral reg.pain,bending backward31
Sacral reg.pain extending to groin31
Sacral reg.pain extending down legs31
Coccyx pain21
Coccyx pain,suppressed menses31
Coccyx pain while sitting31
Coccyx aching while sitting31
As though the back would break,lumbar region31
Back pain as if broken21
Back as if broken after walking31
Lumbar reg.pain as if broken31
Lumbar if broken,bending back aggravation31
Lumbar if broken after walking31
Sacrum as if broken31
Cervical reg.cramp-like pain31
Back cutting pain21
Back pressing pain21
Back pressing pain,plug-like sensation31
Lumbar region pressing pain32
Lumbar pressing pain during menses31
Midle of spine pressing pain as from a plug31
Back soreness,bruised,beaten23
Lumbar region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Lumbar soreness,bending backward31
Lumbar soreness,pressure aggravation31
Last lumbar vertebra soreness31
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Spine soreness,spinal irritation32
Spinal irritation,lumbar region32
Back stitching,shooting pain22
Lumbar region stitching,shooting pain32
Cervical region stiffness32
Cervical region tension32
Lumbar tension after stool31
Cervical region weakness32
Abducted lower limbs31
Sensation as if bandaged23
Lower limbs sensation as if bandaged32
Thigh sensation as if bandaged32
Knee sensation as if bandaged31
First toe sensation as if bandaged32
Upper limbs chilliness32
Right upper limb chilliness31
Upper limbs chilliness after stool31
Fingers clenching22
Foot coldness31
Foot coldness during headache31
Thigh compression32
Knee compression31
First toe compression31
Lower limbs constriction32
Nates constriction31
Thigh constriction33
Thigh constriction as from a tightly drawn bandage33
Thigh constriction while sitting32
Knee constriction32
Leg constriction32
Ankles constriction32
Big toe constriction32
Fingers contraction32
Thigh contraction31
Foot contraction31
Toes contraction31
Upper limbs convulsion32
Upper limb convulsion in prosopalgia31
Hand convulsion31
Extremities cramps23
Joints cramps33
Shoulder cramps32
Forearm cramps31
Forearm cramps,resting elbow31
Forearm anterior part cramps31
Hand cramps31
Hand cramps,exertion31
Hand cramps,grasping31
Hand cramps while writing31
Ball of hand cramps31
Thigh cramps32
Thigh cramps while sitting31
Leg cramps31
Calf cramps while sitting31
Calf cramps,while sitting aftr walking31
Calf cramps after walking31
Ankle cramps32
Ankle cramps with feeling as if extremities were going to sleep32
Foot cramps31
Sole vcramps,night when rising31
Toes cramps31
Upper limbs redness spots31
Upper arm blue spots31
Forearm blue discoloration31
Drawing up limbs aggravation21
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Extremities drawn upwards21
Extremities drawn upwards, morning31
Extremities drawn upwards,morning on waking31
Leg sensation of enlargement32
Extremities pimples31
Upper limbs pimples eruption31
Fingers difficult extension21
Feet extension31
Flexed fingers32
Upper limbs formication31
Hand formication32
Fingers formication31
Finger tips formication31
Lower limbs formication32
Leg formication32
Leg formication, evening32
Leg formication while sitting32
Toes formication31
First toe formication31
Letting limbs hang down aggravation21
Lower limbs heat31
Lower limbs heat, night31
Leg heat, morning31
Upper limbs heaviness31
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs32
Lower limbs heaviness while sitting31
Knee heaviness,tired knee32
Leg heaviness,tired leg31
Foot heaviness,tired foot32
Foot heaviness while sitting32
Extremeities itching21
Upper limbs itching31
Upper limbs itching here and there31
Wrist itching31
Hand itching31
Fingers itching31
Finger tips itching31
Lower limbs itching31
Lower limbs itching,sticking31
Toes itching31
Toes itching,sticking31
Firts toe itching31
First toe itching,sticking31
Upper limbs jerking31
Lower limbs jerking32
Thigh jerking31
Leg jerking31
Toes knocked together31
Extremities numbness21
Joints numbness31
Upper limb numbness33
Upper arm numbness31
Fingers numbness33
Fourth finger numbness32
Thumb numbness31
Lower limbs numbness31
Thigh numbness31
Knee numbness32
Leg numbness33
Leg numbness,evening32
Leg numbness,evening while sitting32
Leg numbness in bed31
Leg numbness while sitting32
Foot numbness32
Foot numbness while sitting32
Extremties pain21
Extremities rheumatic pain31
Joints pain,jerking31
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain on hanging down31
Upper limbs pain on taking hold of anything31
Upper limb bones pain31
Elbow pain31
Forearm pain31
Forearm paroxysmal pain31
Ulna pain31
Hand paroxysmal pain31
Fingers pain31
Fingers paroxysmal pain31
Fingers pain extending to elbow31
Under nails pain as from splinters31
First finger first phalanx pain31
Lower limbs pain22
Lower limbs pain,beginning to move32
Sciatica beginning at ankle31
Lower limbs pain while sitting31
Lower limbs pain by touch31
Hip pain31
Thigh pain while walking31
Knee pain32
Left knee pain32
Leg pain32
Ankle pain31
Foot pain31
Foot bones pain31
Sole pain31
Toes pain32
Toes pain, night31
First toe pain31
First toe joints gouty pain31
Thigh sensation as if broken31
Extremities burning pain21
Extremities burning pain,wandering31
Limbs joints burning pain32
Upper limbs burning pain31
Elbow burning pain32
Wrist burning pain31
Hand burning pain31
Fingers burning pain31
Lower limbs burning pain31
Knee burning pain31
Ankle burning pain31
Toes burning pain31
Toes burning pain, night31
Upper arm cutting pain32
Kneee cutting pain31
Leg cutting pain32
Foot cutting pain31
Foot cutting pain transversaly across31
Extremities drawing pain22
Extremities cramp-like drawing32
Limb joints drawing pain31
Joints cramp-like drawing32
Upper limbs drawing pain32
Shoulder drawing pain32
Shoulder cramp-like drawing32
Upper arm drawing pain32
Forearm drawing pain32
Forearm cramp-like drawing31
Hand drawing pain31
Hand cramp-like drawing32
Hand jerk-like drawing31
Fingers drawing pain31
Fingers drawing extending to elbow31
Finger joints drawing pain31
First finger drawing31
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Hip drawing pain31
Hip cramp-like drawing31
Thigh drawing pain32
Thigh cramp-like drawing31
Thigh drawing while sitting31
Thigh drawing while walking31
Thigh drawing above the knee31
Thigh upper part drawing32
Knee drawing pain31
Leg drawing pain31
Calf drawing31
Calf cramp-like drawing31
Heel drawing pain32
Toes drawing pain31
Toes cramp-like drawing31
First toe drawing pain31
First toe cramp-like drawing31
Wrist gnawing pain31
Hand gnawing pain31
Lower limbs gnawing pain31
Forearm pressing pain32
Hand pressing32
Fingers pressing pain32
Hollow of knee pressing31
Hollow of knee pressing while sitting31
Foot pressing pain32
Back of foot tremulous pressing31
Sole pressing pain31
Sole pressing while sitting31
First toe pressing pain32
First toe pressing as if tighly envelopped32
Extremities cramp-like shooting31
Sore bruised upper limbs32
Sore bruised shoulder31
Sore,bruised upper arm31
Sore bruised upper arm on motion31
Sore bruised upper arm,stretching limb aggravation31
Sore bruised thigh32
Sore bruised middle of thigh31
Sore bruised middle of thigh while sitting31
Sore bruised knee32
Sore bruised ankle31
Sore bruised toes31
Sprained ankle31
Extremities cramp-like stitching pain31
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Shoulder stitching pain31
Upper arm stitching pain32
Wrist stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain,evening in bed31
Hand stitching pain,wandering31
Fingers stitching pain31
Finger joints stitching pain31
Leg stitching pain32
Toes stitching pain31
Joints tearing pain32
Nails tearing pain31
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Hand tearing pain31
Back of foot tearing pain31
Toes tearing pain32
Toes tearing pain,night31
First toe ulcerative tearing pain31
Extremities paralysis22
Upper limbs paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis32
Sensation of left upper limb paralysis32
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis during sleep31
Sensation of upper arm paralysis32
Forearm paralysis31
Sensation of hand paralysis during sleep31
Forearm pulsation31
Fingers pulsation31
Thigh pulsation31
Leg pulsation31
Leg pulsation in spots31
Calf pulsation31
Calf pulsation while sitting31
Toes pulsation31
First toe pulsation31
Upper limbs relaxation31
Extremities restlessness22
Lower limbs restlessness32
Lower limbs restlessness while sitting31
Lower limbs restlessness while standing31
Thigh restlessness32
Thigh restlessness while sitting31
Thigh tremulous restlessness31
Leg restlessness32
Leg restlessness,evening32
Leg restlessness while sitting32
Feet restlessness31
Leg shocks31
Extremities stiffness during convulsion33
Upper limbs stiffness31
Upper limbs stiffness,paralytic31
Forearm stiffness31
Forearm cramp-like stiffness31
Hand stiffness31
Hand cramp-like stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness33
Lower limbs stiffness,evening32
Lower limbs stiffness while sitting31
Knee stiffness33
Knee stiffness,evening32
Stretched leg32
Stretched leg,morning on waking32
Lower limbs swelling,pulsating pain31
Lower limbs swelling,tearing pain31
Toes swelling31
Extremities tension22
Lower limbs tension31
Hip tension31
Thigh tension32
Thigh tension while sitting32
Hollow of knee tension31
Hollow of knee tension,walking in open air31
Calf tension31
Calf tension while sitting31
Foot tension31
Foot tension,evening31
Foot tension while sitting31
Toes tension31
First toe tension31
Upper limbs tingling,prickling,asleep31
Back of hand tingling31
First finger tingling31
Knee tingling31
Extremities trembling22
Extremities trembling during chill31
Extremities trembling during menses31
Hand trembling32
Hand trembling with anxiety32
Hand trembling on holding hand free31
Hands trembling on holding them out31
Fingers trembling31
Thumb trembling31
Thigh trembling32
Thigh trembling while sitting31
Knee trembling32
Leg trembling,evening31
Leg trembling,evening after lying down31
Leg trembling while sitting32
Foot trembling32
Extremities twitching as from electric shocks31
Extremities wandering twitching31
Upper limbs twitching31
Forearm twitching31
Hand twitching32
Fingers twitching31
Lower limbs twitching31
Lower limbs twitching after walking31
Leg twitching31
Leg twitching while sitting31
Leg twitching extending downward31
Sole twitching31
Sole twitching while standing31
Upper limbs painless ulcers31
Fingers ulcers31
Finger nails ulcers31
Finger tips ulcers31
Lower limbs painless ulcers31
Toes ulcers31
Inclination to uncover lower limbs32
Inclination to uncover lower limbs,night32
Inclination to uncover leg,morning,on waking32
Extremities weakness21
Upper limbs weakness31
Upper limbs weakness,motion amelioration31
Shoulder weakness31
Lower limbs weakness32
Lower limbs weakness while standing31
Thigh weakness32
Thigh weakness after sitting31
Thigh weakness while standing31
Knee weakness32
Knee weakness on ascending stairs32
Knee weakness while standing31
Knee weakness while walking31
Hollow of knee weakness31
Hollow of knee weakness while sitting31
Leg weakness32
Leg weakness while sitting31
Leg weakness while walking31
Feet weakness32
Foot weakness while sitting31
Falling asleep while reading31
Sleep during perspiration21
Sleep position: arms over head31
Sleep position:arms under head31
Sleep position: on back32
Sleep position: limbs drawn up32
Sleep position: limbs spread apart31
Sleep position: limbs stretched out31
Sleep position: incline to have limbs uncovered31
Prolonged sleep21
Restless sleep21
Short sleep21
Sleepiness, morning31
Sleepiness, forenoon31
Sleepiness, evening31
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleepiness in house31
Sleepiness while reading31
Sleeplessness before midnight31
Sleeplessness after 3 a.m.31
Sleeplessness,same idea always repeated31
Waking at 3 a.m.31
Waking at midnight31
Early waking31
Frequent waking32
Late waking31
Yawning, afternoon31
Yawning after eating31
Yawning without sleepiness33
Spasmodic yawning33
Vehement yawning32
Amorous dreams22
Anxious dreams22
Dreams about battles21
Confused dreams21
Dreams of the deads21
Dreams of death of relatives31
Dreams about difficulties21
Disconnected dreams21
Dreams about fights21
Dreams about fire21
Frightful dreams21
Pleasant dreams22
Dreams of quarrels21
Unremembered dreams21
Dreams of unsuccessfull efforts to do various things21
Dreams of unsucessful efforts to reach a distant place31
Vexatious dreams21
Vivid dreams21
Coldness in general21
Coldness, evening21
Affected parts coldness21
Coldness in the open air23
Coldness in bed21
Coldness,rising from bed amelioration31
Coldness beginning in arms31
Chilliness after stool32
Chilliness during urination33
Chilliness after urination33
Creeping after urinating31
Chill from fright21
Predominating chill21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Coldness shaking,night in the open air31
Coldness shaking after stool32
One-sided coldness21
Coldness during stool31
Coldness after stool32
Trembling and shivering23
Trembling and shivering, evening31
Coldness on uncovering or undressing21
Coldness during urinantion33
Coldness after urination33
Coldness,warm room amelioration32
Coldness,external warmth amelioration32
Heat, evening21
Heat after getting out of bed31
Chill absent, evening31
Heat,perspiration absent22
Puerperal fever21
Shivering alternating with heat32
One-sided heat21
Left side heat32
Heat,uncovering amelioration21
Heat,desire for uncovering32
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration during headache21
Perspiration during sleep33
Perspiration ameliorated after waking32
Skin anaesthesia21
Skin biting21
Skin bruised pain21
Skin burning21
Skin burning in spots31
Skin coldness22
Sensation of skin coldness32
Skin contraction22
Skin bluish spots32
Pale skin33
Yellow skin,jaundice32
Dry skin22
Dry skin,inability to perspire31
Biting eruption31
Burning eruption31
Desquamating eruption31
Smarting eruption31
Stinging eruption32
Syphilitic eruption31
Vesicular eruption31
Burning vesicular eruption31
Smarting vesicular eruption31
Watery vesicular eruption31
Skin formication22
Skin gnawing,eating23
Skin inactivity21
Itching,scratching amelioration31
Itching unchanged by scratching32
Voluptuous itching31
Network of blood vessels21
Skin numbness21
Skin prickling23
Feeling of sore skin32
Skin sticking21
Skin stinging21
Swollen skin sensation31
Skin tension22
Skin ulcer with cutting31
Skin ulcer,scanty discharges32
Skin ulcer with gnawing pain32
Skin painless ulcer31
From 4 to 10 p.m.31
Evening before going to sleep32
Before midnight31
After midnight31
Desire for open air32
Open air amelioration32
Inner parts analgesia33
Affected parts analgesia33
General physical anxiety21
Ascending aggravation21
Ball internally21
Catalepsy during menses32
Catalepsy from sexual excitement32
Change of position aggravation21
During coition21
Becoming cold amelioration31
After becoming cold aggravation31
Tendency to take cold31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constriction, internally33
Constriction of orifices31
Constriction,sensation of a band33
Contradictory and alternating states21
Convulsions after anger31
Clonic convulsions32
Convulsions with consciousness32
Convulsions without consciousness32
Epileptic convulsions32
Epileptiform convulsions32
Convulstions from excitement31
Convulsions from fright32
Convulsions with haemorrhage32
Hysterical convulsions32
Internal convulsions32
Convulsions during menses32
Convulsions after onanism33
Convulsions with paralysis31
Puerperal convulsions31
Puerperal convulsions with haemorrhage32
Convulsions from sexual excitement32
Convulsions with tetanic rigidity33
Tonic convulsions33
Convulsive movements21
External dropsy21
After eating31
Physical exertion aggravation21
While fasting23
Flabby feeling22
Coffee aggravation31
Formication,external parts23
Formication, internally33
Bones formication31
Glands formication32
Full feeling, internally31
Sensation of a hard bed21
Flushes of heat21
Flushes of heat with chilliness31
Sensation of heat22
Heaviness, externally21
Heaviness, internally31
Serous membrane inflammation31
After injuries,blows,falls,bruises21
Excessive physical irritability21
Jar,stepping aggravation21
Jerking, internally23
Jerking as in convulsions31
Muscles jerking32
Chronic effects of lead22
After lying aggravation33
Lying on back aggravation31
Lying on back amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation32
Lying on side aggravation31
Lying on side amelioration31
Lying on left side aggravation31
Lying on painful side aggravation31
Lying on painless side amelioration31
Before menses22
At beginning of menses32
During menses31
After menses31
Motion aggravation21
Motion amelioration32
At beginning of motion aggravation31
Motion of affected parts aggravation31
Continued motion amelioration31
Mucous secretions increased21
Narcotics aggravation21
Numbness in single parts31
Numbness in spots32
Numbness of suffering parts33
Sensation of numbness in glands32
Orgasm of blood after emotions31
Pains appear and disappear gradually33
Benumbing pain33
Boring pain31
Burning pain,externally31
Burning pain,internally31
Pain as from burning32
Glands burning pain31
Constricting pain externally33
Constricting pain,internally33
Glands constricting pain32
Cutting pain,externally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)32
Glands digging up pain31
Drawing pain31
Gnawing pain,externally33
Gnawing pain,internally32
Glands gnawing pain32
Jerking pain,externally31
Jerking pain,internally31
Paralytic pain31
Pinching pain32
Pinching pain internally31
Bones pinching pain31
Pressing pain,externally31
Pressing pain,internally32
Pressing pain inward33
Pain as from load31
Pain pressing together33
Pressing pain from within outward31
Bones pressing pain31
Muscles pressing pain32
Pressing pain,sticking in muscles31
Sore,bruised pain33
Sore,bruised pain,externally31
Sore pain,parts affected with cramp-like pain33
Sore bruised pain on pressure33
Sore bruised pain in spots31
Glands sore,bruised pain31
Pain,sensation of splinters31
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Muscles stitching pain31
Muscles stitching and burning pain31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Muscles tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain,cramp-like33
Muscles tearing pain,jerking in muscles31
Twisting pain32
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Undulating pain31
Wandering pain31
Suppression of perspiration31
Sensation of a plug externally21
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pressure aggravation22
Prickling externally23
Prickling internally31
Pulsation externally22
Abnormal pulse21
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable32
Imperceptible pulse31
Small pulse32
Soft pulse32
Relaxation of muscles21
Riding in a wagon or on the cars31
After riding in a wagon or on the cars31
Rising aggravation21
Rubbing ameliorates31
After sexual excesses21
Suppression of sexual desire,aggravation31
Electric-like shocks31
Nervous shuddering during stool31
Symptoms on one side23
Symptoms alternating sides31
Crosswise symptoms,left lower and right upper31
Aggravated while sitting23
On first sitting down amelioration31
Before sleep aggravation21
During sleep aggravation31
Standing aggravation22
Stretching, afternoon31
Swollen sensation21
Tension, externally23
Tension, internally31
Muscles tension32
Sensation of threads22
Touch aggravation21
Illusions of touch31
Aggravated by touching anything31
Trembling externally23
Trembling in open air32
Trembling from anxiety32
Trembling on slight exertion32
Trembling, internally32
Trembling,motion amelioration31
Trembling with the pains32
After undressing aggravation21
Varicose veins,net work in skin31
On waking21
Walking aggravation21
While walking amelioration32
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation31
Walking in open air amelioration31
Walking in the wind aggravation31
Warm aggravation21
Warm air aggravation31
Becoming warm in open air aggravation31
Warm bed aggravation32
Warm room aggravation31
Warm wraps aggravation31
Weakness in open air32
Weakness after dinner31
Weakness after menses31
Weakness,motion amelioration32
Nervous weakness32
Weakness while sitting32
Weakness as from sleepiness31
Weakness during stool33
Tremulous weakness32
Windy and stormy weather31
Wounds from splinters31