Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Anxiety,thought of coition (in a woman)32
Anxiety about his health31
Desire of company33
Difficult concentration22
Want of self condidence32
Confusion of mind22
Desires death23
Delusions of animals31
Delusion,sees faces32
Sees hideous faces31
Illusions of fancy31
Sees frightful images,phantoms32
Things seem longer31
Thinks things grow taller31
Horrible visions31
Hears voices31
Thinks he is well31
Recovery despair31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Dullness while reading31
Excitement before menses32
Excitment from music32
Exaltation of frightful fancies32
Fear of being alone32
Fear at thought of coition in a woman32
Fear of death33
Fear of impending disease32
Fear of falling32
Fear of fasting31
Fear of insanity32
Indolence,aversion to work22
Insanity after hemorrhage31
Irritability during dentition31
Irritability during headache32
Irritability during menses31
Laughing, night31
Desire for light21
Weakness of memory22
Weakness of memory for business31
Weakness of memory for what has just done31
Weakness of memory for what has read31
Mirth, night31
Mirth during sleep31
Mistakes in speaking32
Misplacing words32
Mistakes in writing,comitting letters32
Using wrong words31
Changeable,variable mood31
Restlessness, 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.33
Restlessness, night32
Restlessness, 3 a.m.32
Restlessness, 4 a.m.31
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness before menses31
Sensitive to light31
Sensitive to noise32
Shrieking in children33
Child shrieking during stool32
Inclination to sit21
Tormenting thoughts31
Vanishing of thoughts31
Throws things away22
Wepping,tearful mood23
Weeping, night31
Weeping after slight emotion31
Weeping with headache31
Weeping at noise31
Says he is well,when very sick21
Vertigo in open air22
Tendency to fall21
Vertigo,in house amelioration31
Vertigo as if intoxicated21
Vertigo,lying down is necessary31
Vertigo with staggering21
Vertigo as if turning in a circle21
Vertigo on turning the head quickly31
Vertigo while walking in the open air31
Sensation as of board or bar before head21
Bubbling sensation in head21
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Head coldness,evening31
Head congestion,hyperaemia21
Head constriction21
Head drawn backward21
Head crusts or scabs32
Head eczema32
Head scales32
Sensation of falling forward in brain31
As if everything would fall out of forehead31
Head fullness21
Occiput fullness31
Hair falling31
Head heat with sleepiness31
Forehead heat31
Head heaviness21
Forehead heaviness31
Forehead heaviness,as if all would come out31
Occiput heaviness31
Head,as from intoxication21
Headache in general22
Headache,morning in bed31
Headache on waking31
Headache,morning amelioration31
Headache after bathing31
Headache from binding up the hair31
Headache during the chill31
Headache,combing the hair31
Headache,unable to collect one's senses31
Headache after excitement of the emotions31
Headache while lying on side32
Headache before menses33
Headache during menses33
Headache from motion32
Periodic headache32
Periodic headache day and night31
Headache,while sitting amelioration32
Headache,from spirituous liquors amelioration32
Headache from stooping31
Headache extending to teeth31
Forehead pain21
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain,morning31
Forehead pain,morning on waking31
Forehead pain,afternoon31
Forehead pain on coughing31
Headache,hammering in forehead31
Forehead pulsating pain31
Forehead pain from stooping31
Headache forehead extending to occiput31
Forehead pain extending to vertex31
Above eyes pain extending to occiput31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Occiput pain22
One side headache21
Temples pain23
Temples pain,evening31
Temples pain on coughing31
Headache,vertex pain21
Vertex pulsating pain31
Vertex pain from stooping31
Burning headache22
Bursting headache21
Bursting headache during menses31
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache21
Drawing headache22
Temples drawing pain21
Jerking headache21
Head sides jerking pain31
Head right side jerking pain31
Headache as from a plug,peg or wedge21
Headache,pressing pain22
Pressing headache while coughing31
Pressing headache during menses33
Pressing outward headache32
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain on coughing31
Forehead pressing outward pain32
Forehead pain as though brain would come out31
Forehead pressing pain from stooping31
Forehead pressing pain extending to vertex31
Over eyes pressing pain31
Head side pressing pain21
Head sides pressing outward pain31
Temples pressing pain21
Temples pressing outward pain31
Vertex pressing pain21
Head shooting pain on stooping31
Forehead shooting pain21
Forehead shooting pain on stooping31
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure22
Stitching headache,drawing31
Forehead sides stitching pain31
Temples stitching pain21
Headache,tearing,rending pain22
Tearing headache,afternoon31
Forehead tearing pain21
Haed sides tearing pain extending to face31
Temples tearing pain21
Vertex tearing pain21
Vertex tearing pain,afternoon31
Ulcerative haid pain21
Occiput ulcerative pain31
Vertex ulcerative pain31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing22
Head pulsatiing,morning on waking31
Forehead left side pulsating32
Temples pulsating21
Vertex pulsating21
Brain sensitiveness from brushing hair32
Uncovering head aggravation21
Head weakness21
Agglutinated eye23
Eye discharges of mucus or pus22
Eye bloody discharges31
Eye yellow discharges31
Eyes dullness21
Eye ecchymosis21
Herpes about the eyes31
Eruption on lids31
Herpes on lids31
Scaly herpes on lids31
Heat in eye22
Eye inflammation21
Lids inflammation31
Meibomian glands inflammation31
Eye itching21
Eye itching,rubbing aggravation31
Lids margin itching31
Lachrymation in cold air31
Lacrymation with cough31
Lachrymation from light31
Lachrymation from bright light32
Lachrymation when yawning31
Half open eyes32
Eye pain21
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye burning pain,bright light32
Margins of lids burning pain31
Eye drawing pain21
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye pain as from sand21
Eye tearing pain21
Eye tearing pain,forenoon31
Eye protrusion22
Pulsation in eyes,evening31
Eye redness21
Edges of lids redness31
Sunken eye22
Swollen lids33
Swollen margins of lids32
Acrid tears22
Burning tears31
Salty tears32
Eye tension21
Lids twitching31
Cornea ulceration32
Weak eye21
Inclination to wipe eyes21
Dark blue color before eyes31
Dim vision22
Aggravation by exertion of vision21
Feathery vision21
Foggy vision22
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Ear discharges21
Ear offensive discharges31
Ear redness32
Ear eruption21
Ear blisters32
Ear herpes31
Ear moist eruption31
Ear pimples32
Ear purulent eruption32
Moist eruption about the ears31
Eruption in ear meatus31
Ear heat21
Ear inflammation22
Noises in ear22
Noises in ear before menses32
Noises in ear during menses31
Noises in ear after menses31
Buzzing in ear22
Buzzing before menses32
Buzzing during menses32
Hissing in ear21
Humming in ear21
Humming before menses32
Humming during menses32
Ringing in ear21
Roaring in ear22
Roaring during menses31
Rushing noise during menses31
Whistling in ear21
Ear pain21
Ear pain during menses31
Ear pain from music31
Ear pain while stooping31
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Ear burning pain21
External ear burning pain31
Cramp in ear21
Drawing pain in ear21
Pinching pain in ear21
Ear pressing pain21
Ear pressing pain during menses31
Pressing outward pain in ear31
Ear pressing pain when stooping31
Inside ear spasmodic pain31
Stitching pain in ear22
Stitching pain in right ear31
Antitragus stitching pain on touch31
Ear twinging pain21
Right ear twinging pain31
Ear swelling21
Antitragus swelling31
Ear tension21
Impaired hearing22
Impaired hearing before menses32
Impaired hearing during menses32
Nose sensitive to inhale air21
Posterior nares sensitive to inhale air31
Nose cancer22
Nose cancer,epithelioma32
Nose catarrh21
Nose catarrh of old age32
Post nasal catarrh31
Coryza,posterior nares sensitive to air31
Chronic,long continued coryza31
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Nose blood discharge31
Nose burning discharge31
Nose excoriating discharge33
Nose gray discharge31
Nose greenish discharge31
Nose offensive discharge31
Nose fetid discharge32
Nose purulent discharge31
Nose thick discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood32
Epistaxis during chill31
Epistaxis with cough31
Nose lupus23
Nose left side lupus32
Fan-like motion of nose wings in pneumonia32
Nose obstruction21
Bad odor in the morning31
Fetid odor31
Offensive odor,morning31
Putrid odor31
Putrid odor,morning on waking31
Posterior nares sore bruised pain31
Frequent sneezing32
Lips cancer32
Face lupus31
Chapped lips31
Face coldness22
Cracked lips22
Bluish face22
Bluish circles around eyes31
Bluish lips31
Bluish face about the mouth31
Copper colored face22
Earthy face21
Grayish face21
Grayish yellow face31
Greenish face21
Pale face22
Red face21
Red face during chill31
Red face,circumscribed32
Dark red face31
Red face during headache31
Face sickly color22
Lips dryness32
Face eruption23
Cheeks eruption33
Chin eruption32
Forehead eruption33
Upper lip eruption33
Eruption around mouth33
Corners of mouth eruption32
Face acne22
Face rosacea acne32
Forehead acne32
Face herpes21
Face mealy herpes31
Face scurfy herpes31
Cheeks herpes31
Around mouth herpes31
Face impertigo21
Forehead impertigo31
Face moist eruption21
Face pimples23
Forehead pimples31
Face pustules21
Face scurfy eruption21
Cheek scurfy eruption31
Chin scurfy eruption31
Face syphilitic eruption21
Face yellow vesicles31
Old looking face32
Sickly expression31
Suffering expression32
Face fullness21
Face heat22
Face heat during chill31
Face heat flashes32
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)21
Face pain,open air aggravation21
Face one-sided pain31
Face burning pain22
Face burning pain,exertion aggravation31
Face burning pain,lying on painful side amelioration31
Face burning pain,talking aggravation31
Face drawing pain21
Lips peeling21
Face perspiration21
Face pulsation21
Tumor on lips31
Mouth aphthae22
Mouth bleeding22
Gums bleeding31
Gums bleeding,oozes out31
Gums bleeding,blood coagulates quickly31
Gums easily bleeding33
Gums bleeding,profuse after extraction of teeth32
Gums detached from teeth22
Mouth redness31
Bluish-red gums33
Gums redness33
White tongue32
Pale white tongue31
Mouth dryness with thirst31
Tongue dryness32
Flabby tongue21
Froth,foam from mouth21
Gums heat32
Gums inflammation33
Gums left upper side inflammation32
Mouth mucus,slime,etc21
Collection of mucus on tongue31
Breath offensive odor33
Breath putrid odor33
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Tongue pain as if burnt31
Protruding gums21
Frothy saliva32
Watery saliva31
Salivation during pregnancy33
Scorbutic gums23
Gums softening23
Spongy gums23
Gums swelling with convulsions31
Bad taste31
Bitter taste31
Bitter taste,morning31
Bitter taste,evening31
Bitter taste after drinking33
Bitter taste during eating31
Bitter taste after eating31
Everything tastes bitter,even saliva31
Food tastes bitter only when swallowing31
Insipid taste31
Sour taste31
Taste like straw31
Wanting taste,loss of taste31
Mouth bleeding ulcers31
Mouth burning ulcers32
Gums ulcers33
Tongue ulcers32
Withered tongue21
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth22
Caries as soon as teeth appear32
Teeth premature caries in children33
Difficult dentition22
Black teeth21
Dark teeth in spots31
Sensation of teeth elongation21
Offensive odor from teeth23
Incisors pain31
Molars pain33
Upper teeth pain33
Lower teeth pain31
Toothache,morning in bed31
Teeth pain extending to ear33
Toothache extending to eyes31
Toothache extending to face31
Toothache extending to head32
Toothache extending to temples33
Drawing toothache21
Drawing toothache extending to ear33
Drawing toothache extending to right temple31
Lower incisors drawing toothache31
Lower incisors drawing toothache31
Left molars drawing toothache31
Jerking toothache21
Tearing toothache21
Wedge-shaped teeth22
Choking,throat constricting21
Throat dryness21
Sensation of foreign body in throat21
Throat gangrene22
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Throat white membrane31
Throat mucus21
Throat mucus,morning31
Throat pain21
Throat pain on swallowing31
Pharynx lower part pain31
Throat burning pain21
Oesophagus burning pain31
Throat pressing pain21
Throat rawness pain21
Throat roughness21
Throat roughness from coughing31
Throat scraping21
Throat scratching22
Sensation of a skin hanging in the throat21
Impossible swallowing31
Throat ulcers21
External throat pain21
Stiffness of neck sides21
Neck left side stiffness31
Cervical glands swelling31
External throat sides tension31
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh21
Larynx crawling21
Larynx crawling from cough31
Throat-pit irritation31
Mucus in the air passages21
Mucus in larynx31
Trachea mucus31
Trachea pain on coughing32
Rawness in air passages21
Larynx rawness pain31
Trachea rawness pain31
Larynx phthisis21
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx roughness31
Larynx roughness from coughing31
Trachea roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx22
Tickling in larynx31
Tickling in or from throat-pit31
Tickling in trachea31
Hollow voice31
Anxious respiration21
Arrested respiration,afternoon31
Arrested respiration 3 p.m.,stitches under right scapula31
Arrested respiration on coughing32
Catching breath21
Deep respiration21
Desire to breathe deeply32
Difficult respiration21
Difficult respiration with cough32
Difficult respiration in a warm room31
Impeded respiration,stitches in chest32
Whistling respiration21
Cough, evening in bed32
Cough, night22
Asthmatic cough22
Cough, autumn21
Cough on changing position in bed23
Cough during chill31
Constant cough21
Cough,sensation of crawling21
Cough,crawling,evening in bed31
Cough,crawling in bronchia31
Cough,crawling in chest31
Cough,crawling in larynx31
Cough,crawling in throat-pit31
Cough,crawling in trachea31
Cough during dentition21
Dry cough21
Dry cough,day and night31
Dry cough,morning31
Dry cough,evening31
Exhausting cough22
Cough,expectoration amelioration21
Cough during fever21
Must hold chest with both hands while coughing21
Hoarsed cough21
Hollow cough21
Interrupted cough21
Cough from irritation in chest31
Cough from irritation in lower chest31
Cough from irritation in throat-pit31
Loose cough21
Loose cough during fever31
Cough,lying aggravation23
Cough,lying in bed aggravation31
Cough,lying on side31
Cough,motion aggravation21
Cough,mucus in chest21
Cough,mucus in larynx31
Cough,music aggravation21
Old people cough21
Old people cough,winter31
Painful cough31
Paroxysmal cough22
Paroxysaml cough,morning31
Cough when playing piano21
Racking cough21
Roughness in larynx causes cough21
Cough from roughness in trachea31
Scraping cough21
Cough,scraping in chest31
Cough from larynx scrapping31
Cough,scratching in larynx31
Cough from scratching in trachea31
Cough short21
Sibilant cough21
Cough,must sit up21
Cough during sleep31
Cough with sneezing31
Spasmodic cough22
Spasmodic cough,morning31
Cough in the spring21
Cough in spring and autumn31
Suffocative cough21
Chest tickling on coughing31
Cough from tickling in larynx31
Cough from tickling in trachea31
Tormenting cough21
Cough,turning in bed aggravation31
Violent cough22
Cough on waking21
Whistling cough21
Whooping cough22
Winter cough22
Winter cough,old people32
Expectoration, evening31
Acrid expectoration21
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Spitting of dark blood32
Spitting of pale blood31
Spitting of streaked blood31
Copious expectoration21
Copious expectoration,old people32
Difficult expectoration21
Easy expectoration21
Gelatinous expectoration21
Grayish expectoration22
Greenish expectoration21
Hard expectoration21
Lumpy expectoration21
Lumpy expectoration,evening31
Mucous expectoration21
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Purulent expectorarion22
Expectoration flat taste31
Expectoration metallic taste31
Putrid expectoration31
Sweetish expectoration31
Thick expectoration21
Thick expectoration,evening31
Transparent expectoration21
Viscid expectoration21
White expectoration22
Yellow expectoration22
Mammae abscess31
Anxiety in chest22
Region of heart anxiety32
Mammae atrophy22
Mammae cancer31
Mammae cancer,epithelioma32
Chest catarrh22
Chest constriction,tension,tightness21
Bluish red mammae31
Mammae squamous eruption32
Gangrene of lungs23
Chest haemorrhage22
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood31
Chest haemorrhage,coagulated black blood31
Mammae induration32
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Lungs inflammation32
Milk flowing31
Nodules in mammae31
Chest oppression22
Chest pain21
Chest pain during cough31
Chest pain during inspiration32
Chest pain,pressure amelioration31
Chest pain,respiration32
Chest middle pain,pressure of hand amelioration31
Mammae pain21
Sternum pain22
Sternum pain when couhing32
Chest aching pain21
Chest burning pain22
Chest burning pain,evening31
Intercostal muscles cutting pain31
Mammae drawing pain31
Sternum pressing pain32
Chest rawness pain during coryza31
Chest rawness pain when coughing31
Chest sore,bruised pain22
Chest sore pain from coughing32
Chest sore pain,holds chest with hands during cough31
Sore bruised pain in sternum32
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,coughing32
Chest stitching pain,inspiring32
Chest stitching pain,respiration32
Stitching pain between the ribs31
Mammae stitching pain31
Chest middle stitching pain32
Chest middle stitching pain during inspiration32
Chest left side stitching pain extending to right side32
Heart stitching pain32
Chest ulcerative pain21
Heart palpitation21
Chest perspiration during menses31
Phthisis pulmonalis22
Acute phtisis pulmonalis32
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis32
Chest pulsation,trembling31
Hunger,but knows not for what,or refuses things when offered21
Diminished appetite21
Gnawing appetite21
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite21
Wanting appetite21
Wanting appetite with thirst31
Aversion to meat21
Stomach cancer22
Clothing disturbs the stomach21
Stomach coldness22
Desires alcoholic drinks22
Desires many things21
Desires meat22
Desires smoked meat31
Dessires smoked things22
Desires sour,acid things21
Desires tobacco21
Desires warm drinks21
Eructations after dinner31
Eructations after eating32
Eructations before menses21
Eructations on motion21
Bitter eructations affter eating31
Empty eructations22
Frothy eructations21
Sour eructations22
Sour eructations after eating31
Sensation of stomach fullness22
Sensation of hardness in the pylorus31
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Induration of the stomach walls22
Loathing of food22
Nausea during pain in abdomen32
Nausea with chilliness32
Nausea after chilliness32
Nausea during chill31
Constant nausea32
Nausea during headache31
Nausea before menses31
Nausea during pregnancy33
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain after acids21
Stomach pain after cold food31
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach burning pain after eating31
Stomach gnawing pain22
Stomach pressing pain21
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain21
Stomach stitching pain21
Stomach stitching pain extending to ankle31
Retching with cough32
Ineffectual retching31
Stomach tension21
Stomach tension,clothing aggravation32
Thirst after chill31
Extreme thirst32
Stomach ulcers22
Vomiting before breakfast32
Vomiting during diarrhoea32
Vomiting after drinking32
Vomiting after eating32
Vomiting during headache31
Vomiting after meat31
Vomiting before menses32
Vomiting after menses31
Vomiting during pregnancy33
Acrid vomiting23
Blood vomiting22
Food vomiting23
Food vomiting,evening32
Undigested food vomiting 2 or 3 hours after eating33
Undigested food vomiting33
Frothy vomiting23
Liquids vomiting21
Mucus vomiting21
Sour vomiting21
Stringy vomiting22
Sweetish vomiting23
Water vomiting22
Abdomen sensitive to clothing22
Abdomen coldness22
Region of umbilicus coldness31
Hypochondria constriction31
Umbilicus contraction31
Umbilicus contraction as of a hard twisted ball31
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension after eating32
Abdomen distension before menses31
Abdomen distension during menses31
Abdomen distension after menses31
Abdomen tympanitic distension31
Liver sensation of fullness31
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching, night31
Abdomen aching during cough31
Abdomen aching from exercise31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching after menses32
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear31
Abdomen aching on motion31
Abdomen pain on respiration31
Abdomen aching,shattered sensation31
Abdomen aching extending to throat31
Abdomen aching extending to vagina32
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Hypogastrium aching dull pain22
Hypogastrium aching after menses31
Iliac region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching during menses31
Inguinal glands aching dull pain31
Liver aching,dull pain21
Spleen aching dull pain21
Umbilicus aching dull pain21
Umbilicus aching extending to mammary region31
Umbilicus aching extending to throat31
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Reg.of umbilicus aching before menses31
Abdomen burning pain22
Hypogastrium burning pain32
Umbilical reg.clawing pain31
Umbilical reg.clawing pain before menses31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain after menses31
Hypogastrium cramping,griping pain21
Hypogastrium cramping pain after menses31
Inguinal region cramping pain22
Inguinal reg.cramping pain after menses31
Region of umbilicus cramping pain21
Umbilical reg.cramping pain before menses32
Umbilical reg.cramping pain extending to throat31
Abdomen cutting pain21
Abdomen cutting pain during menses32
Hypogastrium cutting pain as though menses would reappear32
Umbilical region cutting pain31
Abdomen dragging pain after menses31
Abdomen dragging pain,motion aggravation32
Abdomen drawing pain21
Abdomen drawing pain during menses31
Hypogastrium pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pain as if menses would come on31
Liver pressing pain21
Spleen pressing pain22
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness22
Abdomen sore pain,clothing aggravation32
Hypochondria sore pain21
Right hypochondrium sore pain32
Iliac region sore pain31
Sore,bruised pain in liver22
Spleen sore,bruised pain,tenderness,etc21
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Abdomen stitching pain extending to vagina32
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Right hypochondrium stitching pain32
Iliac reg.stitching pain extending down leg31
Crest of ilium stitching pain31
Liver stitching pain21
Umbilicus stitching pain21
Umbilicus stitching pain extending to mammary region31
Liver tearing pain21
Abdomen pulsation21
Abdomen pulsation, 5 a.m.31
Abdomen pulsation during menses31
Abdomen rumbling during menses32
Abdomen muscles spasms22
Mesenteric glands swelling21
Tabes mesenterica22
Abdomen tension21
Inguinal region tension21
Inguinal reg.tension while walking31
Cholera infantum32
Constipation,difficult stool31
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Constipation during menses31
Rectum constriction during stool32
Diarrhoea, night31
Diarrhoea,aged people31
Diarrhoea,aged woman31
Diarrhoea in children31
Diarrhoea during dentition32
Diarrhoea during menses32
Rectum dragging,heaviness,weight21
Rectum dragging,after stool amelioration31
Rectum excoriation from the stools32
Excoriation between nates22
Rectum fistula22
Formication in anus21
Inactivity of rectum21
Rectum pain during stool31
Rectum drawing pain21
Rectum pressing pain21
Rectum stitching pain21
Rectum stitching pain extending to inguinal left side31
Rectum tearing pain21
Rectum tenesmus21
Rectum stricture21
Urging to stool21
Frequent urging to stool31
Acrid,corrosive,excoriating stool21
Bloody stool22
Brown stool31
Copious stool22
Dry stool21
Frequent stool21
Gray stool21
Green stool21
Hard stool21
Hard stool during menses31
Lienteric stool21
Mucous green stool31
Stool,cadaveric odor31
Stool,offensive odor31
Pasty stool21
Soft stool21
Watery stool21
Watery brown stool31
Watery green stool31
Watery white stool31
White stool21
Bladder pressing pain,pressure in bladder21
Bladder pressing pain,night31
Bladder pressing pain when coughing31
Bladder paralysis after parturition,no desire31
Retention of urine21
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Urging to urinate,evening31
Urging to urinate,night32
Frequent urging to urinate23
Frequent urging to urinate,evening31
Painful urging to urinate with urging to stool31
Sudden urging to urinate23
Sudden urging,child wakes but cannot get out of bed soon enough31
Must hasten to urinate or urine will escape33
Sudden urging to urinate on seeing running water31
Violent urging to urinate31
Urging to urinate,hearing running water or putting hands in water21
Urination feeble stream (slow)21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination,morning31
Frequent urination,forenoon32
Frequent urination,evening31
Frequent urination, night33
Frequent urination during fever32
Involuntary urination22
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)33
Urination in bed,difficult to waken the child33
Urination in bed while dreaming of urinating32
Urination in bed,first sleep32
Involuntary urination during cough32
Involuntary urination while lying31
Involuntary urination during menses32
Involuntary urination during pregnancy31
Involuntary urination,putting hands in cold water32
Urination spurting stream when coughing31
Addison's disease21
Kidneys pain during urging to urinate32
Region of kidneys pain21
Reg.of kidneys pain extending from genitals,anus and thighs31
Urethra acrid discharge21
Urethra burning pain during coition31
Urethra burning pain when semen is discharged32
Acrid urine22
Alkaline urine21
Bloody urine22
Burning or hot urine21
Cloudy urine21
Cloudy urine on standing31
Brown urine22
Chestnut brown urine32
Pale urine22
Red urine21
Colorless urine22
Copious urine (increased)23
Copious urine,night32
Urine offensive odor22
Urine offensive odor during fever31
Urine ammoniacal odor21
Urine strong odor21
Scanty urine22
Red sediment in urine21
White sediment in urine23
Sugar in the urine22
Viscid urine21
Troublesome erections22
Wanting erections,impotency21
Male genitalia hard erosion31
Penis gangrene22
Male genitalia burning pain22
Male genitalia burning during coition32
Penis burning pain during coition32
Male genitalia sore bruised pain during urination31
Painful seminal discharge32
Penis swelling22
Tendency to abortion31
Female genitalia aphthae22
Cancer of ovaries21
Uterus cancer23
Uterus cancer,scirrhus31
Vagina cancer23
Uterus condylomata22
Vagina constriction21
Vagina contractions22
Vagina contractions,rising from sitting31
Female desire increased22
Female desire increased,morning in bed31
Ovaries dropsy21
Female genitalia eruptions21
Female genitalia herpetic eruption31
Female genitalia excoriation22
Female genitalia excrescences22
Uterus excressences (cervix)22
Flatus from vagina during menses31
Uterus gangrene22
Vagina gangrene21
Female genitals hardness23
Female genitalia heat22
Female genitalia heat during menses31
Female genitalia induration23
Ovaries induration21
Uterus cervix induration31
Female genitalia inflammation23
Uterus inflammation21
Female genitalia irritation22
Female genitalia itching23
Genitalia itching from leucorrhoea33
Genitalia itching during menses32
Genitalia itching after menses31
Female genitalia voluptuous itching31
Itching between labia33
Vagina itching23
Vagina itching,evening32
Vagina itching during menses31
Vagina itching after menses32
Vagina voluptuous itching33
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea23
Bland leucorrhoea21
Bloody leucorrhoea22
Burning leucorrhoea23
Copious leucorrhoea22
Leucorrhoea copious like the menses32
Dark leucorrhoea22
Flesh-colored leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea before menses23
Leucorrhoea after menses32
Leucorrhoea between menses32
Leucorrhoea like the menses32
Milky leucorrhoea22
Offensive leucorrhoea22
Offensive leucorrhaea like green corn32
Offensive pungent leucorrhaea31
Offensive putrid leucorrhoea33
Leucorrhoea during pregnancy23
Purulent leucorrhoea21
Leucorrhoea from standing21
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
Leucorrhoea,walking aggravation21
White leucorrhoea22
Yellow leucorrhoea23
Yellow leucorrhoea stains linen33
Acrid lochia23
Lochia,after growing light it again becomes bloody32
Brown lochia32
Dark lochia33
Intermittent lochia32
Lumpy lochia33
Offensive,fetid lochia33
Protracted lochia32
Returning lochia32
Acrid,excoriating menses21
As if menses would appear21
Bright-red menses21
Clotted menses21
Copious menses22
Copious menses,lying aggravation32
Copious menses,walking amelioration31
Dark menses22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon22
Intermittent menses23
Irregular menses22
Offensive menses23
Ofensive pungent menses31
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Pale menses21
Menses during pregnancy21
Protracted menses22
The periods return after having ceased22
Short duration menses22
Black metrorrhagia32
Coagulated metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia after coition33
Continuous metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,dark blood32
Metrorrhagia,blood mixed with dark clots31
Metrorrhagia,intermittent flow32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor31
Ofensive metrorrhagia31
Pungent offensive metrorrhagia31
Profuse metrorrhagia32
Recurrent metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,thin,fluid blood31
Metrorrhagia,fluid blood mixed with clots31
Metrorrhagia,thin blood mixed with clots,foul smelling31
Female genitalia pain21
Female genitalia spasmodic pain31
Ovaries pain21
Uterus pain21
Uterus pain during menses32
Uterus pain extending downward32
Uterus pain extending down the thighs31
Vagina pain22
Vagina pain during coition32
Ovaries aching pain22
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Uterus bearing-down pain as if everything would come out33
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses31
Uterus bearing-down pain,walking aggravation31
Female genitalia biting pain23
Biting pain between labia33
Female genitalia burning pain22
Genitalia burning pain during menses32
Female genitalia burning pain while urinating33
Female genitalia burning pain after urinating33
Uterus burning pain22
Uterus burning pain after menses32
Uterus cervix burning pain32
Vagina burning pain22
Vagina burning pain during coition32
Vagina burning pain after coition32
Vagina burning pain after menses31
Uterus cutting pain during menses31
Labor-like pain22
Labor-like pain during menses31
Labor-like pain after menses31
Female genitals sore pain,tenderness23
Uterus sore pain,tenderness21
Uterus sore pain,tenderness,during menses31
Uterus sore pain after menses31
Vagina sore pain,tenderness23
Vagina sore pain during coition32
Female genitalia stinging pain21
Female genitalia stinging pain during menses31
Vagina stitching pain22
Vagina stitching pain from abdomen32
Vagina stitching pain during menses31
Uterus prolapsus21
Uterus prolapsus during menses31
Uterus prolapsus after menses31
Vagina prolapsus22
Sensitive vagina22
Shocks in vagina31
Swollen female genitalia23
Uterus cervix swelling32
Swollen vagina22
Female genitalia voluptuous tingling21
Female genitalia erectile tumors31
Female genitalia bleeding erectile tumors31
Back coldness,evening31
Back coldness, 9 p.m.31
Back colness during menses31
Coldness extending up the back during menses31
Back pain21
Back pain,night32
Back pain ascends31
Back pain when coughing31
Back pain while lying32
Back pain before menses32
Back pain during menses31
Back pain,motion amelioration31
Ulcerative pain in back31
Back pain,walking amelioration31
Scapulae pain32
Under left scapula pain32
Under left scapula pain,lying with the shoulder on something hard am31
Under left scapula pain,motion31
Under left scapula pain,pressure amelioration31
Under left scapula pain,riding in a carriage31
Between scapulae pain32
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Lumbar region pain,motion amelioration32
Lumbar reg.pain,motion of arms32
Lumbar reg.pain,standing amelioration31
Lumbar region pain, stooping31
Lumbar region ulcerative pain31
Lumbar pain extending to abdomen31
Lumbar pain extending to thighs31
Lumbar pain extending upward31
Lumbar pain extending to vagina31
Lumbar spine pain31
Sacral region pain22
Sacral reg.pain during menses31
Sacral reg.pain while sitting32
Sacral reg.pain extending to coccyx while sitting31
Sacral reg.pain extending to thighs31
Coccyx pain23
Coccyx pain during menses31
Coccyx pain,rising from a seat amelioration31
Coccyx pain extending to rectum and vagina32
Back aching pain21
Under scapulae aching pain31
Lumbar region aching pain22
Lumbar reg.labor-like aching32
Lumbar reg.aching,motion amelioration31
Lumbar reg.aching,walking amelioration31
Pain as though the back would break21
As though the back would break,lumbar region32
As though the back would break,motion amel.,lumbar region31
Scapulae as if broken31
Lumbar reg.pain as if broken31
Lumbar if broken,moving amelioration32
Back burning pain22
Back burning pain before menses31
Lumbar region burning pain32
Lumbar burning pain before menses31
Lumbar region burrowing pain21
Lumbar constricting pain extending to rectum and vagina,standing ame31
Lumbar region drawing pain31
Lumbar drawing pain extending to thighs31
Coccyx drawing pain31
Coccyx drawing pain during menses31
Coccyx drawing pain,rising from a seat amelioration31
Coccyx drawing pain while sitting32
Coccyx drawing pain extending to rectum and vagina32
Back labor-like pain22
Small of back labor-like pain32
Small of back labor-like pain during menses31
Small of back labor-like pain with urging to stool31
Sacrum labor-like pain31
Soreness in scapulae,bruised,beaten32
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Coccyx soreness during menses31
Back stitching,shooting pain22
Scapulae stitching,shooting pain31
Between scapulae stitching pain31
Under scapulae stitching pain32
Under scapulae stitching pain, 3 p.m.31
Lumbar region stitching,shooting pain31
Lumbar stitching pain extending to pubis and inguinal region31
Lumbar stitching pain extending to vagina31
Back perspiration during menses32
Cervical region spasmodic drawing (head bent back)21
Sensation of balls in heels,morning21
Elbow bubbling sensation31
Chapped hands21
Extremities coldness while sitting31
Upper limbs coldness21
Shoulder coldness32
Shoulder coldness extending to small of back31
Hands coldness31
Foot coldness33
Foot coldness, 9 p.m.31
Hollow of knee contraction31
Hands cracked skin31
Forearm red blotches31
Forearm redness31
Blue thigh31
Thigh blue spots31
Knee posterior part redness31
Foot blueness in spots31
Extremities eruption22
Extremities desquamating eruption31
Extremities pimples31
Joints herpes32
Upper limbs eruption,elevations31
Upper limbs herpes31
Upper limbs itching eruption31
Upper limbs moist eruption31
Upper limbs pimples eruption31
Upper limbs itching pimples31
Elbow eruption31
Elbow herpes32
Bend of elbow herpes31
Hands eruption31
Hand herpes31
Hand pimples32
Hand itching pimples31
Back of hand eruption31
Back of hand moist eruption31
Palm herpes32
Fingers herpes32
Lower limbs eruption21
Lower limbs desquamation31
Lower limbs moist eruption31
Nates herpes31
Thigh eruption31
Thigh desquamation31
Thigh rough eruption31
Ham roughness31
Knee herpes31
Hollow of knee herpes31
Leg blotches31
Ankle herpes32
Foot blotches31
Excoriation between thighs33
Hand formication31
Fingers formication31
Leg formication31
Foot formication31
Letting limbs hang down amelioration31
Hand heat31
Palm heat31
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Hand heaviness before menses31
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs31
Lower limbs heaviness, morning31
Lower limbs heaviness as from fatigue31
Hip heaviness31
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Foot heaviness while walking31
Joints inflammation32
Forearm insensibility to pain31
Hand insensibility to pain31
Hand itching31
Itching between thumb and index finger31
Sole of foot itching31
Limbs lameness21
Upper limbs lameness31
Leg longer21
Extremities numbness22
Upper limb numbness31
Left upper limb numbness31
Fingers numbness32
Fingers numbness, morning31
First finger numbness31
Lower limbs numbness31
Left lower limbs numbness31
Thigh numbness32
Extremties pain22
Left then right limbs pain32
Joints rheumatic pain31
Upper limbs pain, evening in bed31
Shoulder pain31
Shoulder pain,motion of arm31
Shoulder pain,raising the arm aggravation31
Elbow pain when lying31
Elbow paroxysmal pain31
Forearm paroxysmal pain31
Forearm pain extending to little finger31
Hand pain31
Ball of first finger pain31
Thumb pain33
Left thumb pain33
Lower limbs pain alternating with eye symptoms31
Lower limbs pain,motion aggravation31
Sciatica,motion amelioration31
Hip pain32
Hip pain extending to thigh31
Thigh pain,motion amelioration31
Thigh inner side pain above knee31
Outer side of thigh pain31
Patella pain31
Leg pain32
Leg ulcerative pain32
Sole ulcerative pain31
Hip boring pain32
Patella boring pain31
Extremities burning pain21
Extremities burning pain after scratching31
Upper limbs burning pain after scratching31
Hip burning pain31
Thigh burning pain near genital organs of female31
Ankle burning pain31
Ankle burning pain extending over the soles to the toes31
Foot burning pain31
Sole burning pain31
Left hip feeling as if dislocation32
Upper limbs drawing pain31
Joints of upper limbs drawing31
Shoulder drawing pain31
Forearm drawing pain31
Forearm drawing extending downward31
Forearm drawing extending to fingers31
Ulna drawing pain31
Finger tips drawing31
Third finger drawing31
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Thigh drawing pain31
Thigh drawing while walking31
Thigh drawing extending downward31
Thigh drawing extending to sole31
Leg drawing pain31
Ankles drawing pain31
Ankle drawing extending upward31
Thigh gnawing pain31
Thigh outer side gnawing pain31
Thigh outer side gnawing while sitting31
Joints pinching pain31
Sore,bruised extremities22
Sore bruised upper limbs31
Sore,bruised upper arm31
Sore bruised upper arm,touched31
Sore bruised thumb31
Sore bruised left thumb31
Sore bruised hip31
Sore bruised thigh while sitting31
Sore bruised thigh near female genitals31
Sprained thumb33
Sprained left thumb32
Sprained knee31
Sprained tendo achillis31
Sprained foot31
Joints stitching pain32
Shoulder stitching pain31
Shoulder stitching pain,afternoon31
Shoulder stitching extending downward32
Shoulder stitching extending to fingers32
Lower limbs stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain31
Thigh stitching pain31
Thigh stitching pain on motion31
Thigh stitching extending to sole of foot31
Thigh stitching pain above the knee31
Patella stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain on motion31
Ankle stitching extending to foot31
Ankle stitching extending to toes31
Heel stitching pain31
Heel stitching pain on moving31
Joints tearing pain31
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Hand tearing pain31
Fingers tearing pain31
Lower limbs tearing pain21
Hip tearing pain,drawing31
Thigh tearing above the knee31
Above the knee tearing,drawing31
Knee tearing pain,twitching31
Patella tearing pain31
Ankle tearing extending to knee31
Heel tearing pain31
Sensation of shoulder paralysis31
Sensation of forearm paralysis31
Sensation of fingers paralysis31
Hand perspiration31
Palm perspiration31
Foot perspiration31
Foot profuse perspiration31
Foot perspiration with swelling of feet31
Leg pulsation31
Extremities shaking after faintness31
Hand stiffness31
Thumb stiffness33
Thumb painful stiffness31
Foot stiffness31
Wrist swelling31
Wrist and knee swellings alternate31
Finger tips swelling31
Lower limbs white swelling31
Knee swelling31
Knee and wrist swellings alternate31
Foot swelling31
Foot cold swelling31
Elbow tension31
Thigh tension32
Knee tension,motion31
Calf tension31
Extremities tingling,prickling,asleep21
Leg tingling,prickling,asleep31
Extremities twitching21
Hand twitching31
Thigh twitching,motion amelioration31
Leg twitching31
Leg twitching upward31
Fingers ulcers31
Lower limbs varices32
Leg inflamed varices31
Extremities weakness21
Extremities periodic weakness31
Hand weakness31
Knee weakness31
Leg weakness31
Calf weakness31
Sole weakness31
Deep sleep23
Sleep position: arms over head32
Sleep position: on back32
Restless sleep22
Sleepiness with cough32
Sleepiness during headache31
Sleeplessness before midnight32
Sleeplessness until 1 a.m.31
Sleeplessness before midnight until 1 or 2 a.m.31
Sleeplessness before midnight until morning32
Sleeplessness after 3 a.m.31
Sleeplessness from coldness31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Difficult waking31
Early waking31
Sudden waking31
Sudden waking, 2 a.m.31
Yawning after coughing33
Frequent yawning31
Amorous dreams21
Dreams about disease21
Dreams about dirty linen31
Dreams of becoming emaciated21
Dreams about journey21
Dreams of laughing21
Dreams of men following to violate her31
Dreams that he has taken poison22
Dreams of being poisoned32
Dreams of being pursued21
Dreams of being pursued by men to violate her31
Dreams of being pursued for the purpose of rape31
Dreams about snakes22
Dreams about snow22
Dreams about snow storm32
Dreams of urinating22
Dreams of weeping22
Coldness in general21
Coldness, afternoon21
Coldness in the open air21
Coldness in bed21
Coldness beginning in chest31
Coldness beginning in face31
Chilliness, evening31
Chilliness before menses32
Chilliness during menses31
Coldness descending21
Internal coldness,night in a warm room31
Chill before menses22
Chill during menses32
Constant chill during menses32
Chill,motion amelioration32
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors21
Coldness shaking,morning on rising31
Long-lasting coldness shaking31
Coldness,after sleep amelioration31
Coldness,warm room amelioration31
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove32
Bed warmth amel.,but not by heat of stove31
Heat in general22
Heat alternating with chill22
Fever with chill21
Coughing increases the heat21
Heat during menses31
Heat comes on after sleep31
Chill followed by heat21
Heat then sweat31
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration during anxiety21
Perspiration during slight exertion21
Perspiration during menses31
Skin biting21
Skin biting after scratching31
Skin burning21
Skin burning after scratching32
Skin chapping21
Skin coldness21
Skin contraction21
Skin cracks22
Pale skin32
Red skin31
Red skin after scratching31
Skin coppery spots32
Skin spots as if burnt31
Dry skin21
Dry skin,burning31
Burning eruption31
Coppery eruption32
Crusty eruptions31
Crusty eruption after scratching31
Crusty yellow eruption31
Desquamating eruption31
Discharging,moist eruption32
Eruption,discharging after scratching32
Dry eruption32
Granular eruption31
Herpetic eruption32
Herpetic burning eruption31
Chapping herpetic eruption31
Crusty herpetic eruption31
Dry herpetic eruption31
Itching herpetic eruption31
Mealy herpetic eruption31
Moist herpetic eruption33
Red herpetic eruption31
Stinging herpetic eruption31
Herpetic yellowish eruption31
Itching eruption32
Eruption,evening itching31
Eruption,night itching31
Eruption,itching,warmth of bed aggravation31
Mealy eruption31
Pimples in drunkard31
Stinging pimples31
Greasy pustules31
Scabies eruption32
Dry scabies31
Fatty scabies32
Moist scabies31
Suppressed scabies31
Bran-like scaly eruption33
Eruptions after scratching32
Stinging eruption31
Syphilitic eruption31
Nodular urticaria31
Vesicular eruption32
Vesicular eruption after scratching31
Yellow vesicular eruption32
Yellow eruption31
Skin excoriation after scratching31
Skin cauliflower fungus32
Skin fungus,haematodes32
Gangrene from burns or gangrenous sores22
Skin inflammation21
Itching, evening33
Itching, night31
Itching,must scratch until it is raw31
Itching,scratching aggravation31
Itching,scratching amelioration32
As if the skin were hanging loose21
Skin moisture22
Skin moisture after scratching32
Skin pain after scratching21
Skin sensitiveness22
Shining skin22
Sore skin (decubitus)21
Skin becomes sore in a child31
Skin sticking21
Stings of insects21
Skin swelling21
Skin pale swelling31
Skin swelling after scratching31
Skin spongy swelling31
Swollen skin sensation31
Skin tearing22
Skin tension21
Skin ulcerative pain21
Skin ulcer22
Skin bleeding ulcer31
Skin burning ulcer32
Skin ulcer as if burnt31
Skin cancerous ulcer32
Skin deep ulcer32
Skin ulcer,bloody discharges31
Skin ulcer,copious discharges31
Skin ulcer,corrosive discharges31
Skin ulcer,green discharges31
Skin ulcer,ichorous discharges31
Skin ulcer,offensive discharges31
Skin ulcer,scanty discharges31
Skin ulcer,yellow discharges32
Skin fistulous ulcer31
Skin foul ulcer31
Skin fungous ulcer31
Skin gangrenous ulcer32
Skin inflamed ulcer31
Skin itching ulcer31
Skin lardaceous ulcer31
Skin painful ulcer32
Skin ulcers,red areola31
Reopening of old skin ulcer32
Reopening of old ulcer when partly healed33
Skin sarcomatous ulcer31
Skin ulcer after scratching31
Skin sensitive ulcer31
Skin spongy ulcer32
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Skin ulcer with suppurative pain31
Skin tense ulcer31
Skin varicose ulcer31
Wrinkled,shrivelled skin22
6 p.m. to 6 a.m.31
Draft aggravation31
Bathing amelioration32
Caries of bone21
Becoming cold amelioration32
After eating31
Faintness,morning on rising31
Flabby feeling internally31
Vinegar aggravation31
Bones inflammation31
Nerves inflammation31
After intoxication21
Knotted sensation internally21
During menses amelioration31
Burning externally pain,left upper part of body31
Muscles stitching and tearing pain31
Wandering pain33
Post-diphteric paralysis32
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pulsation,excitement aggravation31
Pulsation,motion amelioration32
Pulsation,music aggravation31
Pulsation,plaintive music31
Labored pulse31
Wiry pulse31
Sensitiveness externally21
Electric-like shock during sleep31
Symptoms on the left then on the right side31
At beginning of sleep aggravation32
After sleep aggravation31
After sleep amelioration31
Smaller sensation21
Stretching during chill32
Cancerous ulcers32
Inflamed varicose veins31
On waking amelioration31
Warm aggravation22
Warm bed aggravation32
Warm wraps aggravation32
Weakness,motion amelioration31
Weakness from perspiration31
Wounds bleeding freely32