Chamomilla vulgaris.


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Absorbed,buried in thought21
Anger,morning on waking31
Ailments after anger,vexation33
Ailments after anger with anxiety32
Anger when consoled31
Anger from cough31
Anger from interruption32
From suppressed anger31
Violent anger33
Answers incorrectly32
Anxiety,evening in bed31
Anxiety in bed32
Anxiety after coffee31
Anxiety after eating31
Anxiety during fever31
Anxiety about future31
Anxiety, hypochondriacal31
Anxiety,mental exertion31
Pediodical anxiety32
Anxiety during sleep31
Anxiety before stool31
Anxiety during stool31
Anxiety during urination31
Desires to be carried23
Aversion to company23
Difficult concentration21
Difficult concentration while studying,reading,etc...31
Confusion of mind21
Confusion of mind,morning31
Confusion of mind,morning on rising31
Confusion of mind,afternoon31
Confusion of mind,evening31
Confusion of mind during chill32
Confusion of mind as in a dream31
Confusion of mind,epistaxis amelioration31
Confusion of mind during heat31
Confusion of mind when lying31
Confusion of mind from mental exertion31
Confusion of mind during paroxysms of pain32
Confusion of mind on waking31
Conscientious about trifles21
Consolation aggravation21
Delirium during chill31
Fantastic delirium31
Delirium,nonsense,with eyes open31
Delirium during sleep31
Delusions of animals31
Delusion,sees faces31
Illusions of fancy31
Delusions,shaking the head31
Delusion,sees images,phantoms31
Sees images,phantoms in the night31
Thinks he is insulted31
Delusion,hears noise31
Night visions31
Vivid delusions31
Hears voices32
Hears voices in the night31
Hears distant voices31
Delusions of vexations and offenses31
Despair during chill32
Despair during heat31
Despair with the pains32
Despair during perspiration32
Recovery despair31
Discontented with everything31
Discontented with himself31
As if in a dream21
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending22
Dullness during chill32
Dullness during heat32
Dullness,unable to think long31
Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences22
Attempts to escape21
Excitment during chill33
Excitment during perspiration33
Mental exertion aggravation21
Exaltation of fancies32
Exaltation of fancies,night32
Vivid fancies31
Fear in the night31
Fear after vexation31
Fear of wind32
Dread of work31
Complaints from fright21
Frightened easily31
Gestures of grasping or reaching at something32
Picks at bedclothes31
Fainting hysteria32
Abundant ideas and clearness of mind21
Deficiency of ideas31
Impatience from pain32
Indifference alternating with vexation31
Indifference to external things31
Indifference to pleasure32
Indolence,aversion to work21
Irresolution in his projects31
Irritability,morning on waking31
Irritability in children33
Irritability during chill31
Irritability during dentition31
Irritability after eating31
Irritability during heat32
Irritability before menses32
Irritability during menses32
Irritability during perspiration32
Irritability when questioned32
Sends the doctor home,says he is not sick33
Sends nurse out of the room33
Irritability when spoken to33
Irritability while talking31
Irritability on waking31
Kicks and becomes stiff when carried32
Lamenting while asleep32
Cannot bear to be looked at22
Loquacity,makes speeches31
Weakness of memory22
Weakness of memory for persons31
Weakness of memory for words31
Mistakes in reading31
Mistakes in speaking32
Misplacing words31
Mistakes in writing32
Mistakes in writing,comitting syllables32
Mistakes in writing,comitting words32
Moaning during cough31
Moaning during sleep32
Morose after eating31
Ailments after mortification22
Wants to be naked21
Obstinate upon appearance of menses32
Easily offended21
Prostation of mind21
Prostration of mind, evening31
Quieted only by being carried33
Religious affections22
Reproaches others31
Restlessness, night32
Anxious restlessness32
Restlessness driving out of bed32
Wants to go from one bed to another31
Tossing about in bed32
Restlessness in children31
Restlessness,child,relieved by being carried about32
Restlessness during headache31
Restlessness during the heat32
Restlessness during menses32
Restlessness during metrorrhagia31
Rocking amelioration21
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness during chill31
Sadness after eating31
Sadness from music31
Ailments from scorn23
Vanishing of senses31
Sensitive child32
Sensitive after coffee33
Sensitive to music32
Sensitive to noise32
Shrieking in children32
Shrieking with the pain33
Shrieking during sleep32
Shrieking on waking32
Sighing during heat32
Sighing during perspiration32
Inclination to sit22
Sits quite stiff32
Sits still31
Confuse speech at night31
Incoherent speech31
Strange speech31
Unintelligible speech in sleep31
Wandering speech31
Averse to being spoken to23
Starting during perspiration31
Starting during sleep32
Tremulous starting31
Starting at trifles31
Striking,in children33
Stupefaction,morning on waking31
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn31
Taciturn during heat31
Talking in sleep32
Persistent thoughts31
Vanishing of thoughts31
Vanishing of thought on mental exertion31
Throws things away21
Aversion to being touched23
Unconsciousness after emotion32
Unconsciousness during suppression of menses31
Violent from pain33
Wepping,tearful mood22
Weeping, night31
Weeping,night in sleep33
Weeping aggravates31
Weeping aloud31
Child is quiet only when carried33
Wepping during the chill33
Weeping during convulsions31
Weeping during coughing31
Wepping during the heat31
Weeping during perspiration32
Weeping when refused anything31
Weeping in sleep33
Weeping during stool32
Weeping from vexation31
Aversion to mental work21
Vertigo,morning on rising31
Vertigo on closing eyes21
Vertigo after coffee22
Vertigo after eating32
Vertigo,suppressed eruptions31
Vertigo as if intoxicated22
Vertigo on looking downward31
Vertigo while lying32
Vertigo,mental exertion21
Vertigo with nausea22
Vertigo on rising from bed31
Vertigo on rising on a seat31
Vertigo on rising after long sitting bent31
Vertigo while sitting22
Vertigo while sitting erect32
Vertigo with staggering22
Vertigo while standing21
Vertigo during stool31
Vertigo on stooping22
Vertigo after long stooping31
Vertigo with syncope22
Vertigo while talking21
Vertigo after an animated talking31
Vertigo with obscuration of vision21
Must bend head backward22
Forehead coldness31
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head congestion,morning31
Head congestion at noon31
Head congestion,afternoon31
Head congestion after anger32
Head congestion on coughing31
Head congestion with heat of face31
Head congestion during menses31
Head congestion from suppressed menses31
Head congestion from mental exertion31
Head congestion,walking amelioration31
Head constriction21
Head constriction,morning31
Forehead constriction32
Crackling sensation in head21
Crackling in head side31
Head drawn backward22
Head moist eruption32
Falling of head backward21
Falling of head forward31
Sensation of falling forward in brain31
As if everything would fall out of forehead31
Head fullness21
Occiput fullness31
Bristling hair32
Head heat21
Head heat during menses31
Vertex heat31
Head heaviness22
Head heaviness,morning on waking31
Head heaviness,afternoon31
Head heaviness on waking31
Forehead heaviness32
Occiput heaviness31
Occiput heaviness,morning31
Occiput heaviness on waking31
Unable to hold up head21
Inflammation of brain21
Forehead itching31
Head,sensation as of lump21
Sensation as of lump in forehead31
Motions in head when rising up31
Motion in head when turning head31
Backward and forward motions of head32
Nodding of head31
Head wagging31
Headache in general22
Headache,morning in bed32
Headache,morning,on rising amelioration31
Headache on waking31
Headache at noon31
Headache after midnight31
Headache in open air31
Headache from anger32
Headache,bending head backward amelioration32
Headche from binding head31
Headache after breakfast31
Catarrhal headache31
Headache during the chill31
Headache from coffee32
Headache,cold applications amelioration31
Headache from becoming cold33
Headache from feet becoming cold31
Headache from taking cold32
Headache with coryza31
Headache from having a suppressed coryza31
Headache during dentition32
Headache after eating32
Headache,epistaxis amelioration31
Headache after excitement of the emotions31
Gastric headache31
Hysterical headache31
Headache while lying31
Headache during menses31
Headache from mental exertion31
Headache from motion31
Headache,motion amelioration31
Headache after abuse of narcotics31
Nervous headache32
Headache after nursing infant31
Headache from strong odors31
Headache from abuse of opium31
Headache,paroxysmal pains32
Periodic headache31
Headache from suppressed perspiration32
Headache during pregnancy32
Pulsating headache32
Headache,rain amelioration31
Headache,while reading aggravation31
Rheumatic headache31
Headache on rising from lying31
Headache amel.on rising from lying31
Headache while rising upright,erect31
Headache after scarlatina31
Headache while sitting31
Headache during sleep31
Headache after sleep31
Headache from thinking of pain31
Headache on turning body31
Headache after vexation32
Headache after vomiting31
Headache,while walking amelioration31
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Headache,warm room amelioration31
Headache from washing head31
Headache amel.from washing head in cold water31
Headache from cloudy weather32
Headache from windy,stormy weather31
Headache from exposure to wind31
Pain,wrapping up the head31
Head bones pain21
Aching pain deep in brain21
Forehead pain22
Forehead pain while eating31
Forehead pain after sleep31
Forehead pain extending to eyes31
Headache forehead extending to occiput32
Occiput pain21
Occiput pain,cold application amelioration31
Occiput pain,standing in one position31
Occiput pain extending to lower jaw31
Occiput sides pain31
Occiput left side pain31
One side headache22
Right side headache31
Left side headache32
Temples pain22
Temples pain,forenoon32
Temples wandering pain32
Temples pain extending to occiput31
Headache,vertex pain21
Vertex pain extending to forehead31
Vertex pain extending to temples31
Vertex pain extending to throat31
Biting headache21
Headache,boring pain21
Boring headache,morning31
Boring headache on waking31
Temples boring pain21
Temples boring pain,morning31
Forehead burning pain21
Burrowing headache21
Forehead burrowing pain31
Temples burrowing pain31
Bursting headache21
Bursting headache;morning on waking31
Bursting headache before menses31
Bursting headache on waking31
Vertex bursting pain as if blown off31
Pain as if top of head would come off21
Headache,as if the head was crushed,shattered,beaten to pieces21
Drawing headache22
Head sides drawing pain22
Headache,dull pain21
Forehead jerking pain31
Headache,pressing pain21
Pressing headache,morning32
Pressing headache,afternoon31
Pressing headache,evening31
Pressing inward headache31
Pressing inward headache as if by sharp corners31
Pressing headache from mental exertion31
Paroxysmal pressing headache31
Pressing headache on stooping31
Pressing headcahe on thinking of it31
Brain as if bound up,pressing pain21
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain,as if weight or stone31
Frontal eminence pressing pain31
Frontal eminence pressing pain,studying aggravation31
Occiput pressing pain21
Temples pressing pain22
Right temple pressing pain32
Temples pressing pain,forenoon32
Temples pressing pain,evening32
Temples pressing pain,digital31
Temples pressing pain while meditating32
Temples pressing pain,thinking of it aggravation33
Vertex pressing pain21
Vertex pressing pain after mental exertion32
Vertex pressing outward pain31
Vertex pressing pain when stooping31
Vertex pressing pain,thinking about it aggravation33
Vertex pressing pain extending to forehead31
Headache,shooting pain21
Head sides shooting pain21
Vertex shooting pain21
Vertex shooting pain extending forward31
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure21
Temples sore bruised pain21
Left temple sore pain31
Stitching headache21
Stitching headache,morning31
Stitching headache,afternoon31
Stitching headache on motion31
Brain stitching pain21
Forehead stitching pain21
Forehead stitching pain extending to occiput32
Frontal eminence stitching pain31
Occiput stitching pain21
Occiput stitching pain extending to upper jaw left side31
Occiput sides stitching pain,twitching31
Head sides stitching pain21
Temples stitching pain22
Temples stitching pain,morning31
Temples stitching pain,afternoon31
Temples stitching pain extending to occiput32
Vertex stitching pain extending to pharynx31
Stunning headache,afternoon31
Headache,tearing,rending pain22
Tearing headache at noon31
Tearing headache,night31
Forehead tearing pain22
Forehead tearing pain,priodic32
Forehead tearing pain extending to chest31
Head sides tearing pain22
Temples tearing pain22
Pain as if torn head21
Scalp perspiration23
Scalp clammy perspiration31
Scalp hot perspiration32
Scalp perspiration during menses31
Scalp perspiration only on the head31
Scalp perspiration during sleep32
Scalp sour perspiration32
Forehead perspiration21
Forehead warm perspiration31
Head prickling21
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing22
Transient pulsating in one-half of head31
Transient pulsating in one-half of brain31
Head sides pulsating22
Temples pulsating21
Vertex pulsating22
Swollen temples feeling31
Swollen left temple feeling31
Twitching of muscles of the head21
Twitching of muscles of the head,morning31
Head muscles twitching after eating31
Forehead muscles twitching31
Uncovering head aggravation21
Warm coverings on head aggravation21
Washing head aggravation21
Head weakness21
Head weakness,morning31
Head weakness after coffee32
Agglutinated eye23
Agglutinated eye,morning32
Agglutinated eye,night31
Bleeding from eyes22
Bleeding from eyes from coughing31
Eyes spasmodic closure31
Eye discharges of mucus or pus22
Eye acrid discharges32
Eye bloody discharges31
Eye purulent discharges32
Canthi discharges,morning32
Dry discharges in canthi31
Pus discharges in canthi31
Distorted eyes22
Eyes dryness22
Eye ecchymosis21
Falling of lids21
Heat in eye23
Eye,sensation of steaming out33
Lids heaviness31
Eye inflammation22
Eye acute inflammation32
Eye arthritic inflammation (gouty and rheumatic)32
Eye catarrhal inflammation from cold32
Eye inflammation,infants32
Eye scrofulous inflammation32
Conjunctiva inflammation32
Conjunctiva and cornea pustular inflammation32
Lids margins inflammation32
Meibomian glands inflammation31
Lachrymation during fever31
Eyeballs rolling movement31
Half open eyes32
Unable to open eyes32
Eye pain23
Eye pain,noon,daily31
Eye pain,afternoon32
Eye aching pain21
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye constricting pain21
Eye drawing pain21
Pain drawing the eyeball backward31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc23
Eye pressing pain,noon31
Eye pressing pain,afternoon32
Eye pressing outward pain31
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye21
Canthi sore,bruised pain32
Outer canthus sore pain31
Lids sore,bruised pain31
Lids sore pain as if denuded31
Eye stitching pain22
Eye tearing pain22
Photophobia during chill31
Eye protrusion22
Contracted pupils (myosis)21
Pupils contracted during heat31
Pupils contracted during perspiration31
Pupils dilated during chill31
Sluggish pupils31
Eye redness21
Eye redness during menses31
Lids redness31
Eye scrofulous affections22
Swollen eye22
Swollen eye,morning33
Swollen conjunctiva31
Swollen lids31
Eye turned downward31
Lids twitching32
Weak eye21
Eyes yelowness22
Dark colors before the eyes21
Halo of colors around the light21
Dim vision22
Dim vision,morning31
Dim vision during vertigo31
Dim vision when fixing eyes upon white objects31
Flickering while lying32
Foggy vision22
Loss of vision (blindness)21
About ears sensitive to open air33
Ear complaints,child22
Ear discharges22
Ear purulent discharges31
Ear thin discharges31
Ear redness32
Ear lobes redness32
Ear meatus redness32
Sensation of ear fullness21
Ear heat22
As if hot water were running out of right ear31
Inside ear inflammation33
Media ear inflammation33
Noises in ear21
Noises in right ear31
Noises in ear,afternoon31
Noises in ear,night31
Fluttering sounds in ear21
Fluttering sounds as of a bird31
Humming in ear21
Ringing in ear22
Ringing in right ear31
Roaring in ear22
Noise as of water rushing33
Tinkling in ear21
Ear pain23
Ear pain,motion amelioration32
Ear pain from music31
Ear paroxysmal pain32
Ear pain with sore throat32
Ear pain while stooping32
Ear pain,warmth of bed and wrapping up amelioratipon32
Pain inside the ear (meatus)23
Ear lobule pain21
Ear aching pain23
Drawing pain in ear22
Drawing pain in ear lobule32
Ear pressing pain23
Ear pressing pain when stooping31
Stitching pain in ear23
Stitching pain in ear when stooping33
Stitching pain in front of ear32
Tragus stitching pain31
Tearing pain in ear23
Tearing pain in ear lobes31
Sensation of stopped ear21
Inside ear tension31
Ear tingling21
Sensation of hot water running out of right ear31
Wanting ear-wax32
Ear sensitive to wind23
Acute hearing21
Hearing acute to music32
Acute hearing during perspiration33
Sounds seem distant21
Impaired hearing21
Impaired hearing,evening31
Lost hearing21
Nose catarrh21
Coryza with cough32
Coryza with discharge (fluent)32
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Coryza with larynx inflammation31
Suppressed coryza31
Nose excoriating discharge32
Nose purulent discharge31
Nose suppressed discharge31
Nose viscid,though discharge33
Nose watery discharge33
Nose inside dryness22
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood33
Epistaxis,dark,black blood32
Sense of nose fullness22
Heat in nose22
Nose heaviness22
Nose inside inflammation31
Nose itching22
Nose inside itching32
Nose obstruction22
Sensation of nose obstruction32
Nose inside sore bruised pain31
Nose bones stitching pain31
Acute smell22
Acute smell,strong odors32
Wanting smell,lost smell22
Nose swelling21
Nose inside tingling31
Nose inside ulcers32
Nose wrinkled skin21
Bleeding lips22
Bloated face21
Chapped lips31
Chewing motion of the jaw21
Face coldness22
Face contraction22
Face convulsions,spasms22
Face convulsions during chill31
Mouth convulsions31
Cracked lips22
Cracked lower lip31
Cracked middle of lower lip32
Bluish face22
Bluish circles around eyes31
Bluish cheeks31
Face changing color22
Pale face22
One-sided pale face32
Red face23
Red face alternating with paleness31
Red face during chill33
Red face,erysipelatous32
One-sided red face32
Face,one side pale the other red33
Red face when in pain31
Red face with toothache33
Bluish red face31
Yellow face22
Face distortion22
Mouth distortion,alternating sides31
Drawn face22
Lips dryness,night31
Face eruption21
Cheeks eruption31
Forehead eruption31
Lips eruption31
Eruption around mouth31
Nose eruption31
Face miliary eruption21
Face moist eruption21
Face rash22
Face red eruption21
Lips scurfy eruption31
Face erisipelas22
Face left side erysipelas32
Face phlegmonous erysipelas31
Excoriated lips21
Changed expression32
Face heat23
Face heat,evening32
Face heat during chill33
Face heat,cold one side the other hot33
Face heat with cold body32
Face heat with cold limbs31
Face heat after drinking33
Face heat after eating33
Face heat flashes31
Face heat after lying down32
Face heat after vexation32
Face heavy feeling21
Cheeks indurations32
Parotid gland inflammation32
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)22
Face pain when chewing32
Face pain while lying31
Face pain,motion of lower jaw aggravation31
Face pain with numbness33
Face one-sided pain31
Face pain on opening the mouth31
Face paroxysmal pain32
Face pain,warmth amelioration32
Face pain,warm drinks31
Lower jaw pain31
Parotid gland pain31
Face burning pain22
Face burning pain,evening31
Face drawing pain21
Jaws drawing pain31
Face jerking pain22
Face stitching pain22
Lower jaw stitching pain32
Joints of jaws stitching pain32
Jaw stitching pain extending to ear32
Jaw stitching pain extending to teeth32
Parotid gland stitching pain31
Lower jaw tearing pain32
Lips peeling21
Face perspiration21
Face perspiration after drinking32
Face parspiration after eating33
Face perspiration during heat32
Face pulsation21
Lower jaw pulsation31
Submaxillary gland pulsation31
Sunken face22
Face swelling23
Face one-sided swelling32
Face swelling,toothache33
Cheeks swelling32
Face glands swelling31
Parotid glands swelling33
Submaxillary glands swelling33
Tired feeling in the jaw21
Face twitching22
Lips twitching32
Lips ulcers32
Wrinkled forehead32
Mouth aphthae21
Tongue bleeding31
Cracked fissured tongue32
Gums redness32
Red palate33
Red velum32
Red tongue32
Tongue red stripe down centre32
Tongue red centre31
White tongue32
Tongue white patches31
White tongue,red stripe down centre31
Tongue white sides32
Yellow tongue32
Mouth dryness23
Mouth dryness,morning32
Mouth dryness with thirst31
Children put fingers in the mouth22
Froth,foam from mouth22
Froth,foam,during convulsions32
Mouth heat23
Gums heat32
Gums inflammation32
Palate inflammation31
Mapped tongue21
Breath odor after eating31
Breath offensive odor33
Breath putrid odor33
Breath putrid odor after eating31
Breath sour odor31
Open mouth during sleep31
Gums pain32
Pain in palate31
Tongue biting pain32
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain22
Gums burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain32
Palate drawing pain,convulsive,extending to fauces31
Palate pressing pain31
Gums sore pain32
Tongue stitching pain31
Frothy saliva31
Metallic tasting saliva32
Sweet saliva33
Stammering speech31
Gums swelling31
Sensation of gums swelling32
Bitter taste32
Bitter taste,morning33
Bitter taste after coffee32
Bitter taste during eating31
Fatty,greasy taste32
Offensive taste31
Putrid taste32
Putrid taste,night32
Rancid taste32
Slimy taste32
Sour taste32
Bread tastes sour31
Mouth vesicles21
Mouth vesicles,stinging stitches31
Tongue vesicles31
Tongue vesicles,stinging pain32
Vesicles under the tongue32
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth22
Teeth crawling22
Difficult dentition23
Sensation of teeth elongation23
Teeth grinding22
Teeth grinding during chill31
Itching in teeth21
Looseness of teeth21
Mucus on teeth21
Incisors pain31
Molars pain31
Upper teeth pain32
Lower teeth pain33
Left teeth pain33
Toothache,evening in bed32
Toothache before midnight32
Toothache after midnight31
Toothache, 3 a.m.31
Toothache,cold air23
Toothache from a draft32
Toothache in the open air32
Toothache after anger31
Toothache in bed32
Toothache from coffee33
Toothache from a cold32
Toothache,cold after overheating32
Toothache,anything cold amelioration31
Toothache from cold drinks32
Toothache,cold water amelioration32
Toothache from drinking32
Toothache,during eating amelioration32
Toothache after eating32
Toothache from excitement32
Intermittent toothache32
Toothache while lying32
Toothache,lying on painless side aggravation32
Toothache from masticating33
Toothache during menses32
Toothache after menses31
Toothache,nervous patients33
Paroxysmal toothache32
Periodical toothache31
Toothache every other day32
Toothache from suppressed perspiration31
Toothache during pregnancy32
Pulsating toothache33
Rheumatic toothache32
Toothache with involuntary flow of saliva32
Toothache in sound teeth32
Toothache in the summer31
Toothache from talking32
Toothache,tobacco smoking32
Toothache while travelling32
Toothache after vexation32
Toothache,walking in open air31
Toothache from warm drinks33
Toothache from warm food33
Tooth pain from warm things33
Toothache,warmth of bed aggravation33
Toothache,warm room aggravation32
Toothache after washing31
Toothache from washing with cold water31
Toothache,washing with cold water amelioration31
Toothache in the winter31
Toothache extending to cheeks31
Teeth pain extending to ear32
Toothache extending to eyes31
Toothache extending to face31
Toothache extending to head32
Toothache extending to nose31
Toothache extending to temples31
Boring toothache in roots32
Burning toothache21
Corrosive toothache21
Digging toothache22
Drawing toothache23
Drawing toothache,eating amelioration32
Drawing toothache after eating32
Gnawing toothache22
Gnawing toothache,night32
Jerking toothache23
Neuralgic toothache22
Piercing toothache22
Pressing toothache21
Teeeth pressing pain as if too close31
Scraping toothache21
Sore bruised toothache21
Stitching,stinging toothache22
Tearing toothache22
Twitching toothache21
Sensitive,tender teeth21
Sensitive hollow tooth32
Choking,throat constricting23
Oesophagus shoking31
Dark red throat33
Throat dryness21
Throat heat22
Throat inflammation22
Throat inflammation,children31
Throat inflammation after cold32
Tonsils inflammation32
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Sensation of lump rising in throat31
Throat pain21
Throat pain from a cold31
Throat pain on swallowing32
Throat pain,warm drinks amelioration32
Throat pain,warmth amelioration32
Throat pain extending to ear31
Throat burning pain21
Throat pressing pain21
Tonsils pressing pain31
Sore throat22
Throat stitching pain21
Throat stitching pain on swallowing31
Throat tearing pain21
Throat spasms,spasmodic constriction,convulsions,etc23
Throat spasms after anger32
Oesophagus spasms31
Oesophagus spasms,evening31
Tonsils suppuration22
Difficult swallowing31
Difficult swallowing,morning31
Difficult swallowing solids32
Impeded swallowing while lying31
Impossible swallowing31
Impossible swallowing while lying31
Tonsils swelling33
Oesophagus tension31
External throat abscess22
Fullness in throat pit21
External throat perspiration21
Cervical glands swelling32
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh22
Larynx catarrh32
Laryngo-tracheal constriction22
Larynx constriction32
Trachea constriction32
Larynx inflammation22
Trachea inflammation31
Irritation in air passages21
Larynx irritation32
Throat-pit irritation32
Trachea irritation32
Trachea itching31
Mucus in the air passages21
Mucus in larynx32
Mucus in larynx ejected with difficulty32
Trachea mucus32
Larynx and trachea burning pain21
Larynx burning pain32
Larynx burning pain during cough31
Trachea burning pain32
Pain piercing larynx21
Larynx rawness pain33
Larynx rawness pain from coughing31
Trachea soreness31
Larynx stinging pain21
Larynx stitching pain21
Trachea rattling31
Scraping,clearing larynx23
Tickling in the air passages23
Tickling in larynx32
Tickling in or from throat-pit33
Tickling in trachea32
Hoarseness in children31
Hoarseness during coryza31
Hoarseness,mucus in larynx32
Hollow voice31
Low voice31
Rough voice32
Weak voice32
Accelerated respiration22
Anxious respiration22
Arrested respiration,afternoon31
Suddenly arrested respiration in children31
Arrested respiration while walking31
Asthmatic respiration21
Asthma after anger33
Asthma,bending head backwards amelioration31
Asthma,cold air amelioration32
Asthma,cold water amelioration31
Asthme after emotions31
Asthma from flatulence32
Asthma,warm food aggravation32
Deep respiration21
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration during night31
Difficult respiration,cold air amelioration31
Difficult respiration after anger33
Difficult respiration,bending head backward31
Difficult respiration from coffee32
Difficult respiration,after drinking cold water amelioration31
Difficult respiration after eating31
Difficult respiration from flatulence31
Difficult respiration while lying31
Difficult respiration from suppressed measles33
Difficult respiration during sleep31
Forcible expiration31
Hot breath22
Hot breath during chill31
Hot breath with cold limbs31
Impeded,obstructed respiration21
Impeded respiration after coffee32
Impeded respiration after eating31
Intermittent,unequal respiration22
Irregular respiration22
Long respiration21
Loud respiration23
Loud inspiration31
Loud respiration in sleep31
Panting respiration21
Slow inspiration31
Stertorous respiration21
Wheezing respiration21
Whistling respiration22
Daytime cough21
Cough,day and night31
Cough, night23
Cough, midnight32
Cough after midnight31
Cough, cold air31
Cough, dry cold air31
Cough, open air31
Cough from anger22
Asthmatic cough21
Cough,on becoming warm in bed,agg.or excites32
Cough,on becoming warm in bed amelioration31
Cough during chill31
Cough,coffee aggravation21
Cough,larynx constriction22
Cough with convulsions22
Croupy cough21
Cough,crying aggravation21
Cough during dentition22
Dry cough22
Dry cough,night32
Dry cough in night,loose by day31
Dry cough during fever31
Dry cough after measles31
Dry cough during sleep33
Cough from eating21
Exhausting cough21
Cough during fever21
Hacking cough21
Cough from irritation in air passages23
Cough from irritation in chest32
Cough from irritation in epigastrium31
Cough from irritation in larynx33
Cough from irritation in throat-pit32
Cough from irritation in trachea32
Cough from itching in trachea31
Loose cough21
Loose cough,morning31
Cough,lying aggravation21
Cough,lying in bed aggravation31
Cough after measles31
Cough during menses31
Cough,mucus in chest21
Cough,mucus in larynx31
Cough,mucus in trachea31
Cough,music aggravation21
Paroxysmal cough22
Paroxysmal cough,midnight32
Cough when playing piano21
Rattling cough22
Rough cough,night32
Scraping cough21
Scraping cough,night31
Cough during sleep33
Wakens from cough31
Cough,smoking aggravation31
Cough from stitching in larynx31
Suffocative cough22
Suffocative cough, night31
Suffocative cough, midnight31
Cough on talking21
Tickling cough23
Chest tickling on coughing32
Cough from tickling in larynx32
Tickling in pharynx on coughing31
Cough from tickling in throat-pit33
Cough from tickling in trachea31
Cough after vexation23
Violent cough22
Violent cough in sleep31
Whooping cough22
Whooping cough,night32
Cough in the wind21
Cough in the cold dry wind31
Cough in the east wind31
Cough in the north wind31
Winter cough21
Expectoration,daytime only23
Acrid expectoration21
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Spitting of dark blood33
Spitting of blood on hawking31
Bloody expectoration while walking31
Difficult expectoration21
Hawking up mucus22
Hawking up bloody mucus31
Mucous expectoration21
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Expectoration,sour odor31
Purulent expectorarion21
Scanty expectoration21
Bitter expectoration33
Expectoration greasy taste31
Putrid expectoration32
Expectoration rancid taste31
Sour expectoration31
Tough expectoration21
Viscid expectoration22
Expectoration while walking21
Watery expectoration21
Yellow expectoration21
Nipples abscess31
Region of heart anxiety32
Mammae cancer31
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest constriction during cough32
Chest constriction during inspiration31
Chest constriction during deep respiration31
Chest upper part constriction31
Erysipelas of mammae22
Nipples excoriation32
Flabby mammae21
Chest haemorrhage21
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood33
Chest heat21
Chest heat,expectoration amelioration31
Mammae induration33
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Mammae inflammation32
Nipples inflammation32
Bad milk33
Milk with blood32
Bloody milk32
Cheesy milk32
Milk disappearing31
Milk flowing31
Suppressed milk32
Suppressed milk from anger32
Thin milk31
Nodules in mammae31
Chest oppression22
Oppression, 10 or 11 a.m.31
Oppression while sitting31
Heart oppression31
Chest pain22
Chest pain,forenoon31
Chest pain, 10 a.m.31
Chest pain, 11 a.m.31
Chest pain during cough32
Chest pain,mental exertion31
Chest pain during inspiration32
Chest pain,respiration32
Chest pain while walking31
Clavicle pain21
Clavicle pain while sitting31
Mammae pain22
Chest right side pain31
Chest sides pain,forenoon31
Chest sides pain,mental exertion31
Chest sides pain,inspiration31
Chest side pain,deep respiration31
Chest side pain while walking31
Heart pain22
Chest aching pain21
Chest burning pain22
Sternum burning pain31
Under sternum burning pain32
Chest bursting pain21
Chest bursting pain on coughing31
Mammae cutting pain31
Chest drawing pain22
Chest right side drawing pain31
Heart pressing pain31
Heart pressing pain instead of menses31
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest sore,bruised pain21
Mammae sore bruised pain33
Nipples sore,bruised pain32
Chest stitching pain23
Chest stitching pain,respiration31
Chest stitching pain,deep respiration32
Nipple stitching pain31
Chest middle stitching pain during expiration31
Chest sides stitching pain32
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest side stitching pain,forenoon31
Chest side stitching pain, 11 a.m.31
Chest side stitching pain,exertion of mind31
Chest side stitching pain,inspiration31
Chest side stitching pain,deep respiration31
Chest side stitching pain while walking31
Lower part of chest left side stitching pain31
Sternum stitching pain31
Heart stitching pain32
Heart stitching pain,motion aggravation31
Region of clavicle tearing pain31
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation from vexation31
Sycotic phthisis pulmonalis31
Spasms of chest21
Mammae swelling32
Mammae swelling during menses32
Nipples swelling32
Tickling in chest21
Ulceration of nipples31
Stomach anxiety22
Increased appetite,evening31
Ravenous appetite,evening31
Appetite without relish21
Wanting appetite23
Aversion to beer22
Aversion to coffee22
Aversion to warm drinks32
Aversion to food21
Aversion to meat21
Aversion to soup21
Stomach coldness21
Stomach convulsive constriction31
Desires coffee21
Desires cold drinks23
Desires sauerkraut21
Desires sour,acid things22
Desires vegetables21
Desordered stomach22
Disordered stomach from excitement32
Disordered stomach after vexation33
Stomach distention22
Stomach distention after eating31
Eructations aggravate23
Eructation after breakfast31
Eructations after eating31
Painful eructations23
Eructations during stool31
Acrid eructations21
Bitter eructations during stool31
Eructations smelling like spoiled eggs32
Empty eructations22
Fluid eructations21
Eructations,food regurgitation22
Eructations tasting like food21
Salty eructations21
Sour eructations22
Sour eructations after eating31
Sensation of stomach fullness21
Stomach fullness after eating31
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Indigestion after coffee32
Indigestion after vexation33
Loathing of food22
Nausea after breakfast32
Nausea during chill32
Nausea after coffee32
Nausea after eating32
Nausea,after eating amelioration31
Faint-like nausea31
Nausea during fever31
Nausea during labor31
Nausea during menses31
Nausea during stool31
Nausea after vexation31
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain,night31
Stomach pain,on bending double amelioration31
Stomach pain after coffee33
Stomach pain before an attack of cough31
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach pain,after eating amelioration31
Stomach pain,eructations aggravation32
Stomach pain after excitement33
Stomach pain during heat32
Stomach pain during menses32
Stomach pain on motion31
Stomach pain after vexation31
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain22
Stomach cramping pain in coffee drinkers32
Stomach cutting pain22
Stomach drawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain23
Stomach pressing pain after coffee32
Stomach pressing pain after eating32
Stomach pressing pain after eating little31
Stomach pressing pain as if heart were being crushed31
Stomach pressing pain after vexation31
Stomach pressing pain as from a weight32
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain21
Stomach stitching pain22
Retching after coffee31
Retching with cough31
Retching after eating32
Sensation of stone in stomach22
Stomach tension21
Burning,vehement thirst31
Thirst during chill31
Extreme thirst33
Thirst during heat32
Thirst during menses32
Thirst with the pains33
Thirst before stool31
Thirst during stool31
Unquenchable thirst31
Vomiting after anger33
Vomiting after coffee32
Vomiting on coughing32
Vomiting after drinking31
Easy vomiting33
Vomiting after eating31
Vomiting during heat32
Vomiting before menses31
Vomiting during menses31
Vomiting after opium33
Vomiting after vexation32
Bile vomiting23
Bile vomiting after anger31
Bile vomiting during chill32
Bile vomiting during cough31
Bile vomiting during the fever32
Bile vomiting during perspiration33
Bitter vomiting22
Bitter vomiting,morning31
Bitter vomiting during chill32
Bitter vomiting after coffee32
Blood vomiting21
Food vomiting22
Food vomiting after vexation31
Liquids vomiting21
Mucus vomiting22
Mucus vomiting,morning after coffee32
Mucus vomiting after coffee32
Sour vomiting22
Anxiety in abdomen21
Anxiety in abdomen,evening31
Anxiety in hypochondria31
Abdomen coldness21
Abdomen coldness during chill31
Abdomen contraction22
Sensation as if diarrhea would come on21
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,morning32
Abdomen distension,afternoon31
Abdomen distension,evening31
Abdomen distension after eating32
Abdomen distension after menses31
Abdomen painful distension31
Abdomen tympanitic distension33
Hypochondria distension31
Abdomen emptiness22
Abdomen flatulence23
Flatulence,obstructed abdomen32
Hypochondria flatulence32
Sensation of hypochondria fullness32
Hard abdomen21
Hard abdomen,evening31
Abdomen heaviness as from a load,etc22
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)22
Liver inflammation22
Liver inflammation after vexation32
Liver and region of liver22
Movements in abdomen21
Umbilical region movements31
Abdomen aching,dull pain23
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching,morning in bed31
Abdomen aching,sunrise32
Abdomen aching,afternoon31
Abdomen aching after anger32
Abdomen aching,must bend double32
Abdomen aching after coffee32
Abdomen aching from taking cold33
Abdomen aching during cough31
Abdomen aching as if diarrhoea would come on31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoea (colic)33
Abdomen aching during digestion31
Abdomen aching after drinking31
Abdomen aching after eating32
Abdomen aching after excitement32
Abdomen aching,passing flatus amelioration31
Abdomen aching during the heat32
Abdomen aching before menses32
Abdomen aching during menses32
Abdomen aching after menses31
Abdomen aching from suppression of menses32
Abdomen paroxysmal aching32
Abdomen periodical aching33
Abdomen aching during pregnancy32
Abdomen aching on sneezing31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching during stool31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoeic stool32
Abdomen aching during urination32
Abdomen aching,prevents urination32
Abdomen violent aching31
Abdomen aching,warmth amelioration33
Aching extending accross abdomen31
Abdomen aching extending to bladder31
Abdomen aching extending to chest31
Abdomen aching extending to thigh31
Hypochondria aching,night in bed31
Hypochondria aching in bed31
Hypochondria aching after dancing31
Hypochondria aching after eating31
Hypogastrium aching after dinner31
Hypogastrium aching after menses31
Hypogastrium paroxysmal aching31
Crest of ilium aching dull pain21
Inguinal aching as if a hernia would appear31
Liver aching,colic,gall-stone32
Abdomen sides aching dull pain22
Abdomen sides aching after coffee32
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain22
Reg.of umbilicus aching,night32
Abdomen burning pain21
Region of umbilicus burning pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain23
Abdomen cramping pain from coffee32
Abdomen cramping pain after drinking water31
Abdomen cramping pain before menses32
Abdomen cramping pain during menses32
Abdomen cramping pain on urination32
Abdomen cutting pain on coughing31
Abdomen cutting pain after dinner31
Abdomen cutting pain before menses32
Abdomen cutting pain during stool31
Umbilical region cutting pain31
Umbilical reg.cutting pain after dinner31
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain21
Abdomen dragging pain during menses32
Right hypochondrium dragging pain21
Inguinal region dragging pain22
Abdomen drawing pain21
Hypochondria drawing pain21
Right hypochondrium drawing pain31
Hypochondria drawing pain in bed31
Hypochondria pressing pain22
Hypochondria pressing pain after eating31
Hypogastrium pressing pain21
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness23
Abdomen sore pain after menses31
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain22
Abdomen stitching pain while walking31
Abdomen stitching pain extending to chest32
Abdomen stitching pain extending transversely31
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Right hypochondrium stitching pain31
Hypochondria stitching pain while standing31
Hypochondria stitching pain while walking31
Hypogastrium stitching pain21
Iliac region stitching pain21
Inguinal region stitching pain21
Inguinal right side stitching pain31
Liver stitching pain22
Abdomen sides stitching pain21
Abdomen right side stitching pain31
Abdomen sides stitching pain while walking31
Stitching pain in flank31
Abdomen tearing pain23
Region of umbilicus tearing pain32
Rumblings in the bowels22
Rumbling as if diarrhoea would come on32
Abdomen rumbling after drinking31
Complaints of spleen21
Sensation of stopped abdomen21
Abdomen tension22
Hypochondria tension21
Region of ombilicus tension31
Constipation,difficult stool31
Insufficient incomplete unsatisfactory stools32
Diarrhoea, night32
Diarrhoea after anger32
Bilious diarrhoea31
Diarrhoea after chagrin31
Diarrhoea in children33
Diarrhoea after taking cold32
Diarrhoea during dentition33
Diarrhoea after eating32
Diarrhoea during menses31
Painless diarrhoea32
Painless diarrhoea,night31
Diarrhoea during pregnancy31
Diarrhoea after rhubarb32
Diarrhoea,smoking aggravation31
Diarrhoea from tobacco31
Diarrhoea from vexation31
Rectum excoriation22
Excoriation of perineum22
Rectum fissure23
Flatus, afternoon31
Flatus amelioration32
Hot flatus31
Offensive flatus,spoiled eggs odor32
Haemorrhage from anus22
Blind haemorrhoids31
Congested haemorrhoids32
Internal haemorrhoids33
Ulcerating haemorrhoids32
Inactivity of rectum23
Anus itching21
Anus itching,evening31
Rectum pain21
Rectum pain during stool31
Rectum pain,after stool amelioration31
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum burning pain after flatus31
Rectum burning pain during stool31
Rectum burning pain,vexation aggravation32
Rectum soreness after stool32
Rectum stitching pain21
Rectum stitching pain after stool31
Rectum tenesmus21
Rectum tenesmus before stool31
Rectum tenesmus,after stool amelioration31
Redness of anus21
Rectum ulceration23
Urging to stool21
Urging to stool after eating31
Urging to stool,after rising amelioration31
Lumbricoides worms in rectum31
Acrid,corrosive,excoriating stool22
Bilious stool22
Bloody stool22
Changeable stool21
Chopped stool22
Stool like chopped eggs32
Stool like chopped spinach32
Curdled stool21
Frequent stool23
Green stool23
Hot stool23
Lienteric stool21
Slimy mucous stool22
Mucous slimy bloody stool31
Mucous slimy stool,chopped eggs and spinach31
Mucous green stool33
Mucous white stool32
Mucous yellow stool32
Stool odor like rotten eggs33
Stool,offensive odor31
Stool,putrid odor31
Stool,sour odor31
Small stool22
Thin liquid stool22
Watery stool23
Watery green stool33
Like rice water stool31
Watery yellow stool31
White stool22
Yellow stool21
After operation for bladder calculi31
Bladder neck pain21
Bladder burning pain21
Bladder burning pain during urination31
Bladder neck burning pain22
Bladder neck burning pain during urination32
Bladder neck stitching,stinging pain22
Bladder neck stitching pain when not urinating32
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Anxious urging to urinate32
Frequent urging to urinate22
Frequent urging to urinate after menses31
Frequent urging to urinate,suppressed menses31
Ineffectual urging to urinate22
Urging to urinate during menses31
Dysuria during chill32
Dysuria during fever32
Dysuria during perspiration33
Urination feeble stream (slow)21
Involuntary urination21
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)32
Bladder weakness22
Region of kidneys cold sensation31
Ureters dragging pain like labor with urging to urinate22
Ureters drawing pain21
Region of kidneys weariness21
Gonorrhoeal discharge22
Urethra biting pain during urination31
Urethra burning pain21
Urethra burning pain during urination32
Urethra stitching pain when not urinating32
Burning or hot urine22
Cloudy urine23
Cloudy urine soon after passing32
Cloudy urine on standing33
Urine clay-like color on standing31
Pale urine22
Pale urine during fever31
Blood-red urine32
White urine21
Light yellow urine22
Colorless urine22
Colorless urine during menses32
Copious urine with amenorrhoea32
Copious urine during fever32
Copious urine during menses32
Copious urine with perspiration31
Scanty urine22
Sediment in urine21
Bloody sediment in urine21
Cloudy sediment in urine21
Copious sediment in urine21
Floculent sediment in urine22
Purulent sediment in urine21
Red sediment in urine21
Yellow sediment in urine22
Thick urine on standing32
Watery urine,clear as water21
Troublesome erections21
Troublesome erections,morning31
Troublesome erections,afternoon31
Strong erections21
Violent erections22
Male genitalia excoriation22
Penis itching21
Prepuce itching32
Prepuce stitching pain31
Nightly seminal emissions22
Morning seminal emissions31
Increased sexual passion31
Prepuce swelling31
Uterus congestion21
Uterus congestion during menses31
Uterus constriction21
Uterus hour-glass contractions32
Uterus induration31
Uterus inflammation22
Uterus inflammation after anger32
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea23
Leucorrhoea after menses32
Thin watery leucorrhoea21
Yellow leucorrhoea23
Bloody lochia32
Copious lochia32
Dark lochia32
Suppressed lochia32
Suppressed lochia from cold31
Acrid,excoriating menses21
Menses,anger brings on the flow21
Menses before the proper age22
Clotted menses23
Clotted dark menses32
Copious menses22
Dark menses23
Menses,fluid blood containing clots22
Frequent menses,too early,too soon23
Intermittent menses22
Late menses21
Membranous menses23
Offensive menses22
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea23
Suppressed menses22
Menses suppressed from anger31
Thin menses with clots32
Active metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia in aged women31
Metrorrhagia after anger33
Metrorrhagia between the menstrual periods33
Black metrorrhagia32
Bright red metrorrhagia31
Coagulated metrorrhagia33
Continuous metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,dark blood32
Metrorrhagia,blood mixed with dark clots32
Gushing metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,intermittent flow32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor32
Metrorrhagia,lying on back aggravation32
Ofensive metrorrhagia32
Putrid offensive metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia in paroxysms32
Profuse metrorrhagia31
Ovaries pain21
Ovaries intermittent pain31
Ovaries pain extending to left limb31
Ovaries pain extending to thighs31
Uterus pain22
Uterus pain after anger33
Uterus pain before menses32
Uterus pain during menses32
Uterus pain during menses compels her to cry out32
Uterus pain while child nurses32
Uterus paroxysmal pain33
Vagina pain21
After-pains when child nurses32
Bearing-down,uterus and its region23
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses32
Vagina biting pain21
Female genitalia burning pain21
Vagina burning pain22
Uterus cramping pain23
Uterus cramping pain after anger33
Uterus cramping pain before menses33
Uterus cramping pain during menses33
Uterus drawing pain22
Uterus griping pain21
Labor-like pain23
Labor-like pain before menses32
Labor-like pain during menses33
Labor-like pain after menses32
Labor-like pain extending to thighs32
Ceasing labor pains32
Labor pains ceasing,convulsions come on31
Labor pains make her desperate32
Distressing labor pains33
Excessive labor pains33
False labor pains32
Spasmodic labor pains33
Weak labor pains32
Labor pains run upward33
Ovaries pinching pain21
Uterus pinching pain22
Female genitalia pressing pain during menses32
Uterus pressing pain21
Uterus sore pain,tenderness21
Uterus tearing pain22
Uterus prolapsus21
Rigidity of os during labor23
Back coldness (including chill)22
Back coldness,forenoon31
Back coldness, 11 a.m.31
Dorsal spine coldness31
Lumbar region coldness31
Lumbar region coldness,morning31
Back constriction or band22
Cervical region eruption31
Back itching eruption31
Back pimples31
Lumbar region rash31
Back formication22
Back heat21
Back heat,evening31
Back heat alternating with cold31
Back heat alternating with shivering31
Back pain22
Back pain,morning on waking31
Back pain,forenoon32
Back pain,afternoon31
Back pain,evening31
Back pain,night32
Back pain during apyrexia31
Back pain when breathing31
Back pain during chill32
Back pain,coffee aggravation32
Back pain after eating31
Back pain during menses31
Back pain,mental exertion31
Back pain on motion31
Back pain while nursing31
Back rheumatic pain31
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain when stooping32
Back pain while walking31
Back pain extending to abdomen31
Cervical reg.pain,standing in one position31
Scapulae pain31
Scapulae pain,stooping31
Between scapulae pain while stooping31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar region pain,night32
Lumbar region pain while lying31
Lumbar region pain during menses32
Lumbar pain on rising from a seat32
Lumbar region pain, stooping32
Lumbar region pain while walking32
Lumbar pain extending to abdomen31
Lumbar pain extending around the body31
Sacral region pain21
Sacral region pain,night31
Sacral reg.pain during menses31
Sacral reg.pain extending to uterus32
Back aching pain21
Back aching pain,morning on waking31
Back aching pain,afternoon31
Back aching pain,evening31
Back aching pain,coffee aggravation31
Back aching pain while sitting31
Back aching pain on stooping32
Back aching pain while walking31
Lumbar region aching pain21
Lumbar reg.aching when stooping31
Sacrum aching pain21
Lumbar reg.pain as if broken32
Lumbar region burning pain31
Last lumbar vertebra burning pain31
Spine burning pain31
Back contracting pain21
Lumbar cramp-like pain while nursing32
Back drawing pain22
Scapulae drawing pain31
Lumbar region drawing pain32
Lumbar drawing pain during menses31
Lumbar drawing pain extending to walls of abdomen31
Sacarl drawing pain during menses31
Small of back labor-like pain during menses32
Sacrum labor-like pain32
Back soreness,bruised,beaten22
Back soreness,night31
Back soreness while stooping31
Soreness between scapulae when stooping31
Lumbar region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Lumbar soreness while lying31
Lumbar soreness on stooping31
Last lumbar vertebra soreness31
Back stitching,shooting pain22
Back stitching pain,forenoon31
Back stitching pain,evening31
Back stitching pain when inspiring31
Back stitching pain,stinging31
Scapulae stitching,shooting pain31
Between scapulae stitching pain31
Lumbar region stitching,shooting pain31
Back tearing pain22
Back tearing pain,drawing31
Back tearing pain after eating31
Back tearing pain extending to abdomen31
Back shivering21
Back shivering,morning31
Back shivering,evening31
Back spasms while nursing32
Cervical region spasmodic drawing (head bent back)22
Spasmodic drawing between shoulders,morning while walking31
Back stiffness, rising31
Back stiffness after sitting31
Lies with abducted limbs23
Chapped hands,working in water31
Inflamed chilblains31
Feet chilblains32
Extremities chilliness21
Upper limbs chilliness31
Thumbs clenching32
Extremities coldness22
Extremities coldness with heat of face31
Extremities coldness during menses31
Hands coldness31
Fingers coldness32
Fingers coldness while sitting31
Lower limbs coldness during menses31
Leg coldness32
Foot coldness32
Foot coldness, evening31
Ankles constriction31
Thigh contraction31
Thigh contraction before menses31
Sole contraction31
Extremities convulsion22
Upper limbs convulsion32
Flexor muscles of forearm convulsion31
Fingers convulsion31
Cracking in joints22
Cracking in lower limbs32
Cracking in knee32
Leg cramps33
Calf cramps33
Calf cramps when stretching in bed31
Sole cramps31
Toes cramps32
Fingers joints discoloration32
Nails yellow discoloration31
Ankle redness32
Drawing up limbs aggravation21
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Thumbs drawn inwards22
Extremities drawn upwards22
Extremities drawn upwards on abdomen31
Thigh flexed upon abdomen31
Calf formication31
Hand heat32
Foot heat33
Foot burning heat31
Feet burning heat,uncovers them32
Sole heat32
Sole heat during menses31
Sole heat,uncovers them33
Heaviness,tired limbs22
Limbs heaviness, forenoon31
Limbs heaviness,motion amelioration31
Limbs heaviness on waking31
Joints heaviness,tired joints32
Upper limb heaviness with numbness31
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs31
Thigh heaviness,tired thigh31
Leg heaviness,tired leg32
Calf heaviness31
Hip-joint disease22
Lower limbs itching31
Nates itching31
Foot itching31
Sole of foot itching31
Heel itching31
Extremities jerking23
Upper limbs jerking31
Lower limbs jerking on going to sleep31
Limbs lameness22
Limbs lameness, night32
Extremities numbness22
Extremities numbness while sitting31
Upper limb numbness32
Left upper limb numbness31
Upper limbs numbness,grasping anything firmly33
Forearm numbness32
Forearm numbness on grasping anything33
Forearm anterior part numbness31
Hand numbness,grasping anything32
Fingers numbness31
Fingers numbness, morning31
Fingers numbness while sitting32
Leg numbness31
Leg numbness when stretched31
Calf numbness31
Foot numbness31
Foot numbness while sitting31
Foot numbness,stretching31
Sole of foot numbness31
Sole of foot numbness,night31
Sole of foot numbness while walking31
Toes numbness32
First toe numbness31
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain, night33
Limbs pain,drives out of bed, night33
Limbs pain,motion amelioration31
Limbs pain,continued motion amelioration33
Limbs neuralgic pain32
Extremities rheumatic pain33
Limbs rheumatic acute pain32
Limbs rheumatic pain,drive him out of bed33
Limbs rheumatic pain,abuse of mercury32
Limbs pain,walking amelioration32
Limbs wandering,shifting pain31
Limbs pain,warmth amelioration31
Limb bones pain32
Joints pain32
Joints gouty pain31
Joints pain,motion32
Joints rheumatic pain32
Upper limbs pain22
Upper limbs pain, forenoon31
Upper limbs pain, night31
Upper limbs pain,open air amelioration31
Upper limbs pain,motion32
Upper limbs pain on taking hold of anything31
Upper limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Shoulder pain31
Shoulder pain, forenoon31
Shoulder pain, afternoon31
Shoulder pain,motion amelioration31
Acromion pain31
Upper arm pain31
Upper arm pain, night31
Upper arm paralytic pain31
Elbow pain31
Elbow pain after carrying a weight32
Elbow paralytic pain31
Forearm pain32
Forearm paralytic pain32
Ulna pain31
Forearm pain near the wrist31
Wrist pain31
Wrist paralytic pain31
Hand pain31
Hand paralytic pain31
First finger pain31
Third finger tip pain31
Thumb pain31
Thumb pain on motion31
Lower limbs pain22
Lower limbs pain, night31
Lower limbs pain during menses32
Lower limbs paralytic pain32
Sciatica, night31
Sciatica,lying with limb stretched out31
Sciatica,motion amelioration31
Sciatica,rising from seat31
Sciatica,stretching the leg aggravation31
Lower limbs pain while sitting31
Lower limbs pain extending downward31
Hip pain31
Left hip pain when lying on right side32
Hip pain, night31
Hip pain,lying on opposite side31
Hip paralytic pain31
Thigh pain31
Thigh pain, night31
Thigh pain before menses31
Thigh pain during menses32
Thigh pain,motion amelioration31
Thigh paralytic pain31
Thigh pain on rising31
Thigh pain on rising from a seat31
Thigh pain,stretching limb31
Thigh pain while walking31
Posterior part of thigh pain31
Knee pain31
Knee pain,drawing up limbs amelioration31
Leg pain31
Leg paralytic pain31
Calf pain31
Calf pain, night31
Calf pain,drawing up feet amelioration31
Calf pain,motion of feet31
Ankle pain32
Ankle pain,motion32
Foot pain, night31
Foot pain as from chilblains31
Foot paralytic pain31
Hollow of the sole pain31
Heel pain31
Heel pain while standing31
Extremities aching22
Upper limbs aching31
Index finger sensation as if broken31
Thumb sensation as if broken31
Hand burning pain31
Hand burning pain,afternoon31
Foot burning pain31
Sole burning pain32
Sole burning pain, night33
Sole burning pain in bed33
Extremities drawing pain21
Extremities drawing, night32
Extremities drawing,warmth amelioration31
Limb bones drawing pain31
Limb joints drawing pain31
Joints drawing, morning31
Joints drawing.paralytic31
Joints wandering drawing31
Upper limbs drawing,lying on back31
Upper limbs drawing,lying on sore side amelioration31
Upper limbs drawing,tearing31
Shoulder drawing pain31
Shoulder drawing, forenoon31
Elbow drawing pain31
Forearm drawing pain31
Forearm drawing extending downward31
Forearm drawing extending to wrist31
Foreram ulnar side drawing31
Wrist drawing pain31
Hand drawing pain31
Hand drawing as from taking cold31
Lower limbs drawing pain32
Hip drawing pain31
Thigh drawing pain31
Thigh drawing before menses31
Thigh drawing during menses32
Knee drawing pain31
Knee drawing extending downward31
Leg drawing pain31
Leg drawing,evening31
Leg drawing,night31
Ankles drawing pain31
Ankle drawing,forenoon31
Ankle drawing,night31
Sole drawing pain31
Upper limbs pressing pain31
Upper limb pressing,paralytic31
Sore,bruised extremities21
Sore bruised joints32
Sore bruised joints,evening31
Sore bruised joints, 7 p.m.31
Sore bruised wrist31
Sore bruised thigh31
Sore bruised anterior part of thigh31
Sore bruised ankle31
Sore bruised foot31
Sore bruised foot while walking31
Sore bruised sole31
Sore bruised sole while walking31
Sprained joint31
Sprained first finger31
Sprained thumb31
Sprained hip31
Sprained hip,evening31
Sprained hip,walking in open air31
Sprained sole31
Joints stitching pain31
Joints stitching extending into bones31
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Upper limbs stitching, night31
Shoulder stitching pain31
Shoulder stitching extending to cervical muscles31
Elbow stitching pain31
Elbow stitching pain,forenoon31
Elbow stitching pain, noon31
Forearm stitching pain31
Forearm ulnar side stitching pain31
Wrist stitching pain31
Wrist stitching pain extending upwards31
Hand stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain, night 10 p.m.31
Ball of hand stitching pain31
Radial side of hand stitching pain31
Finger joints stitching pain31
First finger stitching pain31
Last joint of first finger stitching pain31
Fourth finger stitching pain31
Thumb stitching pain31
Thumb first joint stitching pain31
Nates stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain31
Gluteal muscles stitching pain31
Thigh stitching pain31
Thigh stitching pain above the knee31
Thigh outer side stitching pain31
Thigh outer side stitching,evening31
Thigh upper part stitching pain31
Thigh upper part stitching extending upwards31
Knee stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain on bending31
Knee stitching pain on motion31
Knee stitching pain,motion amelioration32
Knee stitching pain,shifting31
Knee stitching extending outward31
Knee inner side stitching pain31
Knee outer side stitching pain31
Knee outer side stitching while walking31
Patella stitching pain31
Leg stitching pain31
Tibia stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain31
Ankle stitching,motion amelioration32
Foot stitching pain31
Second toe stitching pain31
Extremities tearing pain22
Extremities tearing pain,night32
Extremities tearing driving him out of bed32
Extremities tearing,motion amelioration32
Extremities tearing,paralytic33
Extremities paralyzed parts tearing pain33
Extremities tearing on stretching out limbs31
Extremities tearing,tossing about in bed amelioration31
Extremities wandering tearing pain31
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Upper limb tearing pain,morning31
Upper limb tearing,evening by exposure to air31
Upper limbs tearing,paralytic32
Upper limbs tearing extending downward31
Upper limbs tearing extending to fingers31
Upper limbs tearing extending to thumb31
Shoulder tearing pain31
Upper arm tearing pain,twisting31
Forearm tearing pain32
Forearm tearing extending to hand31
Lower limbs tearing pain22
Lower limbs tearing during menses31
Lower limbs tearing,paralytic32
Lower limbs tearing,warm applications amelioration32
Lower limbs tearing extending downwards32
Thigh tearing pain31
Thigh tearing extending downward31
Knee tearing pain31
Leg tearing pain32
Leg tearing pain,paralytic32
Leg tearing,warmth of bed amelioration32
Leg tearing pain extending downward32
Ankle tearing pain31
Ankle tearing pain,motion amelioration31
Foot tearing pain32
Foot tearing after chill32
Foot tearing,on being covered in bed aggravation31
Foot tearing,motion aggravation32
Foot tearing,warmth of bed amelioration32
Sensation of joints paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis31
Forearm paralysis as from pressure31
Foot sudden paralysis32
Sensation of foot paralysis32
Hand perspiration31
Hand cold perspiration31
Palm perspiration32
Palm cold perspiration32
Foot perspiration31
Left foot perspiration31
Foot profuse perspiration31
Foot suppressed perspiration31
Upper limbs restlessness31
Upper limbs restlessness,forenoon31
Upper limbs restlessness,motion amelioration31
Upper limbs restlessness,forenoon,open air amelioration31
Leg restlessness,night32
Feet restlessness32
Feet restlessness,night32
Sensation as if short forearm31
Extremities stiffness22
Extremities stiffness during convulsion31
Extremities stiffness on grasping31
Upper limbs stiffness32
Upper limbs stiffness,grasping anything31
Forearm stiffness32
Forearm stiffness,grasping anything32
Hand stiffness31
Hand stiffness from cold31
Hand paralytic stiffness31
Thigh stiffness31
Thigh paralytix stiffness31
Foot stiffness31
Stretched leg31
Hand swelling31
Palm swelling31
Finger joints swelling32
Foot swelling31
Foot sudden swelling31
Sole swelling31
Sole sudden swelling31
Thigh tension31
Thigh tension,bearing the weight upon the leg,with knee bent31
Knee tension31
Hollow of knee tension31
Leg tension31
Calf tension32
Foot tension31
Shoulder tingling31
Forearm tingling,prickling,asleep32
Hand tingling,grasping anything31
Calf tingling31
Leg trembling when going to sleep32
Extremities twitching22
Extremities twitching,morning sleeping31
Extremities twitching on falling asleep32
Extremities twitching during sleep31
Fingers twitching31
Foot ulcers31
Inclination to uncover feet33
Extremities weakness22
Extremities weakness,morning31
Extremities weakness,forenoon31
Extremities weakness,night32
Extremities weakness,motion amelioration31
Extremities paralytic weakness32
Extremities sudden weakness33
Extremities weakness,walking in open air amelioration31
Joints weakness31
Upper limbs weakness31
Forearm weakness31
Hand weakness31
Hand weakness, 5 p.m.31
Lower limbs weakness31
Thigh weakness31
Knee weakness31
Knee sudden weakness31
Knee weakness,walking amelioration31
Leg weakness31
Leg weakness,motion amelioration31
Calf weakness31
Feet weakness32
Foot weakness, 5 p.m.31
Foot paralytic weakness31
Wetting feet aggravation21
Comatose sleep21
Deep sleep21
Sleep disturbed by dreams31
Oppressive sleep21
Sleep position: limbs drawn up32
Sleep position: limbs spread apart32
Sleep position: limbs stretched out31
Sleep position: lying impossible32
Restless sleep22
Sleepiness during dinner31
Sleepiness during headache31
Sleepiness while sitting32
Sleepiness while sitting,sleepless while lying31
Sleeplessness before midnight32
Sleeplessness beforemidnight until 2 a.m.32
Sleeplessness,child must be carried31
Sleeplessness while lying32
Sleeplessness with sleepiness33
Sleeplessness after vexation31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Difficult waking31
Waking from dreams32
Early waking31
Frequent waking31
Late waking31
Ineffectual yawning31
Yawning without sleepiness31
Dreams about accidents21
Dreams about anger21
Dreams about animals21
Anxious dreams22
Dreams while awake21
Dreams of falling into abyss32
Fantastic dreams22
Frightful dreams22
Dreams about ghosts,spectres21
Historic dreams22
Dreams of misfortune22
Pleasant dreams21
Dreams of quarrels21
Unpleasant dreams21
Vexatious dreams21
Visionary dreams21
Vivid dreams22
Coldness in general22
Coldness at 11 a.m.31
Coldness at 4 p. m.31
Coldness, evening21
Coldness,evening after lying down32
Coldness at 6 p.m.31
Coldness, night21
Coldness in the open air22
Coldness on going into the cold air31
Coldness from the least draught of air32
Coldness,walking in the open air31
Coldness after anger22
Anticipating coldness21
Anticipating coldness every day 2 hours31
Coldness,rising from bed aggravation31
Coldness beginning in face32
Coldness beginning in thighs32
Chilliness, evening31
Chilliness while walking in the open air31
Chilliness,abuse of coffee32
Coldness,a cold day in summer21
Coldness, warm drinks aggravation31
Chill after eating31
External coldness21
External coldness in spots32
Internal coldness22
Chill while lying21
Chill during menses32
Chill during motion21
Chill with perspiration23
Perspiration after chill31
Quotidian chill21
Coldness on rising up21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors21
Coldness shaking, afternoon31
Coldness shaking,evening31
Coldness shaking,night in the open air32
Coldness shaking with heat31
One-sided coldness22
Single part coldness21
Coldness during sleep21
Coldness in spring21
Coldness,stormy weather21
Tertian chill22
Coldness,touch aggravation21
Trembling and shivering21
Coldness on uncovering or undressing23
Violent chill with delirium21
Chill while walking21
Heat in general22
Heat, morning22
Heat,morning,with chilliness31
Heat, forenoon23
Heat,forenoon,alternating with chill31
Heat,forenoon,with chilliness33
Heat, 9 a.m.33
Heat, evening22
Heat,evening with chilliness32
Heat, night22
Night heat with chilliness31
Night,dry burning heat with sleeplessness32
Heat,midnight,with perspiration when lying on the back32
Heat before midnight31
Heat alternating with chill22
Fever paroxysms brought on by anger23
Heat in bed21
Body anterior part heat22
Body posterior part heat33
Burning heat22
Burning heat, morning32
Burning heat, 9 a.m. to noon33
Burning heat, evening32
Burning heat, night32
Burning heat before midnight32
Chill absent,fever without chill23
Chill absent, forenoon32
Chill absent, 9 to 12 a.m.33
Chill absent, evening32
Chill absent, 6 p.m.lasting all night31
Chill absent, night31
Chill absent before midnight31
Fever with chill23
Fever with chilliness22
Continued fever,typhus,typhoid21
Continued fever, evening32
Continued fever, night31
Abdominal continue fever with icteris skin31
Fever,drinking aggravation31
Fever from drinking coffee31
Dry heat22
Heat while eating21
Heat after eating31
Exanthematic fevers, measles21
Exanthematic fevers, scarlatina32
External heat23
Sensation of external heat without heat33
Gastric fever22
Inflammatory fever22
Internal heat22
Internal heat with external chill32
Irritative fever21
Long lasting heat23
Fever from pain21
Paroxysmal fever21
Heat,perspiration absent22
Heat with perspiration32
Puerperal fever21
Remittent fever23
Remittent fever, night31
Infantile remittent fever33
Remittent fever with redness of one cheek,paleness of the other33
Heat with shivering22
Shuddering with the heat23
One-sided heat23
Right side heat32
Heat comes on during sleep21
Heat during stool31
Chill followed by heat21
Chill followed by heat then sweat31
Chill followed by heat with sweat33
Chill then sweat without intervening heat31
Heat then sweat33
Perspiration with heat following chill32
Heat,uncovering amelioration22
Chilliness from uncovering31
Heat,desire for uncovering31
Heat from vexation22
Heat during vomiting21
Warm covering aggravation22
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration,morning after coffee31
Perspiration, noon31
Perspiration, night21
Perspiration,night with wakefulness31
Perspiration,midnight while lying on the back31
Acrid perspiration23
Perspiration from anger22
Perspiration during anxiety23
Perspiration in bed22
Bloody perspiration21
Clammy perspiration23
Cold perspiration21
Perspiration from coughing22
Covered parts perspiration22
Perspiration after drinking21
Perspiration after eating32
Perspiration, warm food31
Hot perspiration23
Perspiration during motion21
Sour perspiration32
Perspiration from pains22
Profuse perspiration21
Profuse perspiraion,morning,hot,dry32
Profuse perspiration,night31
Profuse perspiration,night with sleeplessness32
Profuse perspiration,on waking the sweat ceases,and returns again...31
Profuse perspiration on covered parts33
One-sided perspiration21
Perspiration of single parts22
Upper part of body perspiration32
Perspiration during sleep33
Perspiration ameliorated after waking32
Perspiration during stool31
Complaints from suppressed perspiration23
Symptoms aggravated while sweating23
Symptoms ameliorated while sweating32
Aggravation after sweating31
Perspiration,uncovering amelioration33
Perspiration after vexation22
Perspiration,while walking amelioration31
Warm perspiration21
Warm perspiration causing uneasiness31
Skin anaesthesia21
Skin biting21
Skin burning21
Skin chapping21
Skin coldness22
Skin cracks22
Cracks after washing31
Skin red spots31
Skin scarlet-red spots31
Yellow skin,jaundice32
Yellow skin after anger31
Yellow skin,vexation32
Dry skin23
Dry skin,inability to perspire32
Biting eruption31
Crusty eruptions31
Desquamating eruption31
Discharging,moist eruption31
Zona,herpetic zoster eruption31
Itching eruption32
Eruption with jerking pain31
Painless eruption31
Papular eruption31
Phagedenic eruption33
Closed together pimples31
Pimples itching31
Smarting pimples31
Lumpy pustules31
Rash in children32
Red eruption31
Dry scabies31
Stinging eruption31
Suppressed eruptions32
Suppurating eruption33
Painful tubercles,drawing31
Itching tubercles31
Tearing tubercles31
Vesicular eruption31
Phagedenic vesicular eruption31
Stinging vesicular eruption31
Skin excoriation22
Skin flabbiness21
Skin formication21
Skin gnawing,eating21
Skin inactivity21
Skin inflammation23
Inclination to skin inflammation33
Itching,perspiring parts32
Itching,scratching aggravation31
Itching unchanged by scratching31
Wandering itching31
Skin numbness21
Skin numbness after scratching31
Skin sensitiveness21
Sore skin (decubitus)21
Skin becomes sore in a child33
Skin tension21
Skin ulcerative pain21
Skin ulcer22
Skin ulcers,biting31
Skin ulcer with bruised pain31
Skin burning ulcer32
Skin ulcer,burning around about31
Skin ulcer,cold application amel.pain32
Skin ulcer with crawling32
Skin ulcer,corrosive discharges31
Skin ulcers,gelatinous discharges31
Skin ulcer,tenacious discharges31
Skin fungous ulcer32
Skin ulcer with gnawing pain32
Skin indurated ulcer31
Skin ulcer,indurated areola31
Skin inflamed ulcer32
Skin itching ulcer31
Skin ulcer with jerking pain31
Skin ulcer,painful at night31
Skin ulcer,painful during menses32
Skin painless ulcer31
Skin phagedenic ulcer31
Skin ulcer surrounded by pimples31
Skin ulcer,pulsating31
Skin ulcers,red areola32
Skin sensitive ulcer31
Skin smarting ulcer32
Skin spongy ulcer31
Skin stinging,stitching ulcer31
Skin ulcer stinging in areola31
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Skin swollen ulcer31
Skin ulcer,swollen areola31
Skin tense ulcer31
Skin ulcer,tense areola31
Skin tingling ulcer31
Skin unhealthy ulcers32
Skin ulcer,warmth aggravation32
Unhealthy looking skin23
Withered warts31
Wrinkled,shrivelled skin21
After sunrise31
9 a.m.32
10 p.m.31
Before midnight33
After midnight31
Aversion to open air23
Draft aggravation32
Open air aggravation32
General physical anxiety23
Glands atrophy22
Dread of bathing22
Bathing aggravation32
Bathing amelioration31
Bathing the affected part amelioration31
Blackness of the external parts21
After breakfast aggravation23
Change of position amelioration32
Cloudy weather aggravation22
Cold aggravation22
Cold air aggravation31
Becoming cold32
Becoming cold amelioration32
After becoming cold aggravation33
A part of body becoming cold aggravation31
Feet becoming cold aggravation31
Cold dry weather aggravation31
Tendency to take cold33
Cold wet weather aggravation31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constriction, internally32
Convulsions after anger33
Clonic convulsions33
Convulsions without consciousness31
Convulsions during dentition33
Epileptiform convulsions32
Convulstions from excitement31
Convulsions with falling33
Hysterical convulsions31
Internal convulsions32
Convulsions during pregnancy32
Puerperal convulsions31
Convulsions after punishment32
Convulsions with tetanic rigidity32
Tonic convulsions32
Convulsive movements23
Before eating21
While eating32
While eating amelioration31
After eating32
After eating amelioration31
Faintness on excitement32
Hysterical faintness or fainting32
Faintness during menses31
Faintness from pain32
Flabby feeling22
Foggy weather aggravation21
Coffee aggravation33
Coffee amelioration33
Cold drinks amelioration31
Cold food aggravation31
Fat food aggravation31
Milk aggravation32
Sweets aggravation32
Warm food aggravation32
Formication,external parts21
Bones formication31
Full feeling, internally32
Flushes of heat21
Flushes of heat during sleep31
Sensation of heat,night31
Heaviness, externally21
Heaviness, internally31
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally32
Blood vessels inflammation31
Inflammations of the glands32
After injuries,blows,falls,bruises21
Injuries with extravasations31
Injuries of soft parts31
Excessive physical irritability22
Jar,stepping aggravation21
Jerking as in convulsions32
Muscles jerking31
Jerking during sleep31
Knotted sensation internally21
Loss of fluids21
Inclination to lie down23
After lying aggravation32
Lying on back aggravation32
Lying in bed aggravation31
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on side amelioration31
Lying on painful side amelioration32
Lying on painless side aggravation33
After measles21
Before menses21
At beginning of menses32
During menses33
Motion aggravation21
Motion amelioration31
Motion of affected parts aggravation33
Motion of affected parts amelioration31
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased22
Narcotics aggravation23
Numbness in single parts32
Numbness of suffering parts33
Nursing children22
Orgasm of blood22
Orgasm of blood after emotions33
Orgasm of blood after vexation33
Bones pain32
Bones pain in the night32
Glands pain31
Periosteum pain32
Benumbing pain33
Biting pain31
Burning pain,externally31
Burning pain,internally31
Constricting pain externally31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Gnawing pain,externally32
Glands gnawing pain31
Jerking pain,externally31
Jerking pain,internally31
Paralytic pain32
Pinching pain32
Pinching pain internally31
Pressing pain,externally32
Pressing pain,internally31
Pain as from load31
Pain pressing together31
Bones pressing pain31
Bones pressing pain,tearing31
Pressing pain,tearing in joints31
Pain as if scraped31
Sore,bruised pain31
Sore,bruised pain,externally32
Sore,bruised pain,internally31
Sore bruised pain in stormy weather31
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Stitching outward pain31
Stitching pain transversely31
Stitching pain upward32
Muscles stitching pain31
Tearing pain,externally32
Tearing pain,internally32
Bones tearing pain32
Glands tearing pain32
Muscles tearing pain31
Muscles paralytic tearing pain31
Twisting pain31
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Ulcerative pain,internally31
Glands ulcerative pain31
Paralysis of the organs31
Painless paralysis31
Perspiration gives no relief23
Perspiration amelioration32
After perspiration aggravation31
After perspiration amelioration33
Suppression of perspiration33
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pressure on painless side aggravation32
Pulsation externally21
Glands pulsation31
Abnormal pulse21
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable32
Frequent pulse after vexation33
Full pulse31
Hard pulse31
Irregular pulse31
Small pulse32
Soft pulse31
Tense pulse31
Abuse of quinine21
Lack of reaction21
Relaxation of muscles22
Rising aggravation22
Rising amelioration32
Rubbing aggravates21
After scarlet fever23
Sensitiveness, internally32
Sensitiveness to pain33
Glands sensitiveness32
After sexual excesses21
Shocks from injury22
Symptoms on one side21
Crosswise symptoms,left upper and right lower31
Symptoms on the right side31
Symptoms on the left side32
Aggravated while sitting21
Ameliorated while sitting31
On first sitting down amelioration31
Before sleep aggravation21
During sleep aggravation33
After sleep aggravation31
After sleep amelioration31
Long sleep aggravation31
Standing aggravation21
In summer21
Swelling of the affected parts31
Puffy swelling31
Glands swelling32
Swollen sensation21
Tension, externally21
Tension, internally31
Touch aggravation23
Aggravated by touching anything33
Trembling externally21
Trembling from anxiety32
Uncovering aggravation22
Vomiting aggravation21
On waking21
On waking amelioration31
Walking aggravation21
While walking amelioration31
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation31
Walking in the wind aggravation31
Warm aggravation21
Warm air aggravation31
Becoming warm in open air aggravation31
Warm bed aggravation33
Warm wraps aggravation32
Weakness,morning on waking31
Weakness, 7 a.m.31
Weakness from slight exertion31
Weakness from mental exertion31
Nervous weakness31
Paralytic weakness32
Sudden weakness31
Weakness on waking31
Weakness from walking31
Weariness, morning32
Wet applications23
Wet feet31
Wet weather31
Cold wind32
Windy and stormy weather32
In winter21
Wounds slow to heal32