Mercurius vivus


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Absorbed,buried in thought21
Ailments after anger with indignation31
Anger from contradiction31
Anger so that he could have stabbed any one31
Anguish during menses31
Anguish before stool31
Anguish during stool31
Answer, aversion to answer31
Answers incorrectly31
Answers slowly33
Plays antics21
Anxiety before midnight31
Anxiety of conscience,as if guilty of a crime32
Anxiety after eating31
Anxiety with fear32
Anxiety during fever31
Anxiety after fright31
Anxiety before menses31
Anxiety during menses31
Anxiety on going to sleep31
Anxiety during sleep31
Anxiety before stool32
Anxiety during stool31
Anxiety after stool31
Suicidal anxiety32
Aversion to everything31
Aversion to bed (shuns)21
Desires to remain in bed31
Cheerfulness alternating with want of sympathy31
Desire of company31
Difficult concentration22
Want of self condidence31
Confusion of mind23
Confusion of mind,morning31
Confusion of mind,morning on rising31
Confusion of mind,morning on waking31
Confusion of mind,in open air amelioration31
Confusion of mind after eating32
Loses his way in well-known streets32
Confusion of mind when lying31
Confusion of mind after rising31
Confusion of mind while sitting31
Confusion of mind on waking31
Consolation aggravation21
Disposition to contradict21
Is intolerant of contradiction31
Desires death22
Presentiment of death31
Foolish,silly delirium31
Maniacal delirium31
Delirium,puts stones in mouth31
Raving,raging delirium32
Delirium,recognizes no one31
Delirium during sleep31
Delirium on falling asleep31
Delirium on waking31
Delusions, animals jumping at her31
Delusions,body is made of sweets31
Delusions taht he is a criminal32
Delusions about criminals31
Delusions,mutilated corpse31
Delusions,sees dogs31
Delusion,every one is an enemy32
Delusion,surrounded by enemies32
Delusion,sees faces31
Sees hideous faces31
Delusion,everything will fail31
Illusions of fancy32
Illusions of fancy during heat31
Delusion,is in hell31
Suffers the torments of hell without being able to explain31
Delusion,house is full of people31
Delusion,sees images,phantoms32
Sees images,phantoms in the night32
Sees frightful images,phantoms32
Sees images,phantoms all over31
Sees images,phantoms before sleep31
Delusion,is about to receive injury31
Delusion that she will become insane31
Delusions, sees insects31
Thinks men are on the bed at night31
Fancied living things are creeping into mouth at night31
Delusion that he would be murdered31
Sees mutilated bodies31
Sees needles31
Takes people by nose31
Thought he was pursued by enemies31
Tries to shoot with a cane31
Sees spectres ghosts spirits31
Sees thieves31
Sees robbers in house31
Living things creep into vagina at night31
Horrible visions31
Sees flowing water32
Thinks he is well31
Fancies he has done wrong31
Despair during chill31
Discontented with himself31
As if in a dream21
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending22
Dullness,morning on waking31
Dullness after injuries of head31
Ailments from egotism31
Attempts to escape21
Excitment,evening in bed32
Feverish excitment31
Excitment while talking31
Exaltation of fancies32
Exaltation of frightful fancies31
Fear,evening in bed31
Fear in the night32
Fear of being alone31
Fear of the bed31
Fear of impending disease31
Fear of imaginary things31
Fear of insanity32
Fear of insanity in the night32
Fear of people31
Fear of robbers32
Fear to go to sleep31
Fear of suffocation31
Fear of suicide32
Licks up cow-dung,mud,saliva31
Wants to fight21
Foolish behavior22
Complaints from fright21
Frightened easily32
Frightened at trifles31
Involuntary motions of the hands31
Ridiculous or foolish gestures31
Hurry in movements31
Abundant ideas and clearness of mind21
Deficiency of ideas32
Impatience about trifles31
Indifference to everything32
Indifference to loved ones31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Fears to be left alone lest he should injure himself22
Insanity in drunkards31
Irritability alternating with cheerfulness31
Irritability during chill31
Irritability,consolation aggravation31
Irritability after eating31
Irritability during headache31
Irritability during perspiration31
Aversion to jest31
Jumping out of the bed32
Desire to kill21
Desires to kill the person that contradicts her32
Something urges her to kill her husband of whom she is very fou32
Impulse to kill for a slight offense32
Lamenting about others31
Silly laughing31
Loathing for life33
Weakness of memory23
Weakness of memory for dates31
Weakness of memory for proper names31
Weakness of memory for persons31
Weakness of memory for places31
Weakness of memory for what has read32
Weakness of memory for what has said31
Weakness of memory for what is about to say31
Weakness of memory for time31
Foolish mirth31
Mistakes in calculating21
Mistakes in reading31
Mistakes in speaking32
Misplacing words31
Moaning during perspiration32
Alternating mood31
Changeable,variable mood32
Morose, daytime31
Ailments after mortification21
Muttering in sleep31
Wants to be naked21
Naked, wants to be naked in delirium31
Easily offended21
Prostation of mind21
Pull, desires to pull ones nose in the street32
Rage,fury, evening31
Rage,fury, night31
Does not recognize his relatives22
Does not recognize his own house31
Religious affections21
Reproaches himself31
Reproaches others31
Repulsive mood22
Restlessness, afternoon31
Restlessness, evening32
Restlessness, 8 p.m.33
Restlessness, night33
Anxious restlessness32
Restlessness driving out of bed31
Wants to go from one bed to another31
Tossing about in bed32
Restlessness during menses31
Restlessness while walking31
Sadness,mental depression23
Sadness during chill31
Sadness during menses31
Dullness of senses31
Sensitive to music31
Sensitive to noise32
Sensitive to reading31
Mental symptoms from sexual excesses22
Inclination to sit21
Foolish smiling21
Embarrassed speech31
Hasty speech33
Hesitating speech31
Incoherent speech31
Monosyllabic speech31
Nonsense speech31
Slow speech31
Unintelligible speech32
Wandering speech31
Spits in faces of people21
Spits on the floor and licks it up31
Starting easily31
Starting from fright32
Starting from noise32
Starting on falling asleep31
Starting during sleep32
Starting from sleep32
Starting from tossing of arms31
Stupefaction,open air amelioration31
Stupefaction,knows not where he is31
Suicidal disposition22
Suicidal disposition with dread of an open window or a knife31
Suicidal disposition with knife32
Suicidal disposition during menses32
Suicidal disposition during perspiration32
Suicidal disposition,seeing blood on cutting instruments32
Suicidal thoughts32
Suspicious, daytime32
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn31
Taciturn during perspiration31
Talking in sleep31
Talks to himself31
Tears things21
Persistent thoughts31
Vanishing of thoughts32
Wandering thoughts31
Time passes too slowly32
Aversion to being touched21
Desire to travel21
Unconsciousness as in a dream,does not know where he is31
Unconsciousness during vertigo31
Desires to wander21
Weary of life21
Weary of life during perspiration32
Wepping,tearful mood21
Weeping, night31
Weeping,night in sleep32
Weeping alternating with laughter33
Weeping ameliorates symptoms31
Wepping during the chill31
Weeping,consolation aggravation31
Involuntary weeping31
Weeping in sleep32
Weeping on waking31
Says he is well,when very sick21
Vertigo,open air amelioration31
Vertigo during anxiety21
Vertigo,ascending stairs31
Vertigo,sensation of ascending32
Vertigo,balancing sensation21
Vertigo after beer21
Vertigo on bending head forwards31
Vertigo on descending stairs31
Vertigo while eating21
Vertigo after eating31
Tendency to fall21
Tendency to fall backwards31
Vertigo during headache22
Vertigo during the heat31
Vertigo in house21
Vertigo,in house amelioration31
Vertigo on entering house31
Vertigo as if intoxicated21
Vertigo on looking downward31
Vertigo,lying down is necessary31
Vertigo while lying31
Vertigo while lying on back32
Vertigo,while lying on side amelioration31
Vertigo with nausea22
Vertigo with nausea on raising the head32
Objects seem to turn in a circle31
Vertigo on raising head21
Vertigo on rising21
Vertigo on rising on a seat31
Vertigo on rising after sitting bent31
Vertigo on rising from stooping31
Vertigo while sitting22
Vertigo while sitting on writing31
Vertigo,sitting up in bed31
Vertigo,after sleep aggravation31
Vertigo with staggering21
Vertigo while standing22
Vertigo on stooping22
Vertigo like swinging22
Vertigo on turning31
Vertigo on turning the head quickly31
Vertigo with obscuration of vision22
Vertigo with vomiting32
Vertigo while walking21
Vertigo while walking in a room31
Vertigo while walking in the open air31
Vertigo in a warm room32
Vertigo,sensation as if warmth rose from chest to throat31
Vertigo on washing his feet21
Vertigo while writing21
Head abscess22
Head sensitive to a draft32
As if head were asleep21
As if head were asleep while lying31
Head boiling sensation21
Cerebral hemorrhage21
Head coldness,chilliness,etc22
Head coldness,evening31
Head,coldness alternating with heat31
Forehead coldness31
Head sensitive to cold air22
Concussion of brain21
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head congestion on coughing31
Head congestion before menses32
Head congestion during menses31
Head congestion from suppressed menses31
Head constriction22
Head constriction,evening31
Head constriction,evening in bed31
Head constriction,night31
Head constriction,open air aggravation31
Head constriction,band or hoop32
Head constriction,drinking31
Head constriction during menses31
Head constriction,rising amelioration31
Head constriction,sleeping aggravation31
Head constriction as if by string31
Forehead constriction33
Forehead constriction as from band33
Occiput constriction31
Temples constriction during cough31
Sensation of contraction of scalp21
Head drawn forwards31
Head drawn sideways31
Enlarged head sensation21
Head eruption23
Occiput eruption31
Head eruption,bleeding after scratching32
Head crusts or scabs33
Head yellow crusts or scabs31
Head desquamating eruption31
Head dry eruption31
Head dry offensive eruption31
Head excoriating eruption33
Head impetigo33
Head eruption,itching33
Head moist eruption32
Head moist eruption that eats the hair31
Head offensive eruption31
Head painful eruption31
Pimples on occiput31
Head pustules32
Head scales31
Head scurfy eruption32
Head exostoses23
Head painful exostoses33
Expanded head sensation,ring-like31
Falling of head forward32
Head fullness22
Head fullness as if it would burst31
Head fullness during vertigo31
Bristling hair31
Hair falling32
Hair falling,forehead32
Hair falling,temples31
Head heat21
Head heat during chilliness32
Head heat while sitting31
Forehead heat31
Head heaviness22
Head heaviness while lying31
Head heaviness while siiting31
Head heaviness,warm room31
Forehead heaviness31
Hydrocephalus,lies with head low31
Hydrocephalus with sweat31
Inflammation of brain22
Inflammation of brain meninges32
Tubercular inflammation of brain32
Head periosteum inflammation32
Scalp itching22
Forehead itching31
Jerking of the head backwards31
Large head21
Motions of head forward31
Involuntary motions of head31
Rolling head32
Rolling head in paroxysms31
Throwing head about31
Throwing head backward31
Sensation of head numbness21
Head numbness while lying31
Sensation of forehead numbness31
Open fontanelles22
Headache in general23
Headache,morning in bed31
Headache,morning on rising31
Headache at noon31
Headache from draft of air32
Headache in open air33
Headache from loss of animal fluids31
Headache on going to bed32
Headache from beer31
Catarrhal headache33
Headache from coffee31
Headache from becoming cold32
Headache from taking cold31
Headache from concussion31
Headache while constipated31
Headache with coryza33
Headache on coughing32
Headache during dentition31
Headache from drinking31
Headache after eating31
Headache,exertion of body,etc....31
Headache from becoming heated by a fire or stove31
Headache after mechanical injuries31
Headache from any jar31
Headache,amel.while leaning against something31
Headache while lying32
Headache,while lying amelioration31
Headache,while lying on side amelioration31
Headache while lying on right side31
Headache before menses31
Headache from mental exertion31
Headache from motion31
Headache from noise31
Headache with pains in back31
Headache with pain in neck31
Headache with pain in nape of neck31
Headache after perspiration31
Headache from suppressed perspiration31
Headache,external pressure amelioration31
Headache,while reading aggravation31
Rheumatic headache33
Headache,riding in a carriage amelioration31
Headache,on rising amelioration31
Headache after scarlatina32
Headache after sexual excesses31
Headache after onanism31
Headache on shaking head31
Headache while sitting31
Headache,while sitting amelioration31
Headache,while sitting up or erect amelioration31
Headache after sleep31
Headache from spirituous liquors31
Headache from stooping33
Syphilitic headache32
Headache while talking31
Headache from talking of others31
Headache from touch32
Headache,violent pains32
Headache while walking31
Headache while walking in open air31
Headache,warm room amelioration32
Headache from washing head31
Headache from cloudy weather31
Headache from cold weather32
Headache from damp cold weather33
Pain,wrapping up the head31
Headache extending to ears31
Headache extending to eyes31
Headache extending to neck31
Headache extending to teeth31
Headache extending to throat31
Head bones pain23
Aching pain deep in brain21
Brain pain on exercise31
Brain pain from touch31
Forehead pain23
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain,night31
Forehead pain,open air amelioration31
Forehead pain while lying31
Forehead pain during menses31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration31
Forehead pain in a warm room31
Forehead pain,shaking the head31
Forehead pain while sitting31
Forehead pain while standing31
Forehead pain from stooping33
Forehead pain while walking in open air31
Forehead pain extending to face31
Forehead pain extending to vertex31
Above eyes headache31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Occiput pain on coughing31
Occiput pain as if screwed together31
Occiput pain extending to forehead31
Occiput pain extending forward31
Occiput pain extending to head31
Occiput pain extending down back to neck31
Headache,occiput and forehead pain21
One side headache22
One side headache extending to neck31
Right side headache31
Left side headache32
Sides headache extending to ear32
Sides headache extending to neck32
Sides headache extending to teeth32
Temples pain22
Left temple pain32
Headache,vertex pain22
Vertex pain,morning31
Vertex pain,evening31
Headache,vertex and forehead pain21
Headache,boring pain21
Boring headache on stooping31
Forehead boring pain22
Occiput boring pain21
Burning headache23
Burning headache,evening in bed32
Burning headache,night32
Burning headache,lying in bed aggravation32
Burning headache after scratching31
Burning headache,sitting upright amelioration31
Burning tearing headache31
Forehead burning pain21
Forehead left side burning pain31
Forehead burning pain,night32
Over eyes burning pain31
Forehead sides burning pain31
Temples burning pain32
Left temple burning pain31
Bursting headache23
Bursting headache while coughing31
Forehead bursting pain33
Pain as if top of head would come off21
Pain as if top of head would come off at every jar31
Headache,as if the head was crushed,shattered,beaten to pieces21
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache21
Drawing headache23
Drawing headache as if in periosteum32
Forehead drawing pain23
Drawing pain above root of nose31
Occiput drawing pain21
Occiput drawing pain extending to nape of neck31
Temples drawing pain21
Right temple drawing pain32
Headache,dull pain22
Above nose gnawing pain31
Jerking headache21
Temples pinching pain31
Right temple pinching pain31
Headache,pressing pain23
Pressing headache in open air32
Pressing headache asunder32
Pressing headache as if by band32
Pressing downward headache31
Pressing headache,drinking aggravation31
Pressing inward headache31
Pressing headache while lying31
Pressing headache during menses31
Pressing outward headache32
Pressing headache,pressure amelioration31
Pressing headache, a room31
Preessing headache,sleep aggravation31
Pressing headache before stool31
Pressing headache during stool31
Pressing headache on stooping31
Pressing headache as if in a vice33
Brain as if bound up,pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain as from band32
Forehead pressing outward pain31
Forehead pressing pain from stooping31
Forehead pressing pain extending downward31
Over eyes pressing pain31
Above nose pressing pain31
Forehead right side pressing pain31
Forehead left side pressing pain31
Occiput pressing pain22
Occiput pressing pain as in a vise31
Head sides pressing outward pain32
Temples pressing pain22
Temples pressing pain before stool31
Temples pressing pain during stool31
Headache,shooting pain21
Forehead shooting pain21
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure23
Sore headache,morning31
Sore headache after breakfast31
Sore headache on motion31
Sore bruised pain in brain21
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache22
Stitching headache,tearing31
Stitching headache while walking31
Stitching headache extending to teeth,ears and neck32
Forehead stitching pain22
Forehead stitching pain while walking31
Forehead stitching pain,walking in open air31
Forehead sides stitching pain while sitting31
Occiput stitching pain22
Temples stitching pain22
Headache,tearing,rending pain23
Tearing headache,evening31
Tearing headache,night31
Tearing headache,bruised,tearing31
Tearing headache,lying quietly,towards morning,amelioration31
Tearing headache,warmth of bed aggravation31
Tearing headache extending to neck32
Tearing headache extending to teeth32
Tearing headache extending to throat31
Forehead tearing pain23
Forehead tearing pain,evening32
Forehead tearing pain,night32
Forehead tearing pain while sitting31
Forehead tearing pain while standing31
Forehead tearing pain extending to vertex31
Over eyes tearing pain31
Over left side tearing pain31
Over eyes tearing pain,open air amelioration31
Forehead sides tearing pain32
Forehead left side tearing pain32
Occiput tearing pain22
Occiput tearing pain extending to forehead31
Occiput tearing pain extending forward31
Head sides tearing pain22
Head sides tearing pain extending to ear32
Head sides tearing pain extending to teeth and glands of throat31
Temples tearing pain21
Left temple tearing pain32
Vertex tearing pain21
Vertex tearing pain,night32
Pain as if torn head21
Ulcerative haid pain21
Scalp perspiration23
Scalp perspiration,night32
Scalp clammy perspiration31
Scalp cold perspiration31
Scalp perspiration on coughing31
Scalp fetid perspiration32
Scalp perspiration during menses31
Scalp oily perspiration32
Scalp perspiration during sleep32
Scalp sour perspiration32
Scalp perspiration after walking31
Forehead cold perspiration32
Forehead perspiration after stool31
Forehead perspiration while walking in open air31
Head prickling21
Head prickling while lying31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Forehead pulsation,night32
Forehead pulsation during motion31
Head restlessness21
Head shaking sensation21
Forehead shaking sensation32
Head shocks,blows,jerks,etc...21
Head shocks from motion31
Head shocks on stooping31
Swollen,distended head feeling21
Swollen forehead feeling31
Swollen glands of head22
Head trembling sensation21
Twitching of muscles of the head21
Occiput muscles twitching31
Head twitching extending from side to side31
Temples muscles twitching31
Right temple muscles twitching31
Uncovering head aggravation22
Warm coverings on head aggravation21
Washing head aggravation21
Head waving sensation21
Forehead waving sensation31
Head weakness22
Agglutinated eye,morning32
Soft cataract31
Closes eyes involuntuary32
Eyes spasmodic closure33
Eyes spasmodic closure on looking32
Eyes,cold aggravation23
Eye condylomata22
Iris condylomata33
Cracks in canthi21
Eye discharges of mucus or pus23
Eye acrid discharges31
Eye bloody discharges32
Eye purulent discharges33
Eye yellow discharges32
Discharges from lachymal sac32
Distorted eyes22
Distorted iris32
Eyes dryness21
Eyes dullness22
Eruption about the eyes23
Pimples about the eyes31
Pustules on lids32
Scaly herpes on margins of lids32
Eversion of lids22
Excoriation of lids23
Falling of lids21
Looking into fire,eye aggravation22
Eyes glassy appearance21
Hair falling from eyelashes32
Heat in eye22
Eyes aggravated from heat23
Eye inflammation23
Eye acute inflammation32
Eye arthritic inflammation (gouty and rheumatic)32
Eye catarrhal inflammation from cold33
Eye catarrhal inflammation,night33
Eye erysipelatous inflammation32
Eye inflammation,fire aggravation33
Eye inflammation from gaslight32
Eye gonorrhoeal inflammation32
Eye inflammation,heat aggravation32
Eye inflammation,infants32
Eye scrofulous inflammation33
Eye syphilitic inflammation33
Eye inflammation,warmth of bed aggravation33
Canthi inflammation31
Choroid inflammation32
Conjunctiva inflammation32
Conjunctiva croupous inflammation31
Conjunctiva granular inflammation32
Conjunctiva and cornea pustular inflammation32
Cornea inflammation33
Iris inflammation32
Iris inflammation,night aggravation33
Iris inflammation with hypopion32
Iris syphilitic inflammation32
Lachrymal sac inflammation32
Lids inflammation33
Lids margins inflammation31
Retina inflammation32
Sclerotics inflammation32
Injected eye21
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels31
Injected cornea32
Inversion of lids22
Eye itching22
Lacrymation with cough31
Lachrymation while looking at the fire32
Lachrymation during headache31
Lacrymation in open air31
Looking steadily22
Eyeballs rolling movement31
Opacity of cornea22
Opacity of cornea,arcus senilis32
Difficult opening the lids22
Half open eyes32
Eye pain23
Eye pain,evening31
Eye pain,night33
Eye pain,midnight31
Eye pain from exertion of vision,fine work31
Eye pain from glare of fire33
Eye pain from light32
Eye pain from daylight32
Eye pain on motion of eyes31
Eye pain while reading31
Eye pain while sewing on fine work31
Eye pain while sitting31
Yeye pain when stooping31
Eye pain,touch aggravation32
Eye pain,warmth aggravation31
Eye pain,wet weather aggravation32
Around the eyes pain31
Eye aching pain21
Eye aching pain,evening31
Eye aching pain,night31
Eye aching pain from straining sight31
Eye boring pain22
Eye burning pain,night31
Eye burning pain in open air32
Eye burning pain,looking at the fire32
Burning pain as if sand in eye31
Eye burning pain,warm bed aggravation32
Eye cutting pain22
Eye cutting pain,night aggravation32
Eye cutting pain on exerting them31
Eye cutting pain while reading32
Eye drawing pain while sitting31
Eye pain as from foreign body22
Pain as from foreign body behind lids32
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc23
Eye pressing pain when moving eyes31
Eye pressing outward pain32
Eye pressing pain while reading31
Eye pressing pain,stooping aggravation31
Eye pain as from sand21
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye22
Lids sore,bruised pain31
Eye stitching pain22
Eye stitching pain,evening32
Eye stitching pain,night33
Eye stitching pain in iritis33
Eye stitching pain in bright light32
Eye stitching pain,rheumatic32
Eye tearing pain23
Eye tearing pain,night33
Eye tearing pain,night in bed33
Eye tearing pain,in bed aggravation33
Eye tearing pain,damp weather32
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis32
Photophobia,artificial light32
Photophobia,light of fire33
Photophobia during rage31
Pulsation in eyes22
Pulsation in eyes,night33
Contracted pupils (myosis)22
Pupils dilated (mydriase)32
Pupils dilated during heat31
Pupils insensible to light32
Sluggish pupils31
Lids quivering31
Eye redness21
Eye redness during menses31
Lids redness33
Lids redness,night33
Eye veins redness32
Eye scrofulous affections21
Eye sensitive to cold air31
Eye sensitive to heat32
Spots,specks,etc,on the cornea22
Scars on the cornea32
Upper lid stye31
Sunken eye22
Swollen eye21
Swollen canthi31
Swollen lids33
Swollen lids,suppressed menses31
Swollen left lower lid31
Swollen meibomian glands31
Acrid tears22
Acrid tears,night32
Burning tears32
Sensation as from tears31
Eye tension21
Eye tension,morning31
Lids thickening33
Cystic tumor on lids32
Lids twitching31
Lids twitching when closed31
Cornea ulceration31
Lids ulceration32
Lids ulceration,under surfaces31
Margins of lids ulceration32
Vesicles on the cornea22
Weak eye21
Weak eye,light31
Colors before the eyes21
Black color before the eyes22
Black points32
Black floating spots (muscae volitantes)32
Dark colors before the eyes22
Dark spots32
Green color before the eyes21
Dim vision23
Dim vision,evening,firelight aggravation31
Dim vision,firelight aggravation32
Dim vision,sunlight aggravation32
Dim vision during vertigo32
Aggravation by exertion of vision21
Feathery vision22
Fiery points31
Flashes vision21
Flickering while reading31
Foggy vision23
Vision illusions22
Vision illusions,insects31
Loss of vision (blindness)23
Loss of vision,night31
Loss of vision in open air31
Loss of vision as from fainting31
Periodic loss of vision31
Loss of vision on rising after eating31
Loss of vision while sitting31
Loss of vision,standing amelioration31
Loss of vision during vertigo31
Loss of vision while walking in open air31
Loss of vision,warm room aggravation31
Moving vision21
Moving,evening while reading31
Moving letters31
Objects seem small22
Weak vision22
Eustacian tube catarrh22
Ear coldness21
Ear coldness,evening in warm bed31
As cold water running out of ear31
Coldness in ear meatus32
Ear discharges23
Ear discharges,night in warm bed31
Ear blood discharges31
Ear blood discharges,morning31
Ear bloody discharges33
Ear wax31
Ear excoriating discharges32
Ear fetid discharges33
Ear green gluey,sticky discharges32
Ear discharges after measles31
Ear offensive discharges33
Ear painful discharges33
Ear purulent discharges33
Ear purulent discharges with eczema32
Ear purulent discharges after abuse of sulphur31
Ear discharges after scarlet fever32
Ear discharges sequelae31
Ear suppressed discharges33
Ear thin discharges31
Ear watery discharges32
Ear yellow discharges32
Ear yellowish green discharges32
Ear redness32
Ear blotches31
Ear desquamating eruption31
Ear excoriating eruption32
Ear moist eruption32
Ear pimples31
Eruption behind ears32
Pimples on ear lobes31
Boils in ear meatus33
Herpes in ear meatus31
Ear formication21
Sensation of ear fullness22
Ear fungus excrescences22
Ear heat22
Ear heat during chill31
Ear inflammation23
Ear erysipelatous inflammation32
Eustachian tube inflammation32
Inside ear inflammation33
Media ear inflammation33
Itching in ear22
Noises in ear22
Noises in right ear31
Noises in ear,morning31
Noises in ear,evening32
Noises in ear,evening in bed32
Noises in ear while lying31
Buzzing in ear21
Fluttering sounds in ear22
Humming in ear21
He seems to ear music22
Reverberating sound (includes echoes and re-echoes)21
Ringing in ear22
Ringing,evening in bed32
Roaring in ear22
Roaring while lying31
Rushing noise in ear21
Rushing noise,morning31
Rushing noise while lying31
Rustling in ear21
Whirling noise21
Rhytmical whirling noise31
Whistling in ear21
Whizzing in ear21
Ear pain23
Right ear pain32
Left ear pain then right31
Ear pain,morning31
Ear pain,evening31
Ear pain, night33
Ear pain in cold air21
Ear pain from taking cold32
Ear pain,cold application amelioration31
Ear pain with face-ache31
Fainting with pain in ear32
Ear pain from sound of hammer during headache31
Ear pain during menses31
Ear pain which almost deprived him of reason31
Ear pain with sore throat32
Ear pain on swallowing32
Ear pain,warmth of bed aggravation33
Ear pain extending to face32
Pain above the ear21
Pain behind ear21
Pain below the ear22
Pain below the ear extending to lower jaw32
Pain inside the ear (meatus)22
Boring pain in ear23
Ear boring pain from warmth of bed33
Ear burning pain23
Ear concha burning pain31
Burning pain in ear meatus32
Ear bursting sensation22
Cramp in ear22
Drawing pain in ear21
Drawing pain behind the ear31
Pinching pain in ear22
Pinching pain behind the ear31
Ear pressing pain23
Pressing outward pain in ear32
Ear pricking pain21
Ear soreness22
Soreness behind ear31
Ear spasmodic pain21
Inside ear spasmodic pain31
Stitching pain in ear22
Stitching pain in ear,evening31
Stitching pain in ear,cold amelioration31
Stitching pain in ear,luing on left side31
Stitching pain in ear when stooping32
Stitching pain in ear,warmth of bed aggravation33
Stitching pain above the ear31
Stitching pain above ear,4 p.m.31
Tearing pain in ear23
Tearing pain in ear during menses32
Ear twinging pain21
Ear polypus22
Ear bleeding polypus31
Ear soft polypus,easily bleeding32
Ear pulsation22
Ear pulsation,night when becoming warm in bed32
Increased sensibility of ear21
Sensation of stopped ear23
Stopped ear,on blowing nose amelioration32
Stopped ear,swallowing amelioration31
Middle ear suppuration23
Suppuration in front of ear32
Ear swelling22
Swelling of glands about the ear31
Swelling in front of ear32
Inside ear tension32
Hard tubercle on the ear lobe31
Cystic tumors on ear lobe31
Ear twitching21
Ear ulceration21
Inside ear ulceration32
Ulceration in front of ear31
Tympanum ulceration33
Sensation of cold water running out of ears31
Thin ear-wax32
Acute hearing21
Impaired hearing22
Impaired hearing,right ear31
Impaired hearing,open air amelioration31
Impaired hearing,blowing nose amelioration31
Impaired hearing after a cold31
Impaired hearing,cold wet weather32
Impaired hearing,enlarged tonsils32
Impaired hearing after measles32
Impaired hearing from becoming overheated31
Impaired hearing from auditory nerve paralysis31
Impaired hearing,stooping aggravation31
Impaired hearing,swallowing amelioration31
Impaired hearing on becoming warm from walking31
Lost hearing21
Nose abscess22
Nose cancer21
Nose catarrh23
Nose catarrh extends to frontal sinuses33
Nose catarrh extends to antrum31
Coryza from a draft of air32
Coryza,in cold air aggravation33
Coryza in open air31
Coryza,open air amelioration31
Coryza,warm air33
Coryza,warm air aggr.yet dreads cold32
Coryza with chilliness33
Coryza on becoming cold32
Coryza with cough31
Coryza with discharge (fluent)33
Coryza with discharge,daytime31
Coryza with discharge,night31
Coryza with discharge,cold room32
Coryza with discharge on stooping32
Coryza with discharge,warm room32
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Coryza,dry in night,fluent during the day31
Coryza with fever33
Coryza with larynx inflammation33
Coryza,lying amelioration31
Coryza with perspiration32
Coryza with sore throat33
Coryza,warm room32
Coryza during wet weather32
Coryza extending to chest31
Cracks in nose corners31
Cracks in septum31
Cracks in nose wings32
Nose blood discharge33
Nose burning discharge31
Crusts,scabs inside nose32
Nose excoriating discharge33
Nose greenish discharge33
Nose dry,hard discharge32
Posterior nares hard,dry discharge32
Nose ichorous discharge31
Nose offensive discharge33
Nose fetid discharge32
Nose fetid discharge,like cheese31
Nose purulent discharge33
Nose suppressed discharge33
Nose thick discharge32
Nose watery discharge33
Nose white discharge31
Nose yellowish-green discharge33
Discharge from posterior nares32
Black nose21
Nose redness32
Nose shining redness31
Nose inside redness33
Nose tip redness31
Nose inside dryness22
Left epistaxis31
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood32
Epistaxis,blood clotted quickly31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood32
Epistaxis,stringy blood32
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Epistaxis with cough31
Epistaxis with whooping cough32
Epistaxis during sleep33
Nose exostoses21
Nose heaviness21
Nose heaviness as of a weight hanging down31
Nose inflammation22
Nose infammation in drunkards31
Nose inside inflammation31
Nose tip inflammation31
Nose itching22
Nose tip itching31
Nose wings itching31
Nose inside itching32
Nose root itching31
Liquids come out through the nose on attempting to swallow22
Nose obstruction22
Fetid odor31
Old catarrh odor31
Putrid odor31
Odor of putrid eggs31
Syphilitic ozaena32
Pain in nose22
Pain in nose with headache31
Pain in nose on touch33
Pain in nose bones31
Pain in nose root32
Pain in nose root with headcahe32
Nose gnawing pain21
Nose root gnawing pain31
Nose pressing downward pain31
Nose root pressing pain32
Nostrils rawness31
Nose sore bruised pain on touch32
Sore bruised pain in nose bones31
Nose inside sore bruised pain32
Nose polypus21
Nose puffiness21
Scurfy nostrils22
Shiny nose21
Wanting smell,lost smell23
Constant sneezing31
Sneezing without coryza32
Frequent sneezing33
Sneezing,lying amelioration31
Sneezing from uncovering32
Violent sneezing31
Nose swelling23
Nose left side swelling31
Inside swelling of nose32
Nose shining red swelling31
Nose bones swelling32
Nose root swelling31
Nose septum swelling31
Nose tip swelling31
Nose left wing swelling31
Nose tension21
Tension across nose31
Nose root tension31
Nose inside ulcers32
Nose perforating ulcers31
Nostrils ulcers31
Nose septum round ulcers31
Face abscess23
Antrum abscess32
Bloated face21
Bloated face before menses32
Bloated face about the eyes31
Bloated face under the eyes31
Lower jaw caries32
Chewing motion of the jaw22
Chlorotic face21
Clenched jaw22
Face coldness21
Face coldness alternating with heat31
Sense of face coldness32
Forehead coldness31
Face contraction22
Mouth convulsions31
Cracked lips22
Cracked corners of the mouth32
Black lips32
Bluish face21
Bluish face,maniacal rage31
Bluish circles around eyes31
Bluish lips31
Dirty looking face22
Earthy face23
Greenish face21
Lead-colored face21
Pale face22
Pale face,evening31
Pale face,night31
Pale face with maniacal rage31
Red face22
Red face alternating with paleness31
Red face during chill31
Red face,circumscribed31
Red face after eating31
Red face,erysipelatous31
Red face during fever31
Red face during maniacal rage31
Red spots on face31
Red face with toothache31
Red chin31
Red lips31
Bluish red face31
Sallow face22
Face sickly color22
White spot on face21
Yellow face23
Yellow face during rage31
Mouth distortion31
Drawn face22
Lips dryness32
Face eruption23
Cheeks eruption31
Chin eruption32
Chin painful eruption31
Lips eruption31
Eruption around mouth32
Corners of mouth eruption33
Nose eruption32
Face biting eruption21
Face eruption bleeding when scratched22
Eruption on nose bleeding when touched32
Face blotches21
Face burning eruption21
Face coppery eruption21
Face crusty,scabby eruption22
Face crusty greenish yellow eruption31
Face crusty yellow eruption32
Lips crusty or scabby eruption32
Around mouth crusty eruption32
Nose crusty or scabby eruption33
Crusty eruption inside and on nose32
Face desquamating eruption22
Face eczema22
Face bleeding eczema32
Face excoriating eruption23
Face fissures22
Face herpes22
Face mealy herpes31
Cheeks herpes31
Face impertigo22
Forehead impertigo32
Face itching eruption22
Face moist eruption22
Face fetid moist eruption31
Papular eruption on chin31
Face patches22
Face pimples23
Face pimples with purplish halo33
Chin pimples31
Lips pimples32
Nose pimples32
Face pustules22
Chin pustules31
Forehead pustules32
Nose pustules31
Face rash22
Lips rough eruption31
Face scurfy eruption22
Face scurfy yellow eruption32
Chin scurfy eruption31
Lips scurfy eruption31
Face spots22
Face syphilitic eruption23
Face tubercles21
Face vesicles22
Face yellow vesicles32
Lips vesicles31
Face oedematous erysipelas31
Face phlegmonous erysipelas31
Around eye erysipelas32
Excoriated lips21
Excoriated corners of mouth33
Anxious expression21
Haggard expression31
Intoxicated expression31
Pinched expression31
Sickly expression32
Stupid expression31
Face gangrene22
Greasy face22
Face heat22
Face heat during chill32
Face heat during chilliness33
Face heat after eating31
Face heat with maniacal rage31
Sensation of face heat32
Face heat during stool31
Lips heat32
Hippocratic face21
Cheeks indurations31
Parotid gland induration31
Lips inflammation33
Parotid gland inflammation33
Right parotid gland inflammation33
Parotid inflammation with suppuration33
Face periosteum inflammation32
Lower jaw periosteum inflammation32
Sublingual gland inflammation33
Submaxillary gland inflammation33
Face itching21
Face biting itching32
Face stinging itching31
Necrosis of lower jaw21
Face nodosities21
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)22
Face right side pain32
Face pain,night33
Face pain,open air aggravation22
Face pain,blowing nose aggravation33
Face pain,cold air aggravation32
Face pain from exposure to cold32
Face pain from exposure to cold or heat31
Face pain,damp weather aggravation32
Face pain,draft aggravation32
Face pain,exertion aggravation31
Face inflammatory pain33
Face pain,motion of lower jaw aggravation32
Face pain on opening the mouth31
Face rheumatic pain32
Face pain,walking aggravation31
Face pain,warm bed aggravation32
Face bones pain22
Cheek pain32
Lips pain31
Lips pain,touch aggravation31
Jaw pain31
Lower jaw pain32
Parotid gland pain32
Right parotid gland pain31
Parotid gland pain,cold application amelioration31
Face burning pain21
Face right side burning pain32
Chin burning pain31
Lips burning pain32
Parotid gland burning pain31
Parotid gland burning pain,cold air amelioration31
Lips cramp-like pain32
Face drawing pain23
Face pressing pain21
Face pressing out face31
Cheek bones pressing pain32
Cheek bone pressing pain on blowing nose32
Lips stinging pain31
Parotid gland stinging pain31
Face stitching pain22
Cheek bones stitching pain31
Upper jaw stitching pain31
Parotid gland stitching pain31
Submaxillary gland stitching pain31
Face tearing pain23
Face tearing pain,damp weather aggravation32
Cheek bones tearing pain33
Lower jaw tearing pain32
Lower jaw tearing pain,evening31
Face perspiration23
Face cold perspiration32
Sensitive face bones32
Sensitive lips31
Shriveled face21
Lower jaw stiffness32
Sunken face22
Face swelling23
Face right side swelling31
Face swelling,morning31
Face hard swelling32
Face swelling before menses32
Face oedematous swelling32
Face one-sided swelling32
Face red swelling31
Face swelling,toothache33
Cheeks swelling33
Swelling around eyes31
Swelling under eyes31
Lower jaw swelling31
Face glands swelling33
Lips swelling32
Upper lip swelling32
Parotid glands swelling33
Right parotid gland swelling32
Parotid gland swelling,cold air amelioration32
Parotid gland hard swelling32
Sublingual gland swelling33
Submaxillary glands swelling32
Submaxillary glands hard swelling32
Tension of face skin22
Tension of lower jaw skin31
Tension of skin,articulation of jaw32
Face trembling21
Face trembling when talking31
Face ulcers21
Face putrid ulcer31
Chin ulcers31
Lips ulcers32
Upper lip ulcers31
Corners of mouth ulcers33
Wrinkled face21
Wrinkled forehead31
Gums abcess21
Mouth aphthae23
Aphthae in children33
Tongue aphthae32
Gums atrophy22
Mouth bleeding22
Gums bleeding33
Gums easily bleeding31
Bleeding gums on touch33
Tongue bleeding32
Gums boils22
Palate caries32
Cold breath21
Cold tongue31
Cracked fissured tongue32
Gums detached from teeth23
Mouth blueness21
Mouth paleness31
Mouth redness32
Black gums32
Bluish gums31
Dirty gums31
Gums redness33
Gums margins bright redness32
White gums33
Yellow gums32
Coppery palate32
Red palate32
Red velum32
White palate32
Black tongue33
Tongue black centre32
Black tongue with red edges33
Brown tongue32
Pale tongue33
Red tongue33
Tongue red spots32
Tongue red edges33
White tongue33
Yellow tongue33
Tongue yellow base32
Dirty yellow tongue33
Mouth dryness23
Palate dryness32
Tongue dryness33
Flabby tongue23
Gangrenous tongue31
Mouth heat21
Tongue heaviness,difficulty in moving31
Indented tongue33
Tongue induration32
Mouth inflammation23
Gums inflammation32
Palate inflammation31
Tongue inflammation32
Tongue gouty inflammation32
Tongue inflammation with induration32
Mouth itching22
Gums itching32
Palate itching32
Mapped tongue21
Palate covered with a false membrane32
Mercurial affection of gums22
Tongue difficult motion22
Mouth mucus,slime,etc22
Mouth mucus,morning31
Collection of mucus on tongue32
Tough mucus on tongue31
Mouth mucus membrane excoriation31
Mouth pale mucus membrane32
Tongue mucus membrane excoriation32
Tongue numbness31
Breath odor after eating31
Breath offensive odor33
Breath offensive odor during cough31
Breath offensive odor during menses32
Breath putrid odor33
Breath sickening odor31
Breath sweetish odor32
Open mouth21
Open mouth during sleep31
Mouth pain21
Gums pain33
Gums pain when touched33
Pain in palate31
Tongue pain32
Aching pain in palate31
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain22
Mouth burning pain,night31
Gums burning,raw and smarting pain33
Palate burning pain31
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue tip burning,raw and smarting pain31
Tongue pain as if burnt32
Palate drawing pain,convulsive,extending to fauces31
Tongue pressing pain32
Mouth sore pain23
Gums sore pain33
Palate sore pain when touched31
Tongue sore pain31
Gums tearing pain32
Tongue erect papillae22
Mouth syphilitic patches22
Tongue prickling31
Gums pulsating21
Acrid saliva22
Bloody saliva32
Coppery saliva31
Fetid saliva33
Metallic tasting saliva31
Offensive saliva33
Offensive nausea,night31
Saltish saliva32
Slimy saliva32
Soapy saliva32
Sour saliva31
Viscid saliva33
Viscid saliva,night31
Salivation, 1 a.m.32
Salivation during headache33
Salivation during menses32
Salivation during mental work31
Salivation during sleep33
Salivation while smoking31
Scorbutic gums23
Sensitive tongue32
Shrivelled gums21
Soft tongue21
Gums softening23
Difficult speech32
Stammering speech33
Stammering and quick speech32
Wanting speech32
Spongy gums23
Gums suppuration22
Tongue suppuration32
Mouth swelling23
Gums swelling33
Right gums swelling32
Palate swelling32
Palate swelling with suppuration31
Palate arch swelling31
Velum swelling32
Tongue swelling33
Tongue swelling after sting of insects31
Bad taste33
Bad taste,morning32
Bad taste,morning on awaking32
Bitter taste33
Bitter taste,morning31
Bread tastes bitter31
Coffee tastes bitter31
Bitter taste during eating31
Bitter taste after eating31
Taste like rotten eggs33
Insipid taste33
Taste like manure32
Metallic taste33
Pasty taste31
Purulent taste31
Putrid taste32
Saltish taste33
Food tastes saltish31
Water tastes saltish31
Slimy taste33
Sour taste32
Beer tastes sour31
Sweetish taste33
Bread tastes sweetish33
Wanting taste,loss of taste32
Wanting tastelessness of food31
Tongue trembling23
Tongue trembling when protruding it31
Mouth ulcers22
Mouth ulcers,lardaceous base33
Mouth bleeding ulcers31
Mouth burning ulcers32
Mouth ulcers,irregular edges31
Mouth ulcers,jagged edges31
Mouth fetid ulcers32
Mouth flat ulcers31
Mouth painful ulcers32
Mouth small ulcers32
Mouth spreading ulcers31
Mouth syphilitic ulcers33
Yellow ulcer at orifice of salivary glands33
Gums ulcers33
Gums scorbutic ulcers,sloughing32
Palate ulcers33
Ulcers on velum32
Tongue ulcers33
Tongue bleeding ulcers31
Tongue indurated ulcers31
Tongue syphilitic ulcers33
Tongue edges ulcers32
Tongue tip ulcers31
Mouth vesicles22
Mouth vesicles becoming ulcers32
Gums vesicles32
Tongue vesicles32
Abscess of teeth roots22
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth23
Teeth clinched firmly31
Black teeth23
Gray teeth33
Yellow teeth32
Teeth feel as if on edge21
Teeth feel as if on edge during menses32
Sensation of teeth elongation22
Teeth grinding22
Teeth grinding during sleep32
Inflamed dentine23
Looseness of teeth23
Looseness of teeth,falling out32
Painful looseness of teeth31
Looseness of teeth sensation32
Looseness of sound teeth33
Offensive odor from teeth21
Incisors pain32
Molars pain31
Upper teeth pain31
Lower teeth pain31
Left teeth pain31
Toothache,evening in bed32
Toothache,night,chilliness as it disappears31
Toothache, 9 p.m.33
Toothache after midnight32
Toothache,cold air23
Toothache from air drawn in33
Toothache alternating with dizziness31
Toothache alternating with tearing in limbs31
Toothache alternating with vertigo31
Toothache in bed33
Toothache when biting teeth together32
Toothache from coffee31
Toothache from a cold32
Toothache from anything cold32
Toothache,anything cold amelioration31
Toothache from cold drinks32
Toothache from cold food31
Toothache,cold water amelioration31
Toothache from damp weather33
Toothache during eating33
Toothache after eating32
Toothache after filling31
Intermittent toothache31
Toothache while lying31
Toothache from masticating32
Toothache,motion aggravation31
Toothache in nursing mothers31
Paroxysmal toothache31
Toothache during pregnancy32
Pulsating toothache32
Rheumatic toothache32
Toothache,rubbing cheek amelioration33
Toothache with involuntary flow of saliva33
Toothache,sitting aggravation31
Toothache,sitting up in bed amelioration31
Toothache on going to sleep32
Toothache,after sleep amelioration31
Toothache with swelling of cheek33
Toothache,tobacco smoking32
Toothache,tobacco smoking amelioration32
Toothache from touch of tongue32
Toothache from warm drinks32
Tooth pain from warm things32
Toothache,external warmth amelioration33
Toothache,warmth of bed aggravation33
Toothache,warm room aggravation31
Toothache after washing32
Toothache from washing with cold water31
Toothache in the winter33
Teeth pain extending to ear33
Toothache extending to eyes31
Toothache extending to face33
Toothache extending to head31
Burning toothache21
Drawing toothache23
Jerking toothache22
Jerking toothache,night33
Piercing toothache22
Pressing toothache23
Sore bruised toothache23
Stitching,stinging toothache22
Tearing toothache23
Tearing toothache,night32
Tearing toothache before midnight31
Roots tearing toothache32
Twitching toothache22
Ulcerative toothache at roots31
Sensitive,tender teeth22
Teeth sensitive to cold water31
Teeth feel soft21
Teeth sordes22
Throat catarrh22
Choking,throat constricting21
Choking on swallowing32
Throat crawling21
Throat crawling as if worm were squirming in31
Copper-colored throat33
Purple throat32
Throat redness32
Pharynx redness32
Tonsils redness32
Uvula redness31
Throat dryness23
Throat dryness,speaking very difficult31
Elongated uvula22
Enlargement of tonsils22
Sensation of foreign body in throat22
Throat gangrene21
Diposition to hawk21
Throat heat22
Throat inflammation23
Throat right side inflammation32
Throat inflammation,night33
Throat chronic inflammation32
Throat erysipelatous inflammation32
Throat follicular inflammation32
Throat phlegmonous inflammation32
Oesophagus inflammation31
Tonsils inflammation33
Liquids taken are forced into nose22
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Sensation of lump on swallowing32
Throat rigt side membrane32
Throat gray membrane31
Throat white membrane31
Throat yellow membrane31
Throat membrane extending to nose31
Tonsils membrane31
Throat mucus22
Throat bitter mucus31
Mucus drawn from the posterior nares31
Throat saltish mucus31
Throat tenacious mucus31
Throat thick mucus31
Throat mucous patches31
Sensation of narrow throat21
Throat pain22
Throat pain,night32
Throat pain,cold air32
Throat pain as from apple core32
Throat pain on becoming cold32
Throat pain on motion31
Throat pain on speaking31
Throat pain on swallowing33
Throat pain on empty swallowing32
Throat pain,after swallowing amelioration31
Throat pain,warm bed32
Throat pain,warmth in general31
Throat pain extending to ear31
Throat pain extending to ear on swallowing31
Throat pain extending to submaxillary galnds32
Oesophagus pain31
Throat burning pain22
Throat burning pain,itching,smarting31
Tonsils burning pain31
Throat pressing pain22
Oesophagus pressing pain31
Throat rawness pain22
Oesophagus rawness pain31
Sore throat23
Sore throat right side32
Sore throat,night32
Throat pain as from a splinter21
Throat stinging pain on swallowing32
Throat stitching pain22
Throat stitching pain on swallowing33
Throat stitching pain extending to ear31
Throat stitching pain extending to ear when swallowing32
Tonsils stitching pain32
Throat roughness22
Throat scraping21
Tonsils suppuration23
Constant disposition to swallow22
Difficult swallowing32
Difficult swallowing liquids32
Involuntary swallowing31
Throat swelling23
Throat swelling,night31
Tonsils swelling32
Uvula swelling32
Swollen throat sensation31
Throat syphilitic affection23
Throat tension23
Throat ulcers23
Throat ulcers,stinging in32
Fauces ulcers33
Tonsils ulcers32
Uvula ulcers32
Uvula syphilitic ulcers32
External throat abscess23
External throat sensitive to air22
External throat eruption21
Induration of external throat glands22
Induration like knotted cords of external throat glands32
External throat pain22
Cervical glands pain32
Cervical glands pain,night31
External throat sides pain,blowing nose31
Cervical glands burning pain33
External throat sides pressing pain22
Cervical glands soreness31
External throat swelling22
Cervical glands swelling33
Cervical glands hard swelling31
Cervical glands suppurative swelling33
External throat sides swelling31
Thyroid gland right side swelling31
Uncovering neck,throat aggravation21
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh23
Larynx catarrh31
Trachea catarrh31
Larynx dryness32
Trachea dryness32
Larynx inflammation22
Larynx syphilitic inflammation32
Larynx irritation32
Mucus in larynx32
Trachea mucus32
Oedema glottidis21
Larynx and trachea burning pain21
Larynx burning pain32
Larynx rawness pain32
Larynx and trachea soreness21
Larynx phthisis21
Trachea rattling31
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx22
Scraping,clearing larynx,night32
Tickling in the air passages22
Tickling in the air passages,evening31
Tickling in the air passages,evening before falling asleep31
Tickling in the air passages,draft of air31
Tickling in larynx32
Broken voice31
Changed voice31
Hoarseness,draft of air31
Hoarseness during coryza33
Husky voice31
Lost voice32
Lost voice,overuse of voice32
Lost voice from paralysis31
Nasal voice31
Rough voice32
Rough voice,draft of air aggravation32
Tremulous voice33
Whispering voice32
Accelerated respiration22
Accelerated respiration during sleep31
Arrested respiration21
Arrested respiration on coughing31
Asthmatic respiration21
Asthma,cold air amelioration32
Spasmodic asthma31
Deep respiration21
Desire to breathe deeply32
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration,morning31
Difficult respiration,evening31
Difficult respiration,evening in bed31
Difficult respiration during night31
Difficult respiration in cold air22
Difficult respiration on ascending33
Difficult respiration with cough31
Difficult respiration after eating31
Difficult respiration after exertion32
Difficult respiration while lying32
Difficult respiration while lying on left side31
Difficult respiration,lying impossible32
Difficult respiration,motion31
Difficult respiration during sleep31
Difficult respiration,walking32
Difficult respiration on walking rapidly31
Impeded,obstructed respiration22
Impeded respiration,pain in the chest31
Imperceptible respiration21
Irregular respiration21
Respiration jerking21
Loud respiration21
Slow respiration,morning31
Wheezing respiration21
Cough,daytime amelioration31
Cough,daytime only31
Cough,only at night31
Cough, 9 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m.31
Cough, evening in bed33
Cough,evening until midnight31
Cough, night23
Cough, night with perspiration32
Cough after midnight31
Cough, 2 or 3 a.m.31
Cough, damp cold air31
Cough, night air32
Cough on ascending stairs21
Asthmatic cough21
Barking cough21
Cough,on becoming warm in bed,agg.or excites31
Cough,deep breathing32
Choking cough21
Cough, cold drinks32
Constant cough21
Dry cough22
Dry cough,evening31
Dry cough,night32
Dry cough in night,loose by day31
Dry cough during coryza31
Dry cough,lying on right side aggravation31
Cough from air passages dryness21
Cough from chest dryness31
Exhausting cough22
Hacking cough21
Must hold chest with both hands while coughing21
Hoarsed cough21
Hollow cough21
Cough from irritation in chest31
Cough from irritation in epigastrium31
Cough from irritation in larynx32
Cough from irritation in trachea32
Loose cough21
Cough,lying aggravation21
Cough,lying on side31
Cough,lying on right side33
Cough,lying on left side31
Cough,motion aggravation21
Cough,motion of chest aggravation31
Painful cough32
Paroxysmal cough21
Paroxysmal cough,evening31
Paroxysmal cough,night32
Paroxysmal cough every other night on falling asleep31
Paroxysaml cough,attacks follow one another quickly31
Paroxysmal cough,two coughs31
Periodic cough21
Periodic cough,night31
Periodic cough,every other night31
Persistent cough21
Racking cough23
Racking cough, night31
Rattling cough21
Rough cough22
Cough,running aggravation21
Scraping cough21
Cough short22
Cough before sleep21
Cough during sleep31
Cough on going to sleep31
Wakens from cough31
Cough with sneezing31
Spasmodic cough22
Spasmodic cough,evening31
Spasmodic cough,night31
Cough seems to come from the stomach21
Stretching out the arms followed by cough31
Suffocative cough22
Cough,happy surprise aggravation21
Cough on talking22
Cough with inability to speak32
Tickling cough21
Tickling cough,evening31
Tickling cough,evening before falling asleep31
Bronchia tickling on coughing31
Chest tickling on coughing32
Upper chest tickling cough31
Cough from tickling in larynx31
Cough from tickling in trachea32
Tight cough21
Tormenting cough21
Violent cough22
Violent cough, night32
Cough while walking fast31
Whooping cough21
Whooping cough,night32
Expectoration,daytime only23
Acrid expectoration22
Expectoration,air aggravation21
Expectoration in open air31
Expectoration,walking in open air31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Bloody expectoration,morning while lying down31
Spitting of bright-red blood32
Spitting of dark blood31
Spitting of pale blood31
Spitting of streaked blood31
Bloody expectoration while walking31
Bloody expectoration while working31
Cool (cold) expectoration21
Greenish expectoration23
Mucous expectoration21
Bloody mucous expectoration32
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Expectoration,sour odor31
Purulent expectorarion22
Ropy expectoration22
Saliva-like expectoration21
Bitter expectoration32
Expectoration earthy taste31
Expectoration taste like bad eggs31
Expectoration musty taste31
Expectoration nauseous taste32
Putrid expectoration31
Expectoration rancid taste31
Salty expectoration32
Expectoration soapy taste31
Sour expectoration32
Sweetish expectoration31
Viscid expectoration21
Expectoration while walking21
Watery expectoration22
Yellow expectoration22
Axilla abscess23
Lung abscess32
Mammae abscess33
Nipples abscess32
Sensation of chest adhesion22
Anxiety in chest23
Region of heart anxiety32
Bleeding nipples22
Mammae cancer33
Mammae cancer,epithelioma31
Chest catarrh23
Chest,clothing aggravation22
Chest right side coldness31
Congestion (heperaemia of chest)22
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest constriction during cough31
Chest constriction in hydrothorax31
Chest constriction while stooping31
Deformed nipples21
Chest redness spots32
Chest dropsy22
Chest dryness22
Chest rash eruption31
Chest red eruption32
Chest coppery red eruption31
Chest vesicles32
Axilla eruption32
Axilla boils32
Axilla burning eruption31
Axilla eczema31
Axilla painful eruption32
Nipples excoriation32
Fistulous openings in mammae22
Chest fullness21
Mammae fullness31
Chest haemorrhage21
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood32
Chest haemorrhage after whiskey31
Chest heat21
Hepatization of lungs21
Hepatization of lungs,lying on right side aggravation32
Mammae induration32
Nipples induration32
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Lungs inflammation33
Right lung inflammation32
Right lung lower lobe inflammation32
Infant lung inflammation32
Mammae inflammation32
Pleura inflammation32
Absent milk21
Bad milk32
Milk with blood32
Child refuses mother's milk32
Milk disappearing31
Milk during menses31
Milk, suppressed menses32
Milk, non-pregnant woman32
Suppressed milk32
Thin milk31
Chest murmurs22
Chest numbness21
Chest oppression22
Heart oppression32
Chest orgasm of blood22
Chest pain22
Chest pain,morning31
Chest pain during cough32
Chest pain during inspiration32
Chest pain,inspiration amelioration31
Chest pain while lying on right side33
Chest pain,motion aggravation32
Chest pain,pressure amelioration31
Chest pain,sneezing32
Chest pain,stooping31
Chest pain while walking31
Mammae pain23
Mammae pain during menses32
Pectoral muscles pain21
Chest left side pain31
Chest sides pain,morning31
Chest sides pain during cough33
Chest sides apin after sneezing31
Heart pain22
Chest aching pain21
Chest aching pain on holding breath31
Chest aching pain,inspiration amelioration31
Heart aching pain32
Chest burning pain22
Chest burning pain extending to throat32
Sternum burning pain32
Chest bursting pain21
Chest bursting pain,night32
Chest bursting pain on coughing32
Chest cutting (sudden sharp pain)22
Chest cutting pain while smoking31
Chest drawing pain,coughing31
Chest pressing pain22
Chest left side pressing pain31
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest rawness pain when coughing31
Chest sore,bruised pain22
Chest sore pain from coughing31
Chest sore pain,holds chest with hands during cough31
Anterior chest sore pain31
Mammae sore bruised pain32
Nipples sore,bruised pain32
Chest left side sore bruised pain31
Chest squeezing sensation21
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,morning31
Chest stitching pain,coughing33
Chest stitching pain,inspiring32
Chest stitching pain during motion31
Chest stitching pain,sneezing aggravation33
Chest stitching pain,stooping31
Chest stitching pain,walking in open air32
Chest stitching pain extending to back32
Chest anterior part stitching pain33
Chest anterior part stitching pain on coughing33
Chest anterior part stitching pain on sneezing32
Lower ribs stitching pain while walking31
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest right side stitching pain extending to back31
Chest left side stitching pain32
Chest side stitching pain, coughing33
Chest side stitching pain after sneezing32
Lower part of chest right side stitching pain32
Chest tearing pain21
Chest ulcerative pain21
Heart palpitation23
Heart palpitation,night32
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart palpitation during chill32
Heart palpitation after eating31
Heart palpitation,exertion32
Heart palpitation during fever31
Heart irregular palpitation31
Heart palpitation,suppressed menses31
Heart palpitation,motion31
Heart palpitation,slightest motion32
Heart palpitation during perspiration31
Heart palpitation during sleep32
Heart palpitation,startled from a dream31
Heart palpitation on waking suddenly32
Heart palpitation while walking31
Chest perspiration21
Chest cold perspiration31
Phthisis pulmonalis22
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis32
Purulent and ulcerative phthisis pulmonalis32
Chest pulsation21
Spasms of chest22
Spasms of chest when coughing31
Chest swelling21
Axillary glands swelling33
Mammae swelling32
Mammae hot swelling32
Nipples swelling32
Tickling in chest21
Heart trembling32
Heart trembling on waking32
Ulceration of nipples32
Sensation of weakness about the heart32
Constant appetite22
Diminished appetite21
Appetite,easy satiety21
Increased appetite,hunger in general22
Hunger after eating32
Increased appetite with weakness31
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite22
Ravenous appetite soon after eating32
Appetite without relish21
Wanting appetite22
Wanting appetite,evening31
Aversion to alcoholic stimulants21
Aversion to brandy22
Aversion to butter22
Aversion to coffee22
Aversion to drinks21
Aversion to everything21
Aversion to fats and rich food22
Aversion to food22
Aversion to cooked food31
Aversion to warm food31
Aversion to meat22
Aversion to beef31
Aversion to mother's milk31
Aversion to solid food21
Aversion to sweets22
Aversion to wine22
Stomach constriction21
Stomach contraction,night31
Desires alcoholic drinks21
Desires beer32
Desires whisky31
Desires wine31
Desires bread22
Desires bread and butter33
Desires butter21
Desires cold drinks23
Desires liquid food22
Desires meat21
Desires milk22
Desires sweets21
Desordered stomach23
Disordered stomach after bread32
Stomach distention22
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling23
Stomach emptiness not relieved by eating32
Stomach emptiness from pressure33
Eructations after bread21
Eructations after dinner31
Eructations after drinking21
Eructations while eating21
Eructations after eating31
Eructations during stool32
Eructations after stool31
Acrid eructations22
Acrid eructations,night31
Bitter eructations22
Bitter eructations, night32
Empty eructations21
Eructations,food regurgitation22
Regurgitation while eating31
Foul eructations21
Foul eructations,night31
Loud eructations21
Putrid eructations21
Rancid eructations21
Rancid eructations,night32
Sour eructations after bread31
Sour eructations after milk31
Sweetish eructations21
Eructations of water22
Waterbrash after eating31
Stomach flabbiness21
Sensation of stomach fullness22
Heartburn,night during pregnancy32
Heartburn after eating31
Heartburn during pregnancy32
Heartburn after stool31
Stomach heat flushes21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach heaviness after bread31
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Hiccough while eating31
Hiccough after eating31
Stomach irritation22
Loathing of food22
Nausea in chest32
Nausea during cough32
Nausea after eating31
Nausea during headache32
Nausea while lying on back31
Nausea after meat31
Nausea during perspiration31
Nausea before stool32
Nausea during stool32
Nausea in throat31
Nausea after urinating31
Nausea while walking31
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain,evening31
Stomach pain after bread31
Stomach pain while eating31
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach pain after fluids31
Stomach pain while standing31
Stomach violent pain31
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain21
Stomach cramping pain,evening31
Stomach cutting pain22
Stomach drawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain22
Stomach pressing pain after eating31
Stomach pressing pain while standing31
Stomach pressing pain as from a weight31
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain22
Stomach sore pain,deep breathing32
Stomach tearing pain21
Retching with cough32
Stomach sinking22
Sinking from pressure33
Sensation of stone in stomach22
Stomach tension21
Thirst, midnight31
Burning,vehement thirst33
Thirst with dread of liquids31
Extreme thirst33
Unquenchable thirst32
Vomiting, evening31
Vomiting, night32
Vomiting on coughing31
Vomiting during diarrhoea31
Vomiting after drinking31
Vomiting after eating31
Vomiting during perspiration31
Vomiting during stool32
Vomiting during vertigo32
Violent vomiting31
Bile vomiting23
Bile vomiting,night32
Bile vomiting after eating31
Bile vomiting during the fever31
Bile vomiting during perspiration31
Bitter vomiting22
Blood vomiting21
Food vomiting21
Green vomiting22
Mucus vomiting22
Offensive smelling vomiting21
Water vomiting21
Worms vomiting21
Yellow vomiting21
Inguinal region abscess32
Sensation of something alive in abdomen21
Anxiety in abdomen21
Anxiety in abdomen before stool31
Atrophy of liver22
Abdomen bubo22
Abdomen suppurating bubo32
Abdomen bubo after suppressed gonorrhoea31
Abdomen coldness22
Abdomen external coldness31
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen red spots32
Abdomen distension23
Abdomen painful distension33
Abdomen tympanitic distension32
Hypochondria distension32
Left hypochondrium distension32
Abdominal dropsy,ascites22
Abdomen emptiness22
Enlarged liver32
Abdomen eruption22
Inguinal region eruption32
Eruption,abdomen blotches31
Inguinal region boils31
Abdomen desquamating31
Abdomen zona32
Abdomen zona,warmth of bed aggravation32
Abdomen itch-like eruption31
Abdomen itching31
Abdomen moist eruption31
Abdomen pimples31
Abdomen pustular eruptions31
Inguinal region scales31
Abdomen urticaria31
Abdomen vesicles32
As if intestines were falling from side to side on turning in bed32
Fatty degeneration of liver22
Abdomen flatulence22
Flatulence after milk31
Flatulence during urination31
Sensation of hypochondria fullness32
Abdomen gurgling21
Abdomen gurgling before stool31
Hard abdomen23
Hard liver32
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)22
Inguinal glands inflammation22
Liver inflammation22
Abdomen itching22
Abdomen itching,evening31
Hypogastrium itching31
Inguinal region itching31
Liver and region of liver23
Movements in abdomen21
Abdomen numbness21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,evening31
Abdomen aching,evening in open air32
Abdomen aching, night33
Abdomen aching,must bend double31
Abdomen aching during chill31
Abdomen aching from becoming cold31
Abdomen aching from taking cold32
Abdomen aching,taking hold of cold things31
Abdomen aching from constipation31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoea (colic)31
Abdomen aching after eating31
Abdomen aching during hunger31
Abdomen aching,lying amelioration31
Abdomen aching,lying on right side32
Abdomen aching before menses31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching on motion31
Abdomen aching,sitting bent amelioration31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen aching during stool31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoeic stool32
Abdomen aching after stool32
Abdomen aching during urination32
Abdomen aching while walking32
Abdomen aching extending to throat31
Abdomen acging extending upward31
Hypochondria aching dull pain23
Right hypochondrium aching32
Hypochondria aching,lying on right side aggravation32
Hypogastrium aching dull pain22
Hypogastrium aching before menses32
Hypogastrium aching during menses31
Hypogastrium aching after menses31
Inguinal region aching dull pain22
Inguinal right side aching33
Inguinal region aching while lying33
Inguinal region aching while walking32
Inguinal glands aching dull pain32
Liver aching,dull pain23
Liver aching,colic,gall-stone31
Liver aching on exercising31
Liver aching,lying on right side32
Liver aching after mental labor32
Liver aching when touched33
Abdomen right side aching32
Abdomen sides aching,morning31
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Reg.of umbilicus aching,night31
Abdomen burning pain21
Abdomen burning pain during menses31
Hypochondria burning pain31
Inguinal reg.burning pain during urination31
Region of umbilicus burning pain31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain,evening31
Abdomen cramping pain during constipation31
Abdomen cramping pain before stool32
Abdomen cramping pain during stool32
Abdomen cramping pain on urination32
Abdomen cutting pain22
Abdomen cutting pain,evening31
Abdomen cutting pain,night31
Abdomen cutting pain on ascending31
Abdomen cutting pain before stool32
Abdomen cutting pain during stool31
Abdomen cutting pain during diarrhoeic stool32
Abdomen cutting pain after stool32
Abdomen cutting pain during urination31
Hypogastrium cutting pain22
Inguinal region cutting pain21
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain22
Abdomen drawing pain21
Inguinal region drawing pain22
Abdomen pressing pain22
Abdomen pressing pain as from stone32
Hypochondria pressing pain21
Right hypochondrium pressing pain31
Hypogastrium pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pressing downward pain31
Hypogastrium pressing pain while walking31
Inguinal region pressing pain21
Liver pressing pain22
Abdomen sides pressing pain21
Abdomen right side pressing pain32
Abdomen sides pressing pain,morning31
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness23
Abdomen sore pain,lying on the right side aggravation32
Hypochondria sore pain23
Right hypochondrium soreness,lying on right side31
Hypogastrium sore pain21
Ilio-caecal reg.sore bruised pain22
Inguinal glands sore pain31
Sore,bruised pain in liver21
Reg.of umbilicus sore,bruised pain,tenderness31
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Hypochondria stitching pain21
Right hypochondrium stitching pain32
Hypochondria stitching pain on inspiration32
Iliac region stitching pain21
Crest of ilium stitching pain31
Inguinal region stitching pain22
Inguinal left side stitching pain31
Inguinal stitching pain on inspiration31
Inguinal stitching pain,walking in open air32
Liver stitching pain23
Liver stitching pain on breathing32
Liver stitching pain from coughing31
Liver stitching pain,eructation31
Liver stitching pain,lying on right side31
Abdomen tearing pain22
Abdomen tearing pain,night31
Abdomen tearing pain during menses32
Abdomen twisting pain21
Abdomen perspiration21
Abdomen pulsation21
Relaxed abdomen feeling22
Abdomen retractation21
Rumblings in the bowels22
Abdomen rumbling,evening31
Abdomen rumbling,night31
Abdomen rumbling after drinking31
Abdomen rumbling before stool31
Abdomen shaking21
Abdomen shaking while walking31
Complaints of spleen21
Inguinal glands suppuration23
Abdomen swashing21
Mesenteric glands swelling21
Swelling of the inguinal glands33
Liver swelling23
Tabes mesenterica21
Abdomen tension21
Hypogastrium tension21
Inguinal region tension21
Inguinal left side tension31
Abdomen sides tension21
Inguinal region trembling21
Abdomen twitching and jerking21
Abdomen right side twitching during stool31
Hypochondria twitching and jerking21
Abdomen ulcers21
Inguinal region ulcers22
Rectum abscess22
Perineum abscess32
Aphtous condition of anus22
Condylomata, rectum21
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea31
Constipation,difficult stool32
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining33
Diarrhoea,evening in cold air33
Diarrhoea, night33
Diarrhoea in autumn31
Bilious diarrhoea32
Diarrhoea in children33
Diarrhoea after taking cold31
Diarrhoea from cold weather31
Diarrhoea,damp cold weather32
Diarrhoea during dentition32
Diarrhoea after suppression of exanthemata31
Diarrhoea after grief31
Diarrhoea,hot weather31
Diarrhoea during jaundice32
Diarrhoea,lying amelioration31
Diarrhoea after measles31
Painless diarrhoea31
Painless diarrhoea,night31
Diarrhoea after rhubarb31
Diarrhoea,standing amelioration31
Diarrhoea after sugar32
Diarrhoea,walking aggravation31
Rectum dragging,heaviness,weight21
Rectum dragging before stool31
Eruption about anus21
Rectum excoriation22
Excoriation,must rub the anus until raw32
Rectum excoriation from the stools32
Excoriation of perineum22
Rectum fissure22
Rectum fistula22
Offensive flatus31
Haemorrhage from anus22
Haemorrhage from anus after stool32
Haemorrhoids,night aggravation32
Congested haemorrhoids32
External haemorrhoids32
Large haemorrhoids32
Haemorrhoids,motion aggravation31
Suppurating haemorrhoids32
Haemorrhoids,touch aggravation31
Haemorrhoids protrude during urination31
Haemorrhoids,after urination aggravation31
Inactivity of rectum21
Rectum inflammation22
Involuntary stool21
Involuntary stool on coughing or sneezing31
Involuntary stool during sleep31
Anus itching22
Anus itching,scratching aggravation31
Anus itching during stool31
Anus itching after stool32
Anus voluptuous itching31
Rectum moisture22
Rectum moisture,scratching32
Rectum pain22
Rectum pain before stool31
Rectum pain during stool32
Rectum pain after stool33
Rectum burning pain23
Rectum burning pain during diarrhea33
Rectum burning pain during stool32
Rectum burning pain after stool32
Rectum cutting pain22
Rectum gnawing pain21
Rectum pinching pain21
Rectum pressing pain22
Rectum pressing pain after stool32
Rectum soreness23
Rectum soreness after stool32
Perineum sticking pain31
Rectum stitching pain23
Perineum stitching pain21
Rectum tenesmus23
Rectum tenesmus,night32
Rectum tenesmus during diarrhoea32
Rectum tenesmus during dysentery32
Rectum tenesmus before stool32
Rectum tenesmus during stool33
Rectum tenesmus after stool33
Rectum prolapsus23
Rectum prolapsus during diarrhoea33
Rectum prolapsus after stool32
Rectum twitching22
Urging to stool23
Anxious urging to stool32
Constant urging33
Frequent urging to stool33
Urging to stool after stool33
Urging to stool during urination31
Rectum complaints from worms21
Ascarides in rectum31
Lumbricoides worms in rectum31
Acrid,corrosive,excoriating stool23
Albuminous stool21
Stool like balls23
Bilious stool23
Black stool23
Bloody stool in streaks33
Brown stool33
Stool like chopped eggs33
Stool like chopped spinach32
Clay-colored stool22
Copious stool22
Crumbling stool23
Curdled stool21
Flat stool22
Forcible,sudden gushing stool21
Frequent stool23
Frothy stool23
Gray stool23
Green stool23
Blackish green stool31
Brownish green stool31
Green stool like scum on a frog-pond31
Hard stool22
Hot stool22
Knotty,nodular,lumpy stool22
Large stool21
Lienteric stool22
Light-colored stool23
Long narrow stool21
Membranous stool21
Slimy mucous stool23
Mucous slimy bloody stool33
Mucous green stool33
Mucous slimy red stool31
Mucous slimy transparent stool31
Mucous white stool31
Stool,offensive odor31
Stool,sour odor33
Odorless stool21
Pasty stool23
Purulent stool23
Reddish stool23
Scanty stool23
Stool like scrapings of intestines22
Stool like sheep dung23
Shooting out stool21
Small stool23
Soft stool23
Tenacious stool22
Thin liquid stool22
Thin liquid stool pouring out31
Thin liquid yellow stool31
Watery stool23
Watery clear stool32
Watery green stool with scum32
Watery white stool31
White stool21
Milk-like or chyle-like white stool33
Yellow stool23
Greenish yellow stool31
Orange yellow stool31
Saffron-like yellow stool31
Sensation of bladder fullness21
Sensation of bladder fullness after urination31
Bleeding haemorrhoids of bladder31
Bladder inflammation22
Bladder pain21
Bladder pain,beginning urinating33
Bladder neck burning after urinating31
Bladder pressing pain after urination31
Sore tender bladder22
Bladder paralysis22
Bladder polypi21
Retention of urine21
Retention of urine,dysentery31
Bladder tenesmus22
Bladder tenesmus,night32
Bladder tenesmus during stool32
Bladder ulceration32
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Urging to urinate,morning on waking31
Urging to urinate,afternoon31
Urging to urinate,night32
Urging to urinate,day and night31
Urging to urinate, 4 a.m.31
Constant urging to urinate23
Constant urging to urinate,night32
Frequent urging to urinate23
Ineffectual urging to urinate21
Painful urging,children grasp the genitals and cry out31
Urging to urinate during perspiration23
Sudden urging to urinate22
Must hasten to urinate or urine will escape32
Urging to urinate after urination21
Violent urging to urinate31
Dribbling urination (by drops)23
Dysuria during chill31
Dysuria during perspiration32
Urination feeble stream (slow)23
Urination forked stream22
Frequent urination23
Frequent urination,daytime and night33
Frequent urination, night33
Frequent urination during chill33
Frequent urination during fever31
Frequent urination during perspiration32
Involuntary urination22
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)32
Involuntary urination if desire is resisted31
Urination thin stream22
Unconscious urination,urethra insensible21
Unsatisfactory urination21
Kidneys abscess22
Kidneys inflammation22
Kidneys suppurative inflammation32
Kidneys cutting pain22
Kidneys sore bruised pain21
Suppression of urine21
Prostate gland enlargement22
Prostate gland inflammation22
Prostate gland inflammation from suppressed gonorrhoea32
Prostate gland pain21
Prostate gland pressing pain21
Clogged urethra by pieces of coagulated mucus22
Urethra bloody discharge22
Urethra gleety discharge22
Urethra painless gleety discharge32
Gonorrhoeal discharge23
Gonorrhoeal discharge,night32
Gonorrhoeal discharge in syphilitics31
Urethra greenish discharge23
Urethra greenish discharge,night33
Urethra thick greenish discharge32
Urethra greenish yellow discharge33
Urethra milky discharge22
Urethra mucous discharge22
Urethra purulent discharge22
Urethra slimy discharge22
Urethra thich discharge22
Urethra watery discharge21
Urethra white discharge21
Urethra chronic white discharge31
Urethra yellow discharge23
Urethra yellow discharge,night32
Urethra chronic yellow discharge31
Urethra heat21
Urethra haemorrhage22
Urethra haemorrhage with burning31
Urethra painful haemorrhage31
Urethra painless haemorrhage31
Urethra itching21
Meatus itching after urination32
Urethra clogged up with coagulated mucus22
Urethra biting pain during urination32
Urethra burning pain23
Urethra burning pain,night32
Urethra burning pain during coition31
Urethra burning pain when semen is discharged31
Urethra burning pain after emission31
Urethra burning pain on touching31
Urethra burning pain when not urinating33
Urethra burning pain before urination32
Urethra burning pain when beginning to urinate33
Urethra burning pain during urination32
Urethra burning pain after urination32
Last drops cause violent burning of urethra32
Urethra anterior part burning pain during urination32
Meatus burning pain during urination31
Urethra cutting pain22
Urethra cutting pain,morning31
Urethra cutting pain32
Urethra cutting pain before urination31
Urethra cutting pain on beginning to urinate31
Urethra cutting pain during urination32
Urethra drawing pain22
Urethra soreness21
Urethra stitching pain22
Urethra stitching pain,drawing,when not urinating31
Urethra stitching pain,dull31
Urethra stitching pain,stinging,with gonorrhoea33
Urethra stitching pain when not urinating33
Urethra stitching pain during urination31
Urethra stitcing pain after urination31
Urethra stitching pain extending towards abdomen,evening31
Urethra anterior part stitching pain22
Urethra anterior part stitching pain when not urinating32
Fossa navicularis stitching pain21
Urethra pulsation21
Sensation absent when urinating21
Urethra stricture22
Urethra swelling22
Urethra anterior part swelling31
Acrid urine23
Albuminous urine22
Albuminous urine after abuse of alcohol31
Albuminous urine during pregnancy32
Urine containing bile22
Bloody urine22
Burning or hot urine23
Cloudy urine23
Cloudy urine when passed32
Cloudy urine with perspiration33
Cloudy urine on standing32
Brown urine21
Dark brown urine32
Brown urine during perspiration32
Dark urine23
Greenish urine21
Pale urine21
Red urine22
Blood-red urine31
Brownish-red urine31
Dark red urine32
Deep-red urine32
Fiery red urine31
White urine21
White urine as if mixed with chalk31
Copious urine (increased)23
Copious urine,morning31
Copious urine,night32
Copious urine,more than is drunk32
Limpid urine21
Milky urine21
Urine offensive odor22
Urine offensive,acrid,pungent odor31
Urine offensive odor during fever32
Urine ammoniacal odor22
Urine sourish odor22
Urine strong odor22
Urine strong odor before menses31
Scanty urine23
Scanty urine during perspiration32
Sediment in urine23
Sediment like flour chalk in urine22
Cloudy sediment in urine21
Floculent sediment in urine21
Mealy sediment in urine21
Mucous sediment in urine22
Purulent sediment in urine22
Sand in urine21
Thick sediment in urine21
Urine specific gravity increased22
Urine specific gravity decreased31
Thick urine22
Thick urine on standing32
Watery urine,clear as water21
Blennorrhoea of glans22
Male genitals coldness21
Penis coldness21
Penis glans coldness31
Scrotum coldness22
Testes coldness22
Testes coldness,evening32
Male genitals condylomata22
Penis condylomata22
Prepuce condylomata31
Prepuce constriction21
Prepuce cracks31
Troublesome erections,night32
Erections in a child22
Incomplete erections21
Painful erections21
Painful erections,night32
Wanting erections,impotency22
Impotency from syphilis31
Male genitals eruption22
Male genitals blotches32
Male genitalia burning eruption32
Male genitalia elevated eruption31
Male genitalia moist eruption31
Male genitalia pimples32
Male genitalia red eruption31
Male genitals syphilitic eruption31
Male genitalia urticaria31
Male genitals vesicular eruption32
Penis vesicles32
Penis burning vesicles32
Penis vesicles becoming ulcers33
Penis white eruption31
Glans eruption32
Glans vesicles32
Prepuce eruption32
Prepuce burning points32
Prepuce herpetic eruption32
Prepuce vesicles31
Prepuce under part eruption32
Glans excoriation33
Prepuce excoriation33
Between scrotum and thighs excoriation33
Penis flaccidity21
Glans formication31
Scrotum formication21
Testes formication21
Penis gnagrene from paraphimosis31
Handles genitalia22
Prepuce heat31
Testes induration22
Right testis induration31
Epididymis induration31
Male genitalia inflammation22
Male genitalia lymphatic glands inflammation31
Penis inflammation21
Glans inflammation32
Prepuce inflammation33
Scrotum erysipelatous inflammation31
Testes inflammation22
Testes inflammation from suppressed gonorrhoea32
Epididymis inflammation31
Male genitalia itching22
Male genitalia itching,night in bed32
Penis itching21
Glans itching31
Prepuce itching32
Scrotum itching22
Disposition to masturbation21
Between scrotum and thighs moisture31
Penis numbness22
Penis pain22
Glans pain32
Spermatic cords pain22
Spermatic cords pain extending to testes31
Testes pain22
Prepuce biting pain31
Penis burning pain22
Glans burning pain31
Prepuce burning pain32
Prepuce burning after urination32
Male genitalia cutting pain when beginning to urinate31
Penis drawing pain21
Spermatic cords drawing pain22
Spermatic cords paroxysmal drawing pain31
Testes drawing pain22
Male genitalia pressing pain21
Testes pressing pain21
Glans sore bruised pain31
Prepuce sore bruised pain while walking33
Sore bruised pain between scrotum and thigh32
Testes sore,bruised pain21
Male genitalia sticking pain21
Penis stitching pain21
Penis stitching pain during urination32
Penis stitching pain extending to anus31
Glans stitching pain32
Prepuce stitching pain after urination31
Spermatic cords stitching pain22
Testes stitching pain21
Penis tearing pain21
Glans tearing pain31
Male genitals perspiration22
Scrotum perspiration22
Phimosis with suppuration32
Glans redness21
Prepuce redness32
Scrotum redness22
Bloody seminal discharge22
Painful seminal discharge31
Nightly seminal emissions22
Seminal emissions,afternoon during sleep31
Prepuce sensitiveness32
Increased sexual passion32
Violent sexual passion31
Shining scrotum22
Shriveled male genitalia21
White spots on scrotum32
Suppuration under the prepuce22
Male genitalia swelling22
Penis swelling22
Penis hard swelling31
Penis oedematous swelling32
Penis painful swelling32
Glans swelling32
Penis lymphatics swelling32
Prepuce swelling33
Testes swelling22
Testes swelling from mumps32
Glans tingling31
Prepuce tingling31
Testes tingling21
Spermatic cords tubercles22
Testes tubercles22
Male genitalia ulcers22
Male genitalia deep ulcers32
Penis ulcers23
Penis bleeding ulcers33
Penis chancres33
Penis chancres,elevated margins32
Penis deep ulcers31
Penis elevated ulcers31
Penis hard ulcer33
Penis itching ulcer31
Penis ulcers,lardaceous base33
Penis offensive ulcers31
Penis sore ulcers32
Glans ulcers33
Prepuce ulcers33
Penis tip ulcers32
Third month abortion32
Female genitalia abscess22
Ovaries abscess22
Female genitalia aphthae22
Uterus cancer21
Female genitalia condylomata22
Uterus condylomata22
Female genitalia congestion22
Ovaries congestion22
Female desire increased22
Desire increased during pregnancy31
Displacement of uterus22
Ovaries dropsy21
Uterus dropsy21
Female genitalia eruptions22
Female genitalia eruption,night32
Female genitalia herpetic eruption31
Female genitalia eruption during menses32
Female genitalia nodosities eruption31
Female genitalia pimples32
Female genitalia pustules31
Female genitalia excoriation22
Genitalia excoriation,aged women31
Perineum excoriation22
Vagina excoriation21
Female genitalia excrescences21
Uterus excressences (cervix)21
Uterus bleeding excrescences31
Female genitals hardness22
Female genitalia heat21
Female genitalia induration22
Vagina induration21
Female genitalia inflammation23
Female genitalia inflammation during menses31
Ovaries inflammation23
Uterus inflammation22
Vagina inflammation22
Female genitalia irritation21
Female genitalia itching23
Genitalia itching from leucorrhoea32
Genitalia itching before menses32
Genitalia itching during menses31
Genitalia itching during pregnancy32
Female genitalia itching,contact of urine aggravation33
Vagina itching22
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea23
Bland leucorrhoea22
Bloody leucorrhoea22
Copious leucorrhoea22
Leucorrhoea,little girls23
Greenish leucorrhoea23
Lumpy leucorrhoea22
Leucorrhoea during menses31
Leucorrhoea after menses31
Purulent leucorrhoea22
Thin watery leucorrhoea21
White leucorrhoea22
Yellow leucorrhoea22
Acrid lochia22
Menses before the proper age21
Clotted menses21
Copious menses22
Dark menses21
First menses delayed in girls22
Intermittent menses21
Irregular menses21
Late menses22
Offensive menses21
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea22
Painful menses from getting feet wet31
Pale menses21
Protracted menses22
Scanty menses22
Short duration menses22
Suppressed menses21
Metrorrhagia in aged women32
Metrorrhagia between the menstrual periods31
Coagulated metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia from fibroids31
Metrorrhagia during and after labor31
Pale metrorrhagia31
Female genitalia moles21
Female genitalia nodules21
Ovaries pain22
Left ovary pain32
Left ovary pain extending to small of back31
Ovary pain, night32
Ovaries pain,warm bed aggravation32
Ovaries pain extending to back31
Ovaries pain extending to hips31
Uterus pain21
Vagina pain21
Uterus aching pain21
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Female genitalia biting pain22
Uterus boring pain21
Female genitalia burning pain22
Female genitalia burning pain after urinating31
Uterus burning pain during menses31
Vagina burning pain22
Vagina burning pain,lying on left side aggravation31
Uterus cutting pain during menses31
Labor-like pain21
Vagina sore pain,tenderness21
Ovaries stinging pain21
Female genitalia stitching pain21
Ovaries stitching pain21
Uterus stitching pain22
Ovaries tearing pain21
Uterus tearing pain during menses31
Female genitalia perspiration22
Uterus polypus21
Vagina polypus31
Uterus prolapsus21
Uterus prolapsus,coition amelioration31
Vagina prolapsus22
Female genitalia pulsating22
Vagina pulsating22
Vagina pulsating,lying amelioration31
Female genitalia redness21
Relaxation of sphincter vaginae21
Sensitive female genitalia21
Sensitive vagina21
Sterility from copious menstrual flow31
Swollen female genitalia22
Female genitalia oedematous swelling32
Swollen genitalia during pregnancy32
Female genitalia phlegmonous swelling32
Labia minora swelling31
Swollen vagina21
Female genitalia tubercles22
Ovary cysts31
Ovaries fibroid31
Uterus fibroid31
Female genitalia ulcers23
Cannot bear a draft of air on nape22
Spina bifida21
Back coldness (including chill)21
Cervical reg.coldness,sensitive to a draft32
Spine coldness31
Curvature of spine22
Back eruption22
Coccyx eruption31
Back eczema31
Back zoster herpes32
Scapulae pimples31
Back rash31
Back erysipelas22
Lumbar region erysipelas32
Back heat22
Back heat while walking in open air31
Dorsal region heat31
Coccyx heat31
Lumbar region heaviness32
Hyperaesthesia skin,back21
Cord inflammation21
Spinal meningitis31
Back itching22
Back itching,evening in bed31
Back burning itching while walking in open air31
Scapulae itching31
Lumbar region itching32
Sacrum itching31
Sacrum itching while walking31
Back pain22
Back pain,night32
Back pain in cold air31
Back pain when breathing31
Back pain when coughing32
Back pain descends31
Back pain on motion32
Back pain during perspiration33
Back pain on rising from sitting33
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain while standing31
Back pain when turning31
Back pain when turning in bed31
Back pain,walking amelioration31
Cervical region pain,night31
Cervical reg.pain,moving head31
Cervical region rheumatic pain32
Dorsal region pain22
Dorsal region pain,coughing31
Scapulae pain31
Under left scapula pain32
Under left scapula pain,sitting bent amelioration31
Scapulae pain,moving head31
Between scapulae pain31
Between scapulae pain on turning31
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar reg.pain,breathing31
Lumbra region pain when coughing31
Lumbar region pain while sitting31
Sacral region pain22
Sacral reg.pain when breathing33
Sacral reg.pain when coughing31
Sacral reg.pain while sitting31
Sacral reg.pain while standing31
Sacral reg.pain,walking amelioration31
Coccyx pain22
Coccyx pain during menses31
Coccyx pain,suppressed menses31
Coccyx pain,pressure on abdomen amelioration31
Spine pain22
Spine pain on motion32
Back aching pain on coughing31
Between scapulae aching pain31
Under scapulae aching pain31
Lumbar region aching pain21
Lumbar reg.aching during cough31
Sacrum aching pain22
Back pain as if broken21
Back burning pain22
Back burning pain after emissions32
Cervical region burning pain33
Scapulae burning pain33
Between scapulae burning pain31
Between scapulae burning pain extending down back31
Lumbar region clawing pain32
Lumbar region cramp-like pain31
Lumbar cramp-like pain while standing31
Lumbar cramp-like pain,walking amelioration31
Back drawing pain22
Back drawing pain extending downwards31
Cervical region drawing pain32
Back pressing pain21
Cervical region pressing pain31
Coccyx pressing pain31
Back soreness,bruised,beaten22
Back soreness in open air32
Back soreness on motion31
Back soreness,walking in open air31
Soreness in scapulae,bruised,beaten31
Soreness in scapulae,turning head31
Lumbar region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Lumbar soreness while sitting31
Sacral region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Sacral soreness while sitting32
Spinal irritation,dorsal region31
Back stitching,shooting pain22
Back stitching pain,breathing32
Back stitching pain on coughing32
Back stitching pain,touch31
Cervical stitching shooting pain31
Cervical stitching pain on moving31
Dorsal stitching pain, coughing33
Scapulae stitching,shooting pain31
Right scapula stitching pain31
Right scapula stitching pain extending through chest32
Spine stitching pain between scapulae31
Lumbar region stitching,shooting pain32
Lumbar stitching pain on breathing32
Lumbar stitching pain,coughing31
Lumbar stitching pain,walking32
Lumbar stitching pain,last rib31
Sacral region stitching,shooting pain31
Sacral stitching pain when breathing33
Back tearing pain21
Cervical region tearing pain32
Scapulae tearing pain31
Coccyx tearing pain32
Coccyx tearing pain during menses31
Coccyx tearing pain,pressing on abdomen amelioration32
Scapulae pulsating31
Cervical region redness21
Softening of cord21
Cervical region stiffness32
Scapulae tension31
Scapulae tension,turning the head31
Lumbar region trembling31
Back twitching21
Scapulae twitching31
Dorsal region,scapulae ulcers31
Lumbar region weakness32
Sacrum weakness31
Joints abscess22
Foot abscess32
Arthritic nodosities22
Brittle finger nails21
Caries of bone,extremities23
Caries of foot32
Chapped hands22
Chapped hands,working in water31
Feet chilblains32
Feet cracked chilblains31
Feet chilblains,inflammation31
Feet purple chilblains32
Feet swollen chilblains32
Fingers clenching22
Thumbs clenching33
Extremities coldness22
Hands coldness33
Hands coldness after emission32
Hands coldness during sleep31
Hands coldness with vertigo31
Fingers coldness31
Fingers tips coldness31
Lower limbs coldness,painful limb31
Lower limbs sensation of coldness32
Hip coldness31
Thigh coldness32
Thigh coldness, night31
Knee coldness32
Leg coldness32
Leg coldness, night32
Foot coldness33
Foot coldness, morning31
Foot coldness,evening in bed31
Foot icy coldness32
Foot coldness as though in water31
Soles coldness31
Joints compression31
Contraction of muscles and tendons22
Joints contraction32
Upper limbs contraction31
Hand contraction31
Fingers contraction32
Fingers contraction,epilepsy32
Hollow of knee contraction31
Calf spasmodic contraction31
Toes contraction31
Toes contraction, night31
Extremities convulsion during chill31
Forearm radial side convulsion31
Hand convulsion32
Lower limb convulsion,spasmodically abducted32
Hands cracked skin32
Hands cracked skin,deep and bleeding32
Hands cracked skin,itching31
Hands cracked skin in winter32
Back of hands cracked skin32
Fingers cracked skin32
Joints of fingers cracked skin31
Joints of fingers cracked skin that ulcerate32
Lower limbs cracked skin31
Cracking in joints22
Cracking in joints of upper limbs31
Cracking in shoulder31
Cracking in elbow31
Cracking in wrist31
Cracking in finger joints31
Extremities cramps23
Extremities cramps, night31
Joints cramps31
Upper limbs cramps31
Forear cramps,extensor muscles31
Hand cramps31
Hand cramps after flexing31
Hand cramps,motion31
Fingers cramps33
Fingers cramps on moving31
Leg cramps, night31
Calf cramps31
Extremities blue discoloration32
Joints redness32
Upper limbs redness31
Upper limbs redness spots31
Forearm redness in spots32
Wrist spots32
Hand lividity31
Hand redness spots31
Fingers blueness31
Nails yellow discoloration32
Lower limbs redness in spots31
Thigh redness spots31
Knee anterior part redness31
Leg reddish discoloration31
Leg reddish spots31
Distorted nails21
Distorted toe nails31
Dragging legs31
Dragging legs while walking31
Drawing up limbs amelioration32
Thumbs drawn inwards21
The left hand drawn outward while playing the piano21
Extremities drawn together spasmodically31
Extremities drawn upwards22
Extremities eruption23
Extremities blotches31
Extremities boils32
Extremities burning eruption33
Extremities desquamating eruption31
Extremities dry eruption31
Extremities eczema32
Extremities eruption,elevations31
Extremities exuding eruption32
Extremities herpes31
Extremities itching eruption31
Extremities moist eruption32
Extremities painful eruption31
Extremities pimples32
Extremities pustules31
Extremities red eruption31
Extremities scales32
Extremities brownish scurfs31
Extremities urticaria31
Extremities vesicles32
Joints eruption32
Joints eruption, winter32
Bends of joints eczema31
Upper limbs eruption21
Upper limbs burning eruption31
Upper limbs desquamating eruption32
Upper limbs dry eruption31
Upper limbs eczema32
Upper limbs eruption,elevations31
Upper limbs eruption,elevations,tips become white and scaly31
Upper limbs herpes33
Upper limbs furfuraceous herpes31
Upper limbs herpes on the joints31
Upper limbs itching eruption32
Upper limbs itch-like eruption31
Upper limbs miliary eruption31
Upper limbs painful eruption31
Upper limbs pimples eruption31
Upper limbs itching pimples32
Upper limbs pustules eruption32
Upper limbs rash eruption32
Upper limbs red eruption32
Upper limbs scales eruption32
Upper limbs scales in spots31
Upper limbs urticaria31
Upper limbs vesicles eruption32
Upper limbs white eruption31
Shoulder eruption,desquamation31
Shoulder vesicles32
Upper arm eruption31
Upper arm pustules31
Elbow eruption31
Elbow eruption,elevations31
Elbow itchy and scaly elevations31
Elbow itching eruption31
Elbow painful eruption31
Elbow pimples31
Elbow eruption,scales31
Bend of elbow eruption31
Bend of elbow scabies31
Forearm eruption32
Eczema on forearm32
Forearm herpes33
Forearm moist eruption32
Forearm pimples31
Forearm rash31
Forearm eruption,scales31
Forearm eruption,whitish scales32
Forearm vesicles31
Wrist eruption31
Wrist burning eruption31
Wrist dry eruption31
Wrist eruption,elevations31
Wrist herpes31
Wrist eruption,itching31
Wrist eruption,scales31
Wrist eruption in spots32
Wrist vesicles31
Wrist radial sides vesicles31
Hands eruption32
Hand bleeding eruption32
Hand blotches31
Hand cracked eruption32
Hand eruption,desquamation31
Hand dry eruption31
Hand eczema32
Hand elevated eruption31
Hand herpes31
Hand moist eruption31
Hand pimples31
Hands pustules32
Hand red eruption32
Hands scales eruption32
Hand tubercles32
Hands vesicles32
Back of hand eruption32
Back of hand cracks32
Back of hand yellow crusts32
Back of hand desquamating eruption31
Back of hand eczema32
Back of hand itching eruption32
Back of hand eruption,night itching32
Back of hand syphilitic psoriasis32
Palm psoriasis32
Palm syphilitic psoriasis32
Palm vesicles32
Palm transparent vesicles31
Herpes betwen the fingers31
Urticaria between the fingers31
Fingers eruption,desquamation31
Fingers herpes31
About nails eruption31
Lower limbs eruption22
Lower limbs burning eruption32
Lower limbs desquamation31
Lower limbs eczema31
Lower limbs herpes33
Lower limbs itching eruption32
Lower limbs miliary eruption31
Lower limbs moist eruption31
Lower limbs papular eruption31
Lower limbs pimples31
Lower limbs red eruption31
Lower limbs eruption,scales in spots32
Lower limbs scurfs32
Lower limbs scurfs in spots32
Lower limbs sore eruption31
Lower limbs urticaria31
Nates pimples31
Thigh eruption31
Thigh blotches31
Thigh herpes33
Thigh itching herpes31
Thigh moist eruption31
Thigh pimples32
Thigh rash31
Thigh red eruption31
Thigh scurfs31
Thigh scurfs in spots32
Thigh urticaria31
Knee eruption31
Knee herpes31
Hollow of knee eruption32
Hollow of knee burning eruption32
Hollow of knee moist eruption33
Hollow of knee red eruption31
Hollow of knee scabies31
Hollow of knee sore eruption31
Leg eruption31
Leg blotches31
Leg desquamating eruption31
Leg eczema32
Leg herpes31
Leg moist eruption32
Leg nodules32
Leg pimples31
Leg red eruption31
Leg eruption,scales in spots32
Calf blotches31
Ankles boils31
Foot pustules32
Back of foot eruption31
Back of foot eczema31
Excoriation between thighs33
Nails exfoliation22
Tibia exostoses31
Extended arms rigidly31
Fingers difficult extension21
Felon,bone caries31
Run-around felon32
Felon,tendons affected32
Flexed fingers33
Forearm formication31
Hand sensation of fuziness31
Foot gangrene31
Letting limbs hang down amelioration31
Hang nails22
Hand heat31
Palm heat31
Palm heat after coldness31
Foot heat31
Foot heat in bed31
Foot heat,tingling31
Heaviness,tired limbs23
Limbs heaviness before menses31
Limbs heaviness,rising amelioration31
Upper limbs heaviness32
Upper limb heaviness, night32
Upper limbs heaviness on raising them31
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs32
Lower limbs heaviness, forenoon32
Thigh heaviness,tired thigh32
Knee heaviness,tired knee31
Leg heaviness,tired leg32
Hip-joint disease22
Limbs incoordination21
Upper limbs incoordiantion32
Bones inflammation33
Joints inflammation32
Joints inflammation,synovitis31
Upper limbs inflammation31
Forearm erysipelatous inflammation31
Leg erysipelatous inflammation31
Leg periosteum inflammation32
Foot inflammation32
Extremeities itching21
Extremities itching,scratching amelioration31
Joints itching31
Upper limbs itching31
Upper limbs itching,night31
Upper limbs corrosive itching31
Upper limbs itching,scratching amelioration31
Upper limbs itching in spots31
Upper limbs voluptuous itching31
Joints itching31
Elbow itching32
Forearm voluptuous itching31
Hand itching32
Hand itching,scratching amelioration31
Back of hand itching31
Back of hand corroding itching31
Back of hand itching,scratching amelioration31
Palm itching31
Fingers itching31
Around nails itching31
Lower limbs itching, evening31
Hip itching31
Thigh itching31
Leg itching31
Toes itching32
Toes itching,evening31
Between toes itching31
Extremities jerking23
Extremities jerking,motion amelioration32
Extremities jerking,paralyzed parts31
Upper limbs jerking,paralyzed arm32
Hand jerking32
Hand convulsive jerking31
Hand jerking on exertion32
Fingers jerking32
Lower limbs jerking31
Toes jerking32
Limbs lameness23
Wrist lameness32
Thigh lameness32
Knee lameness31
Knee lameness while walking31
Lumps in calf21
Limbs involontary motion32
Involuntary motion of paralyzed limb31
Upper limbs difficult motion31
Upper limbs idiotic manner motion31
Upper limbs irregular motion31
Forearm difficult motion31
Hands motion,incoordination31
Lower limbs involuntary motion31
Lower limbs slow motion31
Lower limbs nodules31
Extremities numbness22
Upper limb numbness31
Upper limbs numbness, night31
Upper limbs numbness while lying31
Upper limbs numbness,motion amelioration31
Shoulder numbness31
Upper arm numbness31
Upper arm numbness,morning in bed31
Upper arm numbness on sitting31
Forearm numbness31
Forearm numbness while sitting31
Hand numbness31
Right hand numbness31
Hand numbness while sitting31
Fingers numbness31
Fingers numbness, morning31
Lower limbs numbness32
Thigh numbness31
Thigh numbness while lying31
Thigh numbness while sitting31
Leg numbness32
Leg numbness, night31
Foot numbness while standing31
Extremties pain23
Limbs pain, forenoon31
Limbs pain, night33
Limbs pain after midnight32
Limbs pain during fever32
Limbs pain from fright31
Limbs pain on lying32
Limbs pain,motion amelioration31
Limbs pain,pressure aggravation31
Extremities rheumatic pain32
Limbs rheumatic acute pain33
Limbs rheumatic pain after a cold32
Limbs rheumatic pain,drive him out of bed33
Limbs rheumatic pain with perspiration33
Limbs syphilitic rheumatic pain32
Limbs pain on walking31
Limbs pain,walking amelioration32
Limbs pain,warmth amelioration31
Limbs pain,warmth of bed aggravation33
Limbs pain,wet weather33
Limb bones pain33
Fmexor muscles pain31
Joints pain32
Joints pain, night33
Joints pain as if dislocation31
Joints gouty pain33
Joints pain while lying on right side31
Joints rheumatic pain32
Joints rheumatic pain after suppressed gonorrhoea31
Joints pain after walking31
Nails pain32
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain, night32
Upper limbs pain during exertion32
Upper limbs pain,extending them amelioration32
Upper limbs paralytic pain32
Upper limbs rheumatic pain33
Upper limb bones pain31
Upper limbs joints rheumatic pain32
Shoulder pain32
Shoulder pain, night32
Shoulder pain on becoming cold32
Shoulder pain,motion of arm31
Shoulder rheumatic pain32
Upper arm pain, night32
Upper arm pain on motion32
Upper arm rheumatic pain31
Upper arm bone pain31
Elbow pain31
Forearm pain31
Forearm rheumatic pain31
Forearm radial side pain31
Forearm radial side pain, morning31
Radius periosteum pain32
Wrist pain31
Wrist pain on motion31
Wrist pain on pressure31
Wrist pain, touch31
Hand pain on closing hand31
Hand paroxysmal pain31
Hand pain,playing piano31
Hand pain on washing31
Back of hand pain31
Fingers pain, night32
Finger nails pain31
Thumb pain31
Lower limbs pain22
Lower limbs pain,morning amelioration31
Lower limbs pain, night33
Lower limbs pain, night in bed33
Lower limbs pain,motion aggravation32
Lower limbs pain,motion amelioration32
Sciatica, night32
Sciatica,coldness of painful limb31
Sciatica,motion aggravation31
Sciatica,sitting aggravation31
Sciatica,warmth of bed aggravation32
Lower limbs pain while walking31
Lower limbs pain,warmth of bed33
Lower limbs bones pain32
Nates pain31
Hip pain32
Hip pain, night31
Hip pain on motion31
Thigh pain32
Thigh pain, night32
Thigh pain on motion31
Thigh rheumatic pain31
Thigh pain,walking amelioration32
Knee pain32
Knee pain, night32
Knee pain when descending steps31
Knee pain, motion31
Knee pain on walking31
Leg pain32
Leg pain, night33
Leg pain,motion31
Leg pain,warmth of bed33
Leg bones pain32
Leg bones pain,warmth of bed amelioration32
Tendo achillis pain32
Tendo achillis pain after walking31
Tibia pain32
Tibia pain,night in bed32
Tibia pain while walking31
Ankle pain31
Ankle inner side pain31
Foot pain32
Foot rheumatic pain32
Foot bones pain32
Sole pain31
Sole pain while walking31
Toes pain31
Toes pain, night31
Toes pain under nails31
Extremities aching22
Extremities aching,night32
Extremities aching in bed33
Joints aching31
Upper limbs aching31
Forearm aching32
Back of hand aching31
Lower limbs aching31
Lower limbs aching while walking31
Knee aching32
Leg aching32
Calf aching31
Lower limbs boring pain32
Nates boring pain31
Gluteal muscles boring pain31
Thigh boring pain31
Leg boring pain31
Tibia boring pain33
Tibia boring pain,night33
Foot boring pain31
Toes boring pain31
Knee sensation as if broken31
Knee sensation as if broken,lying31
Leg sensation as if broken,night32
Nails burning pain31
Upper limbs burning pain31
Upper limbs burning pain after scratching31
Upper limbs burning pain in spots31
Shoulder burning pain31
Shoulder burning pain while sitting31
Elbow burning pain31
Forearm burning pain31
Wrist burning pain31
Hand burning pain31
Hand burning pain in eczema32
Palm burning pain31
Fingers burning pain31
Under nails burning pain31
Thumb burning pain31
Nates burning pain33
Thigh burning pain31
Foot burning pain32
Foot burning pain,evening in bed31
Foot burning pain from warmth of bed31
Sole burning pain31
Sole burning pain, evening31
Sole burning pain after standing31
Toes burning pain31
Upper limbs feeling as if dislocation21
Shoulder feeling as if dislocation31
Lower limbs feeling as if dislocation31
Hip feeling as if dislocation31
Feeling as if knee dislocation31
Extremities drawing pain22
Extremities drawing, morning31
Extremities drawing, night31
Extremities drawing during chill32
Limb bones drawing pain31
Upper limbs drawing pain31
Hand drawing pain31
Fingers drawing pain31
Fingers drawing, night32
Lower limbs drawing pain32
Thigh drawing pain32
Thigh drawing after midnight31
Thigh drawing,tearing31
Thigh drawing pain in warm bed32
Thigh drawing extending downward31
Leg drawing pain32
Leg paroxysmal drawing31
Tibia drawing pain32
Foot drawing pain31
Foot joints drawing31
Heel drawing pain31
Extremities gnawing pain21
Flexor muscles gnawing pain31
Hand gnawing pain31
Knee gnawing pain32
Extremities rheumatic pressing32
Upper limb pressing,night31
Shoulder pressing pain31
Forearm pressing pain32
Hand pressing32
Hand pressing,closing hand31
Fingers pressing pain31
Thigh pressing pain31
Thigh pressing,deep-seated31
Thigh pressing,dragging down31
Thigh bone pressing31
Tibia pressing pain32
Joints of foot pressing pain31
Extremities shooting22
Fingers shooting around nails31
Sore,bruised extremities22
Sore bruised extremities during fright31
Sore bruised upper limbs31
Sore bruised forearm31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised nates31
Sore bruised thigh32
Sore bruised thigh on grasping it31
Sore bruised thigh after walking31
Sore bruised thigh near genitals32
Sore bruised thigh near female genitals32
Sore bruised thigh near male genitals32
Sore bruised leg31
Sore bruised leg,night32
Sore bruised tibia,night in bed32
Sore bruised foot31
Sore bruised sole31
Sprained joint32
Sprained upper limb31
Sprained shoulder31
Sprained ankle32
Sprained foot31
Extremities stitching pain22
Joints stitching pain33
Joints stitching pain during fever31
Upper limb bones stitching pain31
Shoulder stitching pain32
Shouklder stitching pain,evening31
Shoulder stitching pain from coughing31
Upper arm condyles stitching pain31
Elbow stitching pain32
Elbow condyles stitching pain31
Elbow condyles stitching while walking31
Forearm stitching pain31
Forearm acute stitching pain31
Wrist stitching pain32
Fingers stitching pain31
Fingers stitching around nails31
Tips of fingers stitching pain31
First finger stitching pain31
Second finger stitching pain31
Thumb stitching pain31
Lower limbs stitching pain32
Lower limbs stitching,night32
Lower limbs stitching,hard stepping31
Lower limbs stitching when touched31
Lower limb bones stitching pain32
Lower limb joints stitching pain31
Nates stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain32
Hip stitching pain,night32
Hip stitching pain on motion32
Hip stitching pain,periodic32
Hip stitching pain while walking31
Thigh stitching pain32
Thigh stitching pain on motion31
Knee stitching pain32
Knee stitching pain while sitting31
Knee stitching from starting on falling asleep31
Knee stitching pain,tearing31
Knee stitching pain while walking31
Knee stitching pain,walking in open air31
Leg stitching pain32
Leg stitching during motion31
Calf stitching pain31
Calf stitching,walking in open air31
Ankle stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain,evening31
Foot stitching pain32
Heel stitching pain31
Heel stitching pain,evening31
Toes stitching pain31
Tips of toes stitching pain31
Extremities tearing pain23
Extremities tearing driving him out of bed32
Extremities tearing alternating with pain in teeth31
Extremities tearing in putting limb out of bed31
Extremities tearing,pressure aggravation31
Extremities wandering tearing pain32
Joints tearing pain33
Joints tearing pain,evening32
Joints tearing,evening,during the eruptions32
Joints tearing,night in bed33
Joints tearing during fever31
Upper limbs tearing pain22
Upper limb tearing pain,night31
Upper limb bones tearing pain32
Shoulder tearing pain32
Shoulder tearing pain,night32
Shoulder tearing when warm in bed32
Shoulder tearing pain on motion32
Upper arm tearing pain32
Upper arm tearing pain,twitching31
Upper arm tearing extending down arm31
Upper arm bone tearing pain31
Elbow tearing pain32
Elbow tearing pain,evening31
Elbow tearing extending downward31
Elbow tearing extending to hand31
Forearm tearing pain32
Forearm tearing,night in bed32
Wrist tearing pain32
Wrist tearing pain,night32
Wrist tearing pain,night in bed32
Wrist tearing pain on motion32
Hand tearing pain31
Hand tearing pain,night31
Fingers tearing pain32
Fingers tearing extending to arm31
Finger joints tearing pain31
First finger outer side tearing pain31
Second finger tearing pain31
Fourth finger tearing pain31
Thumb joints tearing pain31
Lower limbs tearing pain21
Lower limbs tearing pain,night32
Lower limb bones tearing pain32
Lower limb joints tearing pain31
Hip tearing pain31
Hip tearing pain,night32
Hip tearing during motion32
Hip tearing,pulsating pains32
Hip tearing pain,warmth of bed33
Thigh tearing pain32
Thigh tearing pain,drawing31
Thigh tearing,motion aggravation32
Thigh tearing,warmth of bed31
Knee tearing pain32
Knee tearing,night in bed32
Knee tearing pain on becoming cold32
Knee tearing pain on motion32
Knee tearing pain while walking31
Knee tearing pain,warmth of bed33
Leg tearing pain32
Leg tearing pain,night32
Leg rheumatic tearing pain32
Leg tearing pain,warmth of bed33
Calf tearing pain31
Foot tearing pain32
Foot tearing pain,night32
Back of foot tearing pain31
First toe tearing pain31
First toe paroxysmal tearing pain31
First toe tearing extending to knee31
Upper arm condyles twinging pain31
Extremities paralysis21
Extremities descending paralysis31
Extremities painless paralysis32
Sensation of extremities paralysis31
Upper limbs paralysis32
Upper limbs partial paralysis31
Forearm extensor muscles paralysis31
Wrist paralysis31
Sensation of wrist paralysis31
Hand paralysis31
Lower limbs paralysis31
Lower limbs painless paralysis32
Paralyzed limb perspiration32
Upper limbs perspiration31
Hand perspiration32
Hand clammy perspiration31
Palm perspiration32
Palm perspiration after midnight31
Lower limbs perspiration31
Lower limbs perspiration,night32
Thigh perspiration31
Thigh perspiration,night32
Thigh cold perspiration32
Leg perspiration31
Leg perspiration,night32
Leg cold perspiration32
Foot perspiration33
Foot perspiration,morning31
Foot perspiration,morning in bed31
Foot cold perspiration32
Foot profuse perspiration31
Foot suppressed perspiration31
Sole perspiration32
Joints pulsation32
Acromion pulsation31
Wrist pulsation31
Hip pulsation31
Knee pulsation31
Knee painless pulsation31
Impossible to raise upper limbs31
Extremities restlessness21
Extremities restlessness while lying31
Extremities restlessness while sitting31
Upper limbs restlessness31
Upper limbs restlessness,night31
Upper limbs restlessness,night during sleep31
Leg restlessness31
Leg restlessness,evening32
Sensitive thigh32
Upper limbs shaking31
Lower limbs shaking32
Sensation as if short right lower limb31
Shriveled fingers31
Shriveled fingers during perspiration33
Extremities stiffness during convulsion32
Upper limbs stiffness31
Wrist stiffness31
Hand stiffness31
Hand rheumatic stiffness32
Hand stiffness at work31
Fingers stiffness32
Lower limbs stiffness32
Thigh stiffness31
Knee stiffness31
Knee stiffness,descending stairs31
Knee rheumatic stiffness31
Foot stiffness31
Stretched lower limbs31
Hip suppuration32
Extremities swelling21
Extremities dropsical swelling32
Joints swelling32
Upper limbs swelling31
Upper limbs hot swelling32
Upper limbs red swelling32
Upper limbs periosteum swelling32
Shoulder swelling31
Elbow swelling33
Elbow hot and red swelling33
Forearm swelling32
Wrist swelling32
Wrist swelling on motion31
Hand swelling32
Hand swelling during menses32
Hand veins swelling31
Fingers swelling32
Finger joints swelling32
Finger first joint swelling31
First finger swelling31
Lower limbs swelling31
Lower limbs dropsical swelling32
Lower limbs painful swelling31
Lower limbs swelling,stitching pain31
Lower limbs swelling,tearing pain31
Lower limbs shining swelling31
Lower limbs white swelling31
Thigh swelling31
Knee swelling31
Knee dropsical swelling32
Sensation of knee swelling31
Leg swelling32
Tibia swelling32
Ankle swelling31
Ankle swelling,evening while walking31
Ankle bones swelling31
Foot swelling32
Foot swelling during menses32
Foot oedematous swelling32
Foot painful swelling32
Foot red swelling31
Foot stinging swelling31
Back of foot swelling32
Heel swelling31
Foot joints swelling31
Sensation of foot swelling31
Toes swelling32
Elbow tension,bending aggravation32
Wrist tension32
Hand tension31
Lower limbs tension,night31
Nates tension32
Nates tension,night31
Nates tension,night during sleep31
Nates tension,lying on back amelioration31
Thigh tension32
Thigh tension while sitting31
Knee tension31
Hollow of knee tension while walking31
Ankle tension32
Thick nails21
Extremities tingling,prickling,asleep22
Extremities tingling,night32
Upper limbs tingling,prickling,asleep31
Forearm tingling,prickling,asleep31
Fingers tingling,prickling,asleep31
Lower limbs tingling,prickling,asleep32
Thigh tingling32
Leg tingling,prickling,asleep31
Toes tingling31
Extremities trembling23
Extremities trembling,anxious31
Extremities trembling during chill31
Extremities trembling,excitement33
Extremities trembling after exertion32
Extremities trembling on motion33
Extremities periodic trembling32
Extremities trembling while walking33
Upper limbs trembling33
Upper limb trembling while sitting31
Upper limb trembling during sleep31
Upper limb trembling on standing31
Upper limb trembling while writing33
Forearm trembling31
Forearm trembling while writing33
Hand trembling33
Hand trembling on holding objects33
Hand trembling on holding hand free33
Hand trembling on taking hold of objects33
Hands trembling on holding them out33
Hands trembling,manual labor33
Hand trembling when carrying something to mouth33
Hand paralytic trembling33
Hands trembling on raising them high33
Hand trembling,weakness33
Hand trembling while writing33
Fingers trembling32
Lower limbs trembling32
Lower limbs trembling when spoken to31
Lower limbs trembling while walking31
Knee trembling31
Foot trembling33
Foot trembling while walking31
Thigh tumors31
Extremities twitching22
Extremities paralyzed parts twitching31
Extremities wandering twitching32
Upper limbs twitching32
Shoulder twitching31
Upper arm twitching31
Forearm twitching31
Hand twitching31
Hand twitching,exertion aggravation32
Hand twitching while lying31
Fingers twitching32
Finger tips twitching31
Lower limbs twitching31
Lower limbs twitching while lying31
Thigh twitching31
Thigh twitching,forenoon31
Knee twitching31
Leg twitching31
Calf twitching31
Tendo achillis twitching31
Tendo achillis visible twitching31
Foot twitching31
Toes twitching32
Toes twitching,evening31
Toes wisible twitching31
Extremities varicose ulcers31
Nails ulcers32
Hand cracked ulcers32
Finger nails ulcers32
Lower limbs ulcers32
Lower limbs ulcer,bleeding easily33
Lower limbs burning ulcers33
Lower limbs ulcers,burning from touch32
Lower limbs deep ulcers33
Lower limbs fetid ulcer33
Thigh ulcers31
Leg ulcers33
Leg burning ulcers32
Leg ulcers,warmth aggravation32
Ankle spreading ulcers32
Foot ulcers31
Toe nail ulcers31
Knee unsteadiness31
Leg unsteadiness31
Foot unsteadiness31
Upper limbs warts21
Extremities weakness23
Extremities weakness,night32
Extremities weakness while sitting31
Joints weakness33
Forearm weakness31
Wrist weakness32
Hand weakness32
Lower limbs weakness31
Thigh weakness32
Thigh weakness after midnight31
Thigh weakness while walking31
Knee weakness32
Knee weakness on ascending stairs31
Knee weakness after fright31
Knee weakness while standing31
Leg weakness32
Leg weakness,evening31
Ankle weakness31
Feet weakness31
Foot weakness on trying to raise31
Wetting feet aggravation21
Bad sleep21
Chill during sleep21
Comatose sleep21
Deep sleep21
Disturbed sleep21
Sleep disturbed by dreams31
Sleep disturbed by visions31
Sleep disturbed by dreadful visions31
Falling asleep while sitting31
Interrupted sleep21
Sleep position: on side31
Impossible sleep while lying on side32
Prolonged sleep21
Restless sleep21
Short sleep21
Sleepiness, morning32
Sleepiness, 10 a.m.31
Sleepiness while sitting31
Sleeplessness, evening31
Sleeplessness before midnight33
Sleeplessness until 1 a.m.31
Sleeplessness before midnight until 3 a.m.32
Sleeplessness before midnight until morning31
Sleeplessness from anxiety31
Sleeplessness from coldness31
Sleeplessness from excitement32
Sleeplessness from illusions of fancy31
Sleeplessness from itching32
Sleeplessness,orgasm of blood32
Sleeplessness with sleepiness32
Sleeplessness from visions31
Sleeplessness from vivacity31
Sleeplessness after waking32
Waking at 2 to 4 a.m.31
Waking from dreams32
Early waking32
Frequent waking32
Waking as from fright31
Late waking32
Waking from nausea31
Yawning during chill31
Yawning before dinner31
Frequent yawning31
Yawning before supper31
Amorous dreams21
Dreams about animals22
Dreams about animals which bite31
Anxious dreams22
Dreams while awake21
Dreams of business21
Dreams of business of the day31
Dreams that someone called21
Dreams about children31
Dreams of seeing a person cut up31
Dreams of dead bodies31
Dreams about dogs21
Dreams of beinbg bitten by dogs31
Dreams of drowning21
Deams about events of the previous day31
Dreams of falling22
Dreams of falling from high places31
Dreams of falling into water31
Fantastic dreams21
Dreams about fire21
Frightful dreams22
Historic dreams21
Dreams about horses21
Dreams about ugly horses31
Dreams about journey21
Many dreams21
Dreams of misfortune22
Dreams about murders21
Dreams of being murdered31
Dreams about mutilation21
Dreams of people21
Dreams of pins21
Pleasant dreams21
Dreams about robbers22
Dreams of shooting22
Unpleasant dreams21
Unremembered dreams21
Vivid dreams22
Dreams about water22
Dreams about danger from water31
Dreams of falling into water31
Dreams about flood31
Coldness in general21
Coldness, daytime21
Coldness, morning22
Coldness,morning in bed33
Coldness,morning after nightly emissions31
Coldness,morning after rising31
Coldness,morning on waking32
Coldness at 10 a.m.31
Coldness at noon31
Coldness at 1 p.m.31
Coldness, 1 to 2 p.m.31
Coldness, afternoon after dinner31
Coldness,afternoon after sleep31
Coldness, evening23
Coldness,evening in bed32
Coldness,evening,continuing until midnight32
Coldness,evening after lying down31
Coldness at 9 p.m.31
Coldness, night23
Coldness after midnight31
Affected parts coldness21
Coldness in the open air23
Coldness from the least draught of air32
Coldness,walking in the open air32
Coldness in bed23
Coldness,rising from bed aggravation33
Coldness,rising from bed amelioration31
Coldness beginning in and extending from abdomen21
Coldness beginning in face31
Chilliness,afternoon after siesta31
Chilliness, evening31
Chilliness,evening on lying in bed32
Chilliness,evening,warm stove aggravation31
Chilliness before stool32
Coldness, cold damp weather21
Chill after exertion21
After exposure to a draft32
External coldness22
External coldness in spots31
Chill from fright22
Internal coldness23
Internal coldness,morning31
Internal coldness,morning in bed31
Internal coldness, forenoon32
Internal coldness as if in the bones31
Chill during motion21
Chill,motion amelioration31
Predominating chill21
Predominating chill,night32
Coldness on rising up21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Coldness shaking, morning32
Coldness shaking,evening32
Coldness shaking,evening in bed32
Coldness shaking,night31
Coldness shaking from fright31
Coldness shaking with heat31
Coldness shaking before stool31
Coldness after sleep31
Coldness before stool22
Coldness during stool32
Trembling and shivering21
Coldness on uncovering or undressing22
Coldness during urinantion31
Coldness after vexation21
Chill on waking21
Coldness,warm room aggravation21
Coldness,warm room amelioration31
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove32
Desire for warmth which does not relieve32
As if cold water were dashed over him21
As if cold water were poured over him33
Heat in general22
Heat, noon31
Heat, evening22
Heat, night23
Night,heat with perspiration33
Heat after midnight31
Heat alternating with chill23
Heat alternating with chill,evening31
Heat alternating with chill, night32
Heat alternating with shivering31
Heat in bed23
Heat driving him out of bed at night32
Feeling of heat in bed,yet aversion to uncovering31
Heat after getting out of bed32
Burning heat21
Burning heat, night31
Burning heat after midnight31
Catarrhal fever23
Fever with chill22
Fever with chilliness22
Chilliness alternating with heat not perceptible to the touch31
Heat with external coldness21
Continued fever,typhus,typhoid21
Continued fever, night33
Abdominal continue fever with icteris skin31
Exanthemic continued fever31
Dry heat22
Exanthematic fevers, scarlatina33
Heat from exertion21
External heat22
External heat with chilliness31
Gastric fever22
Hectic fever22
Inflammatory fever23
Intense heat23
Internal heat23
Irritative fever21
Heat during menses31
Motion brings on chilliness32
Paroxysmal fever22
Paroxysmal fever, night33
Heat with perspiration32
Remittent fever23
Remittent fever, evening31
Remittent fever, night33
Septic fevers22
Heat with shivering21
Shivering alternating with heat31
Left side heat31
Heat comes on during sleep21
Heat comes on after sleep31
Heat before stool22
Chill followed by heat21
Chill then sweat without intervening heat31
Heat followed by chill31
Heat,aversion to uncovering32
Zymotic fevers21
Perspiration in general22
Perspiration, daytime22
Perspiration,daytime,with nausea and languor33
Perspiration, morning23
Perspiration, evening21
Perspiration,evening in bed33
Perspiration, night23
Perspiration lasting all night without relief33
Perspiration after midnight31
Perspiration, 2 to 3 a.m.31
Acrid perspiration21
Perspiration on affected parts23
Perspiration during anxiety22
Perspiration in bed22
Perspiration,getting out of bed amelioration32
Burning perspiration21
Clammy perspiration23
Cold perspiration22
Cold perspiration while eating33
Cold perspiration during stool31
Perspiration from coughing22
Perspiration from coughing,night32
Perspiration after drinking22
Perspiration after warm drinks32
Perspiration while eating23
Anxiety and cold sweat while eating33
Perspiration during slight exertion22
General sweat except the head21
Perspiration during headache22
Perspiration while lying21
Perspiration during motion23
Perspiration,motion amelioration33
Fetid perspiration32
Perspiration,offensive odor33
Offensive perspiration,morning31
Offensive perspiration, night33
Sour perspiration33
Perspiration,sweetish odor31
Oily perspiration23
Oily perspiration,night33
Perspiration from pains23
Profuse perspiration23
Profuse perspiration,morning32
Profuse perspiration,night33
Profuse perspiration,day and night without relief32
Debilating profuse perspiration32
Profuse perspiration,debilating and fetid31
Profuse perspiration while walking32
Profuse perspiration during rage31
Perspiration with shivering22
One-sided perspiration21
Perspiration of single parts21
Front of the body perspiration31
Lower part of body perspiration31
Perspiration on beginning to sleep23
Perspiration during sleep32
Perspiration,sleep amelioration32
Perspiration,on going to sleep amelioration32
Perspiration after waking32
Perspiration in spots21
Perspiration staining the linen21
Perspiration,staining difficult to wash out32
Perspiration yellow staining33
Perspiration stiffening the linen21
Perspiration before stool23
Perspiration during stool33
Cold perspiration during stool31
Perspiration after stool32
Warm perspiration after stool,becomes cold and sticky33
Complaints from suppressed perspiration22
Symptoms aggravated while sweating23
Aggravation after sweating32
Perspiration while walking22
Perspiration difficult to wash off22
Skin adherent to bone31
Skin anaesthesia22
Skin biting21
Skin biting after scratching31
Skin burning22
Skin burning,night32
Skin burning from perspiration31
Skin burning after scratching33
Skin burning in spots32
Skin chapping21
Cicatrices become red32
Skin coldness22
Skin coldness along painful nerves31
Sensation of skin coldness32
Skin coldness,suffering parts31
Skin contraction21
Skin cracks22
Deep,bloody cracks32
Fetid cracks32
Itching cracks31
Ulcerated cracks31
Yellow cracks31
Bluish skin31
Skin bluish spots31
Skin liver-brown spots33
Skin dirty discoloration31
Pale skin32
Red skin33
Red skin after scratching32
Skin red spots33
Skin scarlet-red spots33
Skin spots after scratching31
Skin small spots31
Skin stinging spots31
Skin white spots32
Yellow skin,jaundice33
Dry skin22
Dry skin,burning32
Dry skin,inability to perspire31
Dry rough skin31
Biting eruption31
Bleeding eruption33
Inflamed blotches32
Red blotches31
Blotches after scratching31
Large boils31
Periodical boils32
Burning eruption33
Burning eruption,night32
Burning eruption,touch aggravation32
Burning eruption when washing32
Coppery eruption32
Eruption,coppery spots32
Crusty eruptions33
Crusty eruption bleeding31
Dry crusty eruption31
Fetid crusty eruption32
Crusty gray eruption31
Moist crusty eruption33
Crusty eruption in patches32
Crusty eruption after scratching32
Crusty yellow eruption32
Desquamating eruption32
Dirty eruption31
Discharging,moist eruption32
Bloody eruption31
Corrosive discharging eruption31
Discharging eruption,destroying hair31
Eruption,discharging after scratching31
White discharging eruption31
Yellow discharging eruption31
Dry eruption32
Elevated eruption31
Excoriated eruption33
Fetid eruption32
Flat eruption31
Eruption on hairy parts32
Herpetic eruption33
Herpetic burning eruption33
Chapping herpetic eruption31
Corrosive herpetic eruption31
Crusty herpetic eruption33
Dry herpetic eruption32
Itching herpetic eruption32
Mealy herpetic eruption31
Moist herpetic eruption33
Herpetic eruption in patches33
Red herpetic eruption32
Scaly herpetic eruption33
Herpetic eruption spreading33
Stinging herpetic eruption32
Suppurating herpetic eruption33
Tearing herpetic eruption31
Herpetic yellowish eruption32
Zona,herpetic zoster eruption33
Itching eruption32
Eruption,night itching33
Eruption,itching,warmth aggravation33
Eruption,itching,warmth of bed aggravation31
Mealy eruption31
Painful eruption31
Papular eruption32
Phagedenic eruption31
Burning pimples31
Pimples with crusts31
Pimples itching31
Pimples after scratching31
Smarting pimples31
Ulcerated pimples32
Burning pocks31
Suppurating pocks32
Psoriasis inveterata31
Syphilitic psoriasis33
Confluent pustules32
Dry pustules32
Pustules itching31
Scaly pustules31
Pustules after scratching31
Scurfy pustules31
Sore pustules31
Ulcerated pustules32
Yellow pustules32
Scarlet rash32
Rash after scratching32
Red eruption33
Spotted red eruption31
Scabies eruption32
Bleeding scabies32
Dry scabies32
Fatty scabies33
Moist scabies31
Scaly eruption32
Bran-like scaly eruption31
Scaly eruption in spots32
Smooth scarlatina31
Scorbutic spots31
Eruptions after scratching32
Eruption shining through31
Smarting eruption31
Stinging eruption32
Suppressed eruptions31
Suppurating eruption33
Eruption with swelling33
Syphilitic eruption33
Eruption with tearing pain31
Transparent eruption32
Burning tubercles32
Red tubercles32
Syphilitic tubercles32
Eruption with ulcerative pain31
Nodular urticaria31
Rosy nodular urticaria (erythema)31
Urticaria after scratching31
Vesicular eruption32
Burning vesicular eruption31
Humid vesicular eruption32
Phagedenic vesicular eruption31
Red vesicular eruption31
Vesicular eruption after scratching31
Small vesicular eruption31
Spots covered with vesicles31
Transparent vesicular eruption31
Ulcerated vesicular eruption32
Watery vesicular eruption31
White vesicular eruption32
Yellow vesicular eruption32
Whitish eruption31
Eruption in winter32
Yellow eruption33
Erysipelas after scratching33
Erysipelas with swelling33
Skin excoriation22
Skin excoriation after scratching31
Dry condylomata31
Syphilitic condylomata32
Skin fungus,haematodes32
Skin syphilitic fungus33
Filthy skin21
Skin flabbiness21
Skin formication21
Cold gangrene31
Skin gnawing,eating21
Skin inactivity21
Indurations, nodules, aso...22
Skin inflammation23
Inclination to skin inflammation32
Itching, evening32
Itching,evening in bed31
Itching, night31
Itching without eruption32
Itching,perspiration aggravation32
Itching,must scratch until it is raw31
Itching,scratching aggravation31
Itching,scratching amelioration31
Itching in spots31
Itching,tickling after scratching31
Voluptuous itching32
Wandering itching32
Itching on becoming warm33
Itching on becoming warm in bed32
Skin lousiness22
Skin moisture21
Skin moisture after scratching31
Rough skin21
Skin sensitiveness23
Sore skin (decubitus)22
Skin becomes sore in a child31
Feeling of sore skin32
Skin sticking22
Skin sticking, night31
Skin sticking after scratching32
Skin stinging22
Stings of insects22
Skin swelling23
Skin swelling of affected parts33
Skin bluish-black swelling32
Skin burning swelling32
Skin crawling swelling32
Skin dropsical swelling32
Skin hard swelling31
Skin inflamed swelling33
Skin pale swelling31
Skin swelling after scratching32
Skin shining swelling31
Skin spongy swelling31
Swollen skin sensation31
Skin tension21
Skin ulcerative pain21
Skin ulcerative pain after scratching31
Skin ulcer23
Skin ulcers,biting31
Skin bleeding ulcer33
Skin ulcer,bleeding edges32
Skin bluish ulcer32
Skin burning ulcer33
Skin ulcers,night burning32
Skin ulcers burning when touched31
Skin ulcer,burning around about32
Skin ulcer,burning in margins33
Skin cancerous ulcer32
Skin ulcer with cold feeling31
Skin ulcer with crawling31
Skin crusty ulcers33
Skin deep ulcer33
Skin dirty ulcer33
Skin ulcer,bloody discharges33
Skin ulcers,cheesy discharges31
Skin ulcer,copious discharges32
Skin ulcer,corrosive discharges33
Skin ulcers,gelatinous discharges31
Skin ulcer,gray discharges31
Skin ulcer,green discharges31
Skin ulcer,ichorous discharges33
Skin ulcer,discharges with maggots31
Skin ulcer,offensive discharges32
Skin ulcers,putrid discharges32
Skin ulcer,scanty discharges33
Skin ulcer,sour smelling discharges32
Skin ulcer,discharges like tallow32
Skin ulcer,tenacious discharges31
Skin ulcer,thin discharges33
Skin ulcer,watery discharges33
Skin ulcer,yellow discharges32
Skin ulcer with elevated,indurated margins32
Skin fistulous ulcer32
Skin flat ulcers33
Skin foul ulcer31
Skin fungous ulcer32
Skin ulcer with gnawing pain32
Skin indurated ulcer32
Skin ulcer,indurated areola31
Skin ulcers,indurated margins33
Skin inflamed ulcer33
Skin itching ulcer32
Skin ulcer,itching around about31
Skin ulcer with jagged margins33
Skin ulcer with jerking pain31
Skin lardaceous ulcer33
Skin ulcer,lardaceous bases32
Skin painful ulcer32
Skin ulcer,painful at night32
Skin ulcer,painful from warmth of bed32
Skin ulcer,painful margins32
Skin painless ulcer31
Skin phagedenic ulcer33
Skin ulcer surrounded by pimples31
Skin ulcer,pulsating33
Skin ulcer,pulsating at night33
Skin ulcers,red areola32
Skin ulcer,like salt rheum31
Skin sarcomatous ulcer32
Skin ulcer after scratching32
Skin sensitive ulcer32
Skin ulcer,sensitive around about31
Skin ulcer,sensitive margins33
Skin serpiginous ulcer32
Skin smarting ulcer32
Skin ulcer,smarting at night32
Skin spongy ulcer33
Skin ulcer,spongy at margins31
Skin stinging,stitching ulcer33
Skin ulcer stinging in areola32
Skin ulcer,stinging margins33
Skin superficial ulcer32
Skin suppurating ulcer33
Skin swollen ulcer33
Skin ulcer,swollen areola32
Skin ulcer,swollen margins33
Skin syphilitic ulcer33
Skin ulcer with tearing32
Skin tense ulcer32
Skin ulcer,tense areola31
Skin unhealthy ulcers32
Skin varicose ulcer31
Skin ulcer surrounded by vesicles32
Skin ulcer,warmth aggravation32
Skin ulcer with white spots33
Unhealthy looking skin21
Syphilitic warts32
Withered warts31
Wrinkled,shrivelled skin21
Evening,open air aggravation32
Before midnight32
After midnight32
Glands abscesses33
Aversion to open air22
Draft aggravation32
Open air aggravation33
General physical anxiety21
Arsenical poisoning22
Ascending aggravation22
In autumn aggravation21
Dread of bathing21
Bathing aggravation32
Blackness of the external parts23
Cancerous affections22
Fungus haematodes32
Caries of bone23
Caries of periosteum32
Bones necrosis32
Change of weather aggravation31
Cloudy weather aggravation21
Sensation of coat of skin drawn over inner parts21
Cold aggravation22
Cold air aggravation32
Becoming cold31
Becoming cold amelioration32
After becoming cold aggravation33
Heat and cold32
Tendency to take cold33
Cold wet weather aggravation32
Cold feeling in bones31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constipation amelioration21
Constriction, internally31
Constriction of orifices33
Bones constriction31
Constriction,sensation of a band32
Contraction,stricture,stenose after inflammation23
Convulsions, night32
Convulsions during chill31
Clonic convulsions32
Convulsions from cold air31
Convulsions with consciousness31
Convulsions without consciousness31
Convulsions during dentition31
Epileptic convulsions31
Epileptiform convulsions31
Convulsions with falling31
Hysterical convulsions31
Convulsions with tetanic rigidity32
Tonic convulsions32
Convulsive movements21
Copper fumes aggravation22
External dropsy22
Internal dropsy32
Before eating21
While eating31
While eating amelioration31
After eating31
After eating amelioration31
Aggravation by emission21
Physical exertion aggravation22
Faintness on hearing noise31
Faintness on rubbing temples with both hands31
While fasting21
Feather-bed aggravation22
Flabby feeling21
Flabby feeling in hard parts32
Bread aggravation31
Coffee aggravation32
Cold drinks aggravation31
Cold food aggravation32
Fat food aggravation31
Meat aggravation31
Sweets aggravation32
Warm food aggravation31
Formication,external parts22
Formication, internally31
Bones formication31
Glands formication31
Full feeling, internally31
Suppressed gonorrhoea21
Sensation of a hard bed21
Flushes of heat22
Flushes of heat with chilliness32
Sensation of heat22
Lack of vital heat22
Becoming heated21
Heaviness, externally22
Heaviness, internally31
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally33
Gangrenous inflammation31
Bones inflammation33
Periosteum inflammation32
Inflammations of the glands33
Nerves inflammation32
Serous membrane inflammation32
After injuries,blows,falls,bruises21
Injuries of glmands31
Excessive physical irritability23
Glands itching21
Jar,stepping aggravation21
Jerking as in convulsions32
Muscles jerking32
Jerking during sleep31
Paralyzed parts jerking31
Straining of the muscles and the tendons from lifting21
Loss of fluids22
Inclination to lie down21
Lying aggravation32
Lying amelioration31
After lying aggravation31
After lying amelioration32
Lying on back aggravation31
Lying on back amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation33
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on side aggravation32
Lying on right side aggravation33
Lying on left side aggravation31
Lying on painful side aggravation32
Lying on painless side amelioration31
Before menses22
At beginning of menses31
During menses31
After menses31
Motion aggravation23
After motion aggravation31
Motion of affected parts aggravation32
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased23
Narcotics aggravation21
Numbness in single parts33
Numbness of suffering parts31
Nursing children21
From onanism22
Orgasm of blood22
Orgasm of blood,night32
Orgasm of blood before menses31
Orgasm of blood from nervousness32
Orgasm of blood after vexation31
Bones pain33
Bones pain in the night32
Glands pain33
Periosteum pain32
Biting pain32
Boring pain32
Bones boring pain33
Burning pain,externally33
Burning pain,internally33
Pain as from burning31
Bones burning pain31
Glands burning pain31
Constricting pain externally31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,externally32
Cutting pain,internally33
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Drawing pain31
Gnawing pain33
Gnawing pain,externally31
Gnawing pain,internally31
Jerking pain,externally32
Jerking pain,affected parts32
Jerking pain,internally32
Bones jerking pain31
Glands jerking pain31
Paralytic pain31
Pinching pain32
Pinching pain internally32
Pressing pain,externally31
Pressing pain,internally32
Pain as from load31
Pain pressing together31
Pressing pain from within outward32
Bones pressing pain31
Glands pressing pain33
Glands pressing pain,inward32
Glands pressing pain,outward32
Muscles pressing pain31
Sore,bruised pain31
Sore,bruised pain,externally31
Sore,bruised pain,internally31
Glands sore,bruised pain31
Stitching pain,externally33
Stitching pain,internally33
Stitching outward pain33
Stitching pain transversely31
Stitching pain upward31
Bones stitching pain33
Glands stitching pain33
Muscles stitching pain33
Muscles stitching and burning pain31
Muscles stitching and tearing pain31
Tearing pain,externally32
Tearing pain,internally33
Tearing downward pain32
Tearing upward pain31
Bones tearing pain33
Glands tearing pain33
Muscles tearing pain33
Muscles tearing pain,jerking in muscles31
Muscles tearing pain,sticking31
Twinging pain31
Twisting pain32
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Ulcerative pain,internally32
Glands ulcerative pain31
Paralysis agitans23
Paralysis, internally21
Paralysis extends from above downwards31
One-sided paralysis31
Paralysis of the organs31
Painless paralysis32
Perspiration gives no relief23
After perspiration aggravation32
Suppression of perspiration32
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pressure aggravation22
Pressure amelioration31
Pulsation externally22
Bones pulsation32
Glands pulsation33
Abnormal pulse22
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable33
Full pulse32
Full pulse, night32
Hard pulse32
Imperceptible pulse32
Almost imperceptible pulse32
Intermittent pulse33
Irregular pulse32
Labored pulse31
Slow pulse31
Small pulse32
Soft pulse32
Spasmodic pulse31
Tremulous pulse31
Weak pulse32
Abuse of quinine21
Lack of reaction22
Relaxation of muscles22
Rising aggravation21
Rising amelioration31
Rubbing aggravates21
Rubbing ameliorates32
Running aggravates22
After scarlet fever22
Sensitiveness externally22
Sensitiveness, internally31
Sensitiveness to pain31
Bones sensitiveness31
Periosteum sensitiveness31
After sexual excesses22
Shocks from injury21
Symptoms on one side21
Symptoms alternating sides31
Crosswise symptoms,left upper and right lower31
Symptoms on the right side32
Symptoms on the left side32
Aggravated while sitting22
Ameliorated while sitting32
On first sitting down aggravation31
On first sitting down amelioration31
Before sleep aggravation23
At beginning of sleep aggravation32
During sleep aggravation33
After sleep amelioration32
On falling asleep amelioration32
Slow repair of broken bones21
Sluggishnesh of the body21
Snow-air aggravation21
Bones softening23
Standing aggravation21
Standing amelioration31
Stretching,night when waking31
Abuse of sulphur22
In summer21
Swelling of the affected parts33
Inflammatory swelling33
Puffy swelling31
Bones swelling32
Periosteum swelling32
Glands swelling33
Glands bluish swelling31
Glands hard swelling31
Hot glands swelling33
Glands inflammatory swelling33
Swollen sensation23
Swollen glands sensation31
Tension, externally22
Tension, internally32
Bones tension31
Gland tension31
Tobacco amelioration31
Touch aggravation22
Illusions of touch31
Slight touch aggravation33
Aggravated by touching anything31
Touching cold things aggravation32
Trembling externally23
Trembling from anger31
Trembling on ascending31
Trembling after emotions31
Trembling on slight exertion32
Trembling from fright31
Trembling, internally31
Trembling from joy31
Trembling,motion amelioration31
Paroxysmal trembling32
Trembling while standing31
Trembling before stool31
Trembling on waking32
Trembling while walking31
Glands ulcers21
Cancerous ulcers31
Uncovering aggravation22
On waking22
Walking aggravation22
While walking amelioration32
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation32
Walking in open air amelioration31
While walking fast aggravation32
Warm aggravation22
Warm air aggravation33
Becoming warm in open air aggravation32
Warm bed aggravation33
Warm room aggravation31
Warm stove aggravation32
Warm wraps aggravation31
Weakness, 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.31
Weakness in open air31
Weakness from diarrhoea31
Weakness from slight exertion32
Weakness while wasking the feet31
Weakness from fright31
Weakness from motion31
Nervous weakness32
Paralytic weakness32
Weakness from perspiration33
Weakness from perpiration in the night32
Weakness while standing31
Weakness after stool33
Weakness from walking31
Weakness,walking amelioration31
Weakness from walking in open air31
Weariness while sitting32
Wet applications22
Wet feet31
Wet weather32
In winter22
Wounds bleeding freely31
Wounds slow to heal32
Stinging in wounds31