Crocus sativus.


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Ailments after anger,vexation31
Anger alternating with cheerfulness31
Anger alternating with quick repetance31
Cheerfulness alternating with mania31
Cheerfulness alternating with burst of passion31
Cheerfulness alternating with sadness31
Cheerfulness alternating with violence31
Childish behavior22
Difficult concentration21
Confusion of mind22
Confusion of mind,in open air amelioration31
Confusion of mind after drinking31
Confusion of mind after eating31
Confusion of mind as after being intoxicated31
Confusion of mind while writing31
Thoughts of death when alone32
Quiet delirium31
Delusion that he is unfit for business32
Thought he was about to die32
Illusions of fancy31
Visions of fire31
Sees frightful images,phantoms31
Fancies he hears music31
Familiar things seem strange31
Doutbful of soul's welfare31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Refuses to eat21
Excitement before menses31
Mental exertion amelioration31
Exaltation of fancies31
Vivid fancies31
Fear of death31
Foolish behavior21
Ridiculous or foolish gestures31
Godless,want of religious feeling21
Groping as if in the dark21
Deficiency of ideas31
Indifference to everything31
Indifference to pleasure31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Insanity alternating with mental and physical symptoms32
Irritability alternating with cheerfulness31
Takes everything in bad part32
Ridiculous or foolish jesting31
Ailments from excessive joy21
Kisses everyone22
Laughing alternating with vexation and ill-humor31
Laughing alternating with violence31
Laughing involuntarily31
Laughing loudly31
Laughing during sleep31
Spasmodic laughing31
Active memory21
Weakness of memory21
Weakness of memory for proper names31
Weakness of memory for persons31
Weakness of memory for what has said31
Weakness of memory for what is about to write32
Mental symptoms alternating with physical symptoms22
Mirth, night31
Mirth alternating with bursts of indignation31
Mirth alternating with irritability31
Mirth alternating with mania31
Mirth alternating with sadness31
Mirth during sleep31
Mistakes in time31
Confounds present with past31
Mistakes in writing31
Agreeable mood21
Alternating mood32
Changeable,variable mood32
Changeable mood,evening31
Changeable mood during perspiration31
Want of moral feeling21
Occupation amelioration21
Easily offended22
Quarrelsome alternating with gayety and laughter31
Quarrelsome alternating with singing31
Rage alternating with affectionate disposition31
Rage with headache31
Religious affections21
Repents quickly31
Repulsive mood21
Anxious restlessness31
Restlessness during menses31
Sadness,mental depression22
Sadness,suppressed menses31
Vanishing of senses31
Singing alternating with anger31
Singing alternating with vexation31
Singing involuntarily32
Singing in sleep32
Inclination to sit22
Wepping,tearful mood21
Weeping aggravates32
Wildness, evening31
Vertigo,open air amelioration31
Vertigo during the heat31
Vertigo in house22
Vertigo as if intoxicated21
Vertigo during menses32
Vertigo on raising head21
Vertigo on rising from supine position31
Vertigo,sitting up in bed31
Vertigo with syncope21
Vertigo in a warm room32
Sensation as if something alive were in head21
Head coldness,chilliness,etc22
Head coldness as from cold water31
Head sides coldness31
Head sides coldness in spots31
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head congestion,evening31
Head congestion with epistaxis31
Head constriction21
Distention of head bloodvessels during menses32
Empty or hollow forehead sensation31
Head heat21
Forehead heat31
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness,morning31
Head heaviness,morning on waking31
Unable to hold up head21
Head,as from intoxication21
Sensation of looseness of brain21
Sensation of looseness of brain on motion31
Looseness of brain while walking31
Motions,movements,etc.,in head21
Movements in head from motion31
Motions in head by moving the head31
Headache in general21
Headache on waking32
Headache,cold air amelioration31
Headache,in open air amelioration31
Headache,breakfast amelioration31
Headache during the climaxis31
Constant headache,lasts 2 or 3 days31
Headache with coryza31
Headache with dry coryza31
Headache,must lie down31
Headache from artificial light31
Headache from motion31
Nervous headache31
Periodic headache,continues two or three days31
Headache after sleep31
Headache,sudden pains31
Headache,violent pains31
Headache,amel.while walking in open air32
Headache,warm room aggravation32
Headache extending to eyes31
Aching pain deep in brain21
Forehead pain21
Forehead pain,night31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration31
Forehead pain extending to nose31
Frontal eminence pain31
Frontal eminence pain extending to nose31
Above eyes headache32
Occiput pain21
One side headache21
One side headache extending to eye31
Right side headache31
Left side headache32
Vertex pain,morning on waking31
Cramping headache21
Forehead cramping pain31
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache21
Temples cutting pain31
Drawing headache21
Drawing headache during nausea31
Forehead drawing pain22
Temples drawing pain21
Headache,dull pain21
Head sides dull pain31
Headache,pressing pain21
Pressing headache,morning31
Forehead pressing pain21
Forehead pressing inward pain31
Frontal eminence pressing pain31
Occiput pressing pain21
Head sides pressing inward pain31
Vertex pressing pain21
Stitching headache21
Stitching headache during stopped coryza31
Frontal eminence stitching pain31
Left frontal eminence stitching pain31
Temples stitching pain extending into brain31
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Head sides tearing pain21
Forehead perspiration21
Forehead cold perspiration31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing22
Head pulsating during menses31
Forehead pulsating21
Head sides pulsating21
Head pushing sensation31
Head shocks,blows,jerks,etc...22
Forehead shocks31
Temples shocks31
Temples sudden,deep shocks,causes starting31
Agglutinated eye,night32
Coldness in eyes31
As if cold air blew in eyes32
Sensation of a hanging over eyes which must be wiped away31
Eyes dryness22
Falling of lids21
Eyes glassy appearance21
Eye inflammation21
Lids itching31
Lachrymation,open air amelioration32
Lachrymation while reading32
Lachrymation in a room32
Looking steadily21
Eye pain22
Eye pain,evening31
Eye pain from artificial light31
Eye pain during menses31
Eye pain on opening lids31
Eye pain extending to forehead31
Eye pain extending to vertex32
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye burning pain while reading32
Eye burning pain as from smoke32
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye pressing pain,evening31
Eye pressing pain,night31
Eye pressing pain,candlelight31
Eye pressing pain during menses32
Eye pressing pain on opening eyes31
Eye pressing pain extending to forehead31
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye22
Eye sore pain while reading32
Left eye stitching pain32
Lelt eye stitching pain,to right31
Eye stitching pain,morning31
Eye tearing pain21
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis31
Pupils dilated (mydriase)32
Lids quivering31
Left upper lid quivering32
Desire to rub eyes22
Spasms of lids21
Spasms of lids,night31
Swollen eye21
Sensation of lids swelling32
Eye tension21
Lids twitching31
Left lid twitching31
Weak eye21
Winking ameliorates31
Winking while reading32
Inclination to wipe eyes22
Bright colors before the eyes21
Red color before the eyes21
Paper looks red31
Confused vision21
Dim vision22
Dim vision,morning32
Dim vision,evening while reading31
Dim vision while reading32
Dim vision,wiping eyes amelioration31
Aggravation by exertion of vision23
Flashes vision22
Flashes like electric shocks32
Foggy vision23
Foggy vision while reading31
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Spots jumping up and down32
Dancing stars31
Noises in ear21
Noises in ear,evening31
Noises in ear,evening in bed31
Noises in ear when stooping31
Buzzing in ear21
Humming in ear22
Ringing in ear21
Ringing,evening in bed31
Ringing after lying down31
Ringing,stooping up ear with finger does not ameliorate31
Roaring in ear21
Roaring when stooping31
Singing in ear21
Sound of whirlwind31
Ear pain21
Pain behind ear21
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Cramp in ear21
Inside ear spasmodic pain31
Impaired hearing21
Impaired hearing,stooping aggravation32
Lost hearing21
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Nose blood discharge32
Nose thick discharge31
Nose viscid,though discharge31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood32
Epistaxis,dark,black blood33
Epistaxis,stringy blood33
Epistaxis from blowing the nose32
Epistaxis from exertion32
Epistaxis after headache31
Epistaxis,hot weather33
Epistaxis,suppressed menses32
Persistent epistaxis32
Nose right side obstruction31
Violent sneezing31
Nose one-sided swelling31
Cracked lips22
Bluish face21
Face changing color21
Earthy face22
Pale face22
Pale face during chill31
Pale face during heat33
Pale face with maniacal rage31
Red face22
Red face,evening32
Red face alternating with paleness31
Red face,circumscribed31
Glowing red face31
Red face during headache32
Red spots on face31
Burning red spots on face32
Sallow face22
Yellow face22
Face spots21
Face heat22
Face heat,morning31
Face heat,evening31
Face burning heat31
Face heat during coryza31
Face pain on waking31
Face pulsation21
Dirty tongue31
White tongue31
Tongue dryness31
Mouth heat21
Breath offensive odor32
Breath sickening odor32
Tongue pain,pressing with teeth31
Tongue tip burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue erect papillae21
Bitter taste31
Saltish taste31
Saltish sweet taste31
Sour taste32
Sweetish taste31
Molars pain31
Elongated uvula22
Food lodges in the throat21
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Sensation of lump in oesophagus32
Throat mucus21
Throat drawing pain21
Throat roughness22
Throat scraping22
Sensation of sulphur vapor on coughing31
Larynx catarrh31
Throat-pit irritation31
Trachea irritation31
Mucus in the air passages21
Trachea mucus31
Larynx stitching pain21
As from sulphur vapor (larynx and trachea)21
Husky voice31
Asthmatic respiration21
Deep respiration21
Desire to breathe deeply31
Deep respiration from heaviness at heart31
Difficult respiration21
Difficult respiration as if he inhaled fumes of sulphur31
Difficult respiration,yawning amelioration31
Impeded,obstructed respiration22
Impeded respiration,pain in the chest31
Asthmatic cough21
Cough with convulsions21
Dry cough22
Exhausting cough21
Cough,holding pit of stomach amelioration32
Cough from irritation in throat-pit31
Cough from irritation in trachea31
Paroxysmal cough21
Paroxysmal cough,laying hand on pit of stomach amelioration32
Racking cough21
Cough in room21
Cough from larynx scrapping31
Cough short21
Short cough,morning31
Tormenting cough22
Violent cough21
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Spitting of black blood31
Spitting of dark blood33
Spitting of viscid,stringy blood33
Hawking up mucus21
Mucous expectoration21
Sensation of chest alive (moving)22
Region of heart anxiety32
Chest fullness21
Chest haemorrhage22
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood32
Heat in region of heart31
Mammae jerks31
Chest oppression21
Oppression,yawning amelioration31
Heart oppression31
Lower chest pain21
Chest lower aprt aching pain31
Chest burning pain21
Heart cutting pain32
Chest stitching pain21
Chest stitching pain during menses32
Chest sides stitching pain31
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest left side stitching pain32
Chest side stitching pain during menses32
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart palpitation on ascending steps32
Heart palpitation during menses32
Chest shocks21
Sensation of warmth about the heart31
Sensation as if something alive in stomach23
Appetite,easy satiety21
Aversion to fats and rich food21
Desires cold drinks22
Stomach distention22
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling22
Stomach emptiness with cough31
Eructations while fasting21
Empty eructations22
Empty eructations,morning31
Empty eructations,morning after fasting31
Eructations tasting like food21
Rancid eructations22
Waterbrash after eating31
Stomach fermentation21
Stomach fullness after eating ever so little31
Stomach gurgling21
Heartburn after eating31
Sensation of stomach jumping21
Sensation of movement in stomach23
Nausea in abdomen31
Nausea,open air amelioration32
Nausea in chest32
Nausea from pain in chest31
Nausea during headache31
Nausea with suppresed menses31
Nausea in throat32
Stomach pain21
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach stitching pain21
Stomach pulsation21
Stomach sinking21
Thirst during chill31
Extreme thirst32
Thirst during heat32
Sensation of something alive in abdomen23
Abdomen constriction during menses31
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,forenoon31
Abdomen distension during menses31
Abdomen emptiness21
Abdomen fermentation21
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Abdomen heaviness as from a load,etc21
Inguinal region heaviness32
Liver and region of liver22
Movements in abdomen23
Movements in abdomen,jumping32
Movements in abdomen before menses31
Movements in abdomen during menses32
Abdomen aching during cough31
Abdomen aching after drinking31
Abdomen aching before menses32
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear32
Abdomen aching extending to small of back31
Hypogastrium aching dull pain22
Hypogastrium aching extending to back32
Inguinal region aching dull pain21
Abdomen cramping,griping pain21
Abdomen cramping pain before menses32
Hypochondria cramping pain,deep respiration31
Hypogastrium cutting pain22
Hypogastrium cutting pain extending to back32
Abdomen drawing pain during menses31
Abdomen pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pain as if menses would come on32
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain22
Stitching pain in flank31
Pendulous abdomen21
Rumblings in the bowels21
Abdomen rumbling,yawning31
Abdomen trembling22
Hypochondria twitching and jerking21
Formication in anus22
Anus itching22
Anus itching,evening31
Rectum pain22
Rectum stitching pain22
Rectum stitching pain extending to inguinal left side31
Rectum twinging pain,writhing in anus32
Urging to stool21
Saffron-like yellow stool31
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)21
Urging to urinate,night31
Scanty urine22
Sides of scrotum itching31
Male genitalia stitching pain21
Male genitalia lancinating stitching pain31
Increased sexual passion32
Third month abortion31
Female genitalia congestion22
Desire increased before menses31
Uterus inflammation21
Black leucorrhoea21
Dark leucorrhoea21
Ropy,stringy,tenacious leucorrhoea22
Copious lochia32
Dark lochia32
Protracted lochia31
As if menses would appear22
Black menses22
Bright-red menses21
Clotted menses22
Clotted dark menses33
Copious menses22
Copious menses from dancing32
Copious menses,exertion aggravation31
Copious menses during menopause31
Copious menses from motion32
Copious menses,walking aggravation32
Dark menses23
First menses delayed in girls21
Frequent menses,too early,too soon22
Offensive menses22
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea22
Protracted menses22
Stringy menses22
Suppressed menses22
Tenacious menses23
Active metrorrhagia33
Metrorrhagia between the menstrual periods32
Black metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,climateric period32
Coagulated metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,dark blood32
Metrorrhagia,blood mixed with dark clots32
Metrorrhagia after exertion32
Gushing metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor32
Metrorrhagia,motion aggravation32
Ofensive metrorrhagia31
Painless metrorrhagia31
Passive metrorrhagia31
Profuse metrorrhagia31
Recurrent metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia,stringy blood33
Genitalia pain before menses32
Uterus pain21
Bearing-down,uterus and its region21
Uterus bearing-down pain before menses31
Labor-like pain21
Female genitalia pressing pain before menses32
Female genitalia stitching pain21
Retained placenta21
Uterus prolapsus21
Relaxation of sphincter vaginae21
Back coldness (including chill)21
Back coldness extending to feet31
Dorsal region coldness31
Scapulae coldness31
Back pain during menses31
Back pain on motion32
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar region pain during motion31
Sacral region pain21
Lumbar reg.aching, morning31
Lumbar reg.aching,night in bed31
Lumbar reg.aching on motion31
Sacral region drawing pain31
Sacrum labor-like pain31
Lumbar region tearing pain31
Lumbar tearing pain on motion31
Hands chilblains32
Feet chilblains32
Toes chilblains32
Toes chilliness32
Extremities coldness22
Hands coldness32
Fingers constriction31
Cracking in joints21
Cracking in joints of upper limbs32
Cracking in shoulder32
Cracking in lower limbs on stooping31
Cracking in hip32
Cracking in knee32
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Joints dryness21
First finger formication31
Foot formication31
Hand heat31
Upper limbs heaviness31
Upper limb heaviness with numbness31
Forearm heaviness32
Lower limbs heaviness while sitting31
Thigh heaviness,tired thigh31
Leg heaviness,tired leg31
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Jumping,sensation of something living in arms21
Sense of looseness in joints31
Extremities numbness, night31
Upper limb numbness32
Upper limbs numbness, night32
Upper limbs numbness,night in sleep31
Upper arm numbness31
Hand numbness31
Hand numbness,night in sleep31
Lower limbs numbness31
Foot numbness31
Joints pain31
Joints pain,motion31
Joints paralytic pain32
Upper limbs pain, night31
Shoulder pain as of dislocation32
Shoulder pain,motion of arm31
Forearm pain31
Upper arm pain on motion31
Forearm pain extending to thumb31
Fingers pain after walking31
Lower limbs pain while sitting31
Knee pain after stooping31
Leg pain, night31
Sole pain31
Sole pain while standing31
Upper limbs aching31
Shoulder aching on moving arm31
Hand aching31
Sole aching31
Sole aching while standing31
Fingers burning pain31
Finger tips burning pain31
Thumb tip burning pain31
Foot burning pain31
Sole burning pain31
Forearm drawing pain31
Forearm intermittent drawing31
Fingers first joint drawing31
Knee drawing pain31
Knee paroxysmal drawing31
Sore bruised extremities during motion31
Sore bruised upper limbs32
Sore bruised upper limbs on motion31
Sore bruised upper arm in bone31
Sore bruised forearm31
Sore bruised fingers31
Sore bruised hip31
Sore bruised hip on motion31
Sore bruised leg31
Sore bruised mollet31
Sprained shoulder31
First finger stitching pain31
Elbow tearing pain31
Leg tearing pain31
Calf tearing pain31
Toes tearing pain31
Sensation of joints paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis31
Sensation of knee paralysis after walking31
Sensation of leg paralysis after walking31
Lower limbs perspiration31
Foot perspiration31
Feet restlessness31
Sole restlessness31
Nates shuddering31
Nates shuddering while sitting31
Joints tension31
Finger joints tension31
Knee tension31
Knee tension while standing31
Upper limbs tingling,side lain on32
Forearm tingling,prickling,asleep31
Hand tingling,prickling,asleep31
Hand tingling on waking31
Fingers tingling,prickling,asleep31
Finger tips tingling31
Foot tingling,prickling,asleep31
Foot trembling,falling asleep31
Extremities weakness21
Hand weakness31
Thigh weakness31
Thigh weakness after sitting31
Knee weakness31
Calf weakness31
Calf weakness while walking31
Feet weakness31
Foot weakness while walking31
Sole weakness31
Comatose sleep23
Deep sleep23
Restless sleep21
Sleepiness, afternoon32
Sleepiness, evening32
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleepiness after eating31
Sleepiness,contraction of eyelids31
Early waking31
Frequent waking31
Yawning, daytime31
Yawning, morning31
Yawning during chill31
Frequent yawning31
Ineffectual yawning31
Spasmodic yawning31
Anxious dreams22
Dreams of business21
Confused dreams22
Dreams about difficulties21
Dreams about previous events22
Dreams about fire22
Frightful dreams22
Historic dreams21
Dreams of laughing21
Dreams of misfortune21
Pleasant dreams22
Dreams of unsuccessfull efforts to do various things21
Dreams of unsucessful efforts to reach a distant place31
Vivid dreams21
Coldness in general21
Coldness at noon31
Coldness, afternoon21
Coldness, evening21
Coldness at 9 p.m.31
Ascending coldness21
Coldness beginning in back31
Chilliness, afternoon32
Chilliness,evening after eating31
Chilliness, night31
Coldness descending21
Chill,drinking aggravation21
Chill after eating31
Internal coldness21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors21
Coldness shaking, afternoon31
Coldness shaking,evening31
One-sided coldness21
Trembling and shivering22
As if wind were blowing cold upon the body21
Heat in general21
Heat,morning,after breakfast31
Heat, afternoon21
Heat, evening21
Body anterior part heat21
Heat descending21
Heat after breakfast31
Intense heat21
Internal heat21
Chill followed by heat21
Cold perspiration21
Cold perspiration, night31
Oily perspiration,night31
Scanty sweat21
Sensation as if about to perspire but no moisture appears21
Lower part of body perspiration33
Symptoms aggravated while sweating21
Skin burning in spots31
Cicatrices break open31
Skin coldness21
Skin scarlet-red spots32
Yellow skin,jaundice31
Dry skin,burning31
Phagedenic eruption31
Suppurating eruption31
Skin flabbiness21
Skin formication21
Formication,scratching amelioration31
Skin inflammation21
Inclination to skin inflammation31
Itching, night31
Itching unchanged by scratching31
Skin prickling21
Skin ulcer21
Skin bleeding ulcer31
Skin ulcer with crawling31
Skin ulcer,bloody discharges31
Skin ulcer,yellow discharges31
Skin inflamed ulcer31
Skin painless ulcer31
Skin sensitive ulcer31
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Skin unhealthy ulcers31
Unhealthy looking skin21
Withered warts31
After midnight31
Desire for open air33
Sensation of air as if fanned31
Open air amelioration33
After breakfast amelioration32
Becoming cold amelioration31
After becoming cold aggravation31
Tendency to take cold31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constriction, internally31
Constriction,sensation of a band31
Contradictory and alternating states21
Clonic convulsions31
Hysterical convulsions31
Convulsive movements21
Distention of the blood vessels22
Before eating22
While eating amelioration32
After eating31
Physical exertion aggravation21
While fasting23
Flabby feeling23
Cold drinks aggravation32
Formication,external parts22
Full feeling, internally31
Laying hand on part amelioration22
Flushes of heat21
Sensation of heat22
Heaviness, externally21
Heaviness, internally32
After injuries,blows,falls,bruises21
Excessive physical irritability21
Lack of physical irritability31
Jerking, internally22
Muscles jerking32
Straining of the muscles and the tendons from lifting21
Inclination to lie down21
After lying aggravation31
After lying amelioration32
Lying in bed aggravation31
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on painful side aggravation31
Lying on painless side amelioration31
Before menses21
During menses31
Motion aggravation22
After motion aggravation32
Motion of affected parts aggravation31
Motion of affected parts amelioration31
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased21
Narcotics aggravation21
Numbness in single parts33
Numbness of suffering parts31
Orgasm of blood22
Orgasm of blood as if everything were moving in body31
Pains appear suddenly31
Benumbing pain31
Biting pain31
Burning pain,externally31
Constricting pain externally31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Jerking pain,internally31
Paralytic pain31
Pinching pain31
Pinching pain,externally31
Pinching pain internally31
Pressing pain,internally31
Pressing pain inward31
Pain as from load31
Pressing pain from within outward31
Sore,bruised pain,externally32
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally32
Stitching pain inward31
Muscles stitching pain31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Tearing downward pain31
Muscles tearing pain31
Wandering pain31
Paralysis of the organs31
Perspiration gives no relief21
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pressure amelioration32
Prickling externally21
Pulsation externally21
Abnormal pulse21
Relaxation of muscles22
Riding in a wagon or on the cars31
Rising aggravation21
Running aggravates21
Sensitiveness, internally31
Electric-like shocks31
Symptoms on one side21
Crosswise symptoms,left lower and right upper31
Symptoms on the left side33
Aggravated while sitting21
Ameliorated while sitting31
On first sitting down aggravation31
On first sitting down amelioration31
During sleep aggravation31
Smaller sensation21
Sensation as if blood stagnated21
Standing aggravation21
Standing amelioration31
Glands swelling31
Tension, externally21
Tension, internally31
Touch aggravation21
Illusions of touch32
Trembling externally21
Trembling from anxiety31
On waking21
Walking aggravation22
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation31
While walking fast aggravation31
Warm aggravation21
Warm air aggravation31
Becoming warm in open air aggravation31
Warm bed aggravation31
Warm room aggravation33
Weakness,evening after eating32
Weakness,in open air amelioration31
Weakness after eating32
Weakness,mental exertion,occupation amelioration32
Nervous weakness31
Weakness from perspiration31
Weakness in a warm room31
Sensation of cold wind31
Wounds bleeding freely31