Hamamelis virginiana


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Absorbed,buried in thought21
Aversion to company21
Difficult concentration21
Forgetful of words while speaking31
Weakness of memory for what has read31
Weakness of memory for words31
Mistakes in speaking31
Reverence for those around him21
Sadness,mental depression22
Sadness,evening amelioration31
Sadness from emission31
Sadness from masturbation31
Averse to being spoken to21
Wandering thoughts while studying31
Aversion to mental work22
Mental work impossible31
Tendency to fall21
Vertigo as if intoxicated21
Vertigo while lying31
Vertigo,while lying amelioration31
Vertigo with nausea22
Vertigo while reading21
Vertigo on rising22
Vertigo on rising from stooping31
Vertigo on stooping22
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Forehead constriction31
Head fullness22
Head fullness,evening31
Head fullness when straining at stool31
Forehaed fullness32
Vertex fullness31
Forehead heaviness31
Sensation of head numbness21
Sensation of forehead numbness31
Headache in general21
Headache,morning on rising31
Headache,evening amelioration31
Headache at 10 p.m.31
Headache,night amelioration31
Headache,in open air amelioration31
Headache on coughing31
Headache,epistaxis amelioration31
Headache,while lying amelioration31
Headache,mental exertion amelioration31
Pulsating headache31
Headache,while reading amelioration31
Headache,rubbing amelioration31
Headache after excessive pollutions31
Headache,morning second sleep agrravation31
Headache after sleep31
Headache,after sleep amelioration31
Headache from pressing at stool31
Headache from stooping31
Headache from straining eyes32
Headache,while talking amelioration31
Headache,while walking amelioration31
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Headache from exposure to wind31
Forehead pain22
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain,morning on rising31
Forehead pain,night31
Forehead pain,open air amelioration31
Forehead pain,while lying amelioration31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration31
Forehead pain,rubbing amelioration31
Forehead pain while sitting31
Forehead pain while standing31
Forehead pain amel.while walking in open air31
Above eyes headache31
Above right eye headache31
Above left eye pain31
Above eyes pain at noon31
Above eyes pain in open air31
Above eyes pulsating pain31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Occiput pain21
Left side headache31
Sides headache,morning31
Sides headache,evening31
Sides headache after eating31
Temples pain21
Temples pain,morning31
Temple to temple pain31
Bursting headache21
Bursting headache,morning31
Bursting headache,evening31
Bursting headache before menses31
Bursting headache while stooping32
Bursting headache on waking31
Temples cutting pain32
Headache,dull pain21
Temples lancinating pain32
Temples pain as from a nail31
Pain as from a nail from temple to temple31
Forehead pressing pain21
Above nose pressing pain31
Temples pressing pain as if in vice31
Smarting headache31
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure21
Temples tearing pain21
Vertex pulsating21
Retinal haemorrhage31
Blueness of canthi31
Eye ecchymosis22
Eversion of lids22
Eye inflammation22
Eye inflammation after injuries32
Conjunctiva inflammation32
Conjunctiva granular inflammation32
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels32
Eye complaints from injuries21
Eye pain22
Eye pain,8 p.m.31
Eye pain,pressure aggravation31
Eye pain,pressure amelioration31
Eye burning pain on closing lids31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye pressing outward pain32
Eye pressing pain,pressure amelioration32
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye23
Sensation of eye protrusion31
Eye redness22
Sensation of eye swelling31
Swollen lids31
Acrid tears22
Weak eye21
Dim vision21
Weak vision22
Ear blood discharges32
Ear bloody discharges31
Pimples behind ear31
Ear fullness,morning31
Itching in ear21
Itching in left ear31
Noises in ear,8 p.m.31
Buzzing in ear22
Ringing.8 p.m.31
Ear pain21
Ear pain,evening31
Ear pain from sound of hammer during headache31
Ear pain,pressure amelioration31
Ear pain extending to finger ends31
Pain behind ear21
Pain behind ear,11 a.m.31
Pain behind ear,afternoon31
Pain behind ear,evening31
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Ear aching pain21
Right ear aching pain31
Ear aching pain,5 p.m.31
Ear aching pain,pressure amelioration31
Right ear burning pain31
Ear burning pain,evening31
Ear burning pain,evening,pressure amelioration31
Stopped ear,evening31
Impaired hearing,right ear32
Impaired hearing,forenoon32
Nose burning discharge31
Nose excoriating discharge31
Nose offensive discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Left to right epistaxis31
Epistaxis with amenorrhoea31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood32
Epistaxis,dark,black and thin blood33
Epistaxis,fluid blood32
Epistaxis from a blow32
Epistaxis during fever31
Epistaxis instead of menses32
Epistaxis,suppressed menses31
Epistaxis,old people31
Epistaxis with purpura hemorrhagica32
Vicarious epistaxis33
Nose obstruction22
Sensation of nose obstruction32
Offensive odor31
Acute smell21
Paroxysmal sneezing31
Nose septum swelling31
Nose root tension31
Face coldness22
Cracked lips21
Bluish circles around eyes31
Pale face21
Lips dryness31
Excoriated lips21
Face right side burning pain31
Lips burning pain32
Face sore bruised pain21
Face stitching pain22
Face right side stitching pain31
Face muscles stiffness21
Face oedematous swelling31
Tongue tip aphthae32
Mouth bleeding21
Gums bleeding32
Gums easily bleeding32
Gums bleeding,profuse after extraction of teeth32
Burns of tongue and lips21
White tongue31
Mouth dryness21
Mouth scalded mucus membrane31
Gums pain32
Tongue pain32
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain31
Tongue pain as if burnt32
Tongue pressing pain32
Gums sore pain32
Tongue erect papillae21
Tongue papillae enlarged at root31
Spongy gums22
Gums swelling32
Bad taste31
Bloody taste31
Insipid taste31
Metallic taste31
Taste like sulphur32
Tongue veins varicose22
Tongue vesicles32
Vesicles under the tongue32
Toothache in sound teeth31
Toothache,warm room aggravation31
Toothache extending to cheek bones31
Cutting toothache21
Blood oozing in throat22
Throat dryness21
Throat dryness on inspiration31
Throat dryness when rising31
Throat inflammation21
Throat right side inflammation31
Throat chronic inflammation32
Tonsils inflammation31
Throat pain21
Throat pain on swallowing31
Throat pain on empty swallowing31
Throat rawness pain,evening31
Sore throat21
Sore throat right side31
Sore throat,evening31
Sensation of uvula relaxation31
Tonsils swelling31
Throat varicosis23
Pharynx varicosis33
Tonsils varicosis32
External throat sides pain on motion31
Larynx catarrh32
Larynx irritation32
Tickling in the air passages21
Tickling in the air passages with taste of blood31
Tickling in the air passages on waking31
Hoarseness,morning after rising32
Hoarseness,morning on waking32
Hoarseness after rising31
Difficult respiration21
Difficult respiration while lying32
Cough, 8 a.m.31
Dry cough21
Tickling cough21
Tickling cough on waking31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Spitting of dark blood31
Grayish expectoration21
Greenish expectoration21
Mucous expectoration21
Putrid expectoration31
Thick expectoration21
Yellow expectoration21
Bleeding nipples22
Chest constriction during deep respiration31
Chest lower part constriction32
Chest cramp21
Chest cramp after eating pork31
Nipples excoriation32
Chest haemorrhage23
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood31
Chest haemorrhage,coagulated dark blood31
Chest haemorrhage after suppression of menses31
Axilla itching31
Chest oppression22
Chest left side aching pain31
Chest sides aching pain,using arms31
Chest burning pain21
Chest sore,bruised pain22
Nipples sore,bruised pain32
Chest stitching pain21
Heart stitching pain32
Heart palpitation21
Aversion to water21
Desires pickles21
Desires smoking31
Convulsive eructations21
Eructations after dinner31
Eructations after eating31
Eructations after supper21
Empty eructations21
Fluid eructations21
Eructations tasting like food21
Heartburn after dinner31
Hiccough, 6 p.m.31
Hiccough after pork31
Nausea after dinner31
Nausea after eating31
Nausea after pork31
Nausea after sleep31
Stomach pain21
Stomach pain after eating31
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach cramping pain after dinner31
Stomach cramping pain after eating31
Stomach cramping pain after pork31
Stomach pulsation22
Thirst, 6 p.m.31
Extreme thirst31
Thirst for large quantities31
Stomach trembling22
Vomiting after plums31
Blood vomiting23
Black blood vomiting32
Clotted blood vomiting31
Blood vomiting instead of menses,in girls32
Blood vomiting during suppressed menses32
Abdomen distension during menses31
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching,evening31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoeic stool31
Hypogastrium aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching extending to testicles31
Umbilicus aching before stool32
Reg.of umbilicus aching after dinner31
Region of umbilicus burning pain32
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain after breakfast31
Region of umbilicus cramping pain21
Umbilical reg.cramping pain after dinner31
Umbilical reg.cramping pain before stool32
Inguinal region dragging pain21
Inguinal reg.drawing pain extending to testicles31
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness22
Abdomen sore pain,evening31
Abdomen sore pain during menses32
Abdomen veins distended,varicose32
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Constipation during suppressed menses32
Rectum spasmodic constriction32
Rectum constriction before stool32
Rectum fullness23
Haemorrhage from anus23
Black haemorrhage from anus32
Haemorrhage from anus,suppressed menses31
Haemorrhage from anus during stool33
Bluish haemorrhoids32
External haemorrhoids33
Large haemorrhoids33
Anus itching22
Rectum pain21
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum soreness23
Rectum tenesmus22
Rectum pulsation22
Urging to stool21
Constant urging31
Frequent urging to stool31
Black stool21
Bloody stool23
Dark stool21
Dry stool21
Hard stool22
Mucous slimy bloody stool31
Stool covered with mucous32
Bladder muco-pus catarrh21
Bladder haemorrhage22
Haemorrhoids of bladder22
Bleeding haemorrhoids of bladder32
Bladder insensibility21
Retention of urine during menses31
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)21
Constant urging to urinate21
Frequent urging to urinate21
Urging to urinate while lying21
Urging to urinate,pouring out liquid31
Dribbling urination (by drops)21
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination,daytime31
Kidneys pain21
Kidneys pain,morning31
Kidneys pain,motion aggravation32
Kidneys pain while walking31
Region of kidneys aching pain21
Reg.of kidneys pressing pain31
Urethra viscid discharge21
Urethra haemorrhage22
Urethra haemorrhage,pure blood31
Bloody urine23
Pale urine21
Copious urine (increased)21
Copious urine,daytime31
Scanty urine22
Scanty urine with amenorrhoea31
Purulent sediment in urine21
Troublesome erections21
Frequent erections21
Erections without sexual desire21
Wanting erections,impotency22
Testes heat21
Spermatic cords inflammation21
Testes inflammation from contusion32
Testes inflammation from suppressed gonorrhoea32
Epididymis inflammation31
Spermatic cords pain23
Spermatic cords pain extending to testes33
Testes pain22
Testes pain suddenly shifting to bowels causing nausea31
Testes pain extending to stomach31
Testes aching pain22
Spermatic cords drawing pain22
Testes drawing pain22
Testes sore,bruised pain22
Penis stitching pain21
Testes stitching pain22
Testes stitching pain,night31
Testes stitching pain extending to stomach32
Scrotum perspiration22
Scrotum perspiration,night31
Penis pulsation21
Nightly seminal emissions21
Seminal emissions without dreams32
Seminal emissions without erections31
Unconscious seminal emissions32
Excessive sexual passion31
Spermatic cords swelling21
Testes swelling22
Penis tingling21
Ovaries congestion21
Uterus dropsy21
Female genitalia eruptions21
Vagina fullness21
Vagina heat21
Ovaries inflammation21
Ovaries inflammation from sexual excesses32
Uterus inflammation22
Vagina inflammation22
Ovaries irritation21
Female genitalia itching21
Bloody leucorrhoea21
Copious leucorrhoea22
Menses,daytime only21
Bright-red menses22
Copious menses22
Copious menses,daytime31
Dark menses23
First menses delayed in girls22
Irregular menses21
Late menses21
Menses cease while lying21
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Vicarious menses22
Active metrorrhagia32
Bright red metrorrhagia32
Fluid bright red metrorrhagia31
Continuous but slow metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia,dark blood31
Gushing metrorrhagia32
Metrorrhagia during and after labor33
Painless metrorrhagia32
Passive metrorrhagia32
Ovaries pain22
Left ovary pain32
Left ovary pain extending to abdomen31
Ovaries paroxysmal pain32
Ovaries pain extending to abdomen31
Ovaries pain extending to uterus31
Uterus pain during menses32
Uterus pain extending downward31
Uterus pain extending down the thighs31
Vagina pain21
Vagina pain during coition31
Ovaries bearing down pain21
Ovaries cutting pain21
Ovaries sore pain,tenderness21
Uterus sore pain,tenderness,during menses32
Vagina sore pain,tenderness22
Vagina sore pain during coition31
Vagina stinging pain21
Ovaries tearing pain21
Swollen ovaries21
Female genitalia varicose veins22
Back coldness (including chill)22
Back coldness extending to lower limbs31
Back pain during menses31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar region pain before menses32
Lumbar region pain during menses31
Sacral region pain21
Sacral reg.pain while walking31
Back aching pain21
Lumbar region aching pain21
Lumbar reg.aching after emissions31
Back boring pain22
As though the back would break,lumbar region32
Lumbar reg.pain as if broken32
Lumbar region dragging pain32
Cervical region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Spinal irritation,cervical region32
Lumbar region tearing pain32
Lumbar weakness after emissions31
Chapped hands21
Hip chilliness31
Extremities coldness22
Hip coldness31
Hip coldness, 9 a.m.31
Leg coldness31
Leg coldness when in open air31
Leg cramps during pregnancy31
Hands dryness31
Pimples between index finger and thumb31
Nates pimples31
Nates painful pimples31
Joints fullness31
Leg fullness32
Leg joints fullness32
Upper arm gooseflesh31
Hand heat31
Palm heat31
Leg heat32
Upper limbs heaviness32
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs32
Extremeities itching21
Extremities itching,scratching aggravation31
Upper limbs itching31
Upper limbs itching, morning31
Upper limbs itching,rubbing amelioration31
Upper limbs itching,scratching aggravation31
Hand itching31
Hand itching,morning on waking31
Hand itching,rubbing amelioration31
Hand itching,scratching aggravation31
Lower limbs itching while undressing31
Dread of leg motion31
Extremities numbness21
Extremties numbness, afternoon31
Leg numbness32
Foot numbness while riding in cold wind31
Extremties pain21
Extremities rheumatic pain32
Joints rheumatic pain31
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs rheumatic pain31
Shoulder pain32
Shoulder rheumatic pain32
Upper arm pain31
Upper arm bone pain31
Hand pain extending to shoulder31
Back of hand pain31
Back of hand pain extending to shoulder31
Metacarpal joint of first finger pain31
Lower limbs pain21
Lower limbs pain,lying amelioration31
Lower limbs pain during menses31
Lower limbs pain while sitting31
Hip pain31
Hip pain on walking31
Knee pain31
Leg rheumatic pain31
Extremities aching21
Upper limbs aching31
Elbow aching31
Hand aching31
Fingers aching31
Hip aching31
Hip aching while walking31
Thigh aching31
Leg aching31
Foot aching31
Toes aching31
Palm burning pain31
Upper limbs flexor muscles drawing31
Wrist drawing pain31
Hand drawing pain31
Fingers drawing pain31
Leg drawing pain31
Foot drawing pain31
Back of foot drawing31
Toes drawing pain31
Forearm shooting31
Sore,bruised extremities22
Sore bruised extremities during motion32
Sore bruised shoulder31
Sore bruised shoulder,moving arm32
Sore,bruised upper arm31
Sore bruised upper arm,morning31
Sore bruised upper arm on motion31
Sore bruised upper arm biceps31
Sore bruised upper arm in bone31
Sore bruised forearm31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised thigh32
Sore bruised knee31
Forearm stitching pain31
Wrist stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain while walking31
Knee stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain31
Foot suppressed perspiration31
Upper limbs stiffness32
Shoulder stiffness32
Elbow stiffness31
Wrist stiffness31
Hand stiffness31
Fingers stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness32
Hip stiffness32
Joints swelling32
Hand veins swelling32
Thigh swelling32
Foot tingling,prickling,asleep31
Lower limbs varicose ulcers32
Lower limbs varices33
Lower limbs varices during pregnancy32
Thigh varices33
Leg varices33
Leg varices,bleeding32
Leg inflamed varices32
Leg painful varices32
Leg varices during pregnancy32
Leg sensitive varices32
Leg stinging varices32
Extremities weakness21
Extremities weakness while walking31
Upper limbs weakness31
Lower limbs weakness31
Lower limbs weakness, 1 p.m.31
Hip weakness31
Thigh weakness31
Thigh weakness,night31
Knee weakness,afternoon31
Leg weakness32
Foot weakness while walking31
Bad sleep21
Disturbed sleep21
Disturbed sleep, 5 a.m.31
Prolonged sleep21
Restless sleep21
Restless sleep,morning31
Sleepiness, afternoon31
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleeplessness,first part of night31
Sleeplessness from activity of mind,thoughts31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Amorous dreams21
Unpleasant dreams21
Creeping while standing31
Heat, forenoon21
Perspiration while lying21
Skin prickling23
Purpura haemorrhagica22
Feeling of sore skin31
Skin stinging23
Skin bleeding ulcer31
Skin varicose ulcer31
Unhealthy looking skin21
Open air aggravation32
Blackness of the external parts22
Tendency to take cold31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Distention of the blood vessels22
Physical exertion aggravation22
Milk aggravation31
Pork aggravation31
Full feeling, internally32
Inflammations, internally31
Blood vessels inflammation32
Jar,stepping aggravation22
Pressing pain,internally33
Sore,bruised pain33
Sore,bruised pain,externally33
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable31
Full pulse31
Hard pulse31
Almost imperceptible pulse31
Irregular pulse31
Irregular and slow pulse31
Slow pulse31
Soft pulse31
Weak pulse31
Wiry pulse31
Rubbing ameliorates31
Touch aggravation23
Varicose veins23
Inflamed varicose veins32
Painful varicose veins32
Varicose veins soreness32
Stinging varicose veins32
Weakness, 6.30 a.m.31
Weakness, 3 p.m.32
Weakness on rising31
Weakness from walking31
Wet weather32