Drosera rotundifolia.


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Anxiety, 7 to 8 p.m.31
Anxiety,night on waking32
Anxiety when alone32
Anxiety with fear31
Anxiety during fever31
Anxiety during flushes of heat31
Anxiety about future32
Anxiety, hypochondriacal31
Suicidal anxiety32
Anxiety on waking32
Ailments from bad news21
Desire of company31
Desire of company,evening31
While alone aggravation32
Difficult concentration22
Difficult concentration while studying,reading,etc...32
Want of self condidence31
Confusion of mind22
Confusion of mind,evening31
Confusion of mind during chill31
Confusion of mind during heat31
Confusion of mind while walking31
Delusions,someone calls31
Illusions of fancy31
Delusion,sees images,phantoms31
Things seem longer31
Delusion that he is persecuted33
Thought he was pursued by enemies31
Thinks things grow taller31
Delusions of vexations and offenses31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Dullness while reading31
Fear in the night31
Fear of being alone31
Fear of being alone,evening31
Fear of hearing bad news31
Fear of evil31
Fear of ghosts31
Fear of misfortune31
Loathing for life31
Loathing for life,evening31
Alternating mood32
Changeable,variable mood31
Easily offended21
Anxious restlessness31
Internal restlessness31
Restlessness while reading31
Sadness,mental depression22
Sadness, daytime31
Sadness when alone32
Starting from sleep31
Suicidal disposition21
Suicidal disposition,evening31
Suicidal disposition by drowning32
Thoughts of killing herself,seeing blood or a knife,abhors the idea31
Suicidal thoughts31
Thinking of complaints aggravation31
Weary of life, evening31
Wepping,tearful mood21
Vertigo in open air21
Tendency to fall21
Tendency to fall to left31
Tendency to fall to left,walking in open air31
Tendency to fall sideways31
Swaying toward left21
Vertigo while walking in the open air32
Forehead constriction31
Head heat21
Head heaviness22
Head heaviness after chill31
Head heaviness on holding head erect31
Head heaviness on raising head31
Head heaviness,on stooping amelioration31
Scalp itching22
Scalp burning itching31
Scalp itching,rubbing amelioration32
Headache in general22
Headache,cold air amelioration31
Headache while bending head backward31
Headache during the chill31
Headache after the chill31
Hammering headache31
Headache during the heat31
Headache from becoming heated31
Headache,amel.while leaning against something31
Headache,motion amelioration31
Headache from violent motion31
Headache on moving head31
Headache on moving eyes31
Headache,external pressure amelioration31
Headache from raising head31
Headache,resting head on arm amelioration31
Headache while rising upright,erect31
Headache while sitting31
Headache after sleep31
Headache,heavily stepping aggravation31
Headache from stooping31
Headache while talking31
Headache while walking31
Headache,while walking amelioration31
Headache from writing31
Aching pain deep in brain21
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead pain on rapid motion31
Forehead pain on motion of the eyes31
Forehead pain from stooping31
Forehead pain,while walking amelioration31
Forehead pain while writing31
Above eyes headache31
Above right eye headache31
Above eyes pain,morning31
Above eyes pain when stooping31
Occiput pulsatiing pain31
One side headache21
Headache alternating from one side to the other31
Temples pain21
Right temple pain31
Temples pain from stooping31
Headache,vertex pain21
Headache,boring pain21
Boring headache while writing31
Forehead boring pain21
Forehead boring headache,outward31
Forehead boring pain while writing31
Burning headache22
Over eyes burning pain31
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache21
Cutting headache,motion of eyes31
Cutting headache on stooping31
Cutting headache,supporting head on hands amelioration31
Forehead cutting pain31
Drawing headache,morning31
Occiput drawing pain21
Head sides drawing pain21
Head sides dull pain31
Gnawing pain above right eye,morning31
Occiput gnawing pain31
Lancinating headache21
Forehead lancinating pain32
Forehead lancinating pain on moving eyes32
Headache,pressing pain22
Pressing outward headache31
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing outward pain32
Head side pressing pain21
Head right side pressing pain31
Head sides pressing outward pain31
Head right side pressing outward pain31
Temples pressing pain21
Temples pressing outward pain31
Right temple pressing outward pain31
Vertex pressing pain21
Forehead stitching pain21
Forehead stitching pain,moving eyes32
Forehead stitching pain on stooping32
Forehead sides stitching pain31
Stunning,stupefying headache21
Stunning,pressing headache32
Forehead stunning pain31
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Tearing headache,leaning head on hands amelioration31
Tearing headache,moving eyes aggravation31
Forehead tearing pain21
Forehead perspiration21
Forehead cold perspiration32
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Occiput pulsating22
Sensitiveness of brain21
Brain sensitiveness to stepping31
Agglutinated eye21
Blueness of lids21
Eyes dryness21
Lids itching31
Eye pain,pressure aggravation31
Eye pain,rest aggravation31
Eyebrows pain31
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain21
Eye cutting pain21
Eye stitching pain21
Eye stitching pain,motion amelioration31
Eye stitching pain extending outward31
Eye tearing pain21
Optic nerve paralysis,amaurosis31
Photophobia,artificial light31
Eye protrusion22
Contracted pupils (myosis)21
Pupils alternately contracted and dilated in the same light31
Pupils dilated (mydriase)31
Eye redness21
Sunken eye22
Weak eye21
Blurred vision21
Bright colors before the eyes21
Dark colors before the eyes21
Dim vision,evening after walking on entering a room31
Aggravation by exertion of vision21
Foggy vision22
Loss of vision as from fainting31
Loss of vision while reading31
Run letters together22
Ear blotches31
Pimples behind ear31
Ear formication21
Noises in ear21
Noises in ear,morning31
Buzzing in ear21
Drumming in ear22
Distant drumming31
Fluttering sounds in ear21
Hissing in ear21
Humming in ear22
Roaring in ear22
Ear pain22
Right ear pain31
Ear pain on swallowing31
Ear pain extending inward31
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Ear lobule pain21
Ear burning pain22
Right ear burning pain31
Bursting sensation in front of ear31
Cutting pain in ear21
Drawing pain in ear21
Drawing pain in right ear31
Drawing pain in ear lobule31
Ear gnawing pain21
Jerking pain in front of ear31
Ear pressing pain22
Stitching pain in ear22
Stitching pain in right ear31
Stitching pain in left ear31
Impaired hearing22
Lost hearing21
Nose catarrh21
Nose coldness21
Coryza with discharge (fluent)32
Coryza with discharge,morning31
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Nose blood discharge31
Nose copious discharge31
Nose greenish discharge31
Nose purulent discharge31
Nose viscid,though discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Nose inside dryness21
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Epistaxis,clotted,coagulated blood31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood31
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Epistaxis with cough33
Epistaxis with whooping cough33
Epistaxis when stooping31
Epistaxis from washing face32
Nose obstruction21
Offensive odor31
Acute smell,sour odors31
Sneezing without coryza31
Frequent sneezing32
Painful sneezing31
Nose tingling21
Nose inside tingling,left side31
Bloated face21
Face coldness21
Face left side coldness31
Face coldness with chill32
Cracked lips21
Cracked middle of lower lip31
Bluish face22
Bluish face during cough33
Bluish face during whooping cough32
Bluish lips32
Bluish lips,whooping cough31
Pale face22
Pale face during chill32
Red face22
Red face,circumscribed31
Red face during cough32
Bluish red face31
Lips dryness31
Face comedones21
Chin comedones31
Nose comedones31
Face pimples21
Face pustules21
Face heat22
Face heat during chill32
Face heat with cold hands32
Face heat flashes31
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)21
Face pain on opening the mouth31
Face pain,pressure aggravation31
Face pain,touch aggravation31
Jaw articulation pain31
Jaw articulation pain on opening mouth31
Corner of mouth burning pain33
Face drawing pain21
Upper jaw drawing pain31
Face pressing pain21
Parotid gland sore,bruised pain31
Face stinging pain21
Face stitching pain during chill31
Lower jaw stitching pain31
Lower jaw tearing pain32
Face perspiration22
Face cold perspiration32
Face perspiration during heat32
Sunken face21
Face swelling21
Cheeks and lips tingling31
Mouth bleeding21
Mouth bleeding in whooping cough31
Sensation of mouth dryness31
Palate dryness32
Breath offensive odor31
Breath offensive odor during cough31
Mouth burning pain,cold water amelioration31
Mouth burning pain as from pepper31
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue tip burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue stitching pain31
Tongue right side stitching pain31
Tongue tip stitching pain32
Tongue prickling31
Palate roughness32
Bloody saliva32
Watery saliva31
Salivation during heat32
Scarping palate22
Tongue swelling31
Tongue centre small round swelling32
Bitter taste31
Bitter taste,morning31
Bread tastes bitter31
Bitter taste when chewing31
Bitter taste during eating31
Bitter taste after eating31
Purulent taste32
Putrid taste32
Wanting taste,loss of taste31
Wanting tastelessness of food31
Ulcers on velum31
Tongue ulcers31
Tongue tip ulcers31
Teeth coldness21
Looseness of teeth21
Incisors pain31
Lower teeth pain31
Toothache,walking in open air31
Toothache from warm drinks32
Stitching,stinging toothache22
Stitching toothache,morning32
Sensation of bread crumbs in throat21
Choking,throat constricting21
Choking,walking amelioration31
Oesophagus shoking31
Throat crawling21
Throat dryness22
Throat mucus21
Throat greenish mucus31
Throat yellow mucus31
Throat pain on speaking31
Throat pain on swallowing31
Throat pain on swallowing food31
Throat burning pain21
Throat burning pain after dinner31
Throat rawness pain21
Throat rawness pain after dinner31
Throat stinging pain on swallowing32
Throat roughness21
Throat scraping21
Throat scratching like crumbs of bread31
Difficult swallowing31
Difficult swallowing solids32
Impeded swallowing solids31
Throat ulcers21
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh21
Laryngo-tracheal constriction21
Larynx constriction32
Larynx constriction during cough33
Larynx constriction while talking32
Larynx constriction,walking amelioratioon33
Larynx crawling22
Larynx and trachea dryness21
Larynx dryness32
Trachea dryness31
As from dust (larynx and trachea)23
Sensation of foreign substance in larynx22
Larynx inflammation23
Trachea inflammation31
Larynx irritation33
Larynx irritation while talking33
Trachea irritation33
Mucus in larynx32
Trachea mucus31
Larynx pain21
Larynx pain on coughing31
Larynx pain,grasps the larynx on coughing32
Larynx burning pain during cough32
Trachea burning pain32
Larynx and trachea contractive pain21
Larynx and trachea contractive pain when speaking31
Larynx rawness pain when singing31
Larynx soreness33
Larynx sore pain on coughing32
Larynx soreness on inspiration31
Larynx soreness on swallowing33
Larynx stitching pain21
Larynx stitching pain during cough31
Larynx stitching pain extending to pharynx31
Larynx phthisis22
Trachea phthisis32
Larynx plug21
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx roughness31
Trachea roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx22
Supports larynx on coughing22
Tickling in the air passages22
Tickling in the air passages,night32
Tickling in the air passages,warm room33
Tickling in larynx33
Larynx and trachea velvety sensation (downy)22
Barking voice21
Bass voice33
Cracked voice31
Deep voice33
Higher voice31
Hoarseness after measles32
Hollow voice33
Husky voice33
Interrupted voice31
Lost voice32
Lost voice momentarily31
Rough voice31
Toneless voice33
Accelerated respiration during paroxysm of cough33
Arrested respiration on coughing33
Asthmatic respiration22
Spasmodic asthma32
Asthma,talking aggravation32
Deep respiration21
Deep respiration ameliorates31
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration after midnight32
Difficult respiration with cough33
Difficult respiration,sitting31
Difficult respiration after talking32
Difficult respiration,walking amelioration32
Irregular respiration21
Slow respiration21
Snoring while lying on the back31
Wheezing respiration22
Cough, forenoon21
Cough, evening in bed32
Cough, night22
Waking from the cough, 2 a.m.32
Cough, midnight31
Cough after midnight33
Cough, 2 a.m.32
Cough, open air amelioration31
Asthmatic cough23
Barking cough23
Cough,on becoming warm in bed,agg.or excites31
Cough,deep breathing31
Cough,breathing being deficient31
Choking cough21
Chocking cough about midnight31
Cough, cold food31
Constant cough21
Cough,larynx constriction22
Cough,chest constriction31
Cough with convulsions22
Cough,crawling in larynx32
Croupy cough21
Cough,crying aggravation21
Deep cough23
Sensation as though he could not cough deep enough to start mucus31
Cough after drinking23
Dry cough in evening,loose in morning31
Dry cough,night33
Dry cough during fever31
Dry cough after measles32
Cough from fauces dryness33
Cough from larynx dryness32
Cough as from dust23
Cough from eating21
Exhausting cough22
Cough during fever21
Sensation as of foreign body in larynx on coughing22
Grasping throat during cough21
Hacking cough22
Hacking cough from dryness in larynx32
Haching cough from tickling in larynx33
Must hold chest with both hands while coughing23
Cough,holding pit of stomach amelioration32
Hoarsed cough23
Hoarse cough,night31
Hoarse cough,midnight31
Hoarse cough after midnight33
Hollow cough21
Inability to cough22
Inability to cough,amel.by pressure of hand on pit of stomach32
Cough from bronchia irritation32
Cough from irritation in chest31
Cough from irritation in larynx33
Cough from irritation in trachea33
Loose cough21
Loose cough without expectoration31
Loose cough during fever31
Cough,lying aggravation22
Cough while luing,daytime amelioration32
Cough while lying,evening33
Cough while lying,night33
Cough as soon as head touches pillow33
Cough,lying in bed aggravation32
Cough on first lying down32
Cough after measles33
Cough,motion aggravation21
Cough,motion amelioration31
Cough,motion of chest aggravation31
Nervous cough22
Paroxysmal cough23
Paroxysmal cough,night32
Paroxysmal cough after midnight33
Paroxysmal cough at 2 a.m.33
Paroxysaml cough,attacks follow one another quickly33
Paroxysmal cough,short coughs32
Periodic cough every three hours31
Cough,reading aloud aggravation22
Clear ringing cough23
Scraping cough21
Cough,fauces scraping33
Cough from larynx scrapping33
Cough short21
Cough,singing aggravation22
Wakens from cough31
Cough,smoking aggravation32
Cough on smoking after dinner31
Spasmodic cough23
Spasmodic cough,night33
Suffocative cough23
Suffocative cough, midnight32
Sympathetic cough (cardiac disease)21
Cough on talking23
Tickling cough22
Tickling cough,night32
Cough from tickling in larynx33
Cough from tickling in larynx,night32
Cough from tickling in larynx while lying33
Titillating cough21
Tonelmess cough21
Tormenting cough23
Violent cough23
Cough,walking amelioration32
Cough in a warm room32
Whooping cough23
Whooping cough,evening31
Whooping cough,night31
Whooping cough after midnight31
Whooping cough, 2 a.m.31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Spitting of black blood31
Spitting of bright-red blood31
Spitting of dark blood31
Spitting of pale blood31
Spitting of streaked blood31
Copious expectoration22
Difficult expectoration21
Frothy expectoration21
Grayish expectoration21
Greenish expectoration21
Hawking up mucus21
Mucous expectoration23
Bloody mucous expectoration32
Expectoration,burnt odor31
Expectoration,milky odor31
Expectoration,offensive odor31
Purulent expectorarion22
Must swallow what has been loosened21
Bitter expectoration32
Expectoration nauseous taste32
Putrid expectoration31
Salty expectoration31
Sour expectoration31
Yellow expectoration22
Chest catarrh22
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest constriction during inspiration31
Chest constriction,walking in open air amelioration31
Chest lower part constriction32
Chest haemorrhage21
Chest haemorrahge,coagulated blood31
Chest frothy,foaming haemorrhage31
Chest heat21
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)23
Bronchial tubes inflammation,aged people32
Chest oppression22
Oppression when coughing33
Oppression while talking33
Chest pain during cough33
Chest pain,pressure amelioration33
Chest pain,respiration31
Chest pain while sitting31
Chest pain,sneezing32
Chest pain when touched31
Chest pain,walking amelioration31
Clavicle pain21
Clavicle pain,inhalation31
Below clavicle pain31
Pain below clavicle extending to scapula during inspiration31
Chest aching pain,touched31
Clavicle aching pain31
Clavicle aching pain on inspiration31
Aching pain below clavicle31
Aching pain beliow clavicle,inspiring aggravation31
Aching pain under clavicle extending to scapula during inspiration31
Chest burning pain22
Chest middle burning pain32
Chest sore pain from coughing33
Chest sore pain,holds chest with hands during cough33
Chest sore pain on pressing31
Chest sore pain,on pressing amelioration32
Sore bruised pain in sternum31
Chest squeezing sensation21
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,coughing33
Chest stitching pain,inspiring32
Chest stitching pain,motion amelioration32
Chest stitching pain,pressure amelioration33
Chest stitching pain,respiration32
Chest stitching pain,sneezing aggravation33
Region of axilla stitching pain31
Reg.of axilla stitching pain on coughing31
Reg.of axilla stitching pain,pressure amelioration31
Chest perspiration21
Phthisis pulmonalis22
Acute phtisis pulmonalis31
Phthisis pulmonalis,last stage32
Purulent and ulcerative phthisis pulmonalis32
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Ravenous,canine,excessive appetite21
Wanting appetite21
Aversion to fats and rich food21
Aversion to pork22
Stomach constriction21
Bitter eructations21
Sour eructations21
Nausea,midnight until morning31
Nausea during cough31
Nausea after eating31
Nausea after fever31
Nausea from rich food31
Nausea during headache31
Nausea,thinking of it aggravation31
Stomach pain from coughing32
Stomach pain from deep inspiration31
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain22
Stomach cramping pain,inspiration31
Stomach drawing inwards pain31
Stomach sore pain on coughing33
Stomach stitching pain21
Stomach pulsation21
Stomach pulsation with cough31
Retching with cough33
Stomach tension21
Thirst after chill33
Extreme thirst31
Thirst on waking31
Thirstless during heat32
Vomiting, night31
Vomiting after aggravation31
Vomiting during chill32
Vomiting on coughing33
Vomiting before dinner31
Vomiting after drinking31
Vomiting after eating32
Vomiting during perspiration31
Bile vomiting21
Bile vomiting,morning31
Bile vomiting during chill32
Bile vomiting during the fever31
Blood vomiting21
Blood vomiting,morning31
Food vomiting22
Food vomiting from cough32
Food then mucus vomiting31
Mucus vomiting23
Blood mucus vomiting31
Mucus vomiting from cough32
Stringy vomiting22
Water vomiting on coughing31
Anxiety in hypochondria31
Hypochondria constriction32
Hypocho+ndria constriction during cough32
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen contraction on coughing31
Abdomen gurgling21
Liver and region of liver21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching from acids31
Abdomen aching during cough33
Abdomen aching after stool31
Hypochondria aching dull pain21
Hypochondria aching from coughing32
Hypochondria aching,pressure amelioration31
Hypogastrium aching on coughing31
Abdomen cramping,griping pain21
Abdomen cutting pain21
Abdomen cutting pain while sitting31
Abdomen drawing pain21
Hypochondria sore pain21
Inguinal region stitching pain21
Inguinal right side stitching pain31
Abdomen sides stitching pain while sitting31
Abdomen twisting pain21
Abdomen perspiration22
Abdomen cold perspiration32
Abdomen retractation22
Abdomen twitching and jerking21
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Diarrhoea after midnight31
Sensation as before a diarrhoea31
Rectum pain during stool31
Rectum pressing downward,outward,etc,pain31
Rectum pressing pain not for stool32
Rectum tenesmus after stool31
Urging to stool during stool31
Urging to stool after stool31
Bloody stool21
Frequent stool21
Slimy mucous stool21
Mucous slimy bloody stool31
Stool,offensive odor31
Pasty stool21
Scanty stool21
Soft stool21
Thin liquid stool21
White stool21
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Urging to urinate,apyrexia21
Frequent urging to urinate22
Frequent urging to urinate,suppressed menses31
Dribbling urination (by drops)22
Frequent urination21
Frequent urination, night31
Involuntary urination21
Brown urine21
Copious urine (increased)21
Odorless urine21
Urine offensive odor21
Urine strong odor21
Scanty urine22
Watery urine,clear as water21
Inodorous watery urine with fetid mucous stool31
Glans itching31
Penis stitching pain22
Glans stitching pain31
Bright-red menses21
First menses delayed in girls21
Late menses22
Pale menses21
Scanty menses21
Suppressed menses21
Labor-like pain21
Coccyx itching during menses31
Back pain21
Back pain,morning31
Back rheumatic pain31
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain after stool31
Back wandering pain31
Cervical region pain22
Cervical reg.pain,moving head32
Between scapulae pain32
Lumbar region pain after stool31
Lumbar pain extending to the genitals31
Between scapulae aching pain31
Lumbar reg.aching after stool31
Back drawing pain21
Between scapulae drawing pain32
Lumbar drawing pain extending into penis31
Back soreness,bruised,beaten22
Back soreness,morning32
Cervical region soreness,bruised,beaten31
Dorsal region stitching,shooting pain31
Lumbar stitching pain extending to penis31
Coccyx stitching pain,itching31
Coccyx stitching pain while sitting31
Spine stitching pain extending to ant.post.spinous process of left i31
Back tearing pain21
Anterior superior spinous process of left ilion tearing pain31
Cervical region stiffness32
Feet chilliness32
Fingers clenching when seizing something32
Extremities coldness21
Hands coldness32
Hands coldness, 9 a.m.31
Foot coldness33
Fingers constriction31
Grasping involuntary things taken hold of31
Fingers contraction32
Fingers contraction,grasping32
Fingers spasmodic contraction32
Hand convulsion31
Hand convulsion,taking hold of something32
Fingers convulsion31
Hand cramps,grasping33
Leg cramps during cough31
Wrist spots31
Hand blueness31
Fingers blueness32
Nails blueness during chill32
Foot blueness31
Hip spontaneous dislocation from pain31
Drawing up limbs aggravation21
Drawing up limbs amelioration31
Extremities eruption,elevations31
Upper limbs eruption,elevations31
Shoulder black pores32
Bend of elbow painful eruption31
Wrist eruption31
Wrist eruption in spots31
Back of hand eruption,elevations31
Letting limbs hang down amelioration31
Hand heat31
Hand heat, evening31
Thigh heat31
Hollow of knee heat31
Limbs lameness22
Lower limbs lameness while walking31
Thigh lameness31
Upper limbs numbness,motion amelioration31
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain,lain on31
Fmexor muscles pain31
Joints gouty pain31
Joints pain,motion amelioration31
Joints paralytic pain32
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain,lying on it31
Upper limbs pain,motion31
Upper limbs rheumatic pain31
Upper limbs pain on taking hold of anything31
Shoulder pain31
Shoulder pain,motion amelioration31
Shoulder pain,motion of arm backwards31
Shoulder pain,raising the arm aggravation31
Upper arm pain extending downward31
Upper arm bone pain,nightly31
Sciatica,lying on painful side31
Sciatica,pressure aggravation31
Sciatica,stooping aggravation31
Hip pain31
Hip paralytic pain31
Hip pain on walking31
Thigh pain31
Thigh pain, night31
Thigh pain,stretching limb amelioration31
Thigh pain while walking32
Thigh pain in bone31
Thigh pain in bone,night31
Thigh pain in bone,night during sleep31
Thigh pain in bone,night,stretching leg amelioration31
Posterior part of thigh pain31
Knee pain,stretching amelioration31
Knee pain on walking31
Hollow of knee pain31
Leg pain,stretching31
Ankle pain while walking32
Foot pain extending to calves31
Foot pain extending upwards31
Aching while lying upon the limbs31
Thigh posterior part aching31
Thigh sensation as if broken31
Knee sensation as if broken31
Knee sensation as if broken while walking31
Forearm cutting pain near the wrist31
Lower limbs cutting pain31
Shoulder drawing pain31
Foot drawing pain31
Foot drawing extending upward31
Foot drawing extending to calves31
Extremities gnawing pain21
Joints gnawing pain32
Upper limbs gnawing pain31
Extremities pressing pain21
Extremities cramp-like pressing31
Flexor muscles pressing32
Lower limbs cramp-like pressing31
Thigh pressing pain31
Thigh posterior part pressing31
Thigh posterior part pressing,stooping31
Sore,bruised extremities22
Sore bruised joints32
Sore bruised shoulder32
Sore bruised shoulder,moving arm31
Sore bruised elbow31
Sore bruised wrist32
Sprained ankle31
Sprained ankle while walking32
Sprained foot31
Extremities stitching pain21
Joints stitching pain32
Joints stitching pain,motion amelioration31
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Upper limb joints stitching pain31
Lower limbs stitching pain31
Thigh stitching pain31
Calf stitching pain31
Calf stitching pain while sitting32
Calf stitching,walking amelioration32
Ankle stitching pain31
Ankle stitching,whole night,lying31
Sole stitching pain31
Sole stitching pain,itching31
Sole stitching while sitting31
Third toe stitching pain31
Joints tearing pain32
Upper limbs teraing on motion31
Ball of thumb tearing pain31
Nates tearing pain31
Nates tearing pain when rising31
Thigh teraing after eating31
Ankle tearing pain32
Right ankle tearing pain31
Ankle tearing pain,motion amelioration31
Ankle tearing pain while walking32
Heel tearing pain on motion31
Heel tearing while walking31
First toe tearing,motion amelioration31
Extremities paralysis22
Sensation of extremities paralysis31
Sensation of upper limbs paralysis31
Sensation of thigh paralysis while walking31
Sensation of ankles paralysis32
Sensation of ankles paralysis while walking32
Extremities cold perspiration31
Joints perspiration31
Thigh perspiration31
Knee perspiration31
Foot perspiration31
Foot cold perspiration32
Back of hand pulsation31
Ankles pulsation31
Ankles pulsation,night31
Ankles pulsation,lying31
Extremities stiffness during convulsion32
Fingers stiffness32
Fingers stiffness when grasping anything32
Second finger stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness31
Ankle stiffness31
Foot stiffness31
Elbow suppuration21
Elbow tension31
Shoulder trembling31
Knee trembling,ascending steps31
Knee trembling while walking31
Extremities twitching21
Shoulder twitching32
Right shoulder twitching31
Shoulders twitching during rest33
Back of hand ulcers31
Upper limbs weakness31
Sleep position: on back31
Sleepiness, noon31
Sleepiness, evening31
Early waking31
Frequent waking32
Anxious dreams22
Dreams about disease21
Dreams of drinking21
Frightful dreams21
Pleasant dreams21
Dreams of being thirsty21
Vexatious dreams21
Vivid dreams21
Coldness in general21
Coldness, daytime21
Coldness, morning21
Coldness at 5 a.m.31
Coldness at 6 a.m.31
Coldness at 7 a.m.31
Coldness, 7 to 9 a.m.31
Coldness at 8 a.m.31
Coldness, 8 to 9 a.m.31
Coldness, forenoon23
Coldness at 9 a.m.31
Coldness, afternoon22
Coldness,evening in bed32
Coldness, night21
Coldness, night in bed31
Coldness after midnight31
Coldness in bed23
Coldness,rising from bed amelioration31
Chill after exposure21
Internal coldness22
Internal coldness, night32
Chill,motion amelioration32
Predominating chill21
Quotidian chill22
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Coldness shaking,night31
One-sided coldness21
Left side coldness33
Tertian chill21
Coldness on uncovering or undressing21
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove31
Desire for warmth which does not relieve31
Heat in general21
Heat, morning21
Heat, afternoon21
Heat, evening21
Heat, night22
Chilly during day,heat at night31
Heat after midnight31
Heat alternating with chill21
Heat after getting out of bed31
Body upper part heat31
Fever with chill22
Fever with chilliness21
Exanthematic fevers, measles22
External heat with chilliness31
Irregular paroxysms,one stage wanting31
Heat with shivering22
Shivering alternating with heat32
Chill followed by heat22
Chill followed by heat then sweat31
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration, morning21
Perspiration, night21
Perspiration,night on waking31
Perspiration at midnight31
Perspiration after midnight32
Cold perspiration22
Perspiration from coughing22
Perspiration during sleep31
Perspiration after waking32
Warm perspiration21
Skin biting21
Skin biting after scratching31
Skin bruised pain21
Skin burning21
Skin burning after scratching31
Skin coldness21
Left side skin coldness31
Skin cutting21
Skin liver-brown spots31
Skin red spots32
Biting eruption31
Excoriated eruption31
Painless eruption31
Pimples after scratching31
Stinging pustules31
Smarting eruption32
Stinging eruption32
Nodular urticaria31
Skin excoriation after scratching31
Skin gnawing,eating22
Skin gnawing after scratching31
Itching,must scratch until it is raw31
Itching,scratching aggravation31
Itching,scratching amelioration32
Itching in spots31
Itching,undressing aggravation32
Violent itching31
Skin prickling21
Sore skin (decubitus)21
Feeling of sore skin32
Skin sticking21
Skin sticking after scratching31
Skin stinging21
Skin ulcerative pain21
Skin ulcer21
Skin bleeding ulcer31
Skin burning ulcer32
Skin ulcer,cold air amelioration32
Skin ulcer with cutting31
Skin ulcer,bloody discharges32
Skin ulcer,ichorous discharges32
Skin ulcer,scanty discharges31
Skin ulcer,thin discharges31
Skin ulcer,watery discharges32
Skin ulcer with gnawing pain33
Skin itching ulcer31
Skin ulcer,painful from warmth of bed31
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Skin ulcer with suppurative pain31
Skin ulcer,warmth aggravation31
After midnight31
2 a.m.31
Ascending aggravation21
Blackness of the external parts21
Sensation of coat of skin drawn over inner parts21
Becoming cold amelioration32
After becoming cold aggravation31
Tendency to take cold31
Constriction, internally32
Contraction,stricture,stenose after inflammation21
Epileptiform convulsions31
Convulsions with tetanic rigidity31
While eating31
While eating amelioration31
After eating31
Butter aggravation31
Fat food aggravation32
Rich food aggravation31
Salt food aggravation32
Sour food aggravation31
Sour odors aggravation31
Vinegar aggravation31
Warm food aggravation31
Formication,external parts21
Formication, internally31
Laying hand on part amelioration21
Sensation of a hard bed21
Sensation of heat22
Becoming heated21
Heaviness, internally31
Inflammations, internally31
Jar,stepping aggravation21
Jerking as in convulsions31
Inclination to lie down21
After lying aggravation31
After lying amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation32
Lying on painful side aggravation32
Lying on painless side amelioration31
Motion aggravation21
Motion amelioration32
At beginning of motion aggravation31
After motion aggravation31
Aversion to motion31
Continued motion amelioration32
Mucous secretions increased21
Numbness in single parts31
Bones pain31
Benumbing pain31
Biting pain32
Boring pain31
Outward boring pain31
Burning pain,externally32
Burning pain,internally32
Constricting pain externally31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,externally33
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Gnawing pain,externally32
Gnawing pain,internally31
Bones gnawing pain32
Paralytic pain31
Pinching pain31
Pinching pain,externally31
Pinching pain internally31
Pressing pain,externally33
Pressing pain,internally31
Pain pressing together32
Pressing pain from within outward32
Bones pressing pain31
Muscles pressing pain31
Pressing pain,sticking in muscles31
Pain as if scraped33
Sore,bruised pain33
Sore,bruised pain,externally31
Sore,bruised pain,internally32
Stitching pain,externally32
Stitching pain,internally31
Stitching pain downward31
Stitching pain inward31
Stitching outward pain31
Stitching pain upward32
Bones stitching pain32
Muscles stitching pain31
Muscles stitching and tearing pain31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Bones tearing pain32
Muscles tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain,sticking31
Twinging pain31
Twisting pain31
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Paralysis of the organs31
Perspiration gives no relief21
Sensation of a plug internally31
Pressure aggravation21
Pressure amelioration33
Prickling externally22
Pulsation externally21
Rising aggravation21
Rubbing aggravates21
Rubbing ameliorates32
Running aggravates21
Symptoms on one side21
Symptoms on the right side32
Aggravated while sitting22
On first sitting down amelioration31
During sleep aggravation31
Standing aggravation21
Puffy swelling31
Tension, externally21
Tension, internally31
Touch aggravation21
Touch amelioration31
Illusions of touch31
Aggravated by touching anything31
Trembling externally21
After undressing aggravation23
Vomiting aggravation22
On waking21
Walking aggravation21
While walking amelioration32
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation31
While walking fast aggravation31
Warm aggravation22
Warm air aggravation31
Becoming warm in open air aggravation31
Warm bed aggravation33
Warm room aggravation32
Weakness,morning on waking31
Paralytic weakness31