Antimonium crudum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Absorbed,buried in thought21
Anger when touched32
Anxiety,evening in bed31
Anxiety after midnight31
Anxiety in open air31
Anxiety in bed31
Anxiety with fear31
Anxiety about future31
Anxiety before stool31
Anxiety while walking31
Aversion to company21
Difficult concentration21
Confusion of mind as to his identity31
Maniacal delirium31
Delusions,someone calls31
Delusions,someone calls on waking31
Delusions,mutilated corpse31
Illusions of fancy31
Errors of personal identity31
Sees mutilated bodies31
Despair with pains in the stomach31
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Ecstasy on walking in moonlight33
Excitment,evening in bed31
Excitment after walking in the open air31
Exaltation of fancies31
Fear of death31
Fear of evil31
Fear of misfortune31
Fear from noise32
Foolish behavior21
Frightened easily31
Picks at bedclothes31
Stamps the feet31
Ailments from grief31
Idiotic actions31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Indolence after dinner31
Indolence after eating31
Insanity with a stamping of feet31
Irritability, evening31
Irritability in children31
Irritability during headache31
Loathing for life33
Cannot bear to be looked at22
Ailments from disappointed love21
Active memory21
Nymphomania after suppressed menses31
Quarrelsome, evening31
Repulsive mood21
Sadness,mental depression22
Sadness, daytime31
Sadness, morning31
Sadness,morning after waking31
Sadness, forenoon31
Sadness, evening32
Sadness before chill31
Sadness from noise31
Sadness with impeded respiration31
Sadness while walking in open air31
Sensitive to noise31
Sensitive to the slightest noise31
Sensitive to voices31
Sentimental during diarrhoea32
Sentimental before menses32
Sentimental in the moonlight33
Inclination to sit21
Slow speech31
Starting from noise31
Starting during sleep31
Starting from sleep32
Suicidal disposition22
Suicidal at night31
Suicidal disposition,night in bed31
Suicidal disposition by drowning31
Suicidal disposition by shooting32
Suicidal thoughts32
Suicidal thoughts drive him out of bed32
Indisposed to talk,desire to be silent,taciturn32
Persistent thoughts in the night31
Tormenting thoughts31
Tormenting thougts,night31
Aversion to being touched23
Unconsciousness between attacks of cough32
Makes verses22
Weary of life21
Weary of life, night31
Wepping,tearful mood22
Weeping,sound of bells31
Weeping when touched31
Weeping at trifles31
Vertigo,ascending stairs31
Vertigo with nausea22
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Head sensitive to cold air21
Head senstive to cold air,evening31
Head congestion,hyperaemia22
Head congestion with epistaxis31
Empty or hollow head sensation21
Enlarged head sensation21
Head crusts or scabs31
Head hard eruption31
Tubercles on scalp31
Hair falling32
Head heat21
Head heat,morning31
Head heat at noon31
Head heat during chilliness31
Forehead heat,morning31
Forehead heaviness32
Scalp itching22
Headache in general22
Headache at noon31
Headache,in open air amelioration32
Headache on ascending steps31
Headache after bathing33
Headache after cold bathing33
Headache after candy31
Headache,cold applications amelioration32
Headache from becoming cold31
Headache from taking cold31
Headache with coryza31
Headache after eating31
Headache,epistaxis amelioration31
Gastric headache33
Headache from becoming heated33
Headache from becoming heated by a fire or stove33
Headache after intoxication32
Headache during menses31
Headache from motion32
Headache with perspiration31
Headache,external pressure aggravation31
Headache,external pressure amelioration31
Headache from loss of sleep,from late hours31
Headache from spirituous liquors32
Headache,heavily stepping aggravation32
Summer headache32
Headache from exposure to sun33
Headache,suppressed eruption32
Headache from thinking of pain31
Headache,while walking amelioration31
Headache while walking in open air31
Headache,amel.while walking in open air33
Headache,warm room aggravation31
Headache from washing head32
Headache from wine31
Headache from sour wine32
Head bones pain22
Forehead pain22
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain on ascending steps32
Forehead intermittent pain31
Forehead pain after sleep31
Forehead pain while walking in open air31
Above eyes headache31
One side headache21
Left side headache32
Sides forehead extending forward31
Temples pain,pressure amelioration31
Temples pain extending to eye31
Headache,temples and forehead pain21
Headache,vertex pain21
Vertex pain,ascending steps31
Headache,vertex and forehead pain21
Headache,boring pain21
Forehead boring pain21
Forehead boring headache,outward31
Temples boring pain21
Temples boring pain before menses32
Temples boring pain,outward31
Bursting headache21
Forehead bursting pain31
Forehead drawing pain21
Temples drawing pain21
Left temple drawing pain31
Headache,dull pain21
Forehead dull pain31
Vertex dull pain31
Vertex gnawing pain32
Pressing headache asunder31
Pressing headache,drawing31
Forehead pressing pain21
Forehead pressing inward pain31
Over eyes pressing pain31
Over right eye pressing pain31
Temples pressing inward pain31
Over eyes shooting pain31
Head sides sore pain in spots31
Vertex sore bruised pain21
Vertex sore pain,cold air amelioration31
Forehead sides stitching pain31
Temples stitching pain extending to eyes31
Stunning,stupefying headache21
Stunning headache while smoking31
Forehead stunning pain32
Forehead stunning pain,sweats from anxiety while walking in open air31
Headache,tearing,rending pain21
Tearing headache,morning until evening31
Tearing headache,forenoon31
Tearing headache,wandering31
Forehead tearing pain21
Temples tearing pain21
Vertex tearing pain21
Temples prickling31
Head pulsating,thinking of it amelioration31
Temples pulsating21
Head shaking sensation21
Head shaking sensation during menses31
Head shocks on ascending31
Head shocks while walking rapidly31
Head trembling sensation21
Head trembling sensation during menses31
Uncovering head aggravation21
Washing head aggravation22
Agglutinated eye,night32
Eye discharges of mucus or pus21
Canthi discharges31
Canthi discharges,morning31
Discharges in outer canthi31
Sensation of eyes enlargement21
Crusts on lids31
Eye gum21
Eye gum in canthi32
Eye inflammation22
Eye arthritic inflammation (gouty and rheumatic)32
Eye catarrhal inflammation from cold31
Eye inflammation,fire aggravation33
Eye scrofulous inflammation32
Conjunctiva inflammation31
Conjunctiva and cornea pustular inflammation31
Lachymal glands inflammation32
Lids inflammation33
Eye itching22
Canthi itching32
Outer canthus itching31
Lachrymation while looking at the fire31
Outer canthus burning pain33
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye21
Outer canthus sore pain33
Eye stitching pain21
Photophobia from snow31
Eye redness22
Outer canthus redness33
Lids redness33
Humid spots in outer canthi,painful if sweat touches them32
Sunken eye21
Lids twitching31
Black points31
Dazzling snow31
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Ear discharges22
Ear redness32
Ear eruption21
Ear moist eruption31
Eruption behind ears31
Moist eruption behind ear31
Rash eruption behind ears31
Ear formication21
Ear meatus formication31
Ear heat21
Itching in ear21
External ear itching31
Noises in ear21
Noises in ear,morning31
Noises in ear,afternoon32
Noises in ear,moving jaw31
Sounds as someone beating a door31
Buzzing in ear21
Humming in ear21
Music,whimpering tune31
Reverberating sound before breakfast31
Ringing in ear21
Roaring in ear21
Swashing on moving jaws31
Ear pain22
Ear pain after dinner31
Ear pain extending to eustachian tube31
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Boring pain in ear21
Ear burning pain21
Left ear burning pain31
Ear burrowing pain21
Drawing pain in ear21
Drawing pain in right ear31
Drawing pain in ear after dinner31
Drawing pain in ear extendding to eustachian tube31
Stitching pain in ear21
Sensation of stopped ear21
Sensation of stopped ear,right31
Ear swelling21
Left ear swelling31
Ear tingling21
Sensation of water in ear21
Impaired hearing21
Like leaf or membrane before the ear31
Lost hearing21
Lost hearing,sensation of leaflet before ear31
Nose sensitive to inhale air22
Nose catarrh22
Nose coldness during chill31
Nose inside coldness when inhaling32
Coryza,warm air31
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Coryza with discharge,morning31
Coryza without discharge (dry)32
Dry coryza alternating with fluent31
Coryza,warm room32
Cracks in nostrils33
Crusts,scabs inside nose31
Nose excoriating discharge31
Nose dry,hard discharge31
Nose thick discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Nose yellow discharge31
Discharge from posterior nares32
Nose inside dryness,walking in open air31
Epistaxis,dark,black blood31
Epistaxis from blowing the nose31
Epistaxis after headache31
Nose obstruction21
Nose obstruction,evening31
Nose obstruction,warm room33
Pain in nose on inhaling air32
Nose burning,smarting pain21
Nose burning pain after blowing out thick mucus31
Nose drawing pain21
Nose rawness after blowing31
Nose rawness during coryza31
Nose rawness during inspiration32
Nose inside sore bruised pain31
Nose inside sore bruised pain,right side31
Scurfy nostrils22
Acute smell21
Wanting smell,lost smell22
Nose inside ulcers33
Aphthae on lips22
Bloated face22
Chapped lips32
Face coldness22
Face congestion21
Face convulsions,spasms21
Cracked lips21
Cracked corners of the mouth32
Black lips31
Bluish face21
Face bluish spots following eruption31
Bluish circles around eyes31
Bluish lips33
Face brown spots31
Brown lips31
Earthy face22
Pale face21
Pale lips31
Red face22
Red face during heat of fire33
Drawn face23
Lips dryness33
Lips dryness,night31
Face eruption23
Cheeks eruption33
Chin eruption32
Forehead eruption33
Lips eruption31
Corners of mouth eruption32
Nose eruption31
Around nose eruption32
Temples eruption32
Face acne22
Face acne near a fire32
Forehead acne31
Face boils21
Corner of mouth boils33
Face burning eruption21
Face crusty,scabby eruption22
Face crusty yellow eruption32
Cheek crusty eruption32
Corners of mouth crusty eruption31
Crusty eruption inside and on nose32
Face eczema22
Face eczema,heat of stove33
Face eczema like dried honey32
Nose eczema32
Chin excoriating eruption31
Face impertigo21
Forehead impertigo31
Face itching eruption22
Face itching eruption,warmth aggravation32
Face moist eruption21
Face eruption,painful when touched31
Face pimples22
Face pimples as from insects31
Face itching pimples32
Face pimples,itching when warm32
Chin pimples31
Upper lip pimples31
Nose red pimples31
Face pustules23
Lips pustules31
Upper lip pustules31
Nose pustules31
Face rash22
Face red eruption21
Face scurfy eruption23
Face suppurating eruption23
Face tubercles21
Face vesicles22
Face itching vesicles31
Face vesicles like varioloid31
Face yellow vesicles31
Excoriated corners of mouth31
Lips formication31
Face freckles22
Face heat22
Hippocratic face22
Face itching21
Cheeks itching31
Face pain,rubbing amelioration31
Chin burning pain as from hot sparks31
Lips stinging pain31
Face stitching pain21
Face cold perspiration31
Sunken face22
Face swelling,toothache32
Face twitching21
Corners of mouth twitching31
Corners of mouth ulcers31
Gums bleeding32
Gums easily bleeding32
Gums detached from teeth22
Gums detached from teeth and bleed easily31
Red tongue31
Tongue red edges31
White tongue33
Milky white tongue33
Yellow tongue33
Mouth dryness22
Mouth dryness,night32
Tongue centre dryness31
Mapped tongue21
Mouth mucus membrane excoriation31
Breath mercury odor31
Palate burning pain31
Palate pinching pain21
Palate pinching pain,swallowing aggravation31
Palate scratching pain21
Tongue sore pain31
Tongue sides sore pain31
Tongue stitching pain31
Palate roughness31
Saltish saliva32
Scorbutic gums22
Bitter taste32
Food tastes bitter in intermittents32
Insipid taste31
Saltish taste31
Sour taste32
Wanting taste,loss of taste32
Tongue vesicles31
Caries,decayed,hollow teeth23
Teeth grinding21
Teeth grinding,morning soon as awake31
Teeth grinding during chill31
Teeth grinding while sitting31
Teeth grinding during sleep32
Toothache,evening in bed33
Toothache,cold air21
Toothache from air drawn in31
Toothache in the open air31
Toothache,open air amelioration31
Toothache in bed33
Toothache from anything cold31
Toothache from cold drinks33
Toothache during eating31
Toothache after eating33
Toothache from masticating31
Toothache before menses32
Toothache,sitting aggravation31
Toothache in the summer31
Toothache from touch of tongue33
Toothache,walking in open air amelioration33
Toothache,warmth of bed aggravation31
Toothache,warm room aggravation31
Toothache after washing31
Toothache extending downward31
Toothache extending to head33
Digging toothache21
Drawing toothache21
Gnawing toothache23
Gnawing toothache after eating33
Jerking toothache22
Piercing toothache21
Pricking toothache21
Stitching,stinging toothache21
Stitching toothache when drawing in air31
Twitching toothache21
Sensitive,tender teeth22
Cannot bear dental operation33
Throat dryness21
Throat dryness,morning31
Throat excoriation21
Sensation of foreign body in throat22
Foreign body,swallowing does not ameliorate31
Disposition to hawk,walking in open air31
Throat inflammation21
Sensation of lump or plug in throat22
Sensation of lump,not swallowing31
Throat mucus21
Mucus drawn from the posterior nares32
Throat tenacious mucus31
Throat thick mucus31
Throat yellow mucus31
Throat pain21
Throat pain on swallowing31
Throat burning pain21
Throat burning pain extending to stomach31
Sore throat22
Throat roughness21
Throat roughness,morning31
Throat scraping21
Sensation of a skin hanging in the throat21
Throat spasms,spasmodic constriction,convulsions,etc22
Difficult swallowing31
Impeded swallowing31
External throat pimples31
Induration of external throat glands21
External throat stitching pain21
Cervical glands swelling31
Larynx constriction32
Larynx and trachea dryness21
Larynx inflammation22
Larynx inflammation in singers32
Larynx irritation31
Larynx irritation from becoming heated31
Laryngismus stridulus22
Larynx and trachea burning pain21
Larynx and trachea burning pain during cough31
Rawness in air passages21
Larynx soreness31
Trachea soreness31
Larynx phthisis21
Larynx phthisis,singers and public speakers32
Larynx plug22
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx scratching21
Deep voice31
Hoarseness after cold bath32
Hoarseness from being overheated32
Painless hoarseness32
Hollow voice31
Lost voice33
Lost voice from being heated32
Lost voice on motion31
Lost voice in a warm room32
Low voice31
Rough voice31
Weak voice32
Asthmatic respiration21
Deep respiration21
Deep respiration is impossible31
Difficult respiration22
Difficult respiration after eating31
Difficult respiration during supper31
Difficult respiration after supper31
Hot breath22
Sighing after eating32
Cough,morning after rising31
Cough, 5 a.m.31
Cough, acids aggravation21
Cough, open air amelioration31
Cough,bathing aggravation21
Cough after chicken-pox21
Cough, cold drinks31
Deep cough21
Dry cough21
Dry cough,morning31
Dry cough in the early morning31
Dry cough in evening,loose in morning31
Dry cough during fever31
Cough during fever21
Cough after scarlet fever31
Cough,look into fire22
Hacking cough22
Cough on becoming heated31
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough after measles31
Cough,milk aggravation21
Old people cough21
Paroxysmal cough22
Paroxysaml cough,morning32
Paroxysmal cough,morning after rising32
Paroxysmal cough,first the strongest attack,following ones weaker an32
Racking cough21
Cough following scarlatina21
Cough short21
Cough,sour food21
Cough after vinegar21
Cough in a warm room31
Cough on entering a warm room from open air33
Cough on getting wet21
Whooping cough21
Whooping cough,morning31
Cough, wine21
Expectoration, evening31
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood21
Bloody expectoration,morning31
Spitting of dark blood32
Spitting of streaked blood31
Copious expectoration21
Hard expectoration21
Hawking up mucus21
Mucous expectoration22
Mucous expectoration,morning31
Expectoration flat taste32
Thin expectoration21
Tough expectoration21
Viscid expectoration21
Yellow expectoration21
Anxiety in chest22
Chest catarrh22
Chest redness spots31
Chest eruptions21
Chest pimples32
Chest fullness after eating31
Chest heat, night31
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Lungs inflammation32
Chest itching23
Mammae itching31
Chest oppression22
Oppression on waking31
Chest pain23
Chest pain during cough31
Chest pain,exertion with arms31
Chest pain during heat33
Chest pain,pressure aggravation31
Clavicle pain,inhalation31
Chest side pain,deep respiration32
Chest aching pain21
Aching pain below clavicle during respiration31
Chest burning pain21
Chest burning pain during coughing32
Chest rawness pain when coughing31
Mammae sore bruised pain31
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,coughing31
Chest stitching pain,expiring32
Chest stitching pain,respiration32
Chest left side stitching pain31
Chest side stitching pain,expiration31
Chest side stitching pain,deep respiration31
Heart palpitation21
Heart tumultuous,violent,vehement palpitation32
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis33
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Increased appetite,morning31
Insatiable appetite21
Ravenous appetite,morning31
Appetite without relish21
Wanting appetite22
Wanting appetite with thirst31
Aversion to food22
Aversion to mother's milk31
Desires beer31
Desires cucumbers22
Desires pickles22
Desires sour,acid things22
Desordered stomach23
Disordered stomach after acids32
Disordered stomach after a cold32
Stomach distention21
Stomach distention after dinner31
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling23
Stomach emptiness,morning on rising31
Stomach emptiness not relieved by eating32
Eructations during apyrexia21
Bitter eructations21
Empty eructations23
Fluid eructations21
Eructations tasting like food23
Foul eructations21
Loud eructations21
Eructations of water21
Sensation of stomach fullness22
Stomach fullness after dinner31
Stomach fullness after eating31
Gout,stomach metastasis23
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression21
Stomach heaviness after eating32
Hiccough while smoking31
Hiccough after smoking31
Indigestion after taking cold32
Indigestion after milk32
Indigestion after sour food33
Stomach inflammation22
Loathing of food23
Sensation of lump in stomach22
Nausea from amorous caresses31
Nausea after bread33
Constant nausea32
Nausea from rich food31
Nausea during headache33
Nausea during menses31
Nausea after being overheated32
Nausea after pastry31
Nausea during pregnancy32
Nausea in throat31
Nausea after urinating31
Nausea from wine32
Nausea,from sour wine33
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain,morning31
Stomach pain after acids22
Stomach pain during apyrexia31
Stomach pain after bread32
Stomach pain after cold drinks31
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain22
Stomach cutting pain21
Stoamch paroxysmal cutting pain31
Stomach pressing pain21
Stomach pressing pain,morning31
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain21
Stomach pulsation22
Extreme thirst32
Thirst during heat31
Thirst after perspiration32
Vomiting during apyrexia31
Vomiting during diarrhoea31
Vomiting after drinking33
Vomiting after eating32
Vomiting during heat32
Incessant vomiting31
Vomiting in intermittent33
Vomiting during measles33
Vomiting during menses31
Vomiting after milk32
Vomiting after mother's milk32
Vomiting after overheated32
Vomiting during pregnancy32
Vomiting after sour wine33
Vomiting,wine aggravation32
Bile vomiting22
Bile vomiting during chill32
Bile vomiting after eating31
Bile vomiting during perspiration31
Bitter vomiting21
Blood vomiting21
Food vomiting22
Food vomiting immediately after eating31
Undigested food vomiting31
Curdled milk vomiting32
Mucus vomiting22
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,evening31
Abdomen distension after eating32
Abdomen tympanitic distension31
Abdomen emptiness21
Abdomen emptiness,after eating amelioration31
Abdomen flatulence22
Flatulence,obstructed abdomen31
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Sensation of hypochondria fullness31
Hard inguinal region31
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,evening31
Abdomen aching during the heat33
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Region of umbilicus cramping pain21
Abdomen cutting pain22
Abdomen cutting pain before stool31
Abdomen cutting pain during stool31
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain21
Abdomen pressing pain21
Rumblings in the bowels21
Abdomen rumbling,forenoon31
Abdomen rumbling after dinner31
Inguinal region swelling21
Swelling of the inguinal glands31
Hypochondria tension21
Cholera infantum31
Cholera morbus31
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea33
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea,old people33
Constipation,difficult stool33
Constipation after abuse of drugs31
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Constipation during menses31
Constipation,old people32
Constipation during pregnancy32
Diarrhoea at noon31
Diarrhoea, night31
Diarrhoea after acids32
Diarrhoea,aged people33
Diarrhoea after cold bathing32
Diarrhoea after cider32
Diarrhoea after cold drink31
Diarrhoea after a debauch31
Diarrhoea from drinking water31
Diarrhoea after eating31
Diarrhoea,cold food aggravation31
Diarrhoea after fat food31
Diarrhoea after sour fruit32
Diarrhoea,hot weather32
Diarrhoea after the slightest indiscretion in eating32
Diarrhoea during menses31
Diarrhoea after nursing31
Diarrhoea after being overheated33
Diarrhoea after pork31
Diarrhoea during pregnancy32
Diarrhoea after vinegar32
Diarrhoea,sour wine33
Rectum dragging,heaviness,weight21
Eruption about anus21
Perineum boil31
Rectum fissure21
Rectum fistula21
Flatus after dinner31
Flatus after eating31
Moist flatus during menses32
Offensive flatus31
Urging for stool but only flatus is passed31
Formication in anus21
Haemorrhage from anus22
Black haemorrhage from anus31
Haemorrhoids,night aggravation31
Blind haemorrhoids31
External haemorrhoids31
Internal haemorrhoids31
Haemorrhoids during pregnancy31
Inactivity of rectum21
Anus itching22
Anus itching,evening in bed31
Anus itching,night31
Anus burning itching31
Rectum moisture23
Rectum moisture from flatus32
Rectum pain21
Rectum pain during stool32
Perineum pain21
Rectum burning pain21
Rectum burning pain,night31
Perineum burning pain21
Rectum drawing pain21
Rectum pressing pain21
Rectum pressing pain before stool31
Rectum rasping pain21
Rectum scraping pain21
Rectum soreness21
Rectum soreness during stool32
Rectum soreness after stool31
Rectum sticking pain21
Rectum tenesmus21
Rectum prolapsus21
Rectum prolapsus during stool32
Rectum prolapsus after stool31
Urging to stool after dinner31
Urging to stool during stool32
Acrid,corrosive,excoriating stool22
Copious stool21
Dry stool22
Knotty,nodular,lumpy stool22
Large stool22
Lienteric stool22
Lumpy and liquid stool23
Stool,offensive odor31
Pasty stool21
Small stool22
Thin liquid stool23
Thin liquid fecal stool31
Thin liquid green stool31
Lumpy and liquid stool33
Watery stool23
Watery stool,morning31
White stool22
White stool like chalk31
Yellow stool21
Bladder calculi21
Bladder muco-pus catarrh22
Bladder neck constriction21
Sensation of bladder contraction21
Haemorrhoids of bladder21
Bladder neck constricting pain21
Bladder polypi21
Bladder tenesmus22
Bladder tenesmus,night31
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)21
Frequent urging to urinate21
Must hasten to urinate or urine will escape31
Violent urging to urinate31
Dribbling urination (by drops)21
Dribbling urination after urination31
Dysuria during fever31
Urination forcible stream21
Frequent urination22
Frequent urination, night31
Frequent urination during perspiration31
Interrupted urination (intermittent)21
Interrupted urination with painful erections32
Involuntary urination21
Involuntary urination during cough32
Addison's disease21
Kidneys pain during urination31
Kidneys aching pain during urination31
Region of kidneys aching pain21
Gonorrhoeal discharge22
Urethra haemorrhage21
Urethra burning pain22
Urethra burning pain during coition31
Urethra burning pain when semen is discharged32
Urethra burning pain during emission32
Urethra burning pain,urging to urinate31
Urethra burning pain during urination32
Urethra cutting pain21
Urethra cutting pain during urination31
Bloody urine21
Burning or hot urine22
Urine containing casts of tubes31
Cloudy urine22
Brown urine21
Reddish-brown urine31
Dark urine22
Pale urine21
Red urine22
Brownish-red urine32
Dark red urine31
Deep-red urine31
Light yellow urine22
Copious urine (increased)22
Copious urine,night32
Copious urine during fever31
Copious urine with perspiration31
Scanty urine21
Scanty urine,night31
Sediment in urine21
Mucous sediment in urine22
Purple sediment in urine21
Red sediment in urine21
Sand in urine22
Watery urine,clear as water21
Troublesome erections21
Troublesome erections,night when becoming warm in bed31
Painful erections21
Painful erections,night31
Wanting erections,impotency22
Male genitals eruption21
Penis itching22
Glans itching31
Scrotum itching21
Sides of scrotum itching31
Penis burning pain21
Glans burning pain31
Spermatic cords drawing pain21
Spermatic cords drawing pain while standing31
Nightly seminal emissions21
Seminal emissions without dreams31
Seminal emissions leaning the back against anything31
Increased sexual passion32
Violent sexual passion31
Female desire increased22
Female genitalia pimples31
Ovaries inflammation22
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea21
Copious leucorrhoea22
Lumpy leucorrhoea22
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
Amenorrhoea,molimen only32
Menses before the proper age22
Black menses21
Clotted menses21
Copious menses21
Copious menses,and short duration31
Dark menses22
Menses,fluid blood containing clots21
Frequent menses,too early,too soon21
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Suppressed menses22
Menses suppressed from bathing31
Uterus pain21
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Uterus bearing-down pain during menses31
Labor-like pain during menses31
Female genitalia pressing pain during menses31
Uterus pressing pain22
Vagina pressing pain21
Vagina pressing pain during menses31
Ovaries sore pain,tenderness22
Ovaries sore pain from suppressed menses31
Uterus sore pain,tenderness21
Brown spots on shoulders31
Back eruption21
Cervical region eruption31
Back miliary eruption31
Scapulae pimples31
Cervical region pustules31
Cervical region rash31
Cervical region tubercles31
Vesicles on scapulae31
Coccyx heaviness31
Back itching23
Cervical region itching32
Back pain21
Back pain after emissions31
Back pain on rising from sitting31
Back pain during urinating32
Back pain,walking amelioration31
Cervical region pain21
Cervical reg.pain,morning31
Cervical reg.pain,manual exertion31
Cervical reg.pain,raising arms31
Cervical region rheumatic pain32
Cervical reg.pain,stooping31
Cervical reg.pain on turning head31
Cervical reg.pain,turning head to left32
Scapulae rheumatic pain while sitting31
Lumbar region pain21
Lumbar region rheumatic pain32
Lumbar pain on rising from a seat31
Lumbar reg.pain,walking amelioration31
Sacral region pain21
Sacral reg.pain,rising from sitting31
Back aching pain21
Back aching pain after emission31
Lumbar reg.aching,daytime31
Lumbar reg.aching on rising up31
Lumbar reg.aching,walking amelioration31
Cervical region drawing pain31
Cervical drawing pain,morning31
Cervical drawing pain,manual exertion aggravation31
Cervical drawing pain,turning head31
Cervical drawing pain,turning head to left32
Sacral region drawing pain32
Spine soreness,spinal irritation31
Scapulae stitching pain,sitting31
Back tearing pain21
Lumbar region tearing pain31
Coccyx tearing pain31
Cervical region spasmodic drawing (head bent back)21
Cervical spasmodi drawing,evening31
Cervical spasmodic drawing,morning31
Back red spots31
Cervical stiffness during headache31
Cervical region tension31
Cervical tension,stooping31
Arthritic nodosities22
Hands arthritic nodosities31
Finger joints arthritic nodosities32
Leg sensation as if bandaged31
Brittle finger nails21
Nates bubbling sensation31
Nates bubbling sensation while standing31
Leg bubbling sensation31
Horny callosities on soles33
Horny callosities on toes31
Chapped hands,working in water31
Feet chilblains31
Feet chilliness31
Feet chilliness in summer31
Extremities coldness22
Foot coldness33
Foot coldness, night31
Foot icy coldness during chill31
Leg constriction as with a garter31
Leg painful constriction31
Hamstrings contraction31
Extremities convulsion21
Aching corns31
Burning corns32
Horny corns32
Inflamed corns32
Painful corns32
Pressing corns32
Sore corns31
Stinging corns31
Sole horny corns33
Hands cracked skin from wetting31
Fingers cracked skin on nails33
Cracking in joints22
Cracking in elbow31
Cracking in ankle31
Cracking in ankle,bending31
Cracking in ankle on stretching31
Upper limbs liver spots31
Upper limbs redness31
Upper limbs discoloration spots31
Shoulder yellow spots31
Forearm dark discoloration31
Nails discoloration31
Lower limbs blotches31
Lower limbs bluish spots31
Lower limbs discoloration spots31
Thigh blue spots31
Thigh discoloration spots31
Tibia discoloration spots31
Heel redness31
Drawing up limbs amelioration32
Extremities sesnation of enlargement21
Extremities blotches31
Extremities pimples31
Extremities pustules31
Extremities tubercles31
Extremities urticaria31
Extremities vesicles33
Joints eruption31
Upper limbs eruption22
Upper limbs itching eruption31
Upper limbs pustules eruption31
Upper limbs red eruption31
Upper limbs urticaria31
Upper limbs vesicles eruption32
Shoulder pimples32
Shoulder pustules31
Shoulder vesicles31
Upper arm pimples31
Upper arm rash31
Elbow pimples31
Bend of elbow painful eruption31
Bend of elbow pimples31
Wrist eruption32
Wrist pustules32
Wrist radial side pimples31
Hand pimples31
Hands vesicles31
Ulnar side of hand vesicles31
Fingers blotches31
Fingers pimples31
Thumb pimples31
Lower limbs eruption22
Lower limbs blotches31
Lower limbs pimples31
Lower limbs flat pimples31
Lower limbs yellow pimples31
Lower limbs pustules,red areola31
Lower limbs stinging eruption31
Lower limbs vesicles32
Lower limbs varioloid vesicles31
Nates eruption31
Nates blotches31
Nates pimples31
Nates pustules31
Thigh pimples31
Thigh flat pimples31
Thigh pustules32
Thigh yellow pustules32
Thigh vesicles31
Knee eruption31
Knee blotches31
Knee pimples31
Knee vesicles31
Knee varioloid vesicles31
Leg blotches31
Leg tubercles31
Leg vesicles32
Foot blotches31
Toes blotches31
Sole horny excrescences33
Nails exfoliation21
Calf formication31
Foot formication31
Foot gangrene31
Nails do not grow22
Letting limbs hang down amelioration31
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Limbs heaviness after dinner31
Upper limbs heaviness31
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Horny growth under nails32
Elbow inflammation31
Forearm erysipelatous inflammation31
Heel inflammation31
Extremeities itching21
Upper limbs itching31
Lower limbs itching32
Lower limbs itching,sticking31
Thigh itching31
Thigh itching, evening32
Thigh itching,sticking31
Lower limbs numbness31
Lower limbs numbness while sitting32
Leg numbness32
Leg numbness while sitting32
Foot numbness31
Right foot numbness31
Foot numbness while walking31
Limbs pain,cold water aggravation31
Limbs rheumatic acute pain32
Limbs pain,warmth amelioration31
Limbs pain,wet weather31
Limbs pain,sour wine32
Joints gouty pain31
Joints gouty pain with gastric symptoms32
Joints pain after sour wine33
Nails pain31
Upper limbs rheumatic pain32
Upper arm pain31
Upper arm pain,bending arms31
Elbow pain31
Wrist pain32
Hand pain while writing31
Fingers pain31
Fingers joints pain33
Finger nails pain31
Under finger nails pain31
Under nails pain from horny growths32
Fourth finger joints pain31
Lower limbs pain21
Lower limbs rheumatic pain31
Lower limbs pain while sitting31
Lower limbs pain while walking31
Left hip pain31
Hip pain, evening31
Hip pain,evening while walking31
Hip pain on walking31
Hip pain extending to sacrum31
Knee pain31
Knee pain,stretching aggravation31
Ankle pain31
Foot pain31
Foot rheumatic pain31
Sole pain while walking31
Toes pain while walking31
Extremities aching22
Nails burning pain31
Foot burning pain31
Toes burning pain31
First toe burning pain31
Right first toe burning pain31
Ball of first toe burning pain31
First toe cutting pain31
First toe cutting pain,rythmical31
Upper limbs drawing pain31
Upper arm drawing pain31
Upper arm drawing,warmth aggravation31
Forearm drawing pain32
Right forearm drawing31
Forearm drawing,paralytic31
Forearm drawing extending downward31
Fingers drawing pain33
Finger joints drawing pain33
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Hip drawing pain32
Left hip drawing33
Hip drawing, evening32
Hip drawing,evening while walking31
Hip drawing,bending leg back31
Hip drawing while walking32
Hip drawing extending to sacrum31
Thigh drawing pain31
Thigh anterior part drawing31
Inner side of thigh drawing31
Thigh posterior part drawing31
Knee drawing pain31
Knee gouty drawing32
Leg drawing pain31
Leg drawing,evening31
Tibia drawing pain32
Heel drawing pain32
First toe drawing pain32
Forearm pressing pain31
Sore bruised middle of thigh31
Sore bruised sole33
Sore bruised sole,stone pavements aggravation32
Sore bruised sole while walking33
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Upper limbs stitching while walking31
Upper arm stitching pain31
Forearm stitching pain31
Third finger stitching pain31
Nates stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain on touch31
Knee outer side stitching pain31
Leg stitching pain31
Tibia stitching pain32
Ankle stitching pain31
Foot stitching pain31
Sole stitching pain31
Sole stitching pain,prickling31
Extremities tearing pain21
Lower limbs tearing pain21
Foot tearing pain31
First toe tearing pain32
First toe tearing pain,gouty31
Hand cold perspiration31
Fingers perspiration31
Raised shoulder with dyspnoea31
Sensitive foot31
Sensitive sole31
Skin at nails sensitive to cold31
Shriveled fingers31
Shriveled fingers during perspiration31
Slow growth of finger nails22
Split nails23
Knee stiffness31
Knee painful stiffness31
Extremities dropsical swelling31
Sensation of extremities swelling31
Upper limbs hot swelling31
Upper limbs painful swelling31
Upper limbs red swelling31
Forearm swelling31
Fingers swelling31
Lower limbs painful swelling31
Lower limbs swelling,burning pain31
Lower limbs red swelling31
Knee swelling31
Knee white swelling (fungus articulosum)32
Foot swelling31
Heel swelling31
Forearm tension31
Nates tension31
Thigh tension31
Thigh tension,evening31
Thigh tension while sitting31
Hamstrings tension31
Hollow of knee tension31
Leg tension31
Leg tension,evening31
Leg tension while sitting31
Thick nails22
Foot stinging while walking31
Extremities trembling21
Upper limb trembling while writing31
Upper arm trembling31
Hand trembling32
Hands trembling on moving them31
Hand trembling on waking31
Hand trembling while writing32
Knee tumors31
Nates twitching31
Nates twitching,evening31
Nates twitching while sitting31
Nails ulcers31
Hand warts32
Hand horny warts32
Extremities weakness22
Extremities weakness after bath in river31
Upper limbs weakness31
Foot weakness, 7 p.m.31
Chill during sleep21
Comatose sleep22
Deep sleep21
Falling asleep early31
Heavy sleep21
Sleep position: on back31
Restless sleep21
Short sleep21
Sleepiness, morning31
Sleepiness,morning after rising31
Sleepiness, forenoon33
Sleepiness, afternoon31
Sleepiness, evening32
Sleepiness during chill31
Sleepiness with cough31
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleepiness after eating31
Sleepiness during the heat32
Sleepiness while sitting31
Sleepiness after vomiting31
Sleeplessness before midnight31
Sleeplessness after midnight31
Sleeplessness from itching31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Early waking31
Frequent waking32
Waking as from fright32
Late waking31
Yawning after coughing31
Dreams about accidents21
Amorous dreams22
Dreams about anger21
Anxious dreams21
Dreams that someone called21
Exhausting dreams21
Dreams of feasting21
Frightful dreams22
Dreams about injuries21
Dreams of misfortune21
Dreams about mutilation21
Pleasant dreams22
Dreams of quarrels21
Vexatious dreams21
Dreams of being wounded21
Coldness in general22
Coldness, daytime21
Coldness, forenoon22
Coldness at noon31
Coldness, afternoon21
Coldness, evening21
Coldness,open air amelioration31
Coldness alternating with sweat21
Chilliness with perspiration31
Chill, disordered stomach21
Chill in indiscretions31
Chill after exposure21
Too frequent cold bathing31
External coldness during desire for stool31
Chill, heated,overheated32
Internal coldness21
Internal coldness as if in blood vessels31
Chill during motion21
Perspiration after chill31
Predominating chill23
Predominating chill,noon32
Quartan chill21
Quotidian chill21
Double quotidian chill31
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors21
Coldness shaking, morning31
Coldness shaking at noon31
Coldness before stool21
Tertian chill21
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove32
Coldness in warm weather31
Heat in general21
Heat, night21
Night,heat with perspiration32
Heat before midnight31
Heat in bed21
Burning heat,sparks31
Chill absent,fever without chill21
Chill absent before midnight31
Fever with chill21
Exanthematic fevers, measles22
Heat from exertion22
Gastric fever23
Fever,motion aggravation21
Heat with perspiration32
Left side heat31
Chill followed by heat21
Heat then sweat31
Heat with external coldness,then heat31
Perspiration alternating with chilliness31
Perspiration during heat,followed by dry heat31
Perspiration with heat following chill31
Heat in summer,hot season21
Fever in heat of sun22
Fever,walking in heat of sun31
Heat during vomiting21
Perspiration in general22
Perspiration, morning22
Perspiration every alternate morning32
Perspiration,morning during sleep33
Perspiration,morning after waking32
Perspiration during anxiety21
Clammy perspiration21
Cold perspiration22
Cold perspiration,morning32
Cold perspiration on motion31
Perspiration from coughing21
Perspiration during headache21
Intermittent perspiration21
Perspiration during motion21
Profuse perspiration21
Profuse perspiration,night31
Scanty sweat21
Perspiration on beginning to sleep21
Perspiration during sleep32
Perspiration after waking32
Perspiration ameliorated after waking31
Perspiration,walking in open air31
Warm perspiration21
Skin biting21
Skin burning21
Skin burning after scratching31
Blue cicatrices31
Cicatrices become red31
Skin coldness21
Skin cracks22
Cracks after washing32
Skin blackish discoloration21
Skin bluish spots31
Skin liver-brown spots32
Red skin31
Red skin after scratching31
Skin red spots32
Skin spots as if burnt31
Skin moist spots31
Skin spots after scratching31
Yellow skin,jaundice31
Dry skin21
Dry skin,burning31
Biting eruption31
Blackish eruptions31
Yellow blotches31
Burning eruption31
Crusty eruptions33
Crusty brown eruption31
Crusty eruption burning32
Crusty greenish eruption31
Horny crusts31
Oozing,greenish,bloody crusty eruption31
Crusty eruption after scratching31
Crusty yellow eruption32
Discharging,moist eruption32
Bloody eruption31
Greenish discharging eruption31
Yellow discharging eruption33
Flat eruption31
Herpetic eruption in patches32
Horny eruption32
Itching eruption32
Eruption,night itching31
Eruption,itching,warmth of bed aggravation31
Painful eruption31
Painless eruption31
Gnawing,itching pimples31
Pimples itching32
Painful pimples31
Pimples after scratching32
Stinging pimples31
Hard pustules31
Pustules after scratching31
Scurfy pustules31
Pustules,white tips32
Rash after scratching31
Red eruption31
Scabies eruption32
Fatty scabies31
Suppressed scabies31
Scaly eruption31
Eruptions after scratching31
Sensitive eruption31
Black small-pox31
Smarting eruption31
Stinging eruption31
Suppurating eruption33
Hard tubercles31
Sore tubercles as if painful31
White tubercles31
Yellow tubercles32
Eruption with ulcerative pain31
Urticaria after meat33
Nodular urticaria32
Urticaria after scratching31
Vesicular eruption32
Brown vesicular eruption31
Vesicular eruption,itching31
Red vesicular eruption32
Vesicular eruption after scratching31
Yellow vesicular eruption31
Whitish eruption31
Yellow eruption32
Erysipelas after scratching31
Skin excoriation after scratching31
Skin excrescences22
Skin cauliflower fungus33
Skin horny excrescences33
Gangrene from burns or gangrenous sores21
Skin gnawing,eating21
Skin gnawing after scratching31
Hard skin,like callosities22
Hard skin peeling off31
Hard skin with thickening33
Skin inactivity21
Indurations, nodules, aso...23
Horny indurations,nodules32
Skin inelasticity21
Skin inflammation21
Itching,must scratch until it is raw31
Itching,scratching amelioration31
Itching unchanged by scratching31
Itching on becoming warm in bed32
As if the skin were hanging loose21
Skin moisture spots31
Skin sensitiveness21
Sore skin (decubitus)21
Skin becomes sore in a child31
Feeling of sore skin32
Skin sticking21
Stings of insects21
Skin swelling22
Skin swelling of affected parts31
Skin burning swelling31
Skin dropsical swelling33
Skin hard swelling31
Skin inflamed swelling31
Skin pale swelling32
Skin swelling after scratching31
Skin spongy swelling32
Skin stinging swelling31
Swollen skin sensation31
Skin tension21
Skin becomes thick after scratching21
Skin ulcer21
Skin ulcer as if burnt31
Skin cancerous ulcer31
Skin deep ulcer32
Skin fistulous ulcer31
Skin fungous ulcer31
Skin inflamed ulcer31
Skin itching ulcer31
Skin lardaceous ulcer31
Skin ulcers,red areola31
Skin sarcomatous ulcer31
Skin ulcer after scratching31
Skin smarting ulcer31
Skin spongy ulcer32
Skin stinging,stitching ulcer31
Skin superficial ulcer31
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Hard warts32
Horny warts33
Smooth warts33
Soft warts32
Stinging warts31
Warts surrounded by a circle of ulcers31
Wrinkled,shrivelled skin22
7 p.m.31
After midnight31
3 a.m.31
Desire for open air32
Open air aggravation31
Open air amelioration32
Alcoholic stimulants22
Ascending aggravation21
Dread of bathing23
Bathing aggravation33
Cold bathing aggravation33
Blackness of the external parts22
Caries of periosteum31
Change of weather aggravation31
Cold aggravation22
Cold air aggravation31
Becoming cold31
Becoming cold amelioration31
Heat and cold32
Tendency to take cold32
Cold wet weather aggravation32
Cold feeling in blood vessels31
Congestion of blood21
Congestion of blood,internally31
Constriction, internally31
Constriction,sensation of a band31
Contraction,stricture,stenose after inflammation21
Clonic convulsions31
Epileptiform convulsions31
Convulsions from noise31
External dropsy23
Internal dropsy31
While eating31
After eating31
Emaciation,marasmus of children31
Physical exertion aggravation21
Faintness from summer heat32
Bread aggravation32
Butter aggravation31
Cold drinks aggravation32
Cold food aggravation32
Fat food aggravation31
Fruit aggravation32
Sour fruit aggravation32
Milk aggravation32
Pastry aggravation31
Pork aggravation32
Rich food aggravation31
Sour food aggravation33
Sweets aggravation32
Vinegar aggravation33
Formication,external parts21
Full feeling, internally31
Flushes of heat with perspiration31
Lack of vital heat22
Becoming heated23
Heaviness, externally21
Glands indurations31
Inflammations, internally31
Periosteum inflammation31
Nerves inflammation32
Excessive physical irritability21
Lack of physical irritability31
Glands itching21
Jar,stepping aggravation22
Jerking as in convulsions31
Muscles jerking31
Lassitude, morning31
Loss of fluids21
Inclination to lie down22
Lying aggravation31
After lying aggravation31
After lying amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation31
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on painful side aggravation32
Lying on painless side amelioration31
After measles21
During menses31
Abuse of mercury22
Moonlight aggravation22
Motion aggravation21
Motion of affected parts aggravation32
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased22
Numbness in single parts31
Old people32
From onanism21
Orgasm of blood21
Glands pain31
Periosteum pain31
Benumbing pain31
Biting pain31
Boring pain31
Outward boring pain31
Burning pain,externally31
Burning pain,internally31
Glands burning pain31
Cutting pain,externally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Jerking pain,externally31
Paralytic pain31
Pinching pain,externally31
Pinching pain internally31
Pressing pain,externally31
Pressing pain,internally31
Pressing pain inward31
Pain pressing together31
Pressing pain from within outward31
Sore,bruised pain31
Glands sore,bruised pain31
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Stitching pain downward31
Stitching outward pain31
Bones stitching pain31
Muscles stitching pain31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Tearing downward pain31
Tearing upward pain31
Muscles tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain,cramp-like31
Muscles paralytic tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain,pressing31
Twinging pain31
Twisting pain31
Ulcerative pain,externally31
Paralysis, internally21
Paralysis of the organs31
Complaints return at the same hour31
Twenty-first day31
Perspiration gives no relief22
Sensation of a plug internally32
Pressure aggravation21
Pressure amelioration31
Prickling externally21
Abnormal pulse21
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable31
Hard pulse31
Irregular pulse33
Slow pulse31
Small pulse31
Soft pulse31
Lack of reaction21
From night reveling21
Room full of people aggravation22
Rubbing ameliorates31
Sensitiveness externally21
Sensitiveness, internally31
Sensitiveness to pain32
Periosteum sensitiveness31
After sexual excesses21
Symptoms on one side21
Symptoms alternating sides31
Crosswise symptoms,left lower and right upper32
Symptoms on the left side32
Aggravated while sitting21
On first sitting down amelioration31
Before sleep aggravation21
During sleep aggravation31
In summer21
From exposure to sun23
From exertion in sun33
Swelling of the affected parts31
Inflammatory swelling31
Puffy swelling33
Periosteum swelling31
Glands swelling31
Glands hard swelling31
Hot glands swelling31
Glands inflammatory swelling31
Glands painful swelling31
Swollen sensation21
Swollen sensation,bones31
Swollen glands sensation31
Tension, externally21
Tension, internally31
Muscles tension31
Tobacco aggravation22
Touch aggravation22
Touch amelioration31
Trembling externally21
Trembling after eating31
Glands ulcers21
Uncovering aggravation21
On waking22
Walking aggravation21
While walking amelioration31
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Walking in open air aggravation31
Walking in open air amelioration31
Warm aggravation22
Warm air aggravation32
Becoming warm in open air aggravation32
Warm bed aggravation32
Warm room aggravation32
Warm stove aggravation32
Weakness,morning on waking31
Weakness after dinner31
Weakness from perspiration31
Tremulous weakness after dinner31
Weakness,warm weather aggravation33
Weariness after eating31
Wet applications23
Getting wet31
Wet weather31
Sour wine aggravation33