Antimonium et potassium tartaricum


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Ailments after anger,vexation32
Anger from cough31
Anxiety with fear31
Desires to be carried21
Aversion to company21
Desire of company31
Confusion of mind22
Confusion of mind,morning,after rising amelioration31
Confusion of mind,morning on waking31
Confusion of mind,in open air amelioration31
Confusion of mind from mental exertion31
Confusion of mind on waking31
Delirium,muttering in sleep31
Raving,raging delirium32
Illusions of fancy31
Visions of fire31
Sees spectres ghosts spirits31
Despair during chill31
Feverish excitment31
Fear of being alone31
Fear of death31
Fear during menstrual colic31
Frightened easily31
Frightened at trifles31
Indolence,aversion to work21
Irritability,morning on waking31
Irritability, forenoon31
Irritability, evening31
Irritability alternating with cheerfulness31
Irritability in children31
Irritability from noise31
Irritability on waking31
Loathing for life31
Cannot bear to be looked at22
Mirth, daytime31
Mirth, afternoon32
Agreeable mood21
Alternating mood31
Changeable,variable mood31
Restlessness, night31
Tossing about in bed31
Restlessness in children31
Restlessness,child,relieved by being carried about31
Restlessness during the heat31
Restlessness during menses31
Sadness, afternoon31
Sadness, evening31
Dullness of senses31
Vanishing of senses31
Sensitive child31
Sensitive to noise31
Child shrieking when touched31
Inclination to sit21
Averse to being spoken to21
Starting easily31
Starting from sleep31
Suicidal disposition22
Talking in sleep31
Talks to himself32
Aversion to being touched22
Unconsciousness while standing31
Wepping,tearful mood22
Weeping,night in sleep31
Weeping aggravates31
Weeping before coughing31
Weeping during coughing31
Weeping in sleep31
Weeping when touched31
Vertigo during chill31
Vertigo on closing eyes22
Vertigo on coughing21
Vertigo during headache21
Vertigo,lifting a weight21
Vertigo,lying down is necessary31
Vertigo during menses31
Vertigo after menses31
Vertigo with nausea21
Paroxysmal vertigo21
Vertigo on raising head21
Vertigo while riding21
Vertigo,after sleep aggravation31
Vertigo alternating with sleepiness32
Vertigo,suspension of the senses21
Vertigo with obscuration of vision21
Vertigo while walking21
Sensation as if something alive were in head21
Head coldness during menses31
Head constriction22
Head constriction,band or hoop31
Head constriction on waking32
Head constriction after washing32
Forehead constriction32
Forehead constriction as from band31
Head side constriction31
Temples constriction31
Vertex constriction31
Dragging sensation in head21
Head drawn backward22
Head crusts or scabs32
Head eczema32
Head erysipelas21
Falling of head backward21
Sensation of falling forward in brain31
Falling forward in brain on stooping31
Hair falling31
Head heat22
Head heat,morning31
Head heat during cough31
Head flashes of heat31
Forehead heat31
Forehead heat,morning31
Head heaviness21
Head heaviness,morning on waking31
Head heaviness,in open air amelioration31
Head falls backward31
Head heaviness,menstrual colic31
Forehead heaviness31
Occiput heaviness31
Unable to hold up head21
Head,sensation as of lump21
Motions,movements,etc.,in head21
Motions in head on stooping31
Sensation of head numbness21
Headache in general21
Headache,morning in bed31
Headache,night on waking31
Headache during the chill31
Headache after the chill31
Headache on closing eyes31
Headache,cold applications amelioration31
Headache on coughing31
Headache during the heat31
Headache from light32
Headache while lying31
Pain at commencement of menses31
Headache from motion31
Headache,motion amelioration31
Headache,paroxysmal pains31
Headache,standing erect,upright,amelioration31
Headache,while sitting amelioration31
Headache,while sitting up or erect amelioration31
Headache after sleep32
Headache from stooping31
Headache from smoking tobacco32
Headache while walking31
Headache amel.from washing head in cold water31
Headache,waves of pain31
Headache extending to face31
Headache extending to nose31
Forehead pain22
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead right side pain,evening31
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain,morning on waking31
Forehead pain on coughing31
Forehead pain on motion31
Forehead paroxysmal pain31
Forehead pain after sleep31
Forehead pain extending to eyes31
Above left eye pain31
Forehead pain above root of nose31
Occiput pain21
Occiput pain,cold application amelioration31
Occiput pain,stooping31
One side headache21
Temples pain on coughing31
Temples pain from walking31
Temples pain extending to face31
Headache,temples and forehead pain21
Headache,vertex pain21
Headache,vertex and forehead pain21
Headache as from blows21
Headache,boring pain21
Forehead boring pain21
Burning headache21
Burning headache with chilliness31
Forehead burning pain21
Burrowing headache21
Burrowing headache,afternoon31
Cramping headache22
Drawing headache21
Drawing headache,afternoon31
Drawing headache after eating31
Drawing headache extending to face31
Drawing headache extending to nose31
Forehead drawing pain21
Occiput drawing pain21
Occiput drawing pain after eating31
Head sides drawing pain21
Head left side drawing pain31
Temples drawing pain22
Temples drawing pain extending to face31
Vertex drawing pain21
Forehead dull pain31
Jerking headache21
Headache,pressing pain22
Pressing downward headache31
Pressing headache,drawing31
Pressing headache as if in a vice31
Brain as if bound up,pressing pain21
Forehead pressing pain22
Forehead pressing pain,morning31
Forehead pressing pain,morning on waking31
Forehead pressing pain as from band31
Forehead pressing pain,cold application amelioration32
Forehead pressing downward pain31
Forehead pressing pain on motion31
Forehead pressing pain on waking31
Above nose pressing pain31
Forehead left side pressing pain31
Occiput pressing pain21
Occiput pressing pain extending forward31
Temples pressing pain22
Temples pressing pain,digital31
Temples pressing inward pain31
Vertex pressing pain21
Headache,shooting pain21
Forehead shooting pain21
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache21
Stitching headache when coughing31
Stitching headache after dinner31
Stitching headache after eating31
Stitching headache on motion31
Forehead stitching pain21
Forehead stitching pain after dinner31
Forehead stitching pain extending to eye32
Occiput stitching pain21
Occiput stitching pain after dinner31
Temples stitching pain21
Stunning,stupefying headache21
Stunning,pressing headache32
Above nose stunning pain31
Tearing headache,walking in open air amelioration31
Forehead tearing pain21
Forehrad tearing pain,2 p.m. till 3 a.m.31
Head sides tearing pain,intermittent31
Ulcerative haid pain21
Scalp perspiration22
Scalp cold perspiration31
Scalp perspiration on coughing31
Forehead perspiration21
Forehead cold perspiration31
Forehead perspiration during cough31
Forehead perspiration during fever31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Forehead pulsating21
Forehead right side pulsating32
Head sides pulsating21
Temples pulsating21
Head shaking sensation21
Head shaking sensation during cough31
Swollen,distended head feeling21
Head trembling sensation22
Head trembling sensation during cough31
Forehead muscles twitching31
Head weakness21
Desire to close eyes21
Eyes dullness23
Eruption on lids31
Pustules on lids32
Falling of lids21
Granular lids21
Granular outer canthi31
Eye inflammation22
Eye arthritic inflammation (gouty and rheumatic)33
Eye catarrhal inflammation from cold31
Eye gonorrhoeal inflammation32
Conjunctiva inflammation31
Injected eye21
Lachrymation when yawning31
Open lids31
Half open eyes32
Open eyes during sleep31
Eye pain21
Eye aching pain21
Eye burning pain,evening31
Canthi burning pain31
Inner canthus burning pain31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc21
Eye pressing pain,evening31
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye21
Canthi stitching pain31
Inner canthus stitching pain31
Eye tearing pain21
Contracted pupils (myosis)21
Eye veins redness32
Staring,night during sleep31
Sunken eye23
Eye turned upward31
Weak eye21
Black floating spots (muscae volitantes)31
Bright colors before the eyes21
Dark objects31
Dim vision during vertigo31
Diplopia while reading31
Foggy vision21
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Loss of vision on fixing eyes31
Periodic loss of vision32
Vanishing of sight31
Noises in ear21
Roaring in ear21
Ear pain21
Ear burning pain21
Ear twitching21
Right ear twitching31
Ear twitching,morning31
Lost hearing21
Nose catarrh21
Coryza with discharge (fluent)32
Dry coryza alternating with fluent31
Dilated nostrils22
Nose blood discharge31
Nose excoriating discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Nose inside dryness21
Epistaxis,bright blood31
Fan-like motion of nose wings32
Fan-like motion of nose wings in pneumonia32
Pain in nose21
Pain in nose root32
Nose root pressing pain32
Nose root sore bruised pain32
Pointed nose22
Wanting smell,lost smell22
Sooty nostrils22
Nose root tension31
Tension above nose root as from a band31
Face coldness,cholera31
Pale face23
Red face,circumscribed32
Dark red face31
One-sided red face31
Bluish red face32
Face distortion21
Lips dryness32
Face eruption22
Lips eruption31
Eruption around mouth33
Cheeks herpes31
Face leprous spots22
Face pustules21
Face rash21
Face scurfy eruption21
Lips scurfy eruption31
Face vesicles21
Lips vesicles31
Excoriated lips21
Anxious expression22
Suffering expression32
Face heat22
Face heat,evening31
Face burning heat31
Hippocratic face23
Lips burning pain31
Face drawing pain21
Cheek bones pressing pain31
Face tearing pain22
Cheek bones tearing pain31
Face perspiration21
Face cold perspiration32
Shriveled face21
Smutty face22
Sunken face23
Face swelling22
Face oedematous swelling32
Lips swelling31
Tension of face skin21
Face twitching22
Face twitching when coughing33
Face ulcers21
Cheek ulcer31
Wrinkled face21
Gums bleeding31
Gums bleeding,scurvy31
Closed mouth21
Tongue sensation of coldness31
Gums redness31
Red palate31
Blue tongue33
Brown tongue31
Yellowish-brown tongue31
Gray tongue31
Pale tongue31
Red tongue31
Tongue red streaks31
Tongue red stripe down centre31
Tongue red edges31
White tongue32
Yellow tongue31
Mouth dryness22
Tongue dryness32
Tongue centre dryness31
Indented tongue31
Tongue motion aggravates pain31
Open mouth21
Mouth difficult to open31
Mouth remains wide open after yawning32
Tongue pain,motion aggravation31
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain21
Tongue reddened papillae31
Mouth pustules21
Palate pustules31
Tongue pustules31
Salivation during pregnancy31
Scorbutic gums21
Difficult speech31
Difficult speech from swelling of tongue31
Wanting speech31
Spongy gums21
Mouth swelling21
Tongue swelling31
Bad taste31
Bitter taste31
Bitter taste,night32
Taste like rotten eggs31
Taste like rotten eggs,morning31
Insipid taste32
Putrid taste31
Saltish taste31
Wanting taste,loss of taste32
Wanting tastelessness of food31
Wanting tastelessness of food in coryza32
Wanting tastelessness of tobacco31
Mouth ulcers,lardaceous base31
Tongue ulcers31
Mouth vesicles21
Teeth chattering with inward trembling31
Sensation of teeth elongation23
Mucus on teeth21
Molars pain31
Intermittent toothache33
Rheumatic toothache33
Toothache on going to sleep31
Tearing toothache21
Roots tearing toothache31
Roots tearing pain after eating31
Roots tearing pain,left side posteriorly31
Throat redness31
Pharynx redness31
Tonsils inflammation31
Throat mucus22
Throat pain on swallowing31
Oesophagus pain31
Pharynx pain on sneezing31
Throat burning pain21
Throat burning pain after eating31
Oesophagus burning pain31
Throat pressing pain21
Throat pustules21
Difficult swallowing31
Impossible swallowing32
Throat swelling21
Tonsils swelling31
Throat vesicles21
Pharynx vesicles31
Cervical glands swelling31
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh23
Laryngo-tracheal catarrh in old people32
Larynx constriction31
Larynx crawling21
Membranous croup31
Larynx dryness31
Larynx inflammation22
Trachea inflammation32
Irritation in air passages21
Trachea irritation31
Larynx itching21
Mucus in the air passages21
Mucus in larynx33
Trachea mucus33
Larynx pain21
Larynx pain,grasps the larynx on coughing31
Larynx pain on touch32
Trachea burning pain32
Larynx rattling22
Trachea rattling33
Scraping,clearing larynx23
Scraping,clearing larynx,night33
Supports larynx on coughing21
Tickling in the air passages21
Tickling in larynx31
Tickling in trachea31
Hoarseness from talking31
Hollow voice31
Lost voice32
Weak voice33
Abdominal respiration23
Accelerated respiration23
Accelerated respiration while lying down31
Anxious respiration21
Arrested respiration on coughing33
New-born infant asphyxia33
Asthmatic respiration22
Periodic asthma31
Spasmodic asthma32
Deep respiration21
Difficult respiration23
Difficult respiration,morning31
Difficult respiration,morning in bed31
Difficult respiration,evening31
Difficult respiration,evening in bed31
Difficult respiration during night32
Difficult respiration at 3 a.m.33
Difficult respiration with cough33
Difficult respiration,expectoration amelioration33
Difficult respiration,wants to be fanned31
Difficult respiration while lying32
Difficult respiration,lying impossible32
Difficult respiration from mucus in the trachea33
Difficult respiration,sitting amelioration32
Difficult respiration with waking32
Difficult respiration in a warm room31
Gasping before cough31
Gasping during cough32
Gasping inspiration,expiration long and slow32
Impeded,obstructed respiration21
Impeded respiration,morning in bed31
Impeded respiration,evening in bed32
Intermittent,unequal respiration23
Intermittent respiration,lying down aggravation31
Intermittent respiration during sleep32
Irregular respiration22
Irregular respiration during sleep31
Long respiration21
Loud respiration21
Loud expiration31
Moaning respiration22
Panting respiration22
Rough respiration22
Rough sawing respiration32
Slow respiration21
Slow expiration31
Stertorous respiration22
Tremulous respiration22
Whistling respiration22
Daytime cough21
Cough, afternoon21
Cough, evening in bed31
Cough, night21
Cough, midnight31
Cough before midnight31
Cough, 10 p.m. to 1 p.m.32
Cough, 11 p.m.32
Cough after midnight31
Cough, 2 or 3 a.m.31
Cough, 4 a.m.31
Cough, damp cold air31
Cough from anger22
Asthmatic cough23
Barking cough21
Cough,on becoming warm in bed,agg.or excites31
Air of cellars or of churches21
Cough, cold milk31
Constant cough21
Cough,larynx constriction22
Cough,crawling in larynx31
Croaking cough21
Croupy cough21
Cough,crying aggravation21
Difficult cough21
Distracting cough21
Distracting cough,day and night31
Cough after drinking21
Dry cough21
Dry cough,morning31
Dry cough in evening,loose in morning31
Cough from larynx dryness31
Cough from eating22
Exhausting cough21
Cough during fever21
Grasping throat during cough21
Hacking cough21
Hacking cough,morning31
Hissing cough22
Hissing cough with hoarseness,larynx sensitive to touch32
Hoarsed cough21
Hollow cough21
Hollow cough,night31
Inability to cough21
Cough from irritation in air passages21
Cough from irritation in larynx31
Cough from irritation in trachea31
Cough,itching in larynx31
Loose cough21
Cough,lying aggravation21
Cough,lying in bed aggravation31
Cough,milk aggravation21
Cough,mucus in chest21
Old people cough22
Painful cough31
Paroxysmal cough,night31
Paroxysmal cough before midnight31
Paroxysmal cough at 11 p.m.31
Paroxysaml cough,attacks follow one another quickly31
Paroxysmal cough commences with gasping for breath31
Paroxysmal cough,short coughs31
Rattling cough23
Cough short21
Short cough while talking31
Shrill cough21
Cough,must sit up22
Cought,sitting erect amelioration31
Cough with sneezing31
Cough with snoring21
Cough,child springs up and clings to those around,calls for help....22
Cough seems to come from the stomach21
Suffocative cough22
Cough,sun aggravation22
Cough on talking21
Tickling cough21
Bronchia tickling on coughing32
Cough from tickling in larynx31
Cough from tickling in trachea32
Cough after vexation21
Violent cough21
Cough from warm fluids31
Whooping cough22
Whooping cough,night31
Yawning and coughing consecutively31
Expectoration,daytime only21
Spitting of uncoagulated blood31
Copious expectoration21
Copious expectoration,old people32
Easy expectoration21
Frothy expectoration21
Hawking up mucus22
Hawking up mucus,morning31
Mucous expectoration22
Mucous expectoration,morning32
Bloody mucous expectoration31
Purulent expectorarion22
Expectoration flat taste31
Salty expectoration31
Sour expectoration31
Sweetish expectoration31
Thick expectoration21
Tough expectoration22
Transparent expectoration21
Viscid expectoration21
White expectoration21
Albuminous white expectoration31
Region of heart anxiety33
Apprehension,region of heart31
Lung atelectasis23
Chest catarrh23
Chest catarrh,old people32
Chest sensation as if coated21
Chest constriction,tension,tightness22
Chest cyanosis22
Dilatation of heart22
Chest dropsy22
Chest red pimples like lichen simplex31
Chest pustules32
Chest rash eruption31
Mammae miliary eruption31
Chest haemorrhage22
Chest heat22
Heat in region of heart32
Hepatization of lungs21
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)23
Pericardium inflammation32
Lungs inflammation33
Infant lung inflammation32
Lungs inflammation,typhoid33
Pleura inflammation31
Pleura rheumatic inflammation32
Milk flowing31
Pulmonary oedema23
Chest oppression22
Oppression, 3 a.m.31
Heart oppression31
Chest pain22
Chest pain, evening31
Chest pain,night31
Chest pain during cough31
Chest pain,lying on affected side32
Chest pain,respiration31
Chest rheumatic pain31
Heart rheumatic pain31
Chest burning pain22
Chest burning pain extending to throat32
Chest cutting (sudden sharp pain)22
Sternum pressing pain32
Heart pressing pain31
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest sore,bruised pain21
Heart pain as from sprain31
Chest stitching pain22
Chest left side stitching pain31
Chest side stitching pain, coughing31
Chest tearing pain21
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,anxiety31
Heart palpitation during stool32
Heart visible palpitation31
Heart paralysis32
Lung paralysis33
Lung paralysis,old people32
Chest perspiration21
Phthisis pulmonalis21
Pituitous phthisis pulmonalis33
Revolving sensation of the heart21
Chest shocks21
Velvety sensation in chest21
Chest weakness23
Stomach anxiety21
Diminished appetite21
Disminished appetite at noon31
Appetite,easy satiety21
Increased appetite,hunger in general21
Increased appetite,open air amelioration31
Ravenous appetite while walking31
Wanting appetite21
Wanting appetite,morning31
Wanting appetite with thirst31
Aversion to alcoholic stimulants21
Aversion to food21
Aversion to milk22
Aversion to tobacco21
Desires alcoholic drinks21
Desires apples21
Desires cold drinks22
Desires cold food22
Desires fruit22
Desires sour,acid things22
Desordered stomach21
Stomach distention21
Emptiness,weak feeling,faintness,hungry feeling21
Stomach emptiness with throbbing31
Eructations ameliorate23
Eructations during menses31
Eructations after milk21
Bitter eructations21
Eructations like spoiled eggs21
Eructations like spoiled eggs,night32
Empty eructations21
Fluid eructations21
Foul eructations22
Eructations like hiccough21
Eructations of milk21
Nauseous eructations21
Salty eructations21
Sour eructations21
Eructations of water21
Stomach formication21
Sensation of stomach fullness21
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression22
Stomach inflammation23
Stomach irritation21
Loathing of food22
Nausea during pain in abdomen31
Nausea in abdomen31
Nausea,open air amelioration31
Constant nausea32
Nausea during cough31
Nausea after dinner32
Nausea after drinking31
Nausea after eating31
Nausea,eructations amelioration31
Nausea on looking at food31
Nausea after fruit32
Nausea during headache31
Nausea during labor31
Nausea,lying on side amelioration31
Nausea while lying on left side31
Nausea before menses31
Nausea during pregnancy32
Nausea from pressure on stomach31
Nausea before stool31
Nausea during stool31
Nausea after stool31
Nausea,swallowing saliva31
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain before an attack of cough31
Stomach pain while eating31
Stomach pain after eating31
Stomach burning pain21
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain21
Stomach pressing pain22
Stomach pressing pain after drinking31
Stomach pressing pain after eating31
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain21
Stomach stitching pain21
Stomach stitching pain extending to abdomen31
Stomach pulsation23
Retching,noon after soup31
Retching with cough31
Ineffectual retching32
Retching with salivation31
Retching after vomiting31
Stomach sinking21
Stomach tension22
Extreme thirst32
Thirst after perspiration32
Thirst for small quantities31
Thirst,often for small quantities31
Thirst after stool31
Thirstless during heat32
Stomach tingling21
Vomiting, night32
Vomiting after chill31
Vomiting on coughing33
Difficult vomiting33
Vomiting after dinner31
Vomiting after drinking32
Easy vomiting31
Vomiting after eating32
Vomiting during headache31
Vomiting during heat33
Incessant vomiting31
Vomiting in intermittent33
Vomiting,lying on right side amelioration31
Vomiting,lying on left side31
Vomiting after milk31
Vomiting on motion32
Vomiting moving from right side31
Painful vomiting31
Violent vomiting31
Vomiting on waking31
Bile vomiting21
Bitter vomiting21
Black vomiting21
Blood vomiting21
Dark vomiting21
Food vomiting22
Food then bile vomiting31
Food vomiting from cough32
Food vomiting immediately after eating31
Frothy vomiting21
Green vomiting21
Liquids vomiting21
Curdled milk vomiting31
Mucus vomiting21
Mucus vomiting from cough31
Offensive smelling vomiting22
Sour vomiting22
Sour vomiting,bitterish31
Tenacious vomiting21
Water vomiting21
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen distension22
Abdomen distension,passing flatus amelioration31
Abdomen painful distension31
Abdomen tympanitic distension32
Enlarged liver31
Abdomen flatulence21
Flatulence,obstructed abdomen31
Sensation of abdomen fullness21
Abdomen gurgling21
Abdomen heat21
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)23
Liver and region of liver21
Sensation of lump in abdomen21
Abdomen aching,dull pain21
Abdomen aching,evening after eating31
Abdomen aching during diarrhoea (colic)31
Abdomen aching after eating31
Abdomen aching on motion31
Abdomen paroxysmal aching31
Abdomen aching,pressure aggravation31
Abdomen aching while sitting bent31
Abdomen aching before stool31
Abdomen violent aching31
Abdomen aching after vomiting32
Inguinal region aching before menses32
Inguinal region aching during menses31
Abdomen sides aching dull pain21
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Reg.of umbilicus aching,morning31
Abdomen burning pain21
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain after eating32
Region of umbilicus cramping pain21
Umbilical reg.cramping pain after dinner31
Umbilical reg.cramping pain while sitting bent31
Abdomen cutting pain22
Abdomen cutting pain,evening31
Abdomen cutting pain after eating31
Abdomen cutting pain before stool33
Umbilicus cutting pain21
Umbilical region cutting pain31
Abdomen drawing pain21
Abdomen sides drawing pain31
Abdomen pressing pain22
Hypochondria pressing pain21
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness21
Hypochondria sore pain21
Sore,bruised pain in liver21
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Hypogastrium stitching pain21
Umbilicus stitching pain21
Abdomen tearing pain21
Abdomen twisting pain21
Abdomen pulsation23
Abdomen restlessness,uneasiness22
Rumblings in the bowels22
Abdomen rumbling after eating31
Rumbling,passing flatus amelioration31
Abdomen rumbling before diarrhoeic stool31
Sensation of stone in abdomen21
Abdomen seems full of stones32
Abdomen seems full of stones after long sitting31
Liver swelling21
Abdomen tension21
Abdomen tension,passing flatus amelioration31
Hypochondria tension21
Right hypochondrium tension31
Abdomen trembling21
Cholera infantum31
Cholera morbus31
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea31
Constipation,ineffectual urging and straining31
Diarrhoea, night31
Diarrhoea after alcoholic drink31
Diarrhoea after taking cold31
Diarrhoea after taking cold in summer31
Diarrhoea from drinking water31
Diarrhoea in old drunkards31
Diarrhoea during exanthemata31
Diarrhoea after fruit31
Diarrhoea during small-pox31
Diarrhoea after vaccination31
Flatus amelioration31
Hot flatus31
Offensive flatus,spoiled eggs odor31
Formication in anus21
Rectum heat during stool31
Inactivity of rectum21
Involuntary stool21
Rectum pain,after stool amelioration31
Perineum pain,urging to urinate31
Rectum burning pain after flatus31
Rectum burning pain after stool31
Rectum cutting pain during stool31
Rectum stitching pain21
Rectum tenesmus during stool31
Rectum tenesmus after stool31
Rectum tenesmus,after stool amelioration31
Urging to stool,after rising amelioration31
Ascarides in rectum31
Bilious stool21
Black stool21
Fecal black stool31
Bloody stool21
Brown stool31
Fecal brown stool31
Stool like coffee grounds21
Copious stool22
Frequent stool22
Green stool21
Slimy mucous stool21
Mucous green stool32
Mushy stool21
Mushy yellow stool31
Stool,cadaveric odor31
Stool,offensive odor31
Pasty stool21
Soft stool21
Thin liquid stool21
Thin liquid fecal stool31
Watery stool21
Watery stool,morning31
Watery stool,night31
Watery brown stool31
Like rice water stool31
Yellow stool21
Fecal yellow stool31
Bladder inflammation22
Bladder pain21
Bladder pain during urinating31
Bladder pressing pain,pressure in bladder21
Bladder stitching,stinging pain21
Bladder neck stitching,stinging pain21
Retention of urine21
Bladder spasm22
Bladder tension21
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)22
Urging to urinate,night31
Urging to urinate,night on waking31
Urging to urinate, midnight31
Urging to urinate,apyrexia21
Urging to urinate during chill22
Constant urging to urinate21
Urging to urinate during fever22
Frequent urging to urinate22
Urging to urinate during menses31
Urging to urinate during perspiration22
Urging to urinate with thirst21
Violent urging to urinate during menses31
Dribbling urination (by drops)21
Frequent urination22
Frequent urination,forenoon31
Interrupted urination (intermittent)21
Kidneys stitching,stinging,sticking pain21
Kidneys stitching pain on motion of arms31
Urethra haemorrhage21
Urethra itching21
Urethra burning pain22
Urethra burning pain,urging to urinate31
Urethra burning pain after urination31
Urethra stitching pain21
Urethra anterior part tearing pain21
Urethra stricture21
Acrid urine21
Albuminous urine22
Bloody urine22
Bloody urine,last part32
Bloody urine,last part,with violent pain in the bladder31
Burning or hot urine22
Urine containing epithelial casts31
Cloudy urine22
Cloudy urine on standing31
Dark brown urine31
Brown urine during perspiration31
Dark urine23
Red urine22
Brownish-red urine32
Dark red urine31
Deep-red urine31
Copious urine (increased)21
Copious urine,night31
Urine offensive odor21
Urine strong odor22
Scanty urine22
Scanty urine during perspiration31
Sediment in urine21
Bloody sediment in urine21
Sediment like flour chalk in urine21
Gray sediment in urine21
Milky sediment in urine21
Red filaments,fibres31
Brick-dust red sand in urine31
Watery urine,clear as water21
Glans condylomata32
Male genitals eruption21
Male genitalia pustules31
Male genitalia red pustules31
Male genitals vesicular eruption31
Penis pustules31
Scrotum pustules31
Male genitalia flaccidity21
Testes inflammation from suppressed gonorrhoea31
Scrotum itching21
Glans burning pain31
Testes tearing pain21
Increased sexual passion31
Testes swelling21
Penis tingling21
Glans tingling31
Female genitalia eruptions22
Female genitalia pustules31
Female genitalia itching22
Bloody leucorrhoea22
Leucorrhoea while sitting22
Thin watery leucorrhoea22
White leucorrhoea22
Bright-red menses21
Copious menses21
Pale menses21
Watery metrorrhagia31
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Rigidity of os during labor21
Back eruption21
Back miliary eruption31
Back painful pustules31
Back pustules like small-pox31
Cervical reg.pustules like cow-pox31
Cervical region scabs31
Back heavinbess,morning in bed31
Back heaviness,morning on rising31
Back heaviness,rising aggravation31
Coccyx heaviness32
Sensation as if a heavy weight were tugging at coccyx32
Back pain21
Back pain during chill31
Back pain after eating31
Back rheumatic pain31
Back pain while sitting32
Scapulae pain,moving neck31
Sacral region pain23
Sacral reg.pain while sitting31
Sacro-iliac junction pain22
Back aching during chill32
Back aching pain after eating31
Lumbar region aching pain21
Back burning pain21
Back drawing pain21
Soreness in scapulae,bruised,beaten31
Cervical region stiffness32
Back weakness (tired feeling in spine)21
Extremities coldness23
Upper limbs coldness21
Right upper limb coldness31
Hands coldness32
Right hand coldness31
Fingers tips coldness32
Leg coldness31
Foot coldness33
Toes coldness,touched31
First toe coldness31
Upper limbs contraction31
Fingers contraction32
Hamstrings contraction31
Extremities convulsion21
Leg convulsion31
Cracking in joints of upper limbs31
Cracking in shoulder31
Upper limbs cramps31
Lower limbs cramps31
Calf cramps31
Calf cramps, afternoon31
Calf cramps in cholera32
Calf cramps during sleep31
Hand blueness32
Fingers brown spots31
Yellow fingers31
Yellow fingers in spots31
Drawing up limbs aggravation22
Finger tips dryness31
Extremities pimples31
Extremities rash eruption31
Extremities eruption like varicella32
Extremities vesicles33
Upper limbs eruption21
Upper limbs itching eruption31
Upper limbs miliary eruption31
Upper limbs pimples eruption31
Upper limbs rash eruption31
Upper limbs vesicles eruption32
Upper arm eruption31
Upper arm pimples31
Forearm eruption31
Forearm pimples31
Forearm pustules31
Forearm rash31
Forearm vesicles31
Wrist eruption31
Wrist itch-like eruption31
Wrist pimples32
Hands eruption31
Lower limbs eruption like varicella31
Leg eruption like varicella31
Upper limb flexed in sleep32
Veins of foot fullness32
Foot gangrene31
Hand heat32
Heaviness,tired limbs21
Upper limbs heaviness32
Lower limbs heaviness,tired limbs31
Hip heaviness31
Leg heaviness,tired leg31
Extremeities itching21
Extremities itching,scratching amelioration31
Upper limbs itching31
Upper limbs itching,scratching amelioration31
Lower limbs itching31
Nates itching31
Leg itching31
Lower limbs jerking31
Lower limbs jerking during sleep32
Extremities numbness22
Extremities numbness, 10 a.m.31
Fingers numbness31
Fingers tips numbness31
Lower limbs numbness31
Lower limbs numbness while sitting32
Leg numbness31
Foot numbness31
Foot numbness while sitting32
Extremties pain21
Extremities rheumatic pain32
Limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Joints pain,damp cold weather31
Joints pain,motion32
Joints rheumatic pain32
Joints wandering pain32
Upper limbs pain,motion32
Upper limbs rheumatic pain32
Upper limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Shoulder pain as of dislocation31
Shoulder rheumatic pain31
Elbow pain31
Elbow rheumatic pain31
Wrist pain31
Second finger last joint pain31
Lower limbs pain,morning in bed31
Lower limbs rheumatic pain31
Hip pain31
Hip rheumatic pain31
Thigh pain31
Thigh pain,open air31
Thigh rheumatic pain31
Knee pain32
Knee pain, morning31
Knee pain on walking31
Calf pain31
Calf rheumatic pain31
Ankle pain32
Foot pain31
Foot pain while walking31
Limbs joints burning pain31
Shoulder burning pain31
Hand burning pain31
Thigh cutting pain31
Upper limbs feeling as if dislocation22
Shoulder feeling as if dislocation31
Extremities drawing pain21
Limb joints drawing pain31
Upper arm drawing pain31
Upper arm paroxysmal drawing31
Hand rheumatic drawing31
Fingers drawing pain31
Lower limbs drawing pain31
Calf drawing31
Calf paroxysmal drawing31
Sore bruised extremities on rising31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised mollet31
Sore bruised foot31
Extremities stitching pain21
Upper limbs stitching pain31
Upper arm condyles stitching pain31
Elbow condyles stitching pain31
Last joint of second finger stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain31
Hip stitching,evening in bed31
Knee stitching pain31
Knee stitching pain,evening31
Knee stitching,evening in bed31
Knee tendons stitching pain31
Knee tendons stitching,evening31
Knee tendons stitching while walking31
Toes stitching pain31
Extremities tearing pain21
Joints tearing pain31
Upper limbs tearing pain21
Lower limbs tearing pain21
Thigh tearing extending downward31
Bend of thigh tearing pain31
Extremities post diphtheritic paralysis31
Upper limbs paralysis31
Hand perspiration32
Hand cold perspiration31
Hand perspiration on coughing31
Palm perspiration31
Lower limbs perspiration during menstrual colic31
Extremities pulsation21
Leg pulsation31
Fingers stiffness31
Lower limbs stiffness31
Foot stiffness31
Joints swelling32
Joints dropsical swelling31
Knee swelling31
Knee dropsical swelling32
Lower limbs tension31
Thigh tension31
Hamstrings tension31
Knee tension31
Hollow of knee tension31
Leg tension31
Foot tension31
Foot tension on walking31
Back of foot tension31
Knee tingling31
Hand trembling33
Knee trembling31
Upper limbs twitching32
Hand twitching31
Thigh twitching31
Leg twitching31
Calf twitching31
Finger tips ulcers31
Toe tips ulcers31
Fifth toe ulcers31
Foot varices31
Extremities weakness22
Extremities weakness,forenoon31
Extremities weakness during chill31
Lower limbs weakness,morning31
Knee weakness31
Foot weakness during menses31
Chill during sleep21
Comatose sleep23
Comatose sleep,forenoon31
Comatose sleep,evening31
Deep sleep23
Falling asleep after dinner31
Falling asleep during heat32
Falling asleep while sitting31
Sleepp during heat,in intermittent23
Interrupted sleep21
Sleep position:arms under head31
Sleep position: on back31
Restless sleep22
Short sleep21
Sleepiness, forenoon31
Sleepiness, 10 a.m.31
Sleepiness, evening32
Sleepiness in open air31
Sleepiness during chill32
Sleepiness with cough33
Sleepiness after dinner31
Sleepiness,contraction of eyelids32
Sleepiness during pain in abdomen31
Sleepiness while riding in strong air31
Sleepiness while sitting31
Sleepiness,warm room31
Sleeplessness before midnight31
Sleeplessness during heat31
Sleeplessness from activity of mind,thoughts31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Early waking31
Frequent waking31
Late waking31
Yawning, morning31
Yawning before chill31
Yawning before chill,mouth remains open for a long time31
Yawning after coughing33
Frequent yawning31
Ineffectual yawning31
Yawning without sleepiness31
Spasmodic yawning31
Anxious dreams21
Confused dreams21
Dreams: continuation of former ideas21
Dreams about difficulties21
Dreams about previous events22
Exhausting dreams21
Fantastic dreams21
Dreams about fire21
Historic dreams21
Pleasant dreams21
Dreams about preaching21
Unpleasant dreams21
Coldness in general23
Coldness,morning on waking31
Coldness at 5 a.m.31
Coldness, forenoon21
Coldness at 9 a.m.31
Coldness, afternoon21
Coldness at 3 p. m.33
Coldness, evening21
Coldness at 6 p.m.31
Coldness,night on rising31
Coldness in the open air22
Coldness,walking in the open air32
Anticipating coldness21
Anticipating coldness,tertian,several hours31
Coldness in bed21
Coldness,rising from bed amelioration31
Coldness beginning in back31
Chill,drinking aggravation21
External coldness22
Chill, heated,overheated31
Icy coldness of the body21
Internal coldness as if in blood vessels31
Chill during motion22
Predominating chill22
Quotidian chill21
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Long-lasting coldness shaking31
Coldness shaking during motion31
One-sided coldness21
Coldness in spring22
Tertian chill21
Trembling and shivering23
As if cold water were dashed over him21
As if cold water were poured over him32
Heat in general23
Heat, afternoon21
Heat, evening21
Heat, 5 p.m.31
Heat, 8 p.m.31
Heat, night21
Heat alternating with chill22
Heat alternating with chill on motion31
Ascending heat21
Heat in bed21
Heat after getting out of bed31
Burning heat21
Cerebro-spinal fever21
Chill absent, evening31
Chill absent, 6 to 8 p.m.31
Chill absent, night31
Abdominal continued fever31
Congestive fever with paralysis of lungs32
Pectoral continued fever32
Coughing increases the heat21
Febrile heat only during the day21
Dry heat21
Dry heat,night31
Dry heat,night,driving him out of bed31
Dry heat,night,as if ho vapors rise up to the brain31
Heat from exertion21
External heat22
Gastric fever23
Intense heat21
Intense heat with delirium31
Intense heat during sleep32
Intermittent fever with long-lasting heat33
Long lasting heat22
Fever,motion aggravation21
Motion brings on chilliness31
Heat with perspiration31
Remittent fever22
Remittent fever, night31
Remittent fever,prone to become typhoid31
Heat with shivering21
Heat comes on during sleep21
Chill followed by heat22
Chill followed by heat with sweat31
Heat then sweat31
Heat with external coldness,then heat31
Perspiration in general23
Perspiration, daytime22
Perspiration,morning after waking31
Perspiration,afternoon during sleep31
Perspiration, night21
Perspiration,night during sleep31
Perspiration on affected parts23
Clammy perspiration22
Cold perspiration23
Colliquative perspiration23
Perspiration from coughing21
Perspiration with dyspnoea22
Perspiration while eating21
Perspiration after the fever21
Perspiration during motion21
Perspiration from pains22
Profuse perspiration23
Profuse perspiration,night32
Profuse perspiration on affected parts33
Profuse perspiration during rage31
Perspiration with shivering21
Perspiration during sleep32
Sticky perspiration21
Perspiration before stool21
Symptoms aggravated while sweating21
Aggravation after sweating31
Skin coldness22
Skin icy coldness31
Bluish skin32
Skin liver-brown spots31
Skin red spots31
Skin small spots31
Yellow skin,jaundice32
Skin yellow spots31
Dry skin22
Dry skin,burning31
Bleeding eruption31
Large boils31
Burning eruption32
Confluent eruption32
Crusty eruptions31
Desquamating eruption31
Ichorous discharging eruption31
Flat eruption31
Itching herpetic eruption32
Itching eruption32
Painless eruption31
Gnawing,itching pimples31
Black pustules31
Bleeding pustules31
Brown pustules31
Confluent pustules31
Pustules itching31
Pustules mixed with vesicles31
Painful pustules31
Red pustules31
Pustules,red areola31
Scurfy pustules31
Small pustules31
Tensive pustules31
Thin pustules which break and send out ichorous pus which corrodes..31
Ulcerated pustules31
Pustules,white tips31
Eruption,red areola31
Scabies eruption31
Suppressed scabies31
Suppurating eruption31
Tense eruption31
Nodular urticaria31
Vesicular eruption32
Vesicular eruption,itching31
Skin excrescences21
Skin fungus,haematodes31
Skin flabbiness21
Cold gangrene31
Skin inactivity21
Itching,scratching amelioration31
Itching unchanged by scratching31
Skin numbness21
Skin prickling21
Skin sensitiveness21
Skin ulcer21
Skin black ulcers31
Skin bleeding ulcer31
Skin ulcer with crawling31
Skin ulcer,bloody discharges31
Skin ulcer,ichorous discharges31
Skin ulcer,thin discharges31
Skin ulcer,watery discharges31
Skin itching ulcer31
Skin painless ulcer31
Skin spongy ulcer31
Skin superficial ulcer31
Skin suppurating ulcer31
Skin varicose ulcer31
Before midnight32
After midnight31
3 a.m.31
Desire for open air31
Open air aggravation32
General physical anxiety22
In autumn aggravation22
Bathing aggravation31
Bathing amelioration31
Bathing the affected part amelioration31
Fungus haematodes31
Change of weather aggravation32
Becoming cold amelioration31
After becoming cold aggravation32
Tendency to take cold31
Cold feeling in blood vessels31
Constriction, internally31
Constriction,sensation of a band31
Clonic convulsions31
Convulsions without consciousness31
Epileptiform convulsions31
Convulsions when eruptions fails to break out32
Convulsions when exanthema repelled or do not appear31
Convulsions when small pox fails to break out33
Tonic convulsions31
Convulsive movements21
External dropsy22
Internal dropsy32
While eating31
After eating31
Physical exertion aggravation22
Flabby feeling21
Butter aggravation31
Cold drinks amelioration32
Fat food aggravation31
Fruit aggravation31
Milk aggravation31
Pork aggravation31
Sight of food aggravation31
Sour food aggravation31
Warm food aggravation31
Formication,external parts21
Formication, internally31
Full feeling, internally32
Flushes of heat21
Sensation of heat22
Heaviness, externally21
Heaviness, internally31
Inflammations, internally31
Blood vessels inflammation32
Excessive physical irritability22
Lack of physical irritability31
Muscles jerking32
Jerking during sleep31
Knotted sensation internally21
Loss of fluids21
Inclination to lie down21
After lying aggravation31
After lying amelioration31
Lying in bed aggravation32
Lying in bed amelioration31
Lying on left side aggravation31
Motion aggravation21
Motion amelioration31
At beginning of motion aggravation31
Aversion to motion31
Mucous secretions increased21
Numbness in single parts32
Numbness of suffering parts31
Old people31
Orgasm of blood21
Glands pain31
Benumbing pain31
Biting pain31
Boring pain31
Burning pain,externally31
Burning pain,internally31
Constricting pain,internally31
Cutting pain,internally31
Digging up pain (borrowing,rooting sensation)31
Jerking pain,externally31
Pinching pain internally31
Pressing pain,externally32
Pressing pain,internally31
Pressing pain inward31
Pain as from load32
Pain pressing together31
Sore,bruised pain31
Sore,bruised pain,externally31
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Muscles stitching pain31
Tearing pain,externally31
Tearing pain,internally32
Tearing downward pain31
Muscles tearing pain31
Muscles tearing pain,sticking31
Twisting pain31
Undulating pain31
Paralysis of the organs31
Perspiration gives no relief22
After perspiration aggravation31
After perspiration amelioration31
Prickling externally21
Pulsation externally22
Pulsation,motion aggravation31
Abnormal pulse22
Audible pulse31
Contracted pulse31
Excited pulse31
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable32
Frequent pulse,motion aggravation31
Full pulse33
Hard pulse32
Imperceptible pulse31
Almost imperceptible pulse31
Irregular pulse31
Slow pulse32
Small pulse32
Soft pulse33
Strong pulse31
Tremulous pulse33
Weak pulse33
Abuse of quinine22
Lack of reaction21
Relaxation of muscles21
Rising aggravation22
Rising amelioration32
Rubbing ameliorates31
Sensitiveness externally21
Sensitiveness, internally31
Sensitiveness to pain31
Symptoms on one side21
Crosswise symptoms,left lower and right upper31
Symptoms on the left side32
Aggravated while sitting21
Ameliorated while sitting32
On first sitting down aggravation32
On first sitting down amelioration31
During sleep aggravation32
In spring22
Standing amelioration31
Stretching before chill31
In summer21
Glands swelling31
Swollen sensation21
Tension, externally21
Tension, internally32
Touch aggravation22
Illusions of touch31
Trembling externally23
Trembling, internally32
Varicose veins22
Vomiting aggravation22
On waking21
Walking aggravation22
While walking amelioration31
Beginning of walking aggravation31
Warm aggravation22
Warm air aggravation32
Warm bed aggravation32
Warm room aggravation31
Weakness during fever31
Weakness after stool31
Wet weather32
Sour wine aggravation31