Apis mellifica.


Name Symptom level Remedy strength
Ailments after anger,vexation32
Violent anger32
Ailments from bad news22
Desire to break things22
Cheerfulness during perspiration31
Childish behavior22
Desire of company32
Difficult concentration22
Confusion of mind21
Confusion of mind after eating31
Confusion of mind from mental exertion31
Confusion of mind while reading32
Conscientious about trifles21
Desires death21
Desires death,forenoon31
Presentiment of death33
Thoughts of death32
Loquatious delirium,indistinct31
Delirium during menses31
Delirium during sleep33
Violent delirium32
Delirium,declares she is well31
As if some one was in bed with him31
Delusion that he himself was dead31
Delusion,sees faces31
Illusions of fancy31
Delusion,sees images,phantoms32
Delusion,people are beside him31
Sees spectres on closing eyes31
Delusion,tongue made of wood31
Visions on closing the eyes31
Delusion,cannot walk,must run or hop31
Thinks he is well32
Discontented with everything31
As if in a dream22
Dullness,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending21
Excitment in the night32
Excitement after bad news32
Excitment during heat32
Fear of being alone32
Fear of apoplexy31
Fear of death32
Fear of being poisoned31
Foolish behavior22
Forgetful during headache31
Complaints from fright22
Convulsive gestures31
Ailments from grief32
Indolence,aversion to work22
Busy insanity33
Erotic insanity33
Irritability when questioned31
Sends the doctor home,says he is not sick31
Aversion to jest31
Laughing at misfortune31
Laughing over serious matters31
Weakness of memory22
Changeable,variable mood32
Declares there is nothing the matter with him31
Easily offended22
Prostation of mind21
Restlessness, afternoon31
Restlessness, night32
Tossing about in bed31
Restlessness during menses31
Restlessness during metrorrhagia32
Sadness,mental depression21
Sadness, morning31
Sadness, forenoon31
Sadness after anger31
Sadness during chill32
Sadness during the heat31
Sadness during perspiration32
Sensitive to noise31
Sensitive to steel points directed toward her31
Shrieking,brain cry33
Shrieking in children32
Shrieking before convulsions32
Feels as though she must shriek31
Shrieking during sleep32
Shrieking on waking31
Anxious starting31
Starting from fright31
Starting from noise31
Starting during sleep32
Starting from sleep32
Knocking his head against wall31
Stupefaction during heat32
Talking in sleep31
Talks to himself31
Vanishing of thoughts31
Unconsciousness during fever33
Unconsciousness during menses31
Weary of life21
Weary of life, forenoon31
Wepping,tearful mood23
Causeless weeping33
Wepping during the heat31
Weeping during pregnancy31
Says he is well,when very sick22
Vertigo on closing eyes22
Epileptic vertigo32
Tendency to fall21
Vertigo during headache23
Vertigo while lying32
Vertigo with nausea21
Vertigo while sitting22
Vertigo,after sleep aggravation31
Spells of vertigo in spring21
Vertigo while standing21
Vertigo with obscuration of vision21
Vertigo while walking22
As if head were asleep21
Beats head against the bed22
Bores head in pillow23
Head coldness,chilliness,etc21
Head congestion,hyperaemia23
Head congestion,open air amelioration33
Head congestion before menses33
Head congestion during menses33
Head congestion from suppressed menses32
Head congestion from uremic poison31
Head congestion,warm room33
Head constriction23
Head constriction as if in armor31
Head constriction as if in a net31
Forehead constriction31
Forehead constriction over the eyes31
Head side constriction31
Vertex constriction31
Head drawn backward22
Enlarged head sensation21
Head blotches32
Head erysipelas23
Head erysipelas extending to face32
Forehead erysipelas31
Forehead formication31
Head fullness23
Head fullness during menses32
Head fullness,walking in open air amelioration32
Head fullness,warm room32
Forehaed fullness32
Occiput fullness31
Temple fullness31
Vertex fullness31
Head fungus22
Hair baldness22
Hair baldness,patches32
Hair falling31
Hair falling in spots32
Head heat23
Head heat,in open air amelioration33
Head burning heat32
Head heat during chill32
Head heat,cold water,amelioration32
Head heat during diarrhoea32
Head heat before menses31
Head heat during menses32
Head heat,warm room33
Forehead heat33
Forehead heat,cool air amelioration33
Head heaviness23
Head heaviness,in open air amelioration33
Head heaviness,warm room33
Forehead heaviness31
Occiput heaviness31
Hydrocephalus,lies with head low31
Inflammation of brain21
Inflammation of brain meninges32
Scalp itching22
Knocks head against things31
Rolling head32
Sensation of head numbness21
Sensation of brain numbness31
Oedema of scalp22
Open fontanelles22
Open and sunken fontanelles32
Headache in general23
Headache,morning on rising31
Headache at 10 a.m.31
Headache,10 a.m.to 6 p.m.31
Headache at 3 p.m.31
Headache,in open air amelioration32
Headache,bending head backward amelioration31
Headache,binding head amelioration31
Headache on closing eyes31
Headache on coughing31
Headache with diarrhoea31
Headache,diarrhoea amelioration31
Headache,exertion of body amelioration31
Headache on moving the face31
Gastric headache31
Headache during the heat33
Headache from becoming heated32
Headache from becoming heated by a fire or stove32
Headache,must hold head and eyes down31
Headache during menses31
Headache from mental exertion31
Headache from motion32
Nervous headache31
Periodic headache32
Headache with perspiration31
Headache,external pressure amelioration32
Pulsating headache32
Headache,while reading aggravation31
Headache on rising from lying31
Headache on rising from sitting31
Headache from sneezing31
Headache,after stool amelioration31
Headache from stooping32
Headache,violent pains32
Headache,amel.while walking in open air33
Headache,warm room aggravation33
Pain,wrapping up the head32
Headache,wrapping up head amelioration31
Forehead pain22
Forehead right side pain31
Forehead right side pain,evening31
Forehead left side pain31
Forehead pain,open air amelioration32
Forehead pain on coughing32
Forehead pain during heat31
Forehead pain during menses31
Forehead pain,pressure amelioration31
Forehead pain in a warm room33
Forehead pain,sneezing31
Forehead pain during stool31
Forehead pain extending to eyes31
Above eyes headache32
Occiput pain23
Occiput pain amel.in open air32
Occiput pain,shaking head31
Occiput pain in a warm room32
Headache,occiput and forehead pain21
One side headache22
Sides headache on coughing31
Temples pain22
Right temple pain31
Temples pain,morning31
Temples pain,evening31
Temples pulsating pain31
Headache,vertex pain23
Vertex pain,evening31
Vertex pain on coughing31
Vertex pain on sneezing31
Sub-occipital headache as from blows31
Boring headache,morning after waking31
Forehead boring pain21
Temples boring pain21
Temples boring pain,morning31
Temples boring pain,morning on waking31
Burning headache22
Burning headache,in open air amelioration32
Burning headache,motion aggravation32
Burning headache,pressure of hand amelioration31
Burning headache,stooping aggravation32
Burning headache in a warm room31
Occiput burning pain32
Temples burning pain31
Bursting headache21
Temples bursting pain31
Cutting,darting,stabbing headache22
Forehead cutting pain during menses31
Drawing headache21
Head sides drawing pain21
Head left side drawing pain31
Headache,dull pain22
Dull headache,pressure amelioration32
Over eye dull pain31
Jerking headache21
Forehead jerking pain31
Temples jerking pain31
Headache,pressing pain21
Pressing headache as if in armor31
Pressing headache like a cap31
Pressing headache as from congestion31
Pressing headache,dull31
Pressing headache on rising31
Pressing headache in a warm room33
Pressing headache after sneezing31
Forehead pressing pain23
Forehead pressing pain,open air amelioration33
Forehead pressing pain,cold application amelioration32
Forehead pressing pain,in house aggravation32
Forehead pressing pain after sneezing31
Forehead pressing pain in a warm room33
Forehead pressing pain,warm stove aggravation32
Over eyes pressing pain31
Over eyes pressing pain,pressure amelioration31
Occiput pressing pain21
Temples pressing pain21
Right temple to left pressing pain31
Temples pressing pain,morning31
Temples pressing pain,morning on waking31
Vertex pressing pain21
Headache,shooting pain21
Head shooting pain during menses31
Temples shooting pain21
Headache,sore bruised,sensitive to pressure22
Forehead sore bruised pain21
Vertex sore bruised pain21
Stitching headache21
Forehead stitching pain21
Temples stitching pain23
Temples stitching pain,cold amelioration32
Scalp perspiration22
Scalp perspiration,must-like odor32
Head prickling21
Forehead prickling31
Forehead prickling in spots31
Temples prickling31
Head pulsating,beating,throbbing21
Head pulsatiing,burning31
Head pulsating,motion aggravation32
Head pulsating,pressure with hands amelioration31
Head pulsating on stooping32
Forehead pulsating21
Sensation of skull-cap21
Head swashing sensation21
Swollen,distended head feeling23
Head tingling21
Tired head feeling21
Twitching of muscles of the head21
Temples muscles twitching31
Warm coverings on head aggravation22
Head waving sensation21
Agglutinated eye21
Agglutinated eye,night32
Epithelioma of lower lids31
Eyes spasmodic closure31
Eyes,cold amelioration31
Detachment of retina21
Eye discharges of mucus or pus22
Distorted iris31
Scaly herpes on margins of lids32
Eversion of lids22
Eversion of lower lids32
Excoriation of lids21
Excoriation of canthi31
Falling of lids21
Lachrymalis fistula32
Sensation of eyes fullness21
Granular lids22
Granular lids,cold application amelioration32
Hair falling from eyelashes32
Eyes aggravated from heat22
Eyes heaviness21
Lids heaviness31
Hypertrophy of conjunctiva21
Eye inflammation23
Eye acute inflammation33
Eye arthritic inflammation (gouty and rheumatic)32
Eye catarrhal inflammation from cold32
Eye inflammation,cold amelioration31
Eye erysipelatous inflammation33
Eye inflammation with headache31
Eye inflammation,heat aggravation33
Eye inflammation,infants33
Eye scrofulous inflammation32
Canthi inflammation31
Canthi inflammation with ulceration32
Conjunctiva inflammation33
Conjunctiva granular inflammation32
Conjunctiva granular inflammation,cold application amelioration32
Conjunctiva and cornea pustular inflammation33
Cornea inflammation32
Iris inflammation32
Lachrymal canal inflammation31
Lachymal glands inflammation31
Lachrymal sac inflammation31
Lids inflammation33
Conjunctiva full of dark vessels32
Eye irritation21
Eye irritation,reading by lamp-light32
Eye itching22
Inner canthus itching32
Itching about eyes31
Lids itching31
Lachrymation during fever31
Lachrymation,looking steadily32
Lachrymation on opening eyes forcibly32
Looking steadily21
Looking white objects aggravation31
Lower lid lupus32
Sensation as if membrane drawn over eyes21
Opacity of cornea22
Open lids31
Half open eyes32
Eyes spasmodic openness31
Eye pain22
Right eye pain32
Eye pain,evening31
Eye pain,evening while sewing31
Eye pain,bathing in cold water amelioration32
Eye pain,cold water amelioration32
Eye pain during headache32
Eye pain from light32
Eye pain,dim light aggravation32
Eye pain when looking32
Eye pain when looking steadily32
Eye pain on motion of eyes31
Eye pain while reading32
Eye rheumatic pain32
Eye pain while sewing31
Eye pain,warm room aggravation32
Eye pain,warm stove aggravation32
Eye aching pain21
Eye boring pain21
Eye burning,smarting,biting pain23
Eye burning pain,cold bathing amelioration32
Eye burning pain,looking at the fire32
Eye burning pain in a warm room33
Canthi burning pain32
Margins of lids burning pain32
Eye cutting pain22
Eye dragging pain21
Eye drawing pain21
Eye pain as from foreign body23
Pain as from foreign body in outer canthus31
Eye pressing pain,pressure,etc22
Eye pressing pain,warm room aggravation32
Eye pressing pain,washing in cold water amelioration32
Eye pain as from sand22
Eye sore,bruised pain,tender eye22
Canthi sore,bruised pain32
Margins of lids sore bruised pain32
Eye stitching pain23
Eye stitching pain,forenoon31
Eye stitching pain,night32
Eye stitching pain in pannus32
Eye stitching pain while reading32
Eye stinging pain23
Canthi stinging pain32
Lids stinging pain32
Eye tearing pain21
Paralysis of upper lids31
Right lid paralysis32
Photophobia during chill31
Photophobia after coition31
Pulsation in eyes21
Contracted pupils (myosis)22
Pupils dilated (mydriase)32
Pupils dilated during chill31
Pupils dilated during heat31
Eye quivering22
Eye quivering,night32
Eye redness23
Lids redness33
Eye veins redness32
Desire to rub eyes21
Eye scrofulous affections22
Eye sensitive to heat32
Spots,specks,etc,on the cornea23
Scars on the cornea32
Stiffness of lids33
Swollen eye23
Swollen conjunctiva32
Swollen lachrymal canal31
Swollen lids33
Swollen lids during menses31
Lids oedematous swelling33
Under the lids swelling33
Swollen upper lids33
Burning tears33
Eye tension21
Thickening of cornea22
Lids thickening31
Eye twitching21
Left eye twitching31
Lids twitching32
Cornea ulceration33
Lids ulceration32
Weak eye22
Winking when looking at bright objects31
Gray veil32
Dim vision22
Dim vision,daytime31
Dim vision,evening32
Dim vision,evening while reading33
Dim vision,better at night than by day31
Dim vision after diphteria31
Dim vision while reading32
Dim vision during vertigo31
Aggravation by exertion of vision22
Foggy vision22
Objects seem large31
Loss of vision (blindness)21
Loss of vision,afternoon on stooping31
Loss of vision during vertigo31
Weak vision22
Weak vision,evening,using aggravation33
Weak vision,using eyes aggravation33
Whirling vision21
Ear discharges22
Ear discharges after scarlet fever32
Ear redness33
Ear eruption21
Ear inflammation22
Ear erysipelatous inflammation32
Media ear inflammation32
External ear itching31
Ringing in ear21
Rumbling in ear21
Ear pain22
Ear pain when chewing32
Ear pain during chill31
Ear pain while eating31
Ear pain with sore throat33
Ear pain on swallowing33
Pain inside the ear (meatus)21
Ear burning pain22
Stitching pain in ear21
Stitching pain below the ear31
Tearing pain in left ear31
Ear swelling22
Lymphatic glands swelling behind ear31
Ear tension21
Acute hearing21
Hearing acute to noises31
Impaired hearing22
Impaired hearing after typhoid32
Nose catarrh22
Nose coldness during chill31
Nose tip coldness33
Coryza,4 p.m.31
Coryza,evening fluent,dry in morning31
Coryza,warm air32
Coryza,warm air aggr.yet dreads cold31
Chronic,long continued coryza32
Coryza with discharge (fluent)31
Coryza with discharge,evening32
Coryza without discharge (dry)31
Coryza without discharge,morning32
Coryza,dry in morning,fluent in evening31
Dry coryza alternating with fluent32
Coryza sudden attacks31
Nose blood discharge32
Crusts,scabs inside nose31
Nose excoriating discharge31
Nose fetid discharge31
Nose sudden discharge31
Nose thick discharge31
Nose watery discharge31
Nose white discharge31
Nose redness32
Nose erysipelatous redness33
Nose inside redness31
Nose inside dryness22
Nose inside dryness,morning31
Nose inside dryness,evening31
Epistaxis,night toward morning31
Heat in nose22
Nose itching21
Nose obstruction21
Nose oedema23
Nose burning,smarting pain21
Nose stitching pain23
Nose polypus22
Nose left side polypus31
Nose swelling23
Bloated face22
Bloated face about the eyes32
Bloated face under the eyes31
Chapped lips31
Face coldness22
Lips coldness31
Face congestion22
Cracked lower lip31
Cracked corners of the mouth31
Bluish face22
Bluish face during cough32
Bluish face,heart trouble32
Face bluish spots31
Bluish forehead31
Bluish lips32
Dark face22
Dirty looking face22
Pale face22
Pale face during menses31
Pale face,warm room31
Pale lips32
Red face23
Red face at noon31
Red face during chill31
Red face,erysipelatous32
Glowing red face32
Red lips32
Bluish red face32
Sallow face22
Face sickly color21
Yellow face21
Face distortion21
Dropping of jaw21
Lips dryness32
Face eruption21
Lips eruption31
Face blotches21
Nose tip boils31
Face burning eruption21
Nose burning eruption31
Lips crusty or scabby eruption32
Face desquamating eruption21
Nose itching eruption31
Face painful eruption21
Nose painful eruption,stinging31
Face pimples21
Face urticaria23
Face erisipelas23
Face right to left side erysipelas31
Face oedematous erysipelas33
Face one side erysipelas31
Face periodic erysipelas33
Face phlegmonous erysipelas32
Face recurrent erysipelas33
Face erysipelas spot32
Around eye erysipelas33
Erysipelas extending from lower lip31
Nose erysipelas32
Everted lips23
Anxious expression22
Frightened expression31
Happy expression32
Sickly expression32
Face formication21
Face fullness21
Face heat22
Face heat,evening31
Face heat,evening during chilliness31
Face burning heat31
Face heat during chill32
Upper lip heat32
Face itching22
Face itching,scratching amelioration32
Face stinging itching33
Under eyes itching31
Lips itching31
Face pain (aching,prosopalgia,etc)21
Face pain,cold applications amelioration31
Parotid gland pain31
Face burning pain22
Chin burning pain31
Lips burning pain31
Parotid gland burning pain31
Face stinging pain23
Parotid gland stinging pain31
Face stitching pain21
Face left side stitching pain31
Picking lips31
Shiny face23
Shriveled face21
Lips stiffness33
Sunken face21
Face swelling23
Face oedematous swelling33
Face swelling,scarlet fever33
Face shining swelling31
Cheeks swelling31
Swelling around eyes33
Swelling under eyes33
Lips swelling33
Upper lip swelling33
Parotid glands swelling31
Tension of face skin,night31
Tension of face skin,1 to 4 a.m.31
Tension of lips skin31
Tension of upper lip skin31
Face tingling21
Lips tingling31
Desire to wash face in cold water22
Waxy face23
Wrinkled face21
Mouth aphthae21
Biting tongue,night in sleep31
Gums bleeding31
Gums easily bleeding31
Tongue cancer32
Cracked fissured tongue32
Mouth redness32
Gums redness32
Red palate33
Red velum32
Brown tongue32
Tongue brown centre,sides moist32
Red tongue33
Fiery red tongue33
Glistening red tongue31
Tongue red spots31
Tongue red tip32
White tongue32
Yellow tongue32
Shining yellow tongue33
Mouth dryness22
Mouth dryness,thirstless31
Palate dryness32
Tongue dryness33
Tongue centre dryness,sides moist32
Tongue heat32
Mouth inflammation21
Palate inflammation32
Velum inflammation31
Tongue inflammation33
Mouth itching21
Palate itching31
Tongue itching31
Velum false membrane31
Mouth thick mucus31
Mouth viscid mucus31
Gums numbness32
Tongue numbness32
Breath offensive odor31
Breath offensive odor,morning31
Breath putrid odor32
Open mouth21
Gums pain31
Tongue pain32
Mouth burning,raw and smarting pain22
Tongue burning,raw and smarting pain32
Tongue edges burning pain31
Tongue burning pain extending to stomach31
Mouth pain as if burnt22
Tongue pain as if burnt31
Tongue edges pain as if burnt31
Mouth sore pain21
Palate sore pain31
Tongue sore pain32
Tongue stitching pain32
Tongue erect papillae21
Tongue paralysis32
Tongue edges pimples31
Tongue prickling31
Protruded tongue22
Tongue cannot be protruded32
Catches protruded tongue on the teeth32
Palate roughness31
Frothy saliva32
Sopay saliva,morning31
Viscid saliva31
Sensitive mouth22
Smooth,shining,glazed,glistening,glossy tongue22
Indistinct speech31
Wanting speech32
Wanting speech in typhus32
Gums swelling32
Palate swelling32
Tongue swelling33
Tongue one-sided swelling31
Tongue right side swelling31
Bitter taste32
Wanting taste,loss of taste32
Wanting tastelessness of food31
Tongue trembling22
Tongue trembling when protruding it31
Palate ulcers32
Tongue ulcers32
Tongue varnished look21
Mouth burning vesicles31
Mouth painful vesicles31
Mouth sore,smarting vesicles31
Mouth vesicles,stinging stitches33
Tongue vesicles33
Tongue burning vesicles33
Tongue tip vesicles32
Gums watery-look23
Sudden,involuntary bite31
Teeth grinding23
Teeth grinding during chill31
Black mucus on teeth31
Brown mucus on teeth31
Yellow mucus on teeth32
Left teeth pain32
Toothache during pregnancy31
Pulsating toothache31
Toothache,warm room aggravation31
Toothache extending to head31
Drawing toothache extending to side of head31
Jerking toothache21
Sore bruised toothache21
Stitching,stinging toothache22
Tearing toothache21
Molars tearing pain31
Twitching toothache21
Teeth sordes22
Teeth brown sordes32
Choking,throat constricting22
Choking,clothing aggravation32
Choking on lying down31
Throat redness32
Pharynx redness33
Tonsils redness32
Uvula redness32
Throat dryness22
Throat dryness without thirst32
Elongated uvula22
Throat erosion22
Sensation of foreign body in throat22
Throat fullness22
Throat fullness on lying down31
Throat glazed appearance23
Throat inflammation22
Throat erysipelatous inflammation33
Throat inflammation,warmth of bed aggravation31
Tonsils inflammation32
Uvula inflammation33
Throat itching22
Sensation of lump or plug in throat21
Throat rigt side membrane32
Throat deep-seated membrane31
Throat dirty-looking membrane31
Throat gray membrane31
Throat membrane small patches (specks)31
Throat white membrane32
Tonsils membrane32
Uvula membrane32
Throat mucus,morning31
Throat tenacious mucus32
Throat tenacious mucus,morning32
Throat thick mucus31
Throat pain22
Throat pain,cold drinks amelioration32
Throat pain,eating amelioration31
Throat pain on inspiration31
Throat pain on swallowing32
Throat pain when not swallowing32
Throat pain when touched31
Throat pain,warm drinks32
Throat pain,warm room32
Pharynx pain31
Throat burning pain22
Throat burning pain,cold drinks amelioration32
Throat burning pain extending to stomach32
Uvula burning pain32
Throat drawing pain21
Throat rawness pain21
Sore throat22
Sore throat,eating amelioration31
Throat pain as from a splinter22
Pain as from a splinter on swallowing32
Throat stinging pain23
Throat stinging pain on swallowing32
Throat stinging pain when not swallowing33
Throat stitching pain21
Throat stitching pain on swallowing33
Throat paralysis22
Pharynx paralysis32
Pharinx post diphteric paralysis32
Throat roughness22
Sensitive throat22
Suffocative sensation22
Tonsils suppuration22
Constant disposition to swallow21
Difficult swallowing32
Difficult swallowing solids32
Impeded swallowing solids32
Impossible swallowing32
Impossible swallowing from paralysis32
Impossible swallowing,swelling of the tongue31
Throat swelling22
Throat oedematous swelling32
Tonsils swelling32
Left tonsil swelling31
Uvula swelling33
Uvula oedematous swelling33
Throat ulcers23
Throat deep ulcers32
Throat ulcers when scarlet fever does not come out31
Throat ulcers,spreading31
Tonsils ulcers32
Throat vesicles21
Neck clothing aggravation22
Throat pit constriction31
Vascular goitre32
External throat itching21
External throat swelling22
Cervical glands swelling32
External throat sides swelling32
Throat-pit constriction32
Membranous croup32
Larynx dryness31
Larynx inflammation22
Irritation in air passages when heated32
Larynx irritation31
Throat-pit irritation32
Oedema glottidis23
Larynx pain while talking31
Larynx burning pain31
Larynx rawness pain31
Larynx soreness31
Larynx sore pain from touching31
Throat-pit soreness32
Trachea soreness31
Larynx and trachea roughness21
Larynx roughness31
Trachea roughness31
Scraping,clearing larynx22
Tickling in larynx31
Tickling in or from throat-pit33
Rough voice31
Accelerated respiration21
Accelerated respiration,night31
Anxious respiration22
Anxious respiration while lying31
Arrested respiration21
Arrested respiration while lying31
Asthmatic respiration22
Asthma after suppressed eruptions32
Asthma after suppression of acute rash32
Difficult respiration23
Difficult respiration during night31
Difficult respiration,night in bed31
Difficult respiration in cold air21
Difficult respiration,open air amelioration33
Difficult respiration on ascending32
Difficult respiration on bending backward31
Difficult respiration on bending forward31
As if the next breath would be the last31
Difficult respiration during chill33
Difficult respiration,cold weather31
Difficult respiration,constriction of larynx33
Difficult respiration with eruptive diseases32
Difficult respiration after exertion32
Difficult respiration,wants to be fanned31
Difficult respiration with heat33
Difficult respiration when overheated33
Difficult respiration while lying33
Difficult respiration while lying with the head low33
Difficult respiration while lying on left side31
Difficult respiration,lying impossible33
Difficult respiration,motion32
Difficult respiration,wants doors and windows open33
Difficult respiration,sitting amelioration32
Difficult respiration after sleep31
Difficult respiration from suppressed eruption33
Difficult respiration,touching larynx31
Difficult respiration with waking32
Difficult respiration,walking32
Difficult respiration in a warm room33
Hot breath21
Painful respiration21
Slow respiration22
Slow expiration31
Snoring during heat31
Stertorous respiration22
Stertorous respiration,stupefaction,crying out as with a sharp pain33
Cough, 9 p.m.31
Cough, 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.32
Cough, night21
Waking from the cough until 4 a.m.32
Cough, midnight31
Cough before midnight31
Cough, open air amelioration31
Cough,deep breathing31
Cough before chill21
Cough during chill31
Cough after chill31
Cough,sensation of crawling21
Cough,crawling before midnight31
Cough,crawling in throat-pit31
Croupy cough21
Dry cough21
Dry cough during fever32
Cough during fever22
Cough from sensation as of filling up in throat21
Hoarsed cough21
Hollow cough21
Cough from irritation in throat-pit32
Loose cough21
Loose cough during fever31
Cough,lying aggravation23
While lying cough wakens him at midnight33
Cough,lying on left side31
Painful cough31
Paroxysmal cough,night31
Paroxysmal cough before midnight31
Paroxysmal cough before midnight,swallowing mucus amelioration31
Cough from pressure on larynx31
Clear ringing cough21
Cough during sleep32
Cough after sleep32
Cough preventing sleep31
Cough on starting in sleep31
Wakens from cough32
Spasmodic cough21
Spasmodic cough,night31
Suffocative cough22
Cough,swallowing amelioration31
Cough,tickling in larynx small spot aggravation31
Cough from tickling in throat-pit32
Violent cough21
Violent cough in sleep31
Cough on waking21
Cough in a warm room32
Bloody expectoration,spitting of blood22
Difficult expectoration21
Can raise sputa only on to tongue,whence it must be removed by wipin31
Frothy expectoration22
Bloody mucous expectoration32
Ropy expectoration21
Scanty expectoration21
Sweetish expectoration31
Transparent expectoration22
White expectoration22
Albuminous white expectoration32
Axilla abscess22
Mammae abscess31
Angina pectoris23
Region of heart anxiety31
Mammae cancer32
Chest catarrh22
Chest coldness22
Sternum coldness31
Congestion (heperaemia of chest)22
Chest constriction,tension,tightness21
Chest constriction in hydrothorax32
Heart constriction31
Dilatation of heart22
Chest redness,clotches31
Chest erythematous redness32
Chest dropsy23
Pericardium dropsy32
Chest red pimples31
Chest whitish rash eruption in typhus32
Erysipelas of mammae23
Chest fullness23
Chest heat22
Chest heat,morning on waking31
Chest burning pain31
Mammae induration31
Bronchial tubes inflammation (bronchitis)22
Heart inflammation31
Heart inflammation with bright's disease32
Pericardium inflammation32
Lungs inflammation32
Mammae inflammation32
Pleura inflammation32
Absent milk21
Chest murmurs22
Pulmonary oedema22
Chest oppression23
Oppression,evening in bed32
Oppression on ascending31
Oppression during chill33
Oppression during fever32
Oppression,warm room33
Heart oppression32
Chest pain23
Chest pain,night31
Chest pain during cough31
Clavicle pain21
Clavicle pain on coughing31
Region of clavicle pain31
Reg.of clavicle pain on coughing31
Mammae pain21
Chest left side pain32
Chest sides pain during cough31
Sternum pain21
Heart pain23
Heart rheumatic pain31
Mammae aching pain31
Chest left side aching pain32
Chest burning pain23
Chest anterior part burning pain33
Mammae burning pain32
Chest cutting (sudden sharp pain)22
Heart cutting pain31
Chest drawing pain extending back and forth31
Chest drawing pain extending to lower jaw31
Chest pressing pain21
Chest rawness pain (includes trachea and bronchia)21
Chest rawness pain,cold air31
Chest sore,bruised pain23
Chest sore pain from coughing33
Above clavicle sore pain33
Mammae sore bruised pain31
Chest stitching pain22
Chest stitching pain,night32
Chest stitching pain extending to back32
Mammae stitching pain33
Chest sides stitching pain32
Chest right side stitching pain31
Chest left side stitching pain32
Heart stitching pain33
Heart palpitation22
Heart palpitation,anxiety32
Heart audible palpitation31
Heart tumultuous,violent,vehement palpitation32
Axilla offensive perspiration31
Mammae swelling31
Chest trembling21
Wanting appetite21
Aversion to drinks22
Aversion to food21
Aversion to water22
Desires milk22
Desires oysters21
Desires sour,acid things22
Desires vinegar21
Stomach distention21
Eructations after dinner31
Eructations after drinking21
Eructations after eating31
Acrid eructations22
Bitter eructations22
Eructations tasting like yolk of egg31
Empty eructations during headache31
Eructations tasting like food22
Eructation tasting like food,drinking water aggravation33
Stomach formication21
Sensation of stomach fullness21
Heartburn during pregnancy31
Stomach heat flushes22
Stomach heat flushes,morning31
Stomach heaviness,weight,oppression22
Stomach heaviness after eating31
Stomach inflammation22
Nausea after eating31
Nausea during headache31
Nausea during stool31
Stomach pain22
Stomach pain after drinking32
Stomach pain after eating32
Stomach burning pain22
Stomach burning pain,cold drink amelioration31
Stomach cramping griping constricting pain21
Stomach cramping pain before vomiting31
Stomach drawing pain21
Stomach gnawing pain21
Stomach pressing pain21
Stomach sore,bruised,beaten pain22
Retching with cough32
Retching after vomiting32
Burning,vehement thirst31
Thirst during chill33
Extreme thirst32
Thirst for small quantities31
Thirst,often for small quantities31
Unquenchable thirst32
Thirstless during heat33
Vomiting before chill31
Vomiting during diarrhoea32
Vomiting during headache32
Vomiting during pregnancy32
Vomiting during stool31
Vomiting during urticaria32
Vomiting on waking31
Bile vomiting22
Bitter vomiting21
Food vomiting21
Food vomiting immediately after eating32
Frothy vomiting22
Mucus vomiting22
Sour vomiting during headache31
Water vomiting21
Yellow vomiting21
Abdomen sensitive to clothing22
Abdomen coldness during chill31
Umbilicus coldness31
Abdomen contraction21
Abdomen contraction while walking31
Sensation as if diarrhea would come on21
Abdomen distension22
Abdominal dropsy,ascites23
Ascites,suffocation lying on left side32
Abdomen oedema32
Abdomen eruption22
Abdomen rash eruption before menses32
Abdomen flatulence22
Sensation of abdomen fullness22
Abdomen heat during fever31
Abdomen heaviness as from a load,etc21
Abdomen heaviness during menses31
Inguinal hernia22
Inflammation (peritonitis,enteritis,etc.)23
Liver inflammation21
Spleen inflammation22
Right iliac fossa numbness,amel.lying on it32
Abdomen aching,dull pain22
Abdomen aching,morning31
Abdomen aching during cough31
Abdomen aching as if diarrhoea would come on31
Abdomen aching while lying31
Abdomen aching during menses31
Abdomen aching as if menses would appear32
Abdomen aching,sitting amelioration31
Abdomen aching like sharp stones rubbing together31
Abdomen aching during urging stool31
Abdomen violent aching32
Hypochondria aching extending upward32
Hypogastrium aching dull pain21
Inguinal region aching dull pain22
Inguinal region aching during menses31
Spleen aching during menses31
Umbilicus aching dull pain22
Umbilicus aching,morning32
Reg.of umbilicus aching dull pain21
Abdomen burning pain22
Hypochondria burning pain32
Abdomen cramping,griping pain22
Abdomen cramping pain during stool32
Abdomen cutting pain22
Abdomen dragging,bearing down pain22
Abdomen dragging pain before menses32
Inguinal region dragging pain22
Abdomen pressing pain21
Hypogastrium pressing pain22
Hypogastrium pain as if menses would come on32
Abdomen sore,bruised pain,tenderness23
Abdomen sore pain,morning31
Abdomen sore pain,clothing aggravation31
Hypochondria sore pain23
Left hypochondrium sore pain32
Ilio-caecal reg.sore bruised pain23
Inguinal region sore,bruised pain,tenderness22
Inguinal right side sore pain32
Sore,bruised pain in liver22
Abdomen stinging pain23
Abdomen stitching,sticking pain21
Abdoemn stinging stitching pain32
Abdomen restlessness,uneasiness21
Abdomen retractation22
Rumblings in the bowels21
Abdomen rumbling,morning31
Rumbling as if diarrhoea would come on31
Inguinal region swelling22
Inguinal right side swelling32
Swelling of the inguinal glands32
Abdomen tension during stool31
Inguinal region tension22
Inguinal reg.tension on rising arms32
Ulcers about umbilicus21
Constipation,difficult stool32
Insufficient incomplete unsatisfactory stools31
Constipation during menses33
Constipation during pregnancy32
Diarrhoea after acids31
Bilious diarrhoea31
Diarrhoea in children31
Diarrhoea during dentition32
Diarrhoea from drinking water32
Diarrhoea in old drunkards32
Diarrhoea after eating32
Diarrhoea,typhoid fever32
Diarrhoea during hydrocephalus acutus32
Diarrhoea before menses31
Diarrhoea,motion aggravation33
Painless diarrhoea32
Diarrhoea at same hour31
Diarrhoea during pregnancy31
Diarrhoea,warm room aggravation31
Rectum excoriation22
Rectum excoriation from the stools33
Offensive flatus before stool32
Rectum fullness21
Haemorrhage from anus22
External haemorrhoids31
Haemorrhoids,motion aggravation31
Rectum heat21
Involuntary stool22
Involuntary stool on motion31
Involuntary urination and stool31
Anus itching21
Rectum moisture21
Sensation of open anus32
Rectum burning pain22
Rectum burning pain,cold application amelioration31
Burning pain in the prolapsed rectum32
Rectum burning pain after stool32
Rectum soreness23
Rectum soreness after stool33
Rectum stinging pain22
Rectum stitching pain22
Rectum tenesmus23
Rectum tenesmus during dysentery33
Rectum tenesmus during stool31
Rectum tenesmus after stool32
Rectum prolapsus23
Rectum pulsation21
Rectum pulsation after stool31
Relaxed anus23
Rectum electric-like shock21
Rectum electric-like shock before stool31
Swelling of anus22
Urging to stool22
Frequent urging to stool32
Black stool21
Bloody stool22
Brown stool32
Stool like chopped beets31
Stool,constant discharge22
Copious stool22
Forcible,sudden gushing stool22
Frequent stool21
Green stool22
Olive green stool32
Hard stool22
Hard stool during menses33
Knotty,nodular,lumpy stool21
Large stool22
Light-colored stool21
Lumpy and liquid stool21
Slimy mucous stool22
Mucous slimy bloody stool31
Mucous green stool32
Mucous jelly-like stool32
Mucous yellow stool32
Stool,brassy odor21
Stool,cadaveric odor31
Stool,offensive odor32
Stool,putrid odor32
Pasty stool22
Purulent stool22
Scanty stool21
Shooting out stool22
Soft stool22
Thin liquid black stool32
Thin liquid green stool32
Lumpy and liquid stool31
Thin liquid stool pouring out32
Watery stool23
Watery black stool32
Watery bloody stool31
Watery brown stool31
Watery clear stool31
Like rice water stool31
Watery yellow stool32
White stool22
Yellow stool22
Brownish yellow stool31
Fecal yellow stool32
Greenish yellow stool31
Orange yellow stool31
Bladder muco-pus catarrh22
Sensation of bladder fullness22
Bladder inflammation23
Bladder neck inflammation22
Bladder pain22
Bladder pain,beginning urinating32
Bladder pain extending to kidney21
Bladder neck pain21
Bladder neck pain after urination32
Bladder burning pain22
Bladder burning pain before urination32
Bladder burning pain after urination31
Bladder neck burning pain during urination32
Bladder neck burning after urinating32
Bladder neck pressing pain21
Bladder neck pressing pain before urination31
Bladder smarting pain21
Bladder stitching pain before urination31
Bladder neck stitching pain before urination31
Retention of urine23
Retention of urine in children33
Retention of urine in chill31
Retention of urine from enlarged prostate32
Retention of urine in new born infants32
Bladder tenesmus22
Urging to urinate (morbid desire)23
Urging to urinate,night31
Urging to urinate,day and night32
Constant urging to urinate23
Constant urging to urinate,night32
Urging to urinate during fever23
Frequent urging to urinate23
Frequent urging to urinate,night and day31
Frequent urging to urinate before menses31
Ineffectual urging to urinate22
Ineffectual urging to urinate,children32
Urging to urinate before menses21
Urging to urinate during menses31
Painful urging to urinate22
Urging to urinate during perspiration21
Urging to urinate after urination21
Dribbling urination (by drops)21
Dysuria so painful that he dances around the room in agony33
Urination feeble stream (slow)22
Frequent urination23
Frequent urination,daytime and night31
Frequent urination, night32
Frequent urination before menses32
Frequent urination during menses31
Involuntary urination23
Night involuntary urination (incontinence in bed)33
Involuntary urination during cough33
Involuntary urination in old people31
Involuntary urination after stool31
Must wait for urine to start22
Must press a long time before urination can begin32
Urination thin stream21
Unconscious urination,urethra insensible22
Kidneys inflammation23
Kidneys acute parenchymatous inflammation33
Kidneys pain22
Kidneys pain when stooping31
Ureters right side pain21
Kidneys burning pain21
Ureters cutting pain22
Ureters cutting pain after urination31
Kidneys sore bruised pain22
Kidneys stitching pain extending down ureters31
Suppression of urine23
Suppresion of urine with perspiration32
Prostatic fluid emission22
Prostate gland enlargement22
Prostate gland inflammation23
Prostate gland pain21
Prostate gland pain during urination32
Prostate gland pressing pain21
Urethra constriction during urination32
Gonorrhoeal discharge21
Urethra profuse discharge21
Urethra thin discharge21
Urethra itching21
Urethra burning pain22
Urethra burning pain before urination32
Urethra burning pain when beginning to urinate31
Urethra burning pain during urination31
Urethra burning pain after urination31
Urethra glandular portion burning pain during urination21
Urethra glandular portion burning pain for long time after urination31
Meatus burning pain21
Urethra soreness21
Urethra soreness during urination32
Urethra stinging pain22
Urethra stitching pain22
Urethra stitcing pain after urination31
Sensation absent when urinating22
Urethra stricture22
Urethra spasmodic stricture31
Acrid urine during menses31
Albuminous urine23
Albuminous urine,amaurosis32
Albuminous urine after diphteria32
Albuminous urine consecutive to heart disease32
Albuminous urine during pregnancy33
Albuminous urine after scarlet fever33
Bloody urine23
Bloody urine,clots31
Burning or hot urine23
Burning urine before menses31
Urine containing casts22
Urine containing epithelial casts32
Urine containing casts of tubes33
Cloudy urine23
Cloudy urine on standing33
Brown urine21
Urine coffee-like color21
Dark urine23
Greenish urine21
Pale urine21
Red urine22
Blood-red urine31
Brownish-red urine31
Violet urine21
Light yellow urine21
Colorless urine21
Copious urine (increased)22
Copious urine,night32
Frothy urine22
Milky urine23
Milky urine in hydocephalus,very little but frequent discharges.....33
Urine offensive odor23
Scanty urine23
Scanty urine with amenorrhoea31
Scanty urine with brain affection32
Scanty urine during fever32
Scanty urine before menses32
Scanty urine during perspiration31
Sediment in urine21
Bloody sediment in urine21
Brown sediment in urine22
Sediment like coffe grounds in urine23
Red sediment in urine21
Sediment in urine,rings21
Brick-dust red sand in urine31
Thick urine22
Male genitals condylomata21
Penis condylomata22
Penis burning condylomata31
Continued erections21
Frequent erections21
Male genitals eruption21
Boils on pubes31
Male genitalia inflammation21
Glans inflammation32
Prepuce inflammation32
Prepuce erysipelatous inflammation32
Scrotum erysipelatous inflammation32
Scrotum itching22
Spermatic cords pain21
Spermatic cords pain during urination32
Testes burning pain21
Testes drawing pain21
Testes sore,bruised pain21
Scrotum redness21
Diminished sexual passion21
Increased sexual passion31
Complaints from suppressing the sexual passion32
Male genitalia dropsical swelling32
Penis oedematous swelling32
Prepuce swelling32
Scrotum swelling21
Scrotum oedematous swelling33
Testes swelling21
Right testis swelling31
Penis ulcers21
Penis chancres31
Glans ulcers31
Second month abortion31
Third month abortion31
Early months abortion32
Tendency to abortion32
Ovaries atrophy21
Uterus cancer21
Ovaries congestion23
Ovaries congestion from continence31
Ovaries congestion,suppressed menses32
Female desire increased22
Desire in widows23
Diphtheritic exudations,female genitalia21
Ovaries dropsy23
Uterus dropsy22
Enlarged ovaries23
Enlarged right ovary33
Enlarged left ovary32
Enlarged uterus21
Female genitalia eruptions22
Flatus from vagina21
Uterus fullness21
Uterus gangrene21
Vagina gangrene21
Ovaries hardness22
Right ovary hardness33
Uterus heat21
Ovaries heaviness23
Uterus heaviness22
Ovaries induration22
Right ovary induration32
Female genitalia inflammation22
Female genitalia erysipelatous inflammation32
Ovaries inflammation23
Right ovary inflammation32
Uterus inflammation23
Ovaries irritation22
Female genitalia itching22
Acid,excoriating leucorrhoea21
Copious leucorrhoea21
Greenish leucorrhoea21
Yellow leucorrhoea21
As if menses would appear22
Black menses21
Menses,bloody mucus21
Clotted menses22
Copious menses22
Copious menses with faintness31
Dark menses21
First menses delayed in girls21
Frequent menses,too early,too soon21
Intermittent menses21
Irregular menses22
Late menses22
Painful menses,dysmenorrhoea21
Scanty menses22
Short duration menses,one day only32
Suppressed menses22
Active metrorrhagia31
Fluid metrorrhagia31
Metrorrhagia during and after labor31
Profuse metrorrhagia31
Ovaries numbness21
Numbness beginning in right ovary,extending to hip and ribs and.....31
Female genitalia pain21
Ovaries pain23
Right ovary pain32
Right ovary pain,lying on right side amelioration32
Left ovary pain extending to right ovary31
Ovaries pain after coition32
Ovaries pain from continence32
Ovaries pain,lying on right side amelioration31
Ovaries pain before menses32
Ovaries pain during menses32
Ovaries pain,raising arms32
Ovaries pain on standing31
Ovaries pain on stooping31
Ovaries pain,stretching in bed31
Ovaries pain while walking32
Ovaries pain,warm bed aggravation32
Ovaries pain extending to chest31
Ovaries pain extending to left chest31
Ovaries pain extending diagonally upward31
Ovaries pain extending to hips31
Ovaries pain extending down limbs32
Ovaries pain extending to right limb31
Ovaries pain extending to left limb31
Ovaries pain extending to thighs32
Uterus pain extending downward32
Uterus pain extending down the thighs31
Ovaries aching pain21
Ovaries aching pain,walking rapidly31
Ovaries bearing down pain22
Right ovary bearing down pain32
Bearing-down,uterus and its region22
Uterus bearing-down pain before menses32
Ovaries burning pain23
Right ovary burning pain32
Ovaries burning pain during abortion33
Ovaries burning pain after coition33
Ovaries cutting pain22
Right ovary cutting pain32
Left then right ovary cutting pain31
Ovaries cutting pain during menses32
Ovaries cutting pain,stretching in bed31
Ovaries cutting pain extending down thighs32
Uterus cutting pain during menses31
Ovaries drawing pain21
Right ovary drawing pain32
Ovaries drawing pain,raising arms32
Labor-like pain22
Labor-like pain before menses32
Labor-like pain during menses31
Labor-like pain extending to thighs31
Ovaries lancinating pain23
Ovaries sharp pain22
Uterus sharp pain21
Ovaries sore pain,tenderness22
Right ovary sore pain,tenderness32
Ovaries sore pain during menses32
Ovaries sore pain,walking aggravation32
Uterus sore pain,tenderness22
Female genitalia stinging pain22
Ovaries stinging pain23
Right ovary stinging pain31
Ovaries stinging pain after coition32
Ovaries stinging pain,cold amelioration31
Ovaries stinging pain during menses32
Uterus stinging pain22
Ovaries stitching pain22
Uterus stitching pain22
Uterus prolapsus22
Female genitalia pulsating21
Female genitalia pulsating,lying on the right side31
Ovaries pulsating while standing31
Ovaries pulsating while walking31
Swollen female genitalia22
Female genitalia oedematous swelling31
Labia minora swelling32
Swollen ovaries22
Right ovary swelling32
Swollen ovaries during menses31
Tightness in ovarian region on raising arms22
Female genitalia voluptuous tingling21
Ovaries tumors23
Right ovary tumor32
Ovary cysts32
Ovaries fibroid31
Uterus fibroid32
Skin of neck brown and greasy31
Back coldness (including chill)21
Back coldness,afternoon31
Back coldness, 3 p.m.32
Back coldness,warmth aggravation31
Cervical region constriction31
Back prickly heat32
Back urticaria31
Back erysipelas22
Erysipelas across the shoulders32
Back heat22
Cord inflammation22
Spinal meningitis33
Cord inflammation,suffocation,worse in warm room33
Injuries of the spine32
Back pain22
Back pain,night31
Back pain when breathing31
Back pain during chill31
Back pain while lying on back31
Back pain,suppressed menses31
Back pain as if menses would come on31
Back pain on rising from sitting31
Back pain while sitting31
Back pain during stool31
Cervical region pain22
Cervical pain extending behind left ear31
Cervical reg.pain extending to head31
Cervical pain extending to between shoulders32
Dorsal region pain21
Dorsal reg.pain hindering breathing31
Scapulae pain31
Under left scapula pain32
Inferior angle of scapulae pain31
Under scapulae pain31
Under scapulae pain,morning31
Under scapulae pain,moving aggravation31
Lumbar region pain22
Lumbar region pain before menses31
Lumbar pain as if menses would come on32
Sacral region pain22
Sacral reg.pain while sitting32
Sacro-iliac junction pain21
Coccyx pain23
Coccyx pain,evening32
Coccyx pain while sitting32
Back aching pain21
Lumbar region aching pain22
Back burning pain21
Cervical region burning pain32
Cervical burning pain,piercing31
Coccyx burning pain31
Coccyx burning pain,evening31
Coccyx burning pain while sitting32
Lumbar dragging pain as if menses would come on32
Cervical drawing pain extending to head31
Back pressing pain21
Under scapulae pressing pain31
Lumbar pressing pain as if menses would come on32
Coccyx pressing pain31
Coccyx pressing pain,evening32
Coccyx pressing pain while sitting32
Back soreness,bruised,beaten22
Back soreness,rising after sitting31
Dorsal region soreness,bruised,beaten32
Back stitching,shooting pain21
Back stitching pain,night31
Back stitching pain,stinging32
Cervical stitching pain,stinging32
Back prickling21
Cervical region pulsating33
Cervical pulsating extending to shoulder33
Back shivering21
Back shivering,morning31
Back shivering,evening31
Cervical region spasmodic drawing (head bent back)22
Spasmodic drawing between shoulders,morning while walking31
Back stiffness22
Cervical region stiffness32
Sacral region stiffness31
Swelling of nape of neck21
Cervical region tension32
Back trembling21
Back trembling,morning31
Back weakness (tired feeling in spine)21
Arthritic nodosities23
Finger joints arthritic nodosities33
Limbs awkwardness23
Hands awkwardness32
Hands awkwardness,drops things33
Fingers awkwardness32
Chapped hands21
Fingers clenching22
Thumbs clenching32
Extremities coldness22
Hands coldness32
Hands coldness,diarrhoea31
Fingers coldness31
Fingers coldness,chill32
Lower limbs coldness21
Lower limbs icy cold31
Knee coldness32
Knee coldness during chill33
Leg coldness32
Leg icy coldness32
Foot coldness33
Foot icy coldness32
Elbow tendons contracted as if flexed32
Fingers contraction32
Toes contraction,drawn up31
Extremities one side convulsion,other side paralyzed31
First toe convulsion31
Extremities blue discoloration31
Extremities purple discoloration31
Extremities purple discoloration in spots31
Upper limbs blue discoloration32
Upper limbs redness31
Upper limbs redness spots31
Upper limbs red streaks31
Upper limbs white discoloration in spots31
Forearm blue discoloration31
Forearm redness32
Wrist redness31
Hand blueness32
Purple hand31
Hand redness33
Back of hand blotches31
Back of hand stinging blotches31
Palm red spots31
Fingers redness31
Fingers redness streaks31
Blood settles under nails31
Fingers blueness31
Nails blueness during chill31
Purple nails31
First finger black spots31
Leg purple spots33
Ankle redness31
Foot pale discoloration33
Purple foot in spots31
Foot redness31
Foot redness, evening31
Foot redness in spots31
Foot white spots31
Toes redness31
Toes nails discoloration31
Toes nails blueness31
Thumbs drawn inwards22
Lower limbs emaciation32
Leg emaciation32
Sensation of foot enlargement33
Toes as if enlarged31
Extremities eruption22
Extremities rash eruption32
Extremities urticaria32
Joints eruption32
Upper limbs urticaria32
Wrist eruption31
Wrist eruption in spots32
Hand urticaria31
Hand urticaria in spots32
Back of hand urticaria31
Palm red spots31
Vesicles between the fingers32
Lower limbs eruption21
Lower limbs eczema31
Lower limbs urticaria32
Lower limbs vesicles31
Leg eczema32
Leg moist eruption31
Calf eruption31
Nails exfoliation21
Felon,cold application amelioration32
Itching felon33
Run-around felon32
Felon,stinging pain33
Felon after abuse of sulphur31
Upper limbs formication31
Knee formication31
Leg formication31
Foot formication31
Upper limbs prickly heat31
Forearm heat31
Hand heat31
Hand heat, afternoon32
Hand heat during chill32
Hand heat during cold31
Back of hand heat32
Fingers heat31
Foot heat32
Foot heat, morning31
Toes heat31
Toes heat with cold feet31
Heaviness,tired limbs22
Upper limbs heaviness32
Right upper limb heaviness32
Upper limb heaviness,motion amelioration32
Upper limb heaviness with numbness32
Knee heaviness,tired knee31
Leg heaviness, evening32
Foot heaviness,tired foot31
Foot heaviness, morning31
Foot heaviness, evening31
Foot heaviness,evening when undressing32
Foot heaviness, night31
Hip-joint disease21
Joints inflammation33
Joints inflammation,synovitis31
Upper limbs erysipelatous inflammation32
Forearm erysipelatous inflammation31
Fingers inflammation31
Hip-joint inflammation31
Knee inflammation32
Leg erysipelatous inflammation33
Foot erysipelatous inflammation32
Foot erysipelatous inflammation in spots31
Toes erysipelatous inflammation33
Fingers dissecting wounds32
Extremeities itching21
Joints itching31
Upper limbs itching31
Wrist itching31
Hand itching31
Hand burning itching31
Back of hand itching31
Palm itching31
Fingers itching31
Finger joints itching31
Lower limbs itching33
Lower limbs itching,burning31
Lower limbs itching while undressing31
Thigh itching,burning31
Ankle itching31
Foot itching31
Foot itching,night32
Foot itching in bed32
Back of foot itching31
Back of foot itching,evening while undressing31
Back of foot itching,warmth of bed31
Extremities jerking22
One arm and one leg jerking31
One side jerking,other side paralyzed31
Limbs lameness22
Lower limbs lameness31
Loss of power of limbs motion32
Automatic motion of one upper limb31
Upper limbs convulsive motion31
Hands convulsive motion31
Extremities numbness22
Extremities numbness during heat31
Upper limb numbness33
Left upper limb numbness31
Upper limbs numbness,holding anything in hands32
Upper limbs numbness,motion amelioration32
Hand numbness32
Hand numbness, daytime31
Hands numbness during chill32
Hand numbness,motion amelioration32
Fingers numbness32
Fingers tips numbness32
First finger numbness31
Lower limbs numbness32
Hips numbness32
Leg numbness32
Leg numbness,cold weather aggravation31
Foot numbness32
Toes numbness31
Extremties pain22
Limbs pain,cold applied amelioration31
Extremities rheumatic pain32
Limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Limbs pain,warmth of bed aggravation31
Joints pain32
Joints gouty pain32
Joints paralytic pain31
Upper limbs pain21
Upper limbs pain on raising arm32
Upper limbs pain,warmth aggravation31
Upper limb bones pain31
Shoulder pain31
Right shoulder pain31
Right then left shoulder pain32
Shoulder rheumatic pain31
Shoulder pain extending to fingers31
Shoulder pain extending to neck31
Upper arm pain31
Forearm pain31
Hand pain31
Fingers pain31
Bones of finger pain31
Lower limbs pain22
Lower limbs pain,cold amelioration32
Lower limbs pain,motion aggravation32
Lower limbs rheumatic pain32
Lower limbs pain extending to foot32
Lower limbs pain extending downward32
Hip pain31
Thigh pain31
Crural nevers pain32
Knee pain32
Leg gouty pain32
Foot pain32
Upper limbs bones aching31
Fingers aching31
Lower limbs boring pain31
Thigh boring pain32
Crural nerves boring pain32
Ankle boring pain31
Upper limbs burning pain extending over body31
Hand burning pain31
Back of hand burning pain31
Palm burning pain31
Fingers burning pain31
Finger joints burning pain31
Finger tips burning pain31
Secong finger burning pain31
Outer side of fourth finger burning pain31
Fourth finger tip burning pain31
Lower limbs burning pain32
Lower limbs rheumatic burning pain31
Thigh burning pain32
Thigh burning pain extending to the ankles31
Knee burning pain31
Leg burning pain32
Foot burning pain31
Toes burning pain33
Toes burning pain with cold feet31
Extremities cutting pain21
Upper limbs cutting pain31
Upper limbs drawing pain31
Upper limbs drawing downward31
Upper limbs drawing dowward to fingers31
Shoulder drawing pain31
Shoulder drawing extending to finger ends31
Shoulder drawing extending to nape of neck31
Thigh drawing pain31
Thigh drawing extending downward31
Thigh drawing extending to toes31
Right shoulder pressing31
Hand shooting31
Thigh shooting32
Thigh shooting,crural nerves31
Thigh shooting extending downward31
Thigh shooting extending to toes32
Knee shooting31
Ankle shooting31
Toes shooting31
Sore,bruised extremities22
Sore bruised joints32
Sore bruised upper limbs31
Sore bruised fingers31
Sore bruised lower limbs31
Sore bruised lower limbs,assis aggravation31
Sore bruised hip31
Sore bruised leg31
Extremities stitching pain22
Joints stitching pain32
Upper limbs stitching pain32
Right shoulder stitching pain32
Elbow stitching pain31
Forearm stitching pain31
Wrist stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain31
Hand stitching pain,cold water amelioration31
Palm stitching pain31
Palm stitching pain,cold water amelioration31
Fingers stitching pain32
Fingers stitching pain,stinging32
Lower limbs stitching pain31
Hip stitching pain32
Thigh stitching pain31
Thigh stitching extending downward31
Thigh stitching extending to toes32
Crural nerves stitching pain32
Knee stitching pain32
Knee stitching pain,burning31
Leg stitching pain31
Ankle stitching pain31
Outer malleolus stitching pain31
Foot stitching pain31
Toes stitching pain31
Fifth toe stitching31
Joints tearing pain31
Fingers tearing pain31
Extremities paralysis after apoplexy31
Right hemiplegia32
Left hemiplegia33
Hemiplegia after mental shock31
Twitching of one side,the other is paralyzed32
Extremities paralysis after mental emotion32
Extremities post diphtheritic paralysis31
Extremities toxic paralysis32
Sensation of extremities paralysis31
Upper limbs paralysis32
Sensation of forearm paralysis31
Hand paralysis32
Lower limbs paralysis31
Foot paralysis31
Foot perspiration31
Foot suppressed perspiration31
Fingers pulsation31
Hip joint relaxation31
Sensitive shoulder32
Sensitive foot31
Upper limbs shocks31
Joints stiffness31
Wrist stiffness32
Fingers stiffness32
Fingers stiffness,spinal affection31
Foot stiffness33
Foot stiffness,morning31
Foot stiffness,evening when undressing31
Foot stiffness,night33
Toes stiffness33
Extremities swelling21
Extremities dropsical swelling33
Joints swelling32
Joints dropsical swelling31
Upper limbs swelling32
Upper limbs hot swelling32
Upper limbs oedematous swelling32
Upper limbs pale swelling32
Upper limbs white swelling32
Shoulder swelling31
Shoulder swelling after vaccination31
Upper arm swelling32
Forearm swelling31
Wrist swelling32
Hand swelling33
Oedematous hand swelling33
Fingers swelling32
Finger joints swelling31
Second finger swelling31
Lower limbs swelling31
Lower limbs dropsical swelling33
Lower limbs dropsical swelling in albuminuria32
Lower limbs dropsical swelling after scarlet fever33
Lower limbs swelling during menses31
Lower limbs stinging swelling33
Lower limbs transparent swelling32
Lower limbs waxy swelling31
Lower limbs white swelling31
Knee swelling32
Knee dropsical swelling32
Knee painful swelling32
Knee rheumatic swelling32
Ankle swelling33
Foot swelling33
Left foot swelling32
Foot swelling,morning32
Foot swelling, evening32
Foot swelling,night33
Foot cold swelling32
Foot swelling,hydrothorax32
Foot oedematous swelling33
Foot painful swelling31
Sensation of foot swelling33
Toes swelling32
Sensation of toes swelling33
First toe swelling32
First toe joints swelling31
Joints tension31
Shoulders tension32
Hand tension31
Fingers tension31
Lower limbs thrombosis22
Upper limbs tingling,prickling,asleep31
Hand tingling,prickling,asleep32
Back of hand tingling31
Palm tingling31
Fingers tingling,prickling,asleep31
Second finger tingling31
Extremities trembling22
Hand trembling32
Lower limbs trembling31
Thigh trembling31
Foot trembling31
Extremities twitching22
One arm and one leg twitching31
One side twitching,paralysis of the other32
Extremities paralyzed parts twitching31
Thumb twitching31
Lower limbs varices during pregnancy31
Leg stinging varices32
Extremities weakness22
Upper limbs weakness32
Lower limbs weakness32
Hip weakness31
Chill during sleep23
Comatose sleep22
Deep sleep22
Deep sleep during heat33
Disturbed sleep22
Sleep disturbed by visions31
Sleep disturbed by visions on closing the eyes31
Falling asleep, evening while sitting31
Falling asleep during heat32
Falling asleep while sitting31
Sleepp during heat,in intermittent22
Sleep position: on back32
Prolonged sleep22
Restless sleep22
Sleepiness, morning32
Sleepiness, evening32
Sleepiness after dinner32
Sleepiness after eating32
Sleepiness during the heat32
Sleepiness while sitting31
Sleeplessness after midnight31
Sleeplessness with sleepiness31
Unrefreshing sleep21
Frequent waking31
Late waking32
Yawning,morning after rising31
Absurd dreams21
Dreams about anger21
Anxious dreams21
Dreams of business21
Busy dreams21
Confused dreams21
Crazy dreams21
Dreams about devils21
Dreams about disease21
Dreams of flying22
Frightful dreams21
Dreams full of invention21
Dreams about journey22
Dreams about journey by railroad31
Many dreams22
Dreams of quarrels21
Unpleasant dreams21
Vexatious dreams21
Wild dreams21
Coldness in general23
Coldness, morning22
Coldness,morning in bed31
Coldness at 5 a.m.32
Coldness, 5 a.m. after fever lasting 36 hours31
Coldness at noon31
Coldness, afternoon23
Coldness at 3 p. m.33
Coldness, 3 to 4 p.m.32
Coldness, 3 to 5 p.m.33
Coldness at 4 p. m.33
Coldness, 4 to 5 p.m.33
Coldness at 5 p.m.31
Coldness, evening23
Coldness,evening,during motion31
Coldness, night21
Coldness,open air amelioration33
Coldness in autumn and spring31
Coldness beginning in and extending from abdomen23
Coldness beginning in chest33
Coldness beginning in feet31
Coldness beginning in hands and feet31
Coldness beginning in knees31
Chilliness at noon31
Chilliness, evening31
Chilliness,evening,with nausea and cold limbs31
Coldness descending21
Chill during diarrhoea21
Chill while eating21
External coldness22
Internal coldness23
Chill during motion23
Chill,motion amelioration31
Chill periodicity regular and distinct21
Pernicious chill21
Pernicious chill,violent congestion,suffocation in wram room,.......32
Predominating chill22
Predominating chill,afternoon31
Predominating chill,night31
Quartan chill21
Quotidian chill21
Double quotidian chill31
Coldness shaking,shivering,rigors22
Tertian chill22
Double tertian chill31
Coldness,touch aggravation21
Trembling and shivering21
Coldness,uncovering or undressing amelioration32
Coldness,warm room aggravation23
Coldness not ameliorated in a warm room nor by a warm stove33
Coldness,smothering in a warm room33
Coldness,unbearable warmth33
As if cold water were dashed over him21
Heat in general23
Heat, morning23
Heat,morning in bed,5 a.m.,followed by shaking chill32
Heat,morning,with chilliness33
Heat, afternoon23
Heat,afternoon,with chilliness33
Heat, evening21
Heat,evening after chill31
Heat,evening with chilliness31
Heat, night22
Night heat with chilliness31
Night,dry burning heat without thirst32
Night,dry burning heat with anxiety32
Heat alternating with perspiration31
Heat in bed22
Burning heat23
Burning heat, afternoon33
Burning heat, evening31
Burning heat, night31
Burning heat with stinging sensations32
Cerebro-spinal fever23
Chill absent,fever without chill23
Chill absent, afternoon31
Chill absent, 3 to 4 p.m.33
Chuill absent, 4 p.m.32
Chill absent, evening31
Chill absent, night31
Fever with chilliness23
Continued fever,typhus,typhoid21
Continued fever, afternoon31
Continued fever, night31
Abdominal continued fever31
Cerebral continued fever32
Exanthemic continued fever33
Continued fever,stupid form31
Dry heat22
Dry heat, evening31
Exanthematic fevers, measles23
Exanthematic fevers, scarlatina33
External heat21
Inflammatory fever21
Intense heat22
Intense heat with delirium32
Intense heat during sleep31
Chronic intermittent fever21
Long lasting heat21
Long lasting heat followed by chill31
Fever,motion amelioration31
Motion brings on chilliness32
Irregular paroxysms,one stage wanting32
Heat,perspiration absent22
Heat with perspiration31
Puerperal fever22
Septic fevers22
Heat with shivering22
Shivering from motion31
Shivering from uncovering31
Heat comes on during sleep21
Chill followed by heat21
Chill followed by heat then sweat31
Heat followed by chill31
Chilliness from uncovering32
Heat,desire for uncovering33
Warm covering aggravation23
Warm room aggravation33
Heat of the room is intolerable33
Warmth aggravation33
Heat,washing amelioration33
Zymotic fevers21
Perspiration in general21
Perspiration,night,alternating with dryness of skin32
Perspiration,alternating with heat21
Clammy perspiration21
Cold perspiration21
Perspiration from coughing21
Perspiration,wine amelioration31
Perspiration with dyspnoea21
Perspiration during headache21
Perspiration,odor like musk32
Perspiration,offensive odor31
Perspiration,sweetish odor31
Profuse perspiration21
Perspiration in the room22
Scanty sweat21
Lower part of body perspiration31
Complaints from suppressed perspiration21
Symptoms ameliorated while sweating31
Skin burning23
Skin burning in spots31
Skin coldness21
Skin blackish discoloration22
Bluish skin32
Skin bluish spots31
Pale skin32
Red skin33
Skin red spots32
Skin bluish-red spots31
Skin white discoloration33
Dry skin22
Dry skin,burning32
Dry skin,inability to perspire31
Bleeding eruption31
Large boils32
Burning eruption33
Burning carbuncles32
Stinging carbuncles33
Eruption from cold air32
Crusty eruptions31
Desquamating eruption31
Herpetic eruption32
Painful eruption31
Pimples itching32
Painful pimples31
Malignant pustules31
Rash,changing air32
Rash in cold air31
Rash when overheated31
Rash on coming into warm room from the open air31
White rash32
Red eruption31
Smarting eruption31
Stinging eruption33
Suppurating eruption31
Urticaria, night33
Urticaria in asthmatic troubles32
Urticaria,change of air and weather32
Urticaria during chill31
Urticaria during fever33
Livid urticaria32
Nodular urticaria33
Urticaria during perspiration33
Urticaria,warmth and exercise32
Vesicular eruption,itching31
Vesicular eruption,itching in warm room31
Vesicular eruption,sudamma31
Right to left erysipelas32
Gangrenous erysipelas32
Recurrent erysipelas32
Smooth erysipelas32
Erysipelas with swelling33
Condylomata burning31
Moist condylomata32
Filthy skin22
Skin flabbiness22
Skin formication21
Gangrene from burns or gangrenous sores21
Skin inflammation22
Itching, evening31
Itching in cold air31
Itching,scratching amelioration31
Itching on becoming warm in bed32
Skin prickling23
Skin sensitiveness23
Shining skin23
Skin sticking23
Skin stinging23
Stings of insects22
Skin swelling23
Skin pale swelling33
Skin stinging swelling33
Skin cancerous ulcer31
Skin ulcer,offensive discharges32
Skin ulcer with elevated,indurated margins32
Skin sarcomatous ulcer32
Skin stinging,stitching ulcer32
Unhealthy looking skin22
Waxy skin23
Wrinkled,shrivelled skin21
At 3 p.m.32
Before midnight31
Desire for open air32
Open air amelioration32
Bathing amelioration32
Blackness of the external parts21
Cancerous affections22
Change of weather aggravation31
Intolerance of clothing22
After coition32
Cold wet weather aggravation32
Congestion of blood22
Congestion of blood,internally32
Convulsions from fright31
Hysterical convulsions32
Convulsions during menses31
One-sided convulsions,paralysis of the other side31
Puerperal convulsions31
Tonic convulsions31
Convulsions,warm bath aggravation32
Convulsive movements21
External dropsy23
Internal dropsy33
After eating32
Physical exertion aggravation21
Faintness during menses31
Faintness from pain31
Faintness during perspiration31
Faintness while standing31
Cold drinks aggravation31
Cold drinks amelioration31
Milk amelioration32
Full feeling, internally32
Haemorrhage,blood does not coagulate32
Flushes of heat21
Flushes of heat with chilliness31
Sensation of heat23
Inflammations, internally32
Periosteum inflammation32
Serous membrane inflammation33
Excessive physical irritability23
Muscles jerking32
Inclination to lie down22
Lying aggravation32
Lying amelioration32
Lying on back amelioration32
During menses amelioration31
Motion aggravation22
Orgasm of blood after emotions31
Boring pain31
Burning pain,externally33
Burning pain,internally32
Pain as from burning32
Drawing pain extending to fingers or toes31
Sore,bruised pain31
Sore,bruised pain,externally32
Sore,bruised pain,internally32
Stitching pain,externally31
Stitching pain,internally31
Tearing pain,internally31
Twinging pain31
One-sided paralysis32
Right sided paralysis31
Left sided paralysis32
Perspiration amelioration31
Suppression of perspiration31
Pressure aggravation23
Pressure amelioration32
Fluttering pulse31
Frequent pulse,accelerated,elevated,exalted,fast,innumerable33
Frequent and small pulse31
Frequent pulse,strong and small31
Full pulse31
Almost imperceptible pulse31
Intermittent pulse31
Small pulse31
Soft pulse31
Strong pulse31
Weak pulse31
Abuse of quinine22
Sensitiveness externally23
Sensitiveness, internally31
Suppression of sexual desire,aggravation33
Electric-like shocks31
Symptoms on the right side33
Symptoms on the left side32
During sleep aggravation32
After sleep aggravation32
After sleep amelioration31
In spring22
Swelling of the affected parts32
Inflammatory swelling32
Puffy swelling33
Swollen sensation21
Touch aggravation23
Trembling externally22
Cystic tumors21
After vaccination21
Burning varicose veins32
Stinging varicose veins32
Swollen varicose veins32
Walking aggravation21
While walking amelioration31
While walking fast aggravation32
Warm aggravation23
Warm bed aggravation33
Warm room aggravation33
Warm stove aggravation32
Warm wraps aggravation33
Weakness in cold weather31
Weakness during coldness31
Weakness from diarrhoea32
Weakness from slight exertion31
Intermittent weakness32
Weakness from mental exertion31
Paralytic weakness,sliding down in bed32
Weakness from perspiration31
Weakness in spring31
Weakness during stool31
Weakness after stool31
Sudden weakness32
Tremulous weakness32
Getting wet32
Bites of poisonous animals32
Dissecting wounds32
Painful wound32
Penetrating wound33
Wounds from splinters32
Stab wounds32
Stinging in wounds32